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I feel like there are two very controversial moral elements that need to be balanced in literature - writing antagonists as relatable people the reader can identify with, and writing the existence of pure and despicable evil that deserves punishment. These are basically analogous to the traditional Jewish/Abrahamic values of Mercy and Justice, and the pendulum can definitely swing too far one way or the other. IMO, way too many works are lacking *both*.

You’re making sense.

I don’t want stories not to talk about justice. I just mean that, even as a kid, if you were, like, describing Aunt Marie as ugly and fat and oily and shrill (and this wasn’t like, Harry Potter style where even the heroes look gangly and ratty and awkward and it’s cute, but rather the description feels cruel or nasty) and then talking about all the bad things she did, I’d probably take so much issue with the first thing that I wouldn’t necessarily gloat when she’s crushed into paste by the Whizbang Machine.

I mean, what if the reason she does those mean things is she’s tired of everyone only noticing she’s fat and oily and never stopping making fun of her over and over?

People tend to not like the 8th House because it can be seen as the “bathroom” out of all the 12th Houses. The 8th House only seeks to deal with things people can find disgusting, hard to handle, or difficult to talk about. All the nasty things we don’t like to talk about are in the 8th House. People usually don’t go around telling people their personal stories on the toilet, unless you’re extremely intimate. It’s a house that seeks for intimacy of all kinds, especially what is seen as the disgusting kind. It’s a house that is willing to get dirty to get the details.

People tend to not like the 12th House because it can be seen as the “trash can” out of all the 12 Houses. The 12th House is the House that keeps all the subjects and things we don’t like to think about, all the things we don’t want to touch because we wouldn’t know how to handle it if we did. We dump all the things we don’t want to confront in the 12th House, just like how we throw trash away. We don’t want to do anything with our trash, but you have to confront it at some point. Otherwise, it’ll smell just like the way our subconscious issues haunts us.

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I miss the moments when everybody was judging Jaejoong so hard while Yunho was just watching him with a smile. 
I miss the moments, when they were talking nasty things about Jaejoong, but Yunho was just silent with a dumb smile on his face. 
I miss the moments when Jaejoong was judging Yunho so hard that Yunho had to laugh
I miss the moments when Yunho never judged Jaejoong. 

Big larry blogs out there asking zayn blogs for respect and making themselves the victims when they are the ones who talk nasty and disgusting things about Zayn and spread disgusting info about him. Are they afraid of more people seeing their true colors and disgusting comments towards Zayn?? Hope more and more people see and know how nasty those larry blogs are

people who’ve never experienced (for lack of a better way of phrasing this) “testosterone puberty” should maybe think a little more when they talk about how gross and nasty the things that t does to people’s bodies is. maybe have a little more awareness of what exactly they’re saying and the implications they’re throwing down and the people they could be hurting 


THERE WAS ACTUALLY SOMETHING OF BEWILDERMENT washing over faerie like features. Long lashes fluttered as the blinked a few times over in rapid succession. Something of a NERVOUS TIC on occasions. Discomfort brewing but he would not let such horrid feeling overcome that boisterous and obnoxious ego. Voice BOOMING gave way to a disgusted remark. “Do you always talk about nasty things?” Not that he minded too TERRIBLY much, but coming from her it just seemed ODD.