I now have a great desire to write a small ficlet of nothing but Jess talking to Jack and Pine bc LOOK AT THE PRECIOUS NERD WEARING HER TOMS AND TALKING WITH THE LIZARD LIKE ITS A PERSON

Rebirth Pt 1 of 2

The birds cooed softly around her as she stared at the writing on the paper. Kali stood on the roof of the Adventurer’s Guild in front of a small bird coop she used every so often to send messages. It allowed her to pick up jobs from the Brass Blades they didn’t want their superiors to know about. She let out a long sigh and crumpled the paper in her hands. A few hand seals later the paper was a pile of ash in front of the coop. She had memorized the words already.

Asax Shilohard and Rodney Cantrell have escaped from jail. They might be looking for you. There is a million gil on the table. It’s yours if you want the job. I’ll take them dead or alive.

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Hi, know of any lizards that are "big" but still are able to live in a tank and easy to hold, that doesn't need bugs or anything living to eat?

Well that easily knocks out about 80% of lizard species lol. I guess that wholly depends on what you consider big? Are you talking monitor-sized lizards? Because if so, none really meet your requirements.

I know Uromastyx are primarily veggie eaters that can be supplemented with a couple bugs a month but are okay without them with proper supplementing. Depending on the subspecies of uro, they can range between under a foot to 30 inches. From what I’ve seen of them they’re pretty chill, but each animal is unique and they have kind of complex needs as far as space and lighting and need a decent temperature gradient.

@followthebluebell @kaijutegu you guys know more lizards than I do, do you know of any that would fall under these specifications?

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10, 19, and 22 for my girls paratyl and naime


How does Paratyl deal with strangers?

Paratyl doesn’t mind strangers! She deals with them all the time at work. The town she lives in is basically at the border of Arbum and Banille, so she and others make sure no one dangerous or with ill intent passes through. She likes to chat with the travellers who arrive in her town, though! Thanks to her upbeat personality, she easily makes friends, so strangers don’t stay strangers very long

Has Paratyl ever been injured? Sick? How does she deal with it?

Paratyl’s been sick as a kid sometimes, but she’s been pretty healthy for the past few years. When she does feel under the weather, she lazes around (complaining loudly) until someone comes to take care of her.

She’s also dealing with a permanently injured leg for a while now (attempts to cure it have all failed so far), and though she’s consistently struggling with it, she doesn’t show it. She doesn’t really know how to deal with it yet. Paratyl secretly hopes there’s still a way to heal her, so she doesn’t /have/ to learn how to deal with it if she can just hold out until it’s over. She usually puts on a brave face, but when’s she forced to face her disability and is confronted with the things she can’t do anymore, it really hurts her.

If given a million dollars, what would Paratyl do?

She would spend it all whenever she got the urge to. Not in one go, but she wouldn’t feel the need to hold back anymore. She’d probably spend it on cures or therapies for her leg, fancy lances and such, trips to places she’d like to see, maybe things for her family and friends! She’d live a good life. …Until she runs out of money.

How does Naime deal with strangers?

Naime is almost offensively polite towards strangers. If she doesn’t know someone, she acts cold and distant towards them. If she knows their full name, she’ll solely use their last one to call them, and she wouldn’t speak to them unless necessary or when spoken to. In general, Naime isn’t very fond of strangers, and prefers to work and travel alone.

Loser has no friends lmao

Has Naime ever been injured? Sick? How does she deal with it?

Naime hasn’t had any notable injuries or illnesses so far. When she’s hurt or feeling sick, she usually continues doing working/traveling instead of resting, claiming a simple injury or illness isn’t going to stop her from doing more important things. It’d take someone convincing to get her to lay down and rest, and even then, she’d often get up to do something else anyway.

If given a million dollars, what would Naime do?

Save it. Carefully contemplate what to spend it on. Never spends it in case she needs it for something more important in the future.

ok so my basic ass thoughts on why lance will flirt with any pretty thing is basically the same thing u see in all the movies like ??? he just thinks its all fun and games and he doesn’t think anyone would ever seriously be with him so why be serious with anyone else u kno ??? it’s all fun and games until u suddenly get feelings, which he swears he’ll never get 

In need of lizard advice! (Mali Uromastyx)

I’m new to lizard keeping, but not to reptile keeping. I’m still learning the details as i go along, but i could use some advice!

Firstly, my girl Java is extremely picky and is refusing anything but carrots and lentils as of late! She’ll sometimes take roman lettuce or squash, but most of the time won’t eat it. How can i get her to eat more of her leafy greens and accept things besides lentils and carrots??

I’ve tried mixing it together, but she doesn’t like eating her food unless it is in chucks she can chew rather then grated together mush, but when its mixed chucks she just eats around what she doesn’t like. I still offer things besides the carrots and lentils whether or not she’ll eat it, but i’d like her to actually eat it!

Second of all, her nails are getting a little long and i need some ideas for what i can stick in her tank for her to walk on to file those down. She has two large rocks in their right now that she likes to crawl on, but they don’t seem to be rough enough i suppose to keep those nails filed to where they should be. Her nails aren’t horrendously long yet, but i’d still like some ideas to keep them from getting bad. 

i think im gonna make a vlog about my reptile pets. would anyone like to see me talking about my three lizards and snakes for like 4 minutes

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boly shit in class we were talking about lizards and someone mentioned pep and like four people have all seen ur videos and i was like yea we're mutuals and everyone got so excited and they watched a bunch of them youve united the dorm

the man has met with a mighty conqueust and has taken the over the Dang Dorn’m… he own ya roomus and he is gonna cover your tootition for the coolage