An unknown, but delightfully clever street artist in Zakamsk, Russia used a miniature King Kong to transform this crack in the corner of a building’s exterior into a tiny skyscraper. It’s another awesome example of an artist making use of the existing urban landscape to create something guaranteed to put smiles on the faces of passersby.

Less talk, more strategically placed street apes

We’d love to credit the artist responsibly for this clever urban intervention, so if you know more about it please let us know.

The artist contacted us! Credit for the art to Фрукты Врукты!

[via StreetArtNews]


If we’re out together and this mood strikes either of us, you better grab your car keys because we’re leaving. We might not make it all the way home, but that’s okay with me.

Hold On, We’re Going Home-Arctic Monkeys on BBC Radio’s Live Lounge (Drake cover)

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You’re everything that I see
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