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After talking with my GOOD OLD PALS @ratboysims & @paragon-polygon , i decided we needed these teeth options available for our little tiny sim goblins.


  • Available for both genders.
  • Custom icons!
  • Found in the ‘Teeth’ section.

DOWNLOAD (Buck Teeth) (SFS)
DOWNLOAD (Gapped Teeth) (SFS)

Base game glasses adult to toddler conversion

  • 9 ea swatches
  • Base game compatible woop woop :D
  • toddlers only
  • no custom thumbnail 

please contact me if you have any issues!

TOU: recolor allowed just DONT include mesh, do NOT reupload, do NOT upload to paysites, do NOT claim as yours.

Download: SFS

use #kittyysimblr or @/kittyysimblr if you use or recolor i would love to see! Enjoy! :D

If you call teenagers children i sure as hell hope you don’t expect them to have the moral reasoning of an adult and be always unproblematic and perfect and immediately know Why something they did was wrong

The Ultimate Self-Care List

Alright, I know that I’m a study.blr with 3 followers, but just for today let’s pretend that I am a self care and fitness blogger with thousands of fans. Lately, I’ve been so stressed out about personal issues, and my relatives down in the path of Hurricane Irma (stay safe everyone) I always forget the importance of self care.. you can’t study if you don’t take the time to do basic stuff such as trimming your nails and taking some deep breaths. Self-care and nutrition effects every part of your life. (Expect these reminders from me every so often.)

The moral of the story is, when your world is going crazy, don’t just say that self care isn’t important, because otherwise you will end up like me right now, stressed out with the flu, when I should be productive.

This isn’t very original, but while I’m at it, I’m just going to list some self care ideas, big and small. If you have a free Sunday, or really any free time, just read the list and choose a few things to do. Take care of yourself. (#72 is my favorite, btw)

1) Cut your nails.

2) Do a hair mask with coconut oil.

3) Do a face mask. (Buy one, or, make one at home. One of my favorites is plain yogurt and honey)

4) You should be doing this everyday, but, meditate!

5) Take a long, warm, bath or shower. Shave, and use a brown sugar body scrub.

6) Use hand lotion.

7) Read a self-improvement book.

8) Read a fictional book.

9) Read a nonfiction book about a topic that you are interested in.

9) While we’re talking about books… grab a coffee, and visit a local library or bookstore. Just explore.

10) Listen to your favorite songs.

11) Listen to some new music.

12) Visit a local record store, and if you think socializing will help you, start a conversation with someone who is looking at the same genre as you.

13) Do a homemade pedicure or manicure.

14) Paint your nails and toenails.

15) If you have some extra money, go to the spa, get a massage, a professional facial and pedicure/manicure and anything else you’d like.

16) Try a new hairstyle.

17) If you need a trim, go to the hair salon. If you need a fresh start, get a whole new haircut.

18) Call up a friend.

19) Email a relative.

20) Look at some inspirational quotes.

21) Look at cute animal photos!

23) Volunteer.

24) Do something nice for someone else, at random.

25) Take food to a friend, neighbor, or someone random!

26) Donate money to victims of Hurricane Harvey/Irma. (Or, if you are reading this in the future, donate to the people affected by a current crisis or problem)

27) Say something nice to someone you dislike, and decide to forgive them.

28) Talk to an elderly person.

29) Talk to a toddler or kid.

30) Talk to a pet.

31) Talk to your parents or relatives.

32) Donate food to the homeless.

33) Take your dog for a walk, and spend some time with them.

34) If you don’t have a dog, spend time with your pet, even if that means just sitting next to a cage.

35) If you don’t have any pets, visit a pet store!

36) Clean, or organize a certain room or area.

37) Set a timer for ten minutes and clean/organize what you can.

38) Watch your favorite TV show.

39) Watch a new TV show or movie! (I suggest Glee, The Office, and The Good Place for shows, and Moana, Frozen, Brave for movies)

40) If you have a friend or family member in the path of Hurricane Irma, give them a call or email them. They might not answer due to being busy, but, just leave a voicemail and let them know that you are there for them.

40) Write a short story.

41) Write poetry.

42) USE CAUTION with this one, and be responsible… but, if feeling angry, destroy stuff! Pop a balloon, punch a pillow, crush some fruit, shred some paper, the possibilities are endless! Just don’t harm yourself or anyone else, don’t be TOO wasteful, and don’t do this somewhere that you would get in trouble for it.

43) Paint.

44) Draw.

45) Sculpt.

46) Dance.

47) Make Music!

48) Take online personality quizzes.

49) Just sit in silence. Get to know yourself.

50) Do a science experiment.

51) Learn about something you’ve always been interested in.

52) Learn a new skill. It could be as simple as kicking a soccer ball or as complicated as learning a new language.

53) Sign up for a class. (writing class, yoga class, dance class, workout class, art class, whatever. It’s up to you)

54) Paint or Draw, but don’t aim to make anything specific. Just let the pencil lead you.

55) Run to the top of a hill or out into the forest, preferably in a location without many people. When you feel like it, stop, look around, and… SCREAM AS LOUD AS YOU CAN!

56) I might have already said this, but.. go outside into nature!

57) Go outside

58) Go outside

59) Go outside

60) I cannot stress this enough… GO OUTSIDE!

61) Go for a run.

62) Workout! Strength and Cardio workouts are good for getting out anger, Yoga is relaxing, and stretching is good for really anytime.

63) This won’t work for everyone, but, play a game of your favorite sport with friends.

64) Make a new friend, whether it be online or IRL.

65) Go to the store and buy ingredients for a healthy recipe. Cook it yourself.

66) Drink WATER!

67) Eat a super-food. (Kale Chips, smoothies, and salads are easy and quick to make)

68) I recommend healthy food, but I’m a health crazy person, sooo, if you want a treat, make some cookies, cake, or another comfort food.

69) Drink something warm, for comfort. Tea is my favorite, but coffee or cocoa work too.

70) Drink something cold, to feel refreshed and energized. Lemon Water, Juice, Iced Tea and Sparkling water are good. Soda works too but it’s very sugar-y.

71) Speaking of sugar, AVOID IT. Same with saturated fat. It’s okay every so often in comfort food, but try not to eat it on a regular basis.

72) This one is my personal favorite… MESSAGE ME! I’m always here for you if you have any questions about this post or if you just need someone to chat with. As someone who has/still does struggle with anxiety and some other issues, I know how important it is to talk to someone who gets it.

73) As much as I stress not eating junk food, don’t beat yourself up over it if you eat some. As someone who has struggled with that, know that it’s not worth getting upset over.

74) Go see a therapist, or the doctor, or whoever you feel you need to see. Seriously, if you think you need it, get professional help.

