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“Philip, don’t be mad,” Lukas says, fanning out his stack of fake money.

“I’m not mad.”

“He just thought he was getting better,” Gabe says, giving Lukas a look.

Lukas’s face falls.

“Gabe knows when to let me win,” Helen says, starting to gather up the pieces and put them in the box. “I always give him the eye and then I magically wind up being able to buy Boardwalk.”

Lukas puts his stack of money down and Helen sweeps it up like it was never even there. Philip is still leaning on his fist and Lukas feels like a fucking idiot. He reaches out, grabbing Philip’s hand over the game board. “Baby, you’re not mad I beat you at Monopoly right?”

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Yuuri would want him and his harem to have a language gap day where no one speaks English and sticks to their native language!

Let’s just say everything goes very wrong very fast.

Group that talks about sex and other nasty things constantly or cursing a lot:

Victor , Yuri, Seung Gil,

Chill talking like normal:

Chris, Phichit, Leo

Saying constant things they wouldn’t say but nothing too horrible (no filter basically):

Yuuri. Yuuri. YUURI

Everyone hangs out the whole day and as things go on they talk like normal but no one (Victor and Yuri (maybe Chris) speak Russian so) talk and like the dirty list talks about Yuuri and who treats him better- the chill group is hanging on Yuuri’s arms and talking about whatever and Yuuri is just like non filtered all day.

What do you think everyone is saying ? Because I have some IDEAS

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The problem here is that Shonda writes really intense monologues for the wrong characters and you can't really believe them. Papa pope for example is lecturing Fitz about white privilege and yet he kills his son, treats his own daughter like shit and kind of wants incest between her and Jake. Liv talks about "the nasty woman" thing and she took B613 as an evil and dark person. Not for the benefit of the country. Jake says Fitz is abusive and he choked Liv. Double standards all the time!

I think intense monologues are great when they are few and sparse. Eli’s monologue about Fitz’s privilege was great, because it was the first one and was delivered beautifully and intensely. 

People do not talk in monologues in RL. They become repetitive and boring and meaningless when SR uses them all the damn time. I don’t know why she thinks they are so good… She probably stands in front of a mirror and monologues herself about how great of a titan she is, but that just doesn’t work for TV

In My Head, You're Mine: The 100 (John Murphy)

THIS IS FOR @omnomoreo1025 WHO REQUESTED MORE MURPHY FLUFF (Bless her soul) so here you all go I seriously hope you enjoy it. PLEASE DON’T BE SHY AND SEND IN ANY REQUESTS

Warnings: Swearing, sex references, butt squeezing. hella fluff
Prompt: Murphy unleashes some holy fury when he hears a couple boys talking about his crush but ends up confessing something sweet when she takes him aside.


(Murphy’s POV) I was doing my own thing. Throwing knives, eating rations, the basic day. Until some assholes started making small-talk about my favorite girl. Y/N is a phenomenal human being. She’s insanely beautiful, couragous, intelligent, stubborn as hell, and always knows how to make me feel welcome, which was something I really needed on the ark, and now that we’re here on earth I need it even more which is why I didn’t hesitate to listen and butt into the conversation at leisure.

“She is so fucking hot man.” One sang.

“Dude, did you see her shadow when she was changing in her tent the other night?.” Another chuckled. “I would’t hesitate to hop on that.” My face grew hot. I wasn’t going to stand for this.

“Hey!” I yelled. “Lay off, alright?” All of the boys laughed.

“Whatever you say psycho!” Someone yelled as the rest of the boys continued on.

“I would be on her so fast.” It felt like lava was pouring through my guts.

“Maybe we should all take her at once.” And with that I lost it. I grunted and threw the knife into the tallest one’s leg. He yelped out in pain as I lunged forward punching another one in the throat. He gagged and fell down to join the tall one with my blade sticking out of his thigh. The last one tried to pull me into a headlock but I flipped him over and began repeatedly punching him in the face.

