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Jungkook Dating a Mexican Girl

-don’t want to present you to the guys
-bc gets jealous 24/7
-“Princesa chula” (you at his phone)
-loves to eat gringas
-also he’s in love with chorizo
-stealing the “cholo style”
-Your mom talking to him about getting married because he’s the best “partido”
-Your dad looking at him like “quien es este ojos de nalga”
-secretly liking ( and dancing) reggueton songs
-se chinga muchas tortillas con sal
-no come palomitas con salsa Valentina
-por qué le pica
-so… he can’t eat salsa
-likes to drink corona beer
-losing at futbol games with your primos
-ended dacing like a potato at cumbias songs
-se tira el chisme con tus tías
-your abuelita calls him kuki por qué no sabe cómo pronunciar su nombre
-“It’s time to meet my family, right?”
-“you think so? ”
-“yeah… but don’t mention that your grandma calls me like a dog”
-he’s going to be in love with your family, trust me.

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also a quick message from my muslim friend to the muslim women in america: if you ever feel the need to stop wearing your hijab due to fear of violence, then that’s okay. allah will understand and forgive. i know i’m “just” a german muslim but american muslims shouldn’t have to live through this, it’s unfair and i want you all to be able to show off your religion with pride, BUT YOUR SAFETY COMES FIRST. allah forgives. please remember you are still valid and loved.

I’m one of those people that can’t let go. If I’ve had fun with you once, I will text you on your birthday for at least the next five years. If we were friends in elementary school and haven’t talked since, I guarantee I still know your mom’s name and your favorite food. My crushes never go away, they just fade. I still tell stories about great times with people I haven’t seen in years. If you turn down my offer to get drinks and catch up ten times, I promise I will still ask an 11th time. If we fight and you block me, I will find a way to check in on you anyway to make sure you’re okay. So if I give up on you, just know that you damn well deserved it.

i’ve had a couple screwdrivers and i want to talk about colors for a sec.
so, a tip from your mom.

the tip: don’t use black and white for your shading and highlighting.

(pls forgive the quick doodle for the purpose of an example)
one of these is clearly softer and more vibrant. it can play up your palette choices, even if they’re not that exciting by themselves- but pink or brown shading makes everything look really nice.

how bout this one?

black and white values for your art won’t completely ruin it. but there’s way more you can be doing with it. low opacity black to shade an art piece is a lil bit boring. it doesn’t make any of your colors stand out, it doesn’t take much creativity on your part. won’t stretch the muscles.

HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever use black as shading. but to work it at its best, you have to actually use black. the purpose?

contrast! it’s great for drama. black shading is used for sharp graphic styles- you’ve seen it in a lot of comics before. it commands attention for a serious situation.
imo, black should be used as its full self, or not at all. low opacity black just looks gross and boring. it’s way more fun to use other colors, i promise!

this has been a chat about shading with ur mom.

Let’s talk about Mickey Milkovich’s shitty life:

Here’s the thing that pisses me off more than any other shit with Mickey haters: they ignore all the shit Mickey went through. So we’re going to talk about it & maybe it’ll change your mind about the beautiful gift that is Mickey.

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Okay, let’s get started. The first thing I’d like to talk about is Mickey’s mom. When we first meet Mickey in 1x03, Lip asks Mickey about Iggy getting out of jail & Mickey tells him his mom went to go get him. Then fast forward to when Monica comes back after Frank’s mom dies. Ian & Mandy are talking about his mom & Ian says “You’re so lucky your mom is dead.” That means that some time between season 1 & 2, Mickey’s mom dies. Now during this time Mickey is also in juvie, so it’s possible she died before he got to say goodbye.