75) If you’re not feeling well, look up some home remedies for your symptoms, but if worse comes to worse, go get some medicine, even if it’s just over the counter.

76) Tell yourself that you a beautiful, and write a list of five compliments about yourself.

77) If you have a girlfriend/boyfriend/partner, tell them that you love them and spend some time with them. If you aren’t to the ‘I love you’ point yet, just let them know that you appreciate them.

78) If you are single, invite friends over, (or stay home alone), eat ice cream, talk, and watch movies. Remember that you are never truly alone!

77) Remember, self care is important. You deserve to take care of yourself.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take my own advice and drink some water. Love you all,

- Irene, aka Lumiere Study.Blr

Once, when Allura was small, Alfor took her to his lab where he was working on the Lions. She is so excited, blabbering away happily but at that moment his assistant asks him to go through some reports. He literally turns his head for one (1) second and suddenly he realizes that Allura is gone.

Everyone flips out and they’re searching for her and calling out her name when they hear a faint ‘Papa!!’

She’s on the fucking black lion’s incomplete head, giggling away like anything.

Alfor’s “HOW THE QUIZNAK DID SHE GET UP THERE??????????” was heard all the way to daibazal

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some fic recs above 100k?

100k+ Larry Fic Rec

To find even more works that are 100k+ please refer to this list of basic fandom must reads. Those works will not be repeated on this list. The works on this list are all works I have read and they will be ordered by length, the shortest starting at 100k, the longest being 286k.

Resist Everything Except Temptation

The one where Louis is the commodore’s son who is forced to become a part of Harry’s crew when he is captured.

Through Eerie Chaos

The Ghost Hunter AU where Niall lives to prove ghosts are real, Zayn is a skeptical librarian and Harry gets caught up in a century-old mystery and catches feeling in the process.

Wings to Break Your Fall

Strip club AU. Harry’s work and family are keeping him busy. He really isn’t looking for a relationship, doesn’t want one. He just wants Louis. Problem is, Louis has other plans.

Keep reading

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Joseph is actively abusive but alright whatever I guess

Actively abusive…? What makes you think he’s actively abusive?

For starters, he’s an excellent parent. Since Mary couldn’t give a shit about her kids, he seems to be raising them on his own while simultaneously holding down a job to support his family, and he clearly loves and pampers those children. The worst thing he’s done is let his older kids play in the woods nearby the playground while he was sitting there with them.

He also isn’t abusive towards his wife. Even when she’s sloshed (which is nearly 24/7) and being rude as hell to him and other people (and their kids,) he’s nice. The worst he’s done is asked her to stop talking and find their toddler that she lost when she was being extremely crude at the cookout. She also hits on other men without a second thought. Sometimes in front of him, if I remember correctly. And he doesn’t mention it.

And then there’s Robert. They had a fling, probably a year or two ago. Even if they were drunk, of which they probably were, I’m assuming both of them consented to that. It sounds like Joseph led him on, but Robert was willingly having sex with a married man who has children. That same married man is the husband of his best friend. The best friend of who he watches flirt with other men on a nightly basis. And says nothing to.

And to the MC, I really wouldn’t classify his behavior as abusive. Yes, he was courting you while still married–but neither him nor Mary wear their wedding rings outside of events where they’ll be seen together–but his wife was also flirting with people on the side. He was aware of that, and she was, too. Hell, she knew he knew, and she also knew that you were messing around with Joseph. She didn’t seem terribly bothered by it. And in both endings? He clearly had second thoughts after the boat scene. Up until then, he was planning on staying with the MC, but he backed out for the sake of his kids.

So yeah, he’s done some questionable things. Were all of them right? No. Were they technically abusive? No. 

HSAU Drabble: Alex at the Zoo

Part I: The Zoo

“Hold me tighter.” Clarke mumbled, burrowing back into Lexa’s arms.

Lexa chuckled, complying with her wife’s demand. It wasn’t often that she was the big spoon, but she thoroughly enjoyed holding Clarke all night.

“It…almost feels like we’re in high school.” Clarke rasped, her voice still heavy with sleep.

Lexa smirked, squeezing Clarke’s hip. “You look like you’re still in college.” She complimented.

“You feel like you are.” Clarke replied, fingers reaching back to graze Lexa’s abs.

“Perks of being a young mom.” Lexa replied, grateful that they went with their gut instinct to have Alex at 25.

“And being an NFL superstar.” Clarke gloated, turning around in Lexa’s arms to face her.

“Hey.” Lexa murmured, kissing Clarke’s lips almost instantly.

“Hey yourself, pretty girl.” Clarke pressed herself against Lexa’s warmth.

“ZOO!” The warcry of their toddler shook clexa from their post sex bliss.

“Oh fuck.” Clarke mumbled, and Lexa grinned.

“ZOO! ZOO! ZOO!” Alex’s excited shrieks echoed in the hallways of their home.

“Gee, I wonder where we’re going today.” Lexa teased.

“God, I love her little toddler voice.” Clarke murmured. “Have you noticed she has a little lisp sometimes?”

“I have.” Lexa smiled, leaning against the headboard as she put an arm around Clarke, pulling her in and pressing a kiss to her forehead.

“Three, two, one..” Lexa murmured, and like clockwork, Alex ran into the room, a blur. She was wearing her underwear, her shirt nowhere to be found. Her hair was in a soft braid Clarke had done for her the night before. She ran into the room and nearly barrelled into Fish, who was peacefully sleeping in his corner. She rolled to a stop and glanced up, giving Clarke and Lexa a baby-toothed grin.

“Zoo!” She shrieked. And then, as an afterthought, “Hello mommas.”

“Good morning, baby girl.” Lexa grinned. “Where is your shirt?”

Alex’s eyes widened. “Shirt?” She repeated. Then, she blinked. “I dunno.”

Clarke chuckled. “Who needs em, right?” She sneakily slid her hands up Lexa’s abs, grazing them approvingly.

Alex nodded, scrambling over to the edge of the bed. “I come.” She announced, grappling with the sheets as she struggled to hoist herself up.

“Help her.” Clarke pouted, and Lexa laughed, easily scooping Alex up with a well muscled arm.

“Thank you momma.” Alex dutifully chirped, moving to wiggle her butt into the nonexistent space between them.

“You’re very welcome.” Lexa laughed, kissing her head.

“So, why do you want to go to the zoo?” Clarke questioned. She knew it was a basic question, but she also knew that it was important to help Alex articulate her ideas, to develop her speech.

Plus, it was fucking cute to hear her talk.

“Amimals.” Alex squeaked.

“What was that?” Clarke grinned.


“Animals?” Lexa offered.

“Amimals.” Alex nodded.

“….Alright.” Clarke chuckled. “What kind of animals do you think we’re gonna see, baby girl?”