“How dare you! You talk about her like that and I’ll fucking kill you! I will kill every single one of you!” But it was just my luck that Y/N stepped out of her tent to see the brawl.

(Y/N’s POV)

You heard yelling and bodies thumping against bodies 60 feet from your tent. You unzipped and threw open the door revealing John Murphy, potentially the hottest and most dangerous boy in the camp, beating the living shit out of three other boys. Murphy usually listened to you (although you had no idea why) so you had to do your part to stop this. Running up to them you began to yell. “Hey! Cut it out!” Once you arrived at the crowd you pulled Murphy back and off of the other kids and stepped in front of him to stop his fist from cracking anyone else’s bones. “Murphy what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Murphy grunted and wiped the blood that was dribbling from his nose. “Nothing.” He spat. More in the boy’s directions than yours. “We’re fine.” He began to walk away but you grabbed his arm, spinning him around.

You leaned in close to his face. “Dropship. Now.” You turned around and started towards the dropship, Murphy following close behind you. Once in the dropship you turned towards him. “What the hell was that?” You asked.

He cocked up an eyebrow and painfully raised the corners of his mouth into a grin. “Why do you care?”

You frowned. “I care because if Bellamy puts an extra watch on you, or worse, banishes you from the camp I won’t have anyone to steal food rations for me.”

Murphy’s frown matched yours. “Is that the only reason?”

You squinted your eyes in confusion. “Would you rather there be another reason?”

“Yes.” Murphy blurted out a little too quickly.

(Murphy’s POV)

“Yes.” I blurted out and immediately hated myself for it. Y/N’s eyebrows shot straight up and her head tilted forward so that she was looking at me through her long eyelashes.

“What?” She asked, clearly confused. Possibly even shocked. I shook my head and turned around, attempting to leave to dropship but she grabbed by hand. “Murphy wait.” Her soft, warm hand giving my scarred, calloused skin goosebumps. “What did that mean?” I shook my head again.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” I tried to walk away again but she turned me around and grabbed my other hand, turning the goosebumps into chills. I tried to put on my tough face but she made me want to smile and cuddle with her which made the tough face exceedingly difficult to achieve.

“Murphy, are you saying you like me?” She whispered. I tried to shake my head but I found myself nodding. Y/N’s face went blank as she tried to fully process the information.

(Y/N’s POV)

Instead of laughing in your face or storming off Murphy actually nodded his head. You were in shock. “You- you like me?” You had to repeat. Murphy hung his head.

“I have for a while now.” He said bashfully. You laughed. But a ‘relieved you share the same feelings’ laugh rather than a mocking one. You remembered that you hadn’t finished the original conversation.

“So what actually happened with those guys?” You asked.

The corners of Murphy’s chin tugged upwards again. “Does this mean you like me back?” He said with his classic charming grin.

You giggled and nodded your head. “It does.” Murphy laughed the same laugh as you did while looking at his shoes.

“If you really want to know,” He said a little quieter. “those boys were talking about you, saying nasty things. I- I-” He had to stop for a second and look up at you. “If I heard anything else about-” He made quotation marks with his fingers. “what they would like to do to you.” He looked back down at his feet. “If you hadn’t pulled me off of them I would have done some real damage.” You stood there dumb-founded.

(Murphy’s POV)

When I looked up Y/N’s face was completely blank. “Wait,” She said, holding her hands up. “you beat the shit out of those guys for me?” I nodded. “Wh- why?” I had to hang my head again because I couldn’t say any of what I was about to say looking into her dangerously beautiful eyes.

“Well.” I had to force the words out. “In my head, you’re mine because I know those guys will never love you and care for you the way I do. So when I heard them talking about-” I had to stop myself. “what they were talking about I just- I couldn’t stand the thought of them hurting you or making you feel like anything less than the princess you are and-” Suddenly the words wouldn’t leave my lips, but that was because they were pressed against Y/N’s. Her soft lips passionately pushing into mine. Her hands were on the back of my neck and her chest was pressed against mine. Once my brain understood what was going on I grabbed her waist and pulled her even closer. It felt like forever until we pulled away, and I wish it had really lasted that long.

