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Honestly every ship with Hoseok is so gr8. Like he always had so much love and affection with him that anyone who'll see will think that he literally in love with everyone of them. I thought he was in luv with Jimin, but Taehyung, Jungkook and... I envy bangtan to be so close with him. He was so cuddly during Bon voyage too.. Im crying ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

tbh they’re all in love with him!!! and!! they’re all so lucky and so blessed like??? i cant believe they get to see him and be close to him and get his love and affection every day……. that they get to be cuddled by him……. they’re all so lucky he’s the cutest sweetest little angel i hope they pet him and cuddle with him all the time and i hope it makes him really happy 😢😢

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I'm interested in knowing how you feel about the post you just made with older Pairo and on if he'd be Kura's wingman (like pairo helping leorio get kp since he got insider info ;3c )

Ok but the very dumb idea of kurapika bringing pairo to the exam with him even though pairo is still disabled crossed my mind

now imagine a certain scene in that situation

(yeah so i lost my pen halfway through the sketching and it’s 5am so sorry about the illustration quality)

Survey (slight CA:CW spoiler)

Raise your hand if you thought the relationship between Sharon Carter and Captain America was forced, unnecessary, out-of-nowhere, and frankly kind of weird. Be sure to provide evidence for your case.

My dad thinks they had chemistry and that it made sense. I told him Cap and Bucky makes more sense, and he told me he thinks I’m “imposing what I want him to be” and that Cap is “clearly straight” because “he had a girlfriend in the first movie” (I didn’t bash my head in. I wanted to, but I didn’t.) So anyway, I need to prove to him that I’m right and he’s wrong, and I need you all as backup.

To clear it up, my dad is not a bad person, nor is he homophobic or any of the whole nine. He just……….sees this differently. (And wrongly.) 

“Don’t forget about him,

When the air is smoky and thin.

When you’re watching the stars

From the inside of other men’s cars.

Remember when he said “this one’s on the house”

Then he was taking off your blouse.

He was shelter in a storm.

His shirt was old and worn.

He shined like a star,

You begged “take me far.”

Even with all the pressure and stress

He couldn’t care less.

But he was allowed to, a young man with a pretty face.

Petty crimes, he lived for the chase.

Constant break ups and breakdowns

You were talk of the town.

He’ll remember you as you remember him,

Fingers traveling over skin.

The lights dim,

And you pray to yourself that you don’t forget about him.”

- a poem by me (vodkamadness)

me: is super excited and happy about something

my dad: that’s for little kids

me: immediately deflates and loses all my excitement for the thing and starts feeling super self conscious