“…Raccoons!” Alex almost yelled in excitement.

“…Alex we could just hang around the trash bins at night if you’re so excited to see Raccoons.” Lexa smirked.

Alex blinked. “Raccoon lives in my trash?”

Lexa shook her head. “Why do you love raccoons so much anyway?”

Alex’s gaze softened and she placed a little hand on Lexa’s cheek. “They you momma.”

Lexa’s heart skipped a beat, and she kissed Alex’s hand, smiling uncontrollably.

Clarke couldn’t help her grin either, her heart warmed at the sight of their baby being so affectionate to her mother. Little Lexa indeed.

“What animal is your mommy, then?” Lexa asked softly.

“Lion!” Alex replied readily.

“A lion?” Clarke quipped. “Why?”

“Brave.” Alex nodded wisely. “And pretty.”

It was Clarke’s turn to blush like a fool, kissing Alex’s chubby cheeks, already wide for a smile.

“…We go?” Alex huffed.

“We will! What about breakfast, first?” Clarke reminded.

“…Hot dogs?” Alex cited her favorite food.

Lexa made a face. “What about a kale smoothie?”

Alex shushed Lexa, putting an index finger against her lips. “Shhh, momma.” Alex whispered.

Clarke grinned. “That’s my girl. But she’s right, you can’t eat hotdogs for breakfast.”

Alex frowned. “But….Smurphy…”

Clarke raised a brow. “Uncle Murphy gives you hotdogs for breakfast?”

Alex’s eyes went wide, and she knew she was in trouble. She wriggled free from Clarke’s grip and dove off the bed, running as fast her her little legs would carry her, back to the safety of her room.

Lexa snorted, watching in amusement. “Very nutritious.” She quipped.

Clarke shrugged, wiggling back into Lexa’s arms. “Gives us more cuddle time.”

Lexa smiled, kissing Clarke’s forehead. “I don’t know why she wants to go to the zoo so badly. If she wants to see a bunch of unruly animals, she can visit the delinquents for free.”

Clarke gasped, shoving Lexa. “Jerk.” She moved to get out of bed, but Lexa laughed, effortlessly pulling Clarke back into her arms.

“Fuck your insanely hot tattooed super strong biceps.” Clarke grumbled, but her true mood was revealed when she kissed Lexa’s arm instead. She turned to Lexa, kissing her jaw. “Thank you.” She murmured.

“For what?” Lexa quirked a brow, pulling Clarke flush against her.

“For Alex.” Clarke sighed in adoration.

Lexa grinned. “That’s half of your doing, my love.”

“I’m pretty sure she gets her sweetness from you, though.” Clarke whispered, her heart melting for Lexa’s kind eyes.

The two met in a soft kiss, sighing against one another’s lips, enjoying the blissful existence they’d created for themselves.

“Do you think we can get away with hats and sunglasses?” Lexa asked, after a moment of brief silence.

“I don’t think it’ll be that hot.”

“Clarke, I meant for privacy, so we don’t get swarmed for photos and followed around all day. Remember Saturday at the mall?”

Clarke smirked. “Babe, you’re kind of drop dead gorgeous. People recognize you from your lips alone.”

Lexa blushed. “And I’m guessing if I bring my wife and daughter along, we’ll be unmistakable.”

Clarke nodded. “But don’t worry, I don’t mind.”

“I just want to give Alex a normal time.” Lexa sighed, running her fingers through her hair.

“Baby, Alex is fine. She just gets jealous, so hold her.” Clarke laughed. “Now, we have to get dressed.”

“And leave the warmth of our bed?” Lexa teased, tightening her hold on Clarke.

“The sooner we leave, the sooner we can come back, and Alex will be burnt out and exhausted.”

“Clarke Woods, you minx.” Lexa smirked.


It was several hours before the family arrived at the zoo, mainly because Alex had insisted on wearing a raccoon onesie.

Clarke had to explain to her that she’d have a heatstroke in them, and she trudged off grumpily, only to return in a limited edition Lexa Woods jersey.

Lexa had to explain to her that they would get noticed a lot more quickly if she wore that, and Alex trudged off once again, cursing her mothers under her breath.

In the end, Alex matched her outfit to Lexa’s, and while it was no less conspicuous than wearing Lexa’s jersey, she couldn’t find the heart to say no.

Both wore crop tops and jean shorts, looking positively fashionable for the summer. (Alex’s tummy stuck out a little, and she was proud of her self-proclaimed abs, like Lexa’s.)

Alex got her hair done in two little braids, and she was the spitting image of Lexa, sunglasses on her head, down to the same exact hat.

Clarke found it so adorable that she took nearly fifty photos of the two, saving one to tweet at the end of the day, when they weren’t recognizable in the public eye.

From there, it was a decent drive to the zoo, and they were off past the main gate, maps in hand.

Alex vehemently protested against her stroller, and when Clarke mentioned that she’d get tired, Lexa won both their hearts by murmuring, “I’ll carry her when she’s tired.”

This was Alex’s first time at the zoo, and she was positively bursting with excitement.

“Okay, Alex, where do you want to- Alex?” Lexa glanced up from the map, watching her toddler make a beeline for the crocodile tank on the side of the entrance, the crocodile pressed right up against the glass, looking lethargic as ever.

“There she goes.” Clarke whistled, Lexa hastening to follow after Alex.

“I’m not sure how I feel about taking our child to see so many depressed animals in captivity.” Lexa murmured, as they caught up to Alex, who looked a little scared.

“But the zoo is making changes.” Clarke reminded. “They’re helping to save endangered species and educate people.”

“I will put aside my inner protester for the sake of our child.” Lexa quipped.

“Mommies.” Alex whispered, turning to Clarke and Lexa with a low voice.

Lexa quirked a brow amusedly, sliding her arm around Clarke, squeezing her hip, as if to wordlessly say God, that’s adorable.

“What’s up baby?” Clarke asked, encouraging her to talk, knowing how beneficial it was for her development. She’d read somewhere that it wasn’t good to baby-talk a toddler, rather, to speak to them as an adult, but sometimes they couldn’t help it. They settled for a healthy balance of both, encouraging conversation and provoking thought.

“…Scary.” Alex gulped.

Well, that wasn’t quite the speech she’d hoped for, but Alex looked a little too frightened to form proper sentences at the moment.

Lexa eyed Alex thoughtfully. “Yeah? What kind of animal is it?”

“Alligator.” Alex whispered.

Lexa clicked her tongue. “Nope.” She replied, pointing to the sign. “That’s a crocodile, baby. You know the difference?”

Alex blinked. “Alligators are boys and Crocodiles are girls.”

“…No. What?” Lexa blinked, equally as confused.

Clarke grinned, chuckling amusedly. “No, baby. They’re different species. They’re not the same.”