“Wha-” I stammered. “what was that for?” She smiled her dazzling smile. I honestly wished someone would blind me right then and there so that the last image I could remember for the rest of my life would be that smile.

“John Murphy,” She whispered, causing the goosebumps to return. “you, despite acting like a douche in front of everyone else, are the kindest man I’ve ever known. Now come on, we’ve got a point to prove.” She took my hand and led me out of the dropship. We stopped just in view of the group of assholes that were talking about her. I smiled at the sight of the tourniquet and bandage on the tall one’s leg.

“Hey babe, if you ever want to be with a real man just-” He didn’t get to finish his sentence before Y/N smashed her lips into mine again causing the group of boys- and some other watchers- to go silent as we kissed with the same passion as before. She took my hands and led them to her ass, allowing me to squeeze at my own leisure. This caused everyone in the growing crowd around us to lose it and begin cheering and chanting our names. Eventually when Y/N pulled away she turned to the kids and simply said “Sorry boys, already found myself one.” before taking my hand and leading us back to her tent.


OH MY SWEET MERCY I loved writing this imagine SOOO MUCH and I seriously hope that you all enjoy it as much as I do (because really, I’m squealing in my seat right now and everyone around me thinks I’m a psychopath) and with that I hope you all have lovely days, nights, and work breaks. PEACE OUT GIRL SCOUTS!

-Emma (my-little-wolfies)

like i’m not talking about pedos that ship nasty things to fetishize it in real life i’m talking abt KIDS. idk i’m repulsed by the idea of incest but one single ship i like SUBJECTIVELY being that way means i deserve to die just because it makes someone who never leaves their house upset apparently. like they aren’t doing this for any reason other than to make their own self feel better cause they’re internally miserable for some reason, probably bc all they do is use this site begging for promos and to be liked by popular internet people the same way because they have no chance irl idk. nothing good is being done by engaging in this but have fun being a bitch 24/7 and then look back on what you did with your teenage childhood someday and realize oh, i did fucking nothing and i have little good to look back on then wonder why y'all are depressed 24/7

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What's your story about the dick

Bruh. *sigh* It’s not anything special or exciting, but I was salty af that night.

So, there was this dude I’ve known for a minute, right? I lowkey knew that he was feeling me, so I wasn’t really surprised when he started saying some crazy stuff like how he wanted to eat me out and how he would “tear it up” from the back and all this that and the other. Now, me being the person I am, I get turned on when a man (CONSENSUALLY) starts talking about all of the freak nasty things he would do to me and ish. So, I’m all excited and ready to get ish poppin’. This was after a New Year’s party, too, so I’m thinking I’m about to bring in the new year RIGHT.

I was wrong. Dude gave mediocre head…I used to think those stories about men not knowing what a clitoris is was a myth, but they really do exist…

…I love getting head, so that was already a huge damper on the night…

But then ole boy whips his dick out. It was pretty thick and I guess average length?
So, he gets to talking dirty again, and I’m like…yeah, okay. Because I don’t believe a single thing he’s said from before at this point. Dude bends me over the couch and is squeezing and slapping my ass and shit and then I feel his hips smacking against my ass and he was all grunting and moaning out my name and I’m just sitting there like….

So, I ask him what he was doing and he goes “Oh… you can’t feel that?” and I tell him that it wasn’t even in there. Like, I swear on everything there was no penetration of anything except my last nerve. He tries and to play it off and goes “Damn, I thought it was in. I feel it”.

I turn around and look at him like

Then he goes “I mean, damn, baby, you can’t get mad you got a tight ass pussy. Shit so good I can’t get it in.”…I was beyond done after that. Don’t promise me a good dick down and shaky legs when you can’t even get it in. 

I told him to get out and finished my night on a bullet and a prayer.