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AU where Geno and the pens are part of a secret organization that time travels to maintain the flow of historic events, and on one mission, Geno is tasked to go back to the 1810s to save a man (whose great-great grandson will eventually be key to a medical breakthrough that will change history) from a freak accident involving a horse carriage gone rogue. 

Anyways, the man is super thankful and insists on treating Geno to dinner, and Geno is hesitant because he’s really not supposed to interact this much with the subject but the man won’t hear a no. So Geno gets taken to this guy’s estate and meets Sidney, the man’s youngest son, who is beautiful and intelligent and basically Geno’s exact type. So right there and then Geno knows that he’s screwed. 

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anonymous asked:

Hey please correct me if I am wrong but are you the who was talking about the last unicorn awhile back and about how much you like it?! Someone told me recently about the author being scammed out of a bunch of money and not being able to hardly feed themselves anymore! :( Have you heard anything about this?

Yeah, that post has been going around recently. Mr. Beagle is unfortunately being sent through the ringer. I was able to talk to one of his close friends on twitter and am told his immediate financial needs are under control but you can still help him by donating to his legal fund using the button on the upper right on this page:

I’m currently accepting a 25$ unicorn watercolor slot on commission to donate to the fund as well if anyone is interested in getting something back for their charity.


Oml folks look at this!!

It’s a guy in Piura (Perú) rescuing people after the flodding. He volunteered with the police forces in boats to find all the people who needed help.
He went with his boat and a unicorn floatie
I can’t even, this is so pure

Also there was an ice cream man who went to the flodded areas to play the trumpet to lighten up all the damaged.
There’s a video of people dancing along but I can’t find it ;;;;;;;

These little things in the middle of my country’s emergency state give me hopes tbh

Yvonne vs. The Predator

BOOM! goes the dynamite!

Yvonne Strahovski Joins Shane Black’s ‘The Predator’

“Strahovski will play the mother to Tremblay, a troubled boy who is accidentally drawn into the conflict with the fierce alien creatures by her ex-husband, played by Holbrook. 

Strahovski, who has had runs on Dexter and 24: Live Another Day, next co-stars in Hulu’s buzzy Margaret Atwood adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale with Elizabeth Moss and Joseph Fiennes. She also has two movies in the can: Dennis Iliadis-directed He’s Out There and the Marc Forster-directed drama All I See is You, the latter with Blake Lively.“ [x]

evakerlitvet  asked:

Helloooo! Hope ur having a lovely day ^-^ So I read the "kollektivet headcanons" today which was amazing and made me smile hard, and then this question popped in my head, what do you think evak's mornings are like in kollektivet?♡

Hey Lovely 💜 I’m so sorry for taking forever to reply. I’m so glad my silly headcanons made you smile! That makes me sooo happy 💚 ⭐️

Okay omg I love evak mornings. 

I can imagine them being super dorky and if one of them wakes up before the other (I mean a lot of the times they will just let the other sleep) buuuut  also a lot of times they will get super impatient and just can’t resist temptation. So Isak will just begin kissing Even’s eye lids and nose and cheeks and just every inch of him until he “accidentally” kicks him awake and then he will be all “omg you’re awake oh yay lets go eat breakfast.” 

and then Isak and Even will be eating breakfast all loved up and cute when Hurricane Kollektivet walks in and just like murders the cute honeymoon vibe our boys have got going on. Eskild will just pour himself some coffee and sit down with the boys and be all “Soooo how did you sleep? How was it? Are you guys happy? you healthy? you’re staying hydrated? eating enough? how’s the sex?” 

Until finally Isak is just like “Essssskild! Even has been sleeping over at least three times a week for over two months. You need to stop with the morning interrogations.” 

and Eskild is all “Oh geez. I should have warned you Even, this one is NOT a morning person, I swear this one time he got up and I caught him pouring cereal into a shoe.” 


But omg Even loves Eskild’s Isak stories. He lives for them. And they always start the morning just right for him. he is laughing his head off while Isak is rolling his eyes and puffing out his chest. Cute little cranky baby. 

then Noora will get up and go to pour herself some cereal and “Who used all the milk and just put it back into the fridge? You know it is possible to get more right?” 

“Oh Noora, don’t have a cow.” Eskild replies, smiling brightly when Even laughs. Isak rolls his eyes again because Eskild is totally trying to show off to his boyfriend. 

and then Linn will get up and grunt “you woke me up” while grabbing some juice and then going back to bed. 

and then Eskild will be like “See isak, why can’t you be more cheerful in the morning like Linn?” and Isak will just glare and stand up and be like 

“Lets go Even” 

“Byeeee boys.” 

haha okay so this just turned into Eskild being a total insufferable big bro to Isak who just embarrasses him to his boyfriend. But I am so in love with their dynamic I couldn’t help it. I hope you like this and have a wonderful day my love 💜