Alexander: Gosh, Rhen, you’re just so cool! We should totally hang out more!

Rhen: Ehhhhhhh… no.

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I like to headcanon that Rick and Michonne took turns watching over Carl through the night. Like in the middle of the night Michonne would wake Rick up and help from his chair up to bed and take his place at Carl's bedside and then in the morning Rick would find her there and carry her to her room. They don't comment on it, it just becomes a ritual for them.

This entire headcanon already had me sold but the “Rick would find her there and carry her to her room” part has me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dead

there is no better feeling than talking to someone who treats u right after talking to someone who didn’t for so long

Swearing not to move from that spot was a little much Luffy….
The Hunger Strike is dramatic and heart wrenching enough. But how the hell are you going to beat Big Mom and steal the keys to Sanji’s exploding wristlets if you Don’t Move.

I’m guessing Reiju or one of the retrieval squad will find a way to tell Nami and Luffy about Sanji’s situation with his hands and Zeff.
Then maybe Luffy will get off his butt and MOVE.

no offense or anything but i love simon le bon w the entirety of my dumb gay heart & i hope hes having a good day

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I'm going to be so sad when this show ends, I'll especially have withdrawal because of LJK's acting. I honestly felt like this character has been one of his best performances, but like all his performances are great, but Wang So could never be played with so much depth without the understanding LJK gave his character. There was just this emotional connection between them ughhh Next week he will slay me once again

me too nonnie, as draining and painful for me to watch this show sometimes most of the time, i will miss this world and its characters dearly, and especially LJK’s performance. ive seen most of his drama roles but none of them has elicited such ardent love from me as wang so has. LJK just brings so much finesse into this character, and as you say with so much depth and meaning. i read somewhere that described this role basically as a tribute to his life time in sageuk, and i couldnt agree more. like you can tell that there is a piece of him in this character an it shows so vividly, that aching loneliness and being deprived of affection…ahhhh. i get so emotional jfc. 

next week will slay us all. i’ll miss him so much oh my gahhhhhhh. i honestly dont know when a character will enchant me like this ever again, and that makes me really sad. 

if you want another example of what a little bitch ryan gregory is we had a friendly relationship for years until one day he made a post crying about some random hot girl not paying attention to him anymore so i sent him a pm like “don’t worry about it she doesn’t care about you she was using your popularity to expand her own following” and he fucking published it so that girl would see it and he could try to get back on her good side by attacking me. he knew me better than he knew the girl but totally threw me under the bus because he was just that desperate for pussy 

FLARE:   i finally got time to watch the first episode, and just, jaune she loved you and you melted all her gold, what an episode, honestly tho where’s taiyang this episode is 3/10 bc no taiyang