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Now we also see in 1x03 that Mickey is still in school (he thanks Lip for the B on his paper), but later in season 3 when Mickey gets out & comes to find Ian he says he would still be a freshman. So this reveals a couple things about Mickey. One, Mickey is around the same age as Lip & Ian. Two, he drops out some time between season 1 & 3. Now, I want to suggest something, so go with me for a minute. We know during this time that his mom dies & that his dad is in prison during this time (he is picking his dad up when Ian comes looking for Kash’s gun). So is it possible that Mickey dropped out of school in order to take care of his family? The same thing Fiona gets so much credit for? Is it possible that his mom died & his dad was in prison & Mandy needed to eat, so Mickey dropped out to help take care of her? Is it possible that this boy everyone just assumes is a stupid thug (though we know is not the case because he’s a whiz with numbers) is just a kid trying to take care of the ones he loves?

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It always gets me that everyone says Mickey is so unloving because he clearly loved Mandy. Hell…the only reason he even gets involved with Ian is because Mandy said Ian had tried to rape her & Mickey was coming to get him. And the only reason he ends up giving Lip a beat down is because Lip basically calls Mandy a whore & Mickey gets pissed. And then we see his love for her again when she gets beat up by her boyfriend. Mickey brings her to the Gallagher house. He could’ve pretended like he didn’t see anything (Mandy was sure trying to act like it didn’t happen) but he didn’t. He took her out of the scary situation & got her to the safest place he could think of.

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Alright now let’s get into the real shit that gets me:

First, let’s talk about how everyone always talks about what a shit husband Mickey is. I am going to say this very clearly for you all to hear: MICKEY WAS MARRIED TO HIS RAPIST. OK? No he wasn’t a very good husband to her. But for fuck’s sake, why do we expect him to? He was in love with Ian (even if he hadn’t admitted it to himself yet) & he was happy with Ian. But then his dad finds out & pays this woman to rape him. Then he is FORCED to marry her. I mean Fuck! Would you be in love with that? Would you be able to sleep next to that person every night? Sit across the table from them at every meal? And on top of that, he lost the one person he did actually love because of this woman. She & Terry ripped away the only good thing he had. I might be a bitch to her too. But it’s not like she loved him either. Everyone seems to miss that point when talking about their relationship. Lana was just as awful to Mickey as he was to her. She constantly threatened him & belittled him about his feelings for Ian. She didn’t care about him anymore than he did for her. 

Now let’s chat about his son & the whole “he’s a horrible father” thing. Yes, Mickey had his faults when it came to his son. But…..this baby came from his RAPE. This baby is literally a daily reminder of one of the worst days of his life. And he was expected to love him from day one. Yes he responded in a mean way in regards to his son at first, but as we know with Mickey, this is how he responds when he feels scared & vulnerable. But he didn’t stay that way. Mickey steps up in the dad department. It takes him a while but he does it. The thing is that Mickey is a victim, probably suffering with a form of PTSD, who is forced to live with the people who made him a victim. And furthermore, is expected to love them. How is that fair? We can see from the way he loves & cares for Ian that Mickey has it in him to be a wonderful partner & caretaker. Under different circumstances I believe Mickey would be an amazing father & husband.

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Now the final point I want to talk about goes back to something I brought up earlier: Mickey is about the same age as Ian & Lip (we also can assume this because he goes to juvie both times meaning he wasn’t charged as an adult). Now while all this is going on Lip is somewhere around 18 to 19 & Ian is 17. That puts Mickey around that same age. So Mickey is somewhere in his late teens when he drops out of school, gets a “job”, is raped, forced to marry said rapist & becomes a dad. No wonder he is a little messed up. Lip can barely keep his shit together when Karen gets pregnant & that situation is no where near as fucked up as Mickey’s.

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So in conclusion, yes Mickey is a bit of a fuck up & a hot mess. But with all the shit he went through, can you really blame him?? I think the important thing to point out is this: Mickey was always trying. He knew he had faults but he was trying. He was trying to be a good brother. He was trying to be the son his father wanted. He was trying to provide for his family. He was trying to get along with Lana. He was trying to be a good father. He was always trying. And he deserves credit for that. 

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I added V and Saeran to this as well!