“Ohhhh.” Alex nodded, pretending to be deep in thought.

“Why are we whispering?” Lexa questioned.

“Because it’s sleeping!” Alex whisper-yelled, ironically.

Lexa laughed. “Alex, it’s enclosed. It can’t get to you. But thank you for being polite, and not screaming. You don’t have to whisper, you can talk lowly.”

Alex looked tentative, “…Wake up?” She half asked, half mumbled.

“I don’t think he will. He looks pretty comfy.” Clarke replied with a smile.

Alex looked deep in thought with a furrowed brow. “Momma?”

“Yeah, pretty girl?”

“Can you…win a crocodile?”

“Win?” Lexa smiled. “What do you mean?”

Alex looked lost in thought, trying to piece together the words. “Um, you fight crocodile?”

Clarke snorted a laugh. Some nearby visitors looked appalled at the suggestion of animal cruelty.

Lexa blushed. “Alex I don’t need to fight it-”


“I think it’d be a tie.” Clarke lied easily, taking Alex’s hand. “Why don’t we move on?”

Alex nodded excitedly. “Raccoons?”

Lexa smiled, taking her other hand. “Maybe. But I hear they have some pretty neat giraffes.”

“Ooooooh.” Alex drawled. “Like Smurphy.”

“That’s right.” Clarke laughed. “Just like Uncle Murphy’s favorite animal.”


“Zebras…’n…lions…’n tigers…’n giraffes, and….monkeys! And birdies! And piggies, n’ owls, snakies, ugly lizards-”

“How long has this been going on?” Clarke questioned as she approached with a bag of popcorn and a soft pretzel for Alex.

“…A while. She’s trying to list every animal we’ve seen so far.” Lexa explained, balancing Alex on her hip, strong arms holding their tiny daughter.

Clarke wore an amused look. “And you let her go on like this?”

Lexa clutched her heart with her free hand. “I love her so much, Clarke. I love watching her talk, even if it’s nonsense. She reminds me of you.”

Clarke scowled. “Are you saying I talk nonsense?” She smacked Lexa’s arm playfully.

Lexa smiled. “No, I meant…the way she gets excited when she talks about things she’s passionate about. I see so much of you in her.”

Clarke swooned. “Funny, I see her as mini you.” She turned to Alex, who was gazing at the pretzel longingly, the same way Clarke and Lexa looked at each other.

Clarke laughed. “Here, baby.” She handed Alex the pretzel as they sat down at a table, watching Alex happily munch on it with her baby teeth, making little excited squeals like a hungry kitten.

Clarke was content with popping a piece of popcorn past Lexa’s lips, feeding her with a wry smile.

“What?” Lexa blinked.

“Isn’t this too unhealthy for you?” Clarke smirked. “Too buttery?”

Lexa rolled her eyes. “I have cheat days, Clarke.”

“Oh? Do your cheat days allow for dessert?” Clarke drawled in a low voice.

Lexa grinned. “You’re playful today.”

“Seeing you being a doting mother turns me on.” Clarke shrugged innocently, sliding a hand on Lexa’s thigh.

“Clarke.” Lexa whined. “Not here.”

“People aren’t even look-”

“Oh my god.” A third, younger voice interrupted them, followed by giggles. Clarke and Lexa glanced up, noting the overly excited teenager regarding them with a huge smile. “You’re Lexa Woods! And Clarke Griffin!”

Alex turned around from her seat, scowling with her pretzel in hand, cinnamon dusting her mouth. She looked instantly grumpy, seemingly aware of what was next.

“Oh boy.” Alex mumbled and rolled her eyes.

“And baby Alex!” The girl gushed, her grin widening. “You’re so adorable!”

At that, Alex’s frown slowly spread into a smirk as she nodded, smiling a cheshire toddler grin. “Piture?” She asked in her toddler accent, and Clarke and Lexa exchanged surprised glances.

“That would be amazing, thanks!” The girl nodded, and Lexa noticed that she was wearing a Grounders shirt with her number on it. She smiled at that.

“You take.” Alex instructed, moving to pose between Clarke and Lexa.

Clarke snorted a laugh. “Baby, she wants a picture with you, not of you.”

Lexa chuckled, scooping Alex up into her arms.

“Ohhhhh.” Alex chorused. “Sure, honey.”

“Honey?” Lexa mouthed to Clarke with a surprised look.

“She’s been spending too much time with my mom.” Clarke sighed apologetically, as their fan laughed. “Come on over, Lex has long arms. She can take a selfie.”

The girl was absolutely thrilled as she came to sit beside them, smiling broadly for the picture, shaking a little in her excitement.

“Thank you!” She gushed. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt your lunch. I’m just…I’m such a huge fan. Of both of you. My girlfriend and I…well, we didn’t really have a role model couple to look up to until you guys.”

Clarke smiled brightly, clearly touched by the words, sharing a loving glance with Lexa. “Thank you, that’s so sweet. You aren’t bothering us at all, don’t worry.”

Lexa nodded. “That’s very sweet, thank you.” She added, noticing the girl digging into her bag, likely for a pen. “Can I…sign that jersey for you?” Lexa offered with an amused smile.

The girl flushed, looking thrilled. “I was going to ask you! If it’s not too much!”

“Pretzel?” Alex offered like a puppy, tilting her head to the side as she offered the girl her half eaten pretzel.

Clarke rushed to grab the pretzel, laughing it off. “Alex, you can’t offer people food you’ve eaten.”

Alex blinked. “Yummy.” She insisted.

The girl grinned. “Thanks anyway Alex. I’m a huge fan.”

“Me too.” Alex answered cluelessly, watching as Lexa moved to sign the back of the shirt she was wearing.

“Thank you so much!” The girl beamed. “Enjoy the rest of your day! Bye, Alex!”

“Buh-bye.” Alex waved enthusiastically.

As soon as the girl bounded back to her group of friends, Alex turned to her moms, eyeing them wryly.

“Someone’s getting used to the attention.” Clarke quipped.

“It helps that she wasn’t flirtatious.” Lexa replied, kissing Alex’s  head.

Lexa stole a bite of Alex’s pretzel, and Alex squealed.

“Hey!” She whined.

“I’m your mom, I can finish your food.” Lexa replied with a wink.

“Ohhhhh.” Alex nodded, patting Lexa’s cheek. “Okay.”

Lexa grinned, kissing a chubby cheek. “Did you have fun, baby girl?”

Alex nodded, and then paused, quizzical.

“I know that look.” Clarke grimaced. “What’s wrong, baby?”

Alex sighed, dramatically clutching her heart. “No Raccoons?” She asked, her lower lip quivering.

“Not here.” Clarke sighed, rubbing her back. “But…do you really want to see them?”

“Yes!” Alex leapt up. “Yes yes yes mommies.”

