talking with rylie


So I’m pretty upset with my pictures now because some of the best ones got corrupted. All of the pictures involving Half & Half getting mixed in are gone. 

These are the best ones from the batch, but even so I’m not very happy with them anymore. So much for photography making me feel better. Nothing is going right.

Anyway, back to the tea. My Chai was OK. Still experimenting with tea, trying to find a kind I love. When I go to Starbucks I get a Chai tea latte, and I have no fricken clue how to recreate that in the slightest. 

I’m super excited for my Adagio teas to arrive tomorrow (they better freaking arrive tomorrow - I can’t wait any longer)! I’m a tad bit worried that I’m not going to like any of the stuff I bought though… I suppose it’s just my mental state right - perpetual stressing. Just - every one cross your fingers that my tea is delicious and that I have finally found my true love in tea! 

So I just got my Galaxy S4, and I wanted to design my own SPN phone case because, well, there’s not many out there for the S4 and it’s just easier to decide when I make it myself. 

My question is, should I add anything else to this design? Like small details in the black space? (The majority of the case is covered in the design, the extra black space is to guarantee the design covers everything.) 

I just feel like it’s missing something. Any comments/critiques would be welcome. I like feedback. :)


NAU Harlem Shake. 

I still can’t believe I participated in this. Didn’t even know what it was until a couple of days ago!

Still unable to get over the perfection that is “The Profound Bond” trailer.

I downloaded it so that I could watch whenever I needed a pick-me-up. 

I just… THE MUSIC AND EDITING AND THE SHIP ITSELF. It all fits together so well and it looks like a real movie and I WANT it to be a real movie because holy mother of god I would spend so much money on that.