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Sarumi Aladdin AU! Yata really thinks tiger Mikoto is so cool and while is petting him accidentally says 'I wish you would be human, it would be so cool' forgetting Munakata owes him a wish and ¡pum! Mikoto is now a big and NAKED human... Fushimi that wasn't jealous of a stupid animal, of course not, now isn't jealous of the human form, nothing at all XD How would that scene play for you?

Imagine poor Fushimi, jealous of his own pet XD Fushimi and the tiger have this weird fraught relationship, like Fushimi’s asshole dad Sultan Niki gave the tiger to him as a gift except where most people would give their royal kid like an adorable baby tiger cub for them to love and get attached to Niki just went out and had someone catch one in the wild, then locked Fushimi in the courtyard with tiger Mikoto all ‘meet your new pet, hope he doesn’t eat monkeys!’ Fushimi was terrified until he realized that this tiger doesn’t do shit, he just sleeps all day. Except Mikoto actually becomes attached to Fushimi and is really protective of him, Fushimi just doesn’t realize it because he’s actually a little afraid of his pet tiger and he’s slightly allergic anyway. Then when Yata moves into the palace and learns that Fushimi has a pet tiger he thinks it’s the most awesome thing ever because dude, you have a pet tiger. Even worse for Fushimi, Mikoto is totally chill towards Yata, he just sits there and lets Yata pet him and even when he’s looking threatening Yata’s totally calm around him where Fushimi’s intimidated and nervous.

Maybe Yata’s kinda feeling a little worried himself because he is engaged to the sultan now and all and here he’s just a street rat so he ends up spending a lot of time just spilling his worries to the sleeping tiger (though it’s not like Fushimi would be jealous of some dumb smelly cat just because Yata’s talking to the tiger more than to him). One day Yata’s just lounging there with Mikoto petting him and spilling his worries and he just makes this offhand comment about how it’s nice talking to a tiger but it would be so much cooler if Mikoto could talk back and he wishes Mikoto could be human. That of course is when he hears a chuckle from behind a tree and there’s genie Munakata pushing up his shiny glasses like ‘done.’ Yata’s all wait wait that wasn’t a wish wish but it’s too late and one moment later there’s this hot naked guy lying there totally shameless in the sun (he’s got platinum blond hair, Munakata dislikes the quality of his workmanship and snaps his fingers to turn it red). Yata’s just boggling at suddenly human tiger and also probably trying really hard not to look at certain parts of the body, Mikoto just yawns and leans his head onto Yata’s lap and of course this is when Fushimi walks into the courtyard to see his fiancee sitting there with a naked man in his lap. Yata immediately gets all flustered trying to explain that no, it’s not what it looks like and Munakata is helpful for once as he steps in to inform Fushimi that he has made Fushimi’s tiger better. Fushimi does not see how 'lazy human’ is an improvement over 'lazy tiger.’

So them the next few days are a weird adjustment period, like Mikoto is the chillest tiger turned human ever and doesn’t seem to mind much being able to talk and sleep in places besides the courtyard (Fushimi is not happy when he finds Mikoto asleep in his bed the first time). Yata’s super eager to help Mikoto discover all kinds of human things like pants and shoes, Munakata accidentally introduces him to cigarettes and regrets it. Fushimi’s super hostile around Mikoto because he never liked the tiger and he likes Mikoto even less now because Misaki keeps looking at him with this face that pisses Fushimi off. Munakata is also surprisingly regretting granting this wish as he did not expect the tiger to be so boorish and rude and they are not at all oddly attracted to each other. There’s also the question of what Mikoto’s place in the palace will be, since he’s not an animal but he’s not like doing anything of worth either. Then one day maybe Munakata’s busy elsewhere with Yata and some assassin tries to kill Fushimi. Mikoto comes flashing out of nowhere and just delivers the most spectacular beatdown in service of protecting Fushimi, Munakata and Yata show up just in time to see Mikoto throwing the assassin’s body over the palace wall and then lighting himself a nice congratulatory cigarette while Fushimi just stares. After that Mikoto becomes Fushimi’s official bodyguard and they all live happily ever after in their weird little fairytale household.

“If f you don’t come back soon then this will be the final resting spot of my shriveled up corpse after I starve to death”

Idk how it souded in the original but this is literally like…some weird poetry…This is the kind of bullshit you can read on aesthetic blogs under black and white pics of a messy bedroom and a bunch of photographs on the walls

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you’re ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, and it PAINS me. But also I live for the angst and like this arc is keeping me in full supply

Agreed! Oda is really ramping up the drama and it’s pretty cool! I like that this is all playing out on the side of the road somewhere - like, the scene is high tension but the setting is kind of isolated and away from the eyes of the world, unlike many of Luffy’s previous high-drama confrontations. I like the juxtaposition.

I reaaaaally miss Zoro’s literal-minded practicality right now, though! Just to balance everything else out. This arc has been so rich in feelings, complex relationships, and complicated histories, and on top of that Luffy is being really sweet and grown-up about the situation?!? This is a very different Sanji-Luffy dynamic than I’m used to seeing. It’s neat, but different. 

(Given where Oda seems to be going with this though, I’m glad that Zoro isn’t part of this arc. The story seems very driven by Sanji’s relationships - well, obviously - and since Sanji’s initial intro arc was spent entirely alone with Luffy, it’s fitting that his current predicament continues that almost private relationship they have. Sorry, this is not making much sense!) 

  • ray toro
  • ray toro cannot shut up

an old bullets era radio interview from 2003 where gerard is very patiently trying to talk about serious stuff while ray completely loses his shit in the background (x)

  • person: oh, hey, I like Arctic Monkeys too!
  • me: oh really? have you listened to their albums that came out before AM?
  • person: oh well, no, not really...
  • me: ... oh.
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: well do you want to come over and listen to them they're really amazing and then we can have a lengthy discussion about each one both as a cohesive creative entity and as a collection of individual songscapes as well as how the themes and tropes that permeate Alex Turner's lyrics indicate various shifts in narrative styles and focus?

Something I really appreciate about Alex is that he thinks before he speaks. He makes sure that what comes out of his mouth isn’t misinterpreted, or ignorant, always well put together. People may think he’s slow in the head or dumb, but I genuinely believe he’s just trying to make sure what he says makes sense. 


so I got a bit carried away today… dunno if they’re rubbish or what but please don’t hate me 

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Professional illustrator, artist, and author Christoph Niemann is a regular contributor to The New York Times and The New Yorker, but every Sunday he delights the Department of Astonishing Optical illusions with a new addition to his series of Sunday Sketches. Niemann cleverly plays with perspective, using everyday objects and a few lines of ink, paint, or pencil to create a new whimsical illustration every week.

To check out more of his Sunday Sketches follow Christoph Niemann on Instagram or Facebook. Head over to Niemann’s website to check out his other projects.

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