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Do you think in the series Yona will either find her mom and have it be the whole thought she was dead, but really wasn't thing, or find out more information about her mom?

Hmmmm. Tbh, I think we will get more information on Yona’s mother when/if the conflict between Il and Yu-Hon is discussed and we find out how Yu-Hon really died. So, maybe when Yona confronts Soo-Won and everything comes to light? I say this because I actually think that Yu-Hon was somehow involved in Yona’s mother’s death (I don’t think those were just random insurgents that killed her) or that there’s at least more going on than meets the eye. 

As such, I don’t think that Yona’s mother will be revealed as having been alive this whole time. But, that’s just me :) I’m not the author, so as far as I’m concerned anything could happen~

Fun Story Time

Bc I just realized I never talked about this on here

So like, the first time that I ever said that I was grey-a Out Loud, I was a little bit nervous just cause I’d never said it before and The Discourse gets in ur head u know

But yeah so I told my friend, and it was kind of a spontaneous decision, but anyway, I did that, and not only???? was she totally cool??????? but she said “me too!” and it was WILD because we’re god damned unicorns ya know like I’ve only ever met two Real Life Ace Spec Peeps and!!! She’s ace spec and the same kind of ace spec as me!!!! How heckin rad!!!!!!

And then we had a quality rant about a) acephobia and discourse bullshit and b) the struggles of trying to work out if ur biro vs het when u have so little data to work with

I’m officially living in Bi Town and have been for a while and idk if she considers herself bi or het or just Somewhere In Between or what have you but basically we have the Literal Same Struggles and it was really really cool that the first person I ever told totally got it


Name: Sans Gaster Serif

Preferred nickname: Crux 

Age: Early twenties

Gender: Male

Species: Monster (skeleton)

Height: 5′2″

Weight: Unknown

Orientation: pansexual panromantic

Personality: Crux is… friendly, upon first meeting him. Has a bit of anxiety, and it’s easy to tell through his body language/movements. He doesn’t like small talk, and can be pretty blunt about things. He actually has a nasty temper, and his mood can change at the drop of a hat. Hates humans, will automatically attack them on sight. Something about him just… seems off

Siblings: Papyrus (missing)

Likes: snow, astronomy, astrology, science in general, singing, dancing, morbid things, horror movies

Dislikes: being ignored, humans, confined spaces

Mental illnesses/disorders: depression, generalized anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder

Notes about his appearance

-has fangs

-is kinda chubby, but is actually pretty strong

Other: After one too many genocide runs, Crux has had enough. The very next run, before Chara could even kill someone, Crux found them and attacked. He managed to kill Chara, but something inside of him snapped. The resets stopped happening. He went on a rampage, going through every part of the Underground and slaughtering everyone. Well, except for Papyrus; he vanished. Once everything was done, he fell apart. He was stuck in a broken, deserted timeline without his brother. 

Currently, he’s searching for Papyrus but had no luck. Blames himself for Chara ever appearing, and has a guilty conscience. 

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You seem so lights and happy lately and I'm just so glad I hope your life is everything you've ever hoped it to be

haha I just don’t talk about things on here. People are nasty. Life certainly is not everything I’d hoped it’d be…I’m pretty good though.