- honestly not too nervous

- he’s heard you talk to your mom before and she’s really sweet, he’s even talked to her as well

- you’re super nervous though because you’ve never brought a guy home before

- A few high school dates but not someone you’ve been serious about

- He kisses your cheek and let’s you know everything’s going to be fine, no one can resist his charms ~

- as soon as your parents greet you both at the door they’re taken aback by Zen’s looks

- especially your mom

- “ Gosh MC, I never knew this was your taste in men! ”

- you’re so embarrassed

- but Zen thinks it’s the cutest thing!! He kisses your moms hand like a gentleman

- your dad doesn’t really like him at first because he thinks he’s a player

- but once Zen chats with him more throughout the evening he warms up to him

- your sisters are so jealous

- “ if you two break up i call dibs ”

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its 2:55 am on a sunday and

i want you to know you are loved and you are incredible for trying and pushing forward even though its been hard.

whatever is making you feel like you aren’t good enough or that you don’t deserve to feel like you are good enough is silenced.

you matter.
you are important
and i’m proud of you for trying.

don’t give up on yourself.
you are worth it.

stay alive.

if you’re ever super proud of something you made/wrote and don’t think anyone you know will appreciate it, tag me in it/ send it to me.

idc if it’s art, a poem or an essay you wrote for school bc if it’s something you took your time to create and it means something to you then it deserves to be appreciated.


so yeah,
you’re loved and junk.
carry on. ⭐️️

Who needs Barbie

This is done for @mysupernaturalfics - not technically a request but got inspired by some Snaps she send me a week or so ago.

You hated you family. Well not really. You wished you did. That would make this easier. You always felt like an outsider but today was worse.

Dean had convinced you to come go home for your mom’s birthday “because family is important.” You agreed. Off course you did, but they didn’t understand your life. They didn’t know that monsters were real. They didn’t know you were a hunter. Hell they had never understood you and at times it felt as if they didn’t even wanna try.

At those times you had come here to hide. Your old treehouse, where you were once again sitting in the corner, sure no one had even noticed you were gone. They were all too busy gushing over your brother’s new fiancee. Blond and pretty and talking about how she wanted to be a teacher just like your mom. Everyone liked her. Everyone noticed her. She was your opposite and you already hated her.

“Can I come in?” You looked up surprised to see Dean smiling at you from the ladder. A smile you wanted to return but couldn’t bring yourself too.

“Sure.” You nodded going back to staring into the air as he made his way to sit down closely beside you.

“So this was your hide out huh?” Dean tried gently bumping into your shoulder with his, but rather than answering him the words that were on your mind flew out of your mouth.

“Why are you with me Dean?”

“Excuse me?” The surprise and hurt look on Dean’s face made the tears that had threatened to spill all day run down your cheeks.

“You could have anyone. Blond, pretty and smart. Someone that is million times better than me. I don’t get it Dean?” You blabbered and his expression immediately soften.

“Hey,” his hand landed on your neck, his thumb resting under your chin gently forcing you to look at him. “I am with you because you are all those things. Well maybe not blond,” He teased in effort to get you to laugh but when it didn’t work he became serious.

“I am with you because you could kick my ass if you wanted too. You are the hottest chick I ever met. You can outsmart Sam in lore. You drive Baby almost as good as me. You got an awesome taste in music, for the most parts.” This time his sly smile made you giggle slightly and lean into his hand.

Dean instantly reacted, wrapping you in his arms and pulling you closely against his chest, “besides who needs Barbie, when they can have Black Widow?”

You laughed and snuggled closer to him. Who cared what your family might think? You had Dean and that was all that mattered. As long as he saw you, you didn’t need anyone else too.

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i don’t know about any of you, but i am an emotional wreck because:

“claudia stilinski” tells lydia martin: “don’t you think you’ve taken this far enough, i don’t really know what’s going on with you lately but, maybe it’s a good time to talk to your mom.” 

and lydia says, “i’m sorry, you’re right. (then proceeds to follow her heart that tethers her back to the wall where stiles is in limbo mirroring her exactly…)

and i’m an emotional wreck because:

if stiles stilinski was there with her he would never let lydia start DOUBTING HERSELF