Lexa exchanged a surprised look with Clarke, but remained silent.


“Lexa, cheer up.”

“Clarke.” Lexa rolled her eyes good naturedly. “It’s eleven PM, I’m out by the dumpsters, I’m cold, you promised me sex, and why-”

“LOOK!” Alex, who’d been staring patiently, waiting for almost an hour, shrieked when she saw what she was  looking for. A family of raccoons had come out, digging their way into the trash, scurrying back and forth with containers in their grasp, a safe distance away.

“MOMMA!” Alex nearly roared, shaking with excitement like the girl who’d asked for an autograph earlier that day. “IT’S YOU! IT’S YOU!”

“Gee, thanks.”

The Night Sky is Changing Overhead

Rating: Explicit

Chapters: 11/11

Words: 124,832


Harry is a tattoo artist, Louis is a drama professor, and they meet when Louis steals Harry’s coffee order. 

“Um, sorry, but I believe that’s actually mine,” Harry said a bit awkwardly, pointing at the cup.

The man huffed, slightly narrowing his blue eyes, “Nope, large Americano, dash of cream.” He held the coffee up closer to Harry and honestly, Harry knew exactly what was in the cup because it was his coffee.

“Right,” Harry slowly drawled out as if he was talking to a toddler, “Which would make that mine.”

“Look, I really don’t have time for this, I’m running late. And this,” he said before he took a sip from the cup, “Is mine.”

Harry’s jaw dropped and he held his hands out, failing them slightly, “Wha-you can’t just drink it!”

“Well I did, so, do you still want it or can I be on my way?” The man challenged.

Harry shook his head disbelievingly, “Take it, but for the record, it says Harry on it.”

The man turned the cup around and a sharp laugh came out of his mouth, “Well, shit.” He looked at Harry, a smile stretched across his face as crinkles formed next to his eyes. “Thanks, Harry.”

You, Me and Baby Makes Three

Summary: It your and Harry’s anniversary and there are some serious questions from Leo.

Warnings: It’s always fluff with this series,,,, what’s angst? 

Requested: Yes…. a lot. 

You don’t have to read the rest to read this, but it’s suggested. Read the other parts here

Harry pulls Leo into his lap, “You remember what we practiced?” Leo nods his head excitedly, “What did we practice?” 

Leo turns so he’s facing Harry and places his hands on his cheeks. Harry laughs, that is not what they practiced but as long as he got the meaning across Harry didn’t mind. 

“What is going on here?” You cross your arms across your chest and leaning against the wall. You had just gotten out of the shower, your hair was dripping some water on the carpet and you were wearing one of Harry’s tshirts with shorts. 

“We were just-” Harry is cut off as Leo crawls down from his lap and stumbles over to you, his little legs giving him a hard time walking. He lifts his arms up and smiles, “Up?” 

“Of course, baby.” You lift him up and press a kiss to his cheek before turning to look at Harry, “Happy Anniversary.” 

Harry smiles at the scene in front of him, Leo safely in your arms, not minding the little bit of water from your hair getting on him as he rests his head on your shoulder.

“Happy anniversary, you wonderful woman.” He walks towards you, pressing a kiss to your forehead as he passes by. 

You follow him to the kitchen, where dinner is cooking. He’s lighting a candle in the center of the table, making you laugh. “This is a little cheesy.” 

He shrugs, taking Leo from your arms and placing him in the high chair next to the table. You pull out a seat, sitting down as Harry places some mac and cheese in front of Leo.  

“Do I get some of that too?” You raise an eyebrow when Harry laughs, “I made something a little more fancy for us.” 

A plate of alfredo pasta is placed in front of you, a proud smile on Harry’s face. You shake your head, “Because I ordered it on our first date?” 

“Exactly.” He nods, taking the seat across from you. Leo claps happily at the two of you, seemingly celebrating nothing. You giggle at the boy, who was now a little over a year.

You’d seen him grow so much in your time with him and Harry, from a babbling baby to (kind of) walking, talking toddler. The thought of continuing to watch him grow made you glow with happiness, these two boys were all you wanted for the rest of your life.

You just didn’t know how to bring that up with Harry and not freak him out. The two of you had been together awhile now, today marking your year anniversary. You were ready to talk about marriage, maybe even get married soon. You just weren’t sure about Harry, wondering if he thought you guys needed more time. 

“What’s going on in that head of yours?” He rubs his foot against your ankle, snapping you out you thoughts. He smiles kindly and you shake your head.

“Nothing, just thinking about how much I love you guys.” You reach and pull Leo’s hand out of the mac and cheese, trying to hand him the small fork meant for it. He takes it, but puts back on the little tray and goes back in with his hands. 

You laugh, looking over at Harry who has a fond smile on his face, “We love you a lot too.” You smile, reaching across the table to take his hand in yours. The two of you eat in silence, listening to Leo babble to himself as he eats. 

After awhile, you kick Harry’s shin softly to get his attention. He gives you a curious look and you smile shyly, “I like this. Having anniversaries with Leo in our sweatpants even though we’re eating a fancy meal.” 

“This is way better than a crowded restaurant with obnoxious prices.” You nod, running your foot up his leg, a way of subtle contact to relax you. 

“And small portions.” Harry laughs, putting his fork on the table. You follow in suit, both of you done with your food and noticing Leo getting antsy in his seat. Harry takes the plates as you get Leo out of his high chair. 

“Was your food yummy?” You ask softly, tickling his tummy. Leo giggles, pressing his hands against your cheeks. 

“Mama?” He murmurs softly, phrased like a question, making you freeze in your spot. You hear a crash from the kitchen, Harry murmuring ‘shit’ as he comes tumbling out of the kitchen with wide eyes. 

You look at each for a moment before Harry frowns, and your heart drops. “Did you hear that?” Did Harry not want Leo to call you that? Was it still reserved for his birth mother, even though she had left? Or did he just not want Leo getting that attached? 

“Yeah, uh-”

“I didn’t teach him that.” You rush out, cutting Harry off. “I don’t even know where it came from, I’ve always been bab, mama is new. I’m sorry if you don’t want him to call me that. I’m sure we can-”

“Y/N.” Harry tries to cut in, but you push on. 

“- teach him I’m not mama if you want. Oh. Should I stop saying it? Do you-”

“Y/N!” Harry exclaims, cutting you off. You shut you mouth, frowning as he walks towards you. “It’s okay. I taught him it.”  

“You what?”

Harry takes your hand in his, stepping even closer to you. “I taught him it, he wasn’t supposed to say it until I told him to.” Harry takes a deep breath and you shake your head in confusion. 

“Why would you teach him that? And why not tell me?” Leo looks between the two of you, mumbling the word mama to you, making you smile softly. 

