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yes absolutely i love em  they look like painted lizards, like a mosaic lizard made up of paint chips look at this

skinks though are such an interesting group of lizards because theyre so DIVERSE, theres about 1500 different species and the differences between them, in body shape, in color, in toe number, even, make em fascinating to compare

like theres the blue tailed skink

the blue TONGUE skink

the gidgee spiny tailed skink

the red eyed crocodile skink

the yellow striped tree skink

and then the three toed skink, which has almost completely lost its legs and now looks more like a snake or glass lizard. all of em skinks !!

and theyve almost all got this kind of squishy, blunt body shape i love skinks 

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uuuh. UHHHHH! Kitten shopping!! or at the pet store~ :D

[24 ficlets in 24 hours, #23]

Derek only meant to go in and buy a new UV lightbulb for Laura’s pet lizard, Jackson. He’s standing in the aisle of the pet store, frowning at the different versions and trying to remember how many Watts when he hears someone say, “No, poor Cylops,” in a miserable voice.

Derek looks up and sees a guy wearing a nametag that reads “STILES”, holding the most desolate (and somehow still cute) looking kitten Derek’s seen. The poor thing only has one eye and the saddest looking expression, and for some reason (it’s probably the combination of attractive guy and cute fuzzy animal) Derek is kind of awestruck. He watches Stiles talk to a harsh looking woman, whose nametag simply says “MANAGER”, pleading about the cat. 

"You know the rules, Stiles," the manager says. "No adoptions within three weeks, animals go to the shelter. We get a new set of kittens and puppies tomorrow."

"But Cyclops won’t last a day in the shelter," Stiles says sadly. "You know they have a kill policy." 

"I’ll adopt the cat," Derek finds himself saying. 

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Do you still do comissions?

 H EA D S UP for a bunch of recent asks heyoooo

i still do commissions ! just finished a few recently, although not all of em get posted over here - im ALSO doing a side project for a company that i cant talk too much about thats sucking up time, but definitely still doing commissons ( although keep in mind that im not TAKING any more and the ones i post are all from the waitlist ive got going ) 

unless you mean like. a personal page where i talk about nothing for hours and hours then Nah

yeah im cool with it, thanks for asking !

WELL green iguanas are naturally arboreal , which means in the wild they spend most of their lives climbing trees ! and like most tree dwelling animals their toes and feet have adapted to grasp and cling onto branches

very long, very flexible stuff. it ALSO helps that ive made a kind of ladder out of books and shelves for her to make her way up to her basking spot

 H M M  not that im AWARE OF - i think the closest thing you could really do is just. maybe follow my art only blog ? they all end up on there at some point . .  theyre also all collected under the comics tag on my blog  ahh sorry i cant be more helpful 

i  go t this ques tion like 20 different times you want to know. what i do with the eggs. really want to know. 

theyre delicious

WELL ive only ever really used the program im using now, adobe photoshop, so i cant really compare it with anything else (although ive heard pretty good things about sai and mangastudio) i DO know however. that if you make an adobe account, and then go HERE you should be able to snag a free copy of cs2 through a loophole which is what i did h eh ahah H HEHE

oh yeah definitely !! i only closed it during late december so when i was visiting my parents nobody would order anything and end up recieving it like a thousand years later because i was unable to actually mail anything until i got back - im gonna be reopening and restocking it in the first week of january !

i dont think i do actually - honestly i think its WAY more important to ask permission before adjusting any part of your childs appearance, especially the older they get  . . obviously this doesnt extend to EVERYTHING but for the most part its a VERY big deal for anyone of any age to know their opinions actually matter and will be respected, and while its fine for the parent to ASK or bring it up more than once, if their kid doesnt want it to be bothered they should definitely leave it alone . anything to reinforce that no actually means no and doesnt mean “im going to do it anyway because im bigger or older than you” 

NAH im just going through the list in order that people came to me, no switchin allowed - i know some people have been waiting QUITE A WHILE but i warned everyone when they snagged a spot that there would be a  bunch of people ahead of em, sorry !

actually. once she got outside through a hole in the screen in a window, and i thought she was long gone, lost forever

but then as soon as i ran outside one of the neighbors was like HEY DID YOU SEE THAT LIZARD IN THE POOL

she sure enough she was just. chilling by the pool, crawled over the fence and was just hanging out by the water, was REALLY mad when i picked her up and put her back inside like she didnt just give me a heart attack 

i AM actually working on a harness for her ! i can really only take her out during the summer when its sunny and Actually Decent but shes definitely been outside a few times, intentionally

NAH i just appreciate the Lizard Lifestyle™

WELL it depends on what the commission is ! different levels of detail have different price ranges, as do things with multiple characters or complex backgrounds - ive got a whole page of prices plus examples right HERE but im actually not taking any more commissions until i get through the current waitlist, sorry !

THIS IS SUPER NICE THIS IS A SUPER NICE MESSAGE . .. . THANK YOU i dont even know w hat to say i hope you h a good new years ???? happy birthday. i love you mystery stranger

Rumbelle AU’s | The Princess Lady and the Frog

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