okay real talk why are 99% of people on my dash against russia only because of putin’s stance on gay rights and not the fact that, y’know, putin is a heinous power-hungry monster who invades countries and incites wars and kills innocent people just because he can


Julian on wednesday. I can’t believe I met this angelic beautiful man!!! I had been waiting to meet him since I was four (i’m 18 now). I can seriously say that that day was the best day of my whole life. The amount of attention and care that he gives to all of his fans is incredible. He is just amazing & I am so grateful for his existence. 

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Do you think that steven has the possibilitie to regenarate if he "dies"?

I think its pretty important that Steven be mortal, so I don’t think he could regenerate upon dying. I think he could probably heal what would be mortal wounds on a normal human but I think he could still very much die and that isn’t something he could recover from