Harry shakes his head and lets out an aggravated sigh, “Because it was supposed to be a surprise, he was supposed to say it when we put him to bed. So I could do this.” 

You gasp as Harry falls to one knee in front of you, pulling a ring out of his pocket. 

“Y/N, you have become such a prominent part of our lives. You have helped take care of Leo and you’ve helped take care of me. I don’t know what I would do without you here. I taught him it, because I’m not only asking you to marry me. I’m asking you to adopt Leo.” 

You feel tears cloud your vision as you nod hastily, while Harry slips the ring on the finger. 

“I love you guys so much, I can’t wait to be a part of your life forever,” Harry stands up and pulls you into a kiss, Leo stuck between you two. He shoves Harry away lightly, “No.” He mutters making Harry laugh as he presses another quick kiss to your cheek. 

“Let’s put him to bed, then we can celebrate.” Harry smirks and you laugh, following him down the hall. 

Later, in bed you rest your head against Harry’s bare chest, tracing Harry’s tattoos as he runs his fingers through your hair. 

“I can’t believe you thought Leo would follow a schedule so you could propose.” 

Ahhhhhh! I did it!! I updated! I hope you guys like it, this is one of my favorite parts so far. 

I promise to try and keep updating this so you don’t have to wait months, because I’m so glad people enjoy this little series. I started it with a blurb I never planned on continuing and I’m so happy people keep requesting more. 

As always, thank you for reading and enjoy your day!

Escape:  the Bree years

“It hurts,” she whimpered through her breaths. 

“I know, mo graidh.”  

The wind was howling outside, and the rain was pelting at the window. 

It was time for her to sit up, but she couldn’t manage because she was too tired. The bed only went up so far, so she had asked Jamie to sit behind her, and prop her up when it was time to push.  It was her twelfth hour of labour, and she was exhausted.  The contractions started at 7:00 in the evening, and it was 7:00 in the morning now.  

“You don’t know!  You don’t have any idea,” she scoffed.

“I do not.  Sorry.”  Just keep her happy.

“I should have had the drugs,” she said through gritted teeth.

“Ye said ye didna want them.  Ye said ye wanted a natural birth.”  She’d made him promise not to let her give in.  

“Well, I was wrong!”  She tried to breathe through the contraction that threatened to rip her in half.  “Oh, God, I need to push.” 

“The doctor is just putting his gloves on.”  He tried to keep his voice calm.

“Tell the doctor to fucking hurry up, it hurts.”  She couldn’t believe she was waiting for a man right now.

“He’s almost ready.  Breathe, Sassenach.” Jamie spoke low into her ear.  

“Tell him!” Claire snarled.

“Oi!  Put the fuckin’ gloves on a bit faster, aye?”  

“Thank you, Jamie.”  She sounded like herself again.

“Whatever ye need, Claire.”  He’d move Heaven and Earth, if necessary.

The doctor settled himself on the small stool between her legs.  “Ok, Dr. Fraser. Ye can push with the next contraction.  Let’s meet yer wee one, aye?”

Claire didn’t dare open her eyes for fear of losing her concentration.  The bustle of the delivery room was lost to her.  But one thing penetrated her brain, and lodged itself there.

Jamie’s voice. 

His voice in the moment the baby crowned would stay with her.  


Each word said softly, and reverently.  A true prayer.  It was the voice of a man who was witnessing a miracle.  

Claire kept her eyes closed until she heard the cry.  A very healthy, lusty cry. Relief flooded through her.  Finally, she could look.  She saw the shock of red hair, and heard the doctor ask Jamie if he’d like to cut the cord.  Jamie’s big body moved from behind hers, so anxious was he to participate.

“Is it a boy?”  Claire asked, unable to see. 

She watched Jamie cut the cord grinning from ear to ear.  

“Is it a boy?” she asked again, louder.  

The doctor held up their child.  “Ye have a beautiful baby girl!”

The nurse took the baby then, to clean her up, and test her Apgar scores. Jamie followed as if entranced.  It was as if in cutting the cord from Clair, the child had created some invisible tether to him.  

Claire laid her head back against the bed as the doctor went about helping her deliver the afterbirth.  

A girl.  

Another girl.

She was so sure it was going to be a boy.  A boy to name Brian, after Jamie’s father.  She was so certain it was a boy she didn’t even bother settling on a girl’s name.  

She felt a twinge of guilt because in truth, she was kind of disappointed. She didn’t want a girl.  She didn’t want a replacement for Faith.  Faith was her daughter.  She was supposed to have a son so she wouldn’t miss Faith all over again.  She was supposed to have a son so she wouldn’t constantly be thinking about all that Faith had missed.  All that she and Jamie had missed.  Now, she would be thinking about how two little girls should have grown up together.  

We lost a lifetime with someone we’d never even met.

She turned her head, and felt the tears slide into her ear.  

“Are ye ready to hold yer wee lass?” the nurse asked. 

Claire nodded, and held out her arms.  

The nurse handed her the squirming bundle.  Claire received her daughter, and immediately counted her fingers, and toes while Jamie chuckled deeply.  Ten. Ten of each.  

Jamie placed his big hands on either side of her on the bed, and kissed her gently on the lips.  

“Thank ye, Sassenach.  Thank ye for our child.  Our daughter.”

She smiled then, at his joy.  Her tears welled up anew.  She found her joy in his. She looked down at the pink, warm body resting against her skin.  Little fingers splayed over her chest, with the same crooked right pinky, just like Claire’s.  The tiny knees were drawn up, and the cheeks were impossibly chubby.    

“What should we name her?”  Claire couldn’t tear her eyes away.  She was big! And that hair!  So much like her dad.  So much like Faith.  

She was Faith, but more.  She was her sister.

“Christ!  We didna decide, did we?”  Jamie’s eyes widened.

“Honestly, Jamie. I was convinced it was a boy.”

“Canna very well name her Brian, now, can we?”

“No,” Claire paused, and thought.  “But we can name her Brianna.” 

Jamie tried to say the name, stuttered, tried again.  Claire corrected him and he tried again, his tongue getting in the way of the shift in syllable.  Claire laughed out loud.

“How do ye spell it, then?” Jamie’s brow was furrowed.


“Brrrr-eye-ah-na.”  Jamie spoke slowly.  “That’s a horrible name for a lass.”

“Can you say Mary?”  She spoke as if talking to a toddler.

“Oh, ha ha, Claire.”  Jamie raised an eyebrow.  “It’s that damn English spelling.  In Gaelic we would say it ‘Bree-ahnna.’”  He looked down at his newborn, hands still braced on either side of Claire. “’Tis different, right enough.”

Claire lifted a hand, and placed it against Jamie’s cheek.  His attention broken, he looked at his wife.  His tired, pale, physically, emotionally exhausted wife.  

