Things the Mystic Messenger fandom needs to talk about

-The lizard that Seven apparently lost in his house

-The fact that Jumin knows the exact number of spoons V has in his house (exactly 20, apparently)

-He also calculated the average amount of hair Elizabeth the 3rd sheds (3-28 strands per ten minutes) (???)

-The voice actor for Saeran Choi also dubbed Mickey Mouse, Aladdin, and Tamaki Suoh in the Korean versions of their shows

-Jaehee keeps a photo of Zen underneath her mousepad

-Seven canonically wrote Yoosung a love letter


-Zen wants to dye his hair pink

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Thing that Happened in Band Today
  • Band Director: You all are my ponies, and I have led you to the water. YOU HAVE TO DRINK THE FREAKING WATER ON YOUR OWN!
  • *kids chuckle*
  • Band Director: That's how the saying goes, right? You can lead a horse to water, but you can't drown it or else everyone will get mad and you'll be fired.
  • *more chuckling*
  • Saxophone: *raises hand* I wanna drown it!
  • Everyone: *looking at the sax*
  • Band Director: ...Moving on.
Texting Lingo For The Kid's

TTYL = Talk To Your Lizard
BRB = Bring Reptiles Back
OMG = Oh My God
FML = Free My Lizard
LOL = Love All Lizards
HAVWTMFPWESID: Hark A Vagrant Walking Through My Fertile Pastures What Ever Shall I Do
ILU = International Lizard Union

The most important Voltron meta I’ve written:

Shiro: Dog person. Big friendly dogs are the best but there is no such thing as a bad dog. Bury him alive in puppies.

Lance: Dogs and cats are equally good, he will probably say he is more of a cat person because he doesn’t want to make Blue think she’s not his favorite.

Pidge: Dog person, full stop. Cats aren’t bad she’s just allergic to them.

Hunk: Will obstinately talk about lizards every time people bring up dogs vs. cats because he thinks reptiles need more love. Turtles and tortoises are his favorites.

Keith: complete cat person. No social interaction can drag him away from cats. I also feel like he is actually very good at getting along with cats. Has possibly never been scratched in his life, like a very selective Disney Princess.

Allura: Very confused by this whole thing, has to be introduced to Earth animals and the entire concept of dog people and cat people. She probably decides on “dog person” out of those options because she finds out about borzoi and they’re the most beautiful things she’s ever seen. In practice, though, she loves birds. Cockatoos and the big macaws especially.

Coran: See Allura, I have no idea how or why he would find out what they are but I feel like he would adamantly decide on horses as his favorite animal and refuse to choose anything about cats or dogs.


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When you hear somebody talking about you 😉

screamingwind281  asked:

Can you do a headcannon of the daily struggles BH would have if he were suddenly turned human?

So this accidentally turned into a somewhat fic. I don’t know what to call this haha. Some pieces of dialogue came to me so I wrote them. I hope that’s okay!  I’m so sorry if you’re on the app this is going to be a long scroll.

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