❝——Come again?❞

Whenever Tom does one of his stupid innuendos I never think He’s so sexy and teasing I want to fuck him but only ever What a dork.

He makes me laugh foremost, sexual attraction is just a gimmick.

With all those jokes about how big his boner is I’d laugh at him. “Great joke, Tom. No one would get the impression that you’re older than 13.”

like i know alot of yall dont even respect hakyeon either like y’all be posting your edits having hakyeon’s skin bleached to the nth degree making him look  like milk and ish when we all know he’s tan i know y’all dont htin your edits dont have an effect on them but i am sure they do! Can you imagine seeing edit after edit of yourself with bleached white skin when you in reality aren’t pale at all?? it’d have a person thinking that you really do prefer them with white skin

TOKYOOOOOOO! …okay. FIRST of all.. i just want to say a massive, massive thank you on behalf of meself and the other 4 lads cause we get to do amazing things like this and it’s all thanks to you so thanks for bringing us here to all these AMAZING places and letting us do these AMAZING things. cause we wouldn’t be able to do that, so thank you. genuinely. from the bottom of our hearts