“We can call her Bree, for short.” Claire smiled like the Madonna.  “I think it’s beautiful.”

“I think yer beautiful,” Jamie whispered.  “God, Claire.  A daughter.”  His breath hitched, a catch in his voice.   “A second chance.”

“No,” she said, a little more forcefully than she meant.  Jamie narrowed his eyes.  

“No,” she said in a gentler tone.  “She’s our first chance.”  She cupped Brianna’s small head.  “Our second daughter, but our first chance.”  

Jamie nodded.  “Aye.  I get yer meanin’ mo graidh.”  He kissed the top of the baby’s head, lingeringly.  Then, kissed his wife in the same way.  

“Weel, ladies,”  Jamie heaved himself up, proud as a stallion.  “I’m going to call Auntie Jenny.  A Dhia, Sassenach, she’ll be beside herself wi’ excitement!”  

He strode through the door, then grabbed the frame at the last moment, and spun around. “Tha gaol agam ort.”  

“I love you, too, Jamie.”  His grin was blinding.  She could hear him whistle tunelessly as he walked away to the lobby for better cell reception.

Alone, Claire looked down at Brianna.  She shifted the baby to cradle her in her arms, and swaddled her more snuggly in the pink blanket.  Bree opened her eyes for a moment.  

“That, my darling, was your father, James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser.”  Bree blinked sleepily.  “A long time ago I crawled through his window, and fixed his shoulder.  And then, not long after that, he took care of me when I was sick.  He said to me once that ‘I had his name, his clan, his family, and if necessary, the protection of his body’.  It’s a promise he’s always kept.  It will be the same for you, little one.”  Claire smiled at the memory. 

“Your father will love you more than you ever thought possible.  He will encourage you to be anything you want to be,” Claire promised fiercely.  

Bree’s little mouth stretched into a yawn.  “I wonder if you’ll prefer art to science?  Although I secretly hope you’ll grow up to be an archaeologist like your Great-Uncle Lamb.” 

Bree’s eyes drifted shut, her little hands curled under her chin.  

Claire shifted the baby up onto her shoulder, and settled back, holding her close.  

Closing her eyes, she yawned just as her daughter had done a moment before, and drifted off to sleep.

When Jamie stepped into the room ten minutes later, his two best girls were fast asleep.  He pulled out his phone, and snapped a picture of the moment.  

A moment he never wanted to forget. 

Because in that exact moment, he felt as if his heart was going to burst. 

My brother’s best friend || D.H.

A/N: This was a lovely request  that I can 100000% relate to. If my brother and his friends ever find my blog than I never wrote this 😏

Word Count: 1.4K

POV: Reader


Originally posted by theanomex

It was freezing outside and I was shivering although I was wearing a beanie and a thick woollen scarf. Today of all days the school bus had broken down and I was left in the cold when all I wanted was to just get home. I unlocked my phone and dealt my brothers number, thankfully he picked up right away.

“What’s up little sister?” Phil greeted me, he clearly sounded stressed.  

“Hey, could you pick me up? I think there is a problem with the bus’s engine and I’d freeze to death if I walk all the way home.”

“I’m on my way to this meeting. I told you it’s today, didn’t I? Sorry, sis, I can’t pick you up right now.” Phil indeed sounded immensely sorry.  

“Oh yah, I forgot. Then I will just have to walk.” I said with little motivation. It was surely going to take me about two hours.

“I’ll call Dan. I’m sure he can get you, he’s coming over today anyway.”

Dan. Just the mention of his name made my heart beat faster. I had a huge crush on my elder brother’s best friend. Super cliché, I know. But how could I not crush on such a guy?

I will never tell Phil how I feel about his best friend. He would make it obvious and probably embarrass me in front of him. The chances of Dan liking me back were -11%. Do guys ever go for their friend’s little sister? I don’t think so. At least Dan doesn’t.

“Hop in” Dan told me, as I opened the door to his car.

“Thanks for picking me up.” I shyly smiled at him as I got in.

“I wouldn’t want you to freeze to death. Phil would have killed me if I left you here.” Dan laughed before he started driving again.

Why do guys look 100 times more attractive when driving? I could literally feel my level of nervousness rise by the second. Never had I been all alone with Dan before.

“So, how was school?” he asked me, keeping his eyes on the road.

I was glad that he decided to break the silence since I was horrible at starting a conversation.

“You are seriously asking me that?” I grinned as he laughed a little.

“Right, it was as boring as always.” Dan answered for me instead.

I chuckled and nodded my head in agreement. Dan took a quick glance at me and shot me a smile.

“Phil said you are staying over today?” I wanted to make sure that I heard him correctly.

“Yup, I hope you don’t mind.”

“Why would I?” I blushed a bit as I said that and hoped he wouldn’t see it.

It was getting pretty warm in the car so I took of my beanie and totally messed up my hair while doing so. It must have looked totally dishevelled because Dan was goofily grinning.

“Well, that’s a look.” He joked as I tried to quickly fix my hair.

“Shut up.” I groaned in embarrassment.

We continued to make small talk and joked around until we arrived at home.

“Thanks again, Dan.” I emphasised after we had both gotten out of the car and I unlocked the front door.

I didn’t know when Phil was going to get back from his meeting, I just knew that I was alone with Dan until then. Normally he would have come over later, but because of the circumstances he was here already. It was just me and him. Just us two. Alone in this house.

I threw my school bag into the corner the second I walked in.

“Looks like you are spending the afternoon with me. I’m the cooler Lester anyway.” I grinned as we both got rid of our coats and boots.

I always get super excited whenever my brother invites Dan over, being alone with him made my heart race and I had to stop my hands from trembling by taking a few deep breaths.

“So, that’s your room. I feel like the last time I was in here there were Barbie dolls all over the floor.” Dan told me, having followed me into my room. He was examining the pictures and posters that decorated my walls.

“You are definitely exaggerating.” I laughed “Do you wanna order pizza and play video games?” I asked Dan and as soon as those words had left my mouth his eyes lit up.

Ten minutes later we were sat in front of the TV, both holding a controller.

“Why are so good at this?” Dan asked me. He was clearly impressed and surprised.

“Who do you think plays these games with Phil when you are not here.” I answered, trying not to give away the fact that I was very much enjoying Dan’s admiration.

This afternoon was all I had ever hoped for. I have always been a bit jealous of Phil and everybody else who could see Dan whenever they wanted to. Now I was finally spending some time with him and it was going incredible well.

“You are going down, Howell.” I exclaimed halfway through the game. I was certain that I was going to win.

“You actually think you can stand a chance against me? That’s cute.” He said as if he was talking to a toddler and ruffled my hair.

“Dan! You messed my hair up again.” I complained as I tried to fix it for the second time today.

“Honestly, nothing can beat the way your hair looked in my car today.” He admitted, smirking.

I like to wear beanies okay? I prefer being warm over beautiful.

“Don’t be mean!” I whined and playfully hit his left shoulder.

“I said it’s a look. That’s a compliment!” Dan threw his hands up in defence and grinned at me like a fool.

“Okay, then stop flirting with me.” I told him jokingly, probably taking it a little bit too far in an attempt to be funny. He must’ve thought I’m a total loser. To my utter surprise, he blushed. I made Daniel Howell blush!

“I wasn’t trying to flirt with you.” He stuttered wide eyed. His cheeks were still red and he wasn’t concentrating on the game anymore.

“I know.” I assured him. The rush of excitement slowly vanished as I could feel my heart sink. Of course, he wouldn’t flirt with me. I knew that. Why would I expect anything else?

“Yeah, you’re Phil’s sister. I would never.” Dan babbled, trying to make it sound like he was totally revolted about the idea of me and him together.

“I know.” I repeated awkwardly, trying my best to not sound hurt.

“Can we continue-“ I started but Dan cut me off.

“Like, I would never. Phil would hate me - or even kill me. It’s not like I’m interested in you. And you are definitely not into me, right?” He rambled. It seemed like he was trying to convince himself instead of talking to me.

He didn’t even give me the time to answer before he was thinking out loud again.

“You are off limits. One just doesn’t kiss one’s best friend’s sister. Even if I wanted to which I certainly don’t and-“ He stopped himself in the middle of his sentence. His eyes were burning into my skin. We just stared at each other for a second before his lips crashed down on mine.

He was eagerly kissing me, stabilizing my head with his hand. I kissed back, like I had kissed him a million times before. This had to be a dream, right? Suddenly I wasn’t thinking anymore, it was like my brain had shut down and my heart and emotions had taken over. My inside was tingling, and I was nearly bursting with joy.

It was a quick but intense kiss and after we broke apart I was overwhelmed with what had just happened. Did Dan just actually kiss me?

“Didn’t you say you weren’t flirting with me and that you certainly don’t want to kiss me?” I asked Dan and although I wanted to tease him, I had an extremely huge smile on my face.  

“Yeah, that wasn’t exactly true. I was just trying to convince myself, but honestly kissing you is worth getting killed by your brother.” Dan was smiling too and shyly scratching the back of his head.

I just stared at him like a fool and he stared right back. We were both wearing big smiles and I was already fantasizing about kissing him again.

“Don’t tell Phil, but I -“ Dan started, but he was interrupted.

“Don’t tell Phil what?” Phil himself asked with raised eyebrows as he entered the room, looking at Dan and then at me.

anonymous asked:

6 with jamilton or hamliza

Alexander had one job. Only one given to him by his wife and mother of the greatest creation he ever had a chance to be part of. On his day “off” he was to take Philip to the park, then come back in time for lunch. That was all. 

Of course it would never just be that to Alexander. He couldn’t just let his work go. That was insanity. He brought his iPad to the park, letting Philip off his child leash that Eliza did not particularly like but at least it kept Pip from running off. Most of the time it kept Alex in line too having his son close to his side. 

Alex was not a neglectful father. When he wasn’t working he was a lovely and caring man. He loved his son more than anything in his world. To him, his son was the greatest piece of work he would never top. That being said he wanted to leave his son with something tangible. He wanted to leave him with something his father never left him with. A name to be proud of. Being a bastard and an orphan before the age of thirteen, Alex’s life was skewed in a way he wanted nothing more than to be the man he never had in his life. A man Philip would proudly call his father. 

So what was a legacy if he couldn’t leave his son with a future as bright as the sun. Alex worked harder now he had Philip. So with his nose deep into his work, he allowed Philip free reign of the park. He knew he couldn’t go terribly far in the fenced in area and if he was in trouble surely he’d cry. He worked for three hours until he noticed it was nearing lunch time for both of them. “Come on Pip.” Alex called snapping his fingers, he was just finishing a presentation he had put together on the spot. His fingers clasping the one end of the leash. Once he felt something near him he latched on and got up tugging the child beside him. 

Alex continued to walk with work in hand, he mindlessly tried to talk to his toddler asking him he had fun but got no response back. No matter, Pip wasn’t much of a talker. He was a thinker like his father. They arrived at the Hamilton’s home when he finally placed the pad down and turned to Pip to say something like welcome home or let’s say hi to mommy. When all the color and life drained from his face. 


Beside him was a small terrier puppy, wagging his tail happily while his owner was angrily striding towards Alexander. Still in daze he didn’t react as the owner reclaimed her pooch and slapped the daylights out of him. He stumbled back into the front door, loud enough to scare Eliza. “Alex?” She opened it slowly finding him there, leash but not child. “Where…is Pip?” her voice uneasy for a moment. Her mothering senses were alerting her and her eyes were already scanning for traces. If this was another prank by her husband she was going to kill him. 

“I-…I lost the baby.” 

Correction, she was going to murder him. Before she could get her hands on him, a small voice called out from the side walk in front of their home. “Mama! Papa!” 

Both Alex and Eliza looked over at Pip, tears in their eyes as he walked hand in hand with the Burr’s daughter, Theodosia Jr. “We found him at the park alone…” Aaron stated, clearly judgmental. “It seems the child leash doesn’t compensate for good parenting.” He tried to get a small rise out of his fellow rivaled father friend. 

Instead of getting an insult Alex threw his arms around Burr and hugged him tight while Eliza scooped Philip into her arms and muttered nothing but sweet, tender words of how she was never going to let him out of her sight. 

“Thank you Aaron.” Alex muttered weakly, for a moment he thought his entire life had ended. 

Aaron sighed, patting Alexander’s back slowly. “Get your shit together, Hamilton.” 

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Sometimes when you go to the hospital, they give you this anesthesia that makes you act wonky. Like as if you just smoked some of the good shit 👌👌👌. How would 2D react if he was sitting with his S/O, and they ask who he is, and he says that he's their boyfriend and they're just like "Scoooore" and does a lil fist pump? Or something like that? (Lmao I saw it in a video and I thought it was cute)

I loved this request, it was so cute! I think I’ve seen the video you’re talking about, you can find it here 

2D gnaws on a hangnail, not noticing as it begins to sting, and blood drips down his thumb. All his nails are bitten into little stumps, even shorter than usual, and his fingertips are bloody and bitten. His leg bounces incessantly, and his gaze flickers around the room, and then returns to you where you lie in the hospital bed, completely still, with a drip in your arm and a clamp on your finger.

The oxygen mask that had terrified him has finally been taken away, and the constant, steady beeb of the heart monitor has ceased grinding on his already shot nerves. You’re in the clear, but he’s still nervous as hell.

Keep reading