talking tina

Thoughts on Newt x Tina?
  • me: newt and tina are married in canon
  • me: but newt has trust issues and how on earth will he fall for tina..he comes off so in ther first meeting tina drags him to the macusa for letting lose the niffler and the second time she traps him in his suitcase and almost gets him killed and they barely talked at dinner..i can't see newt in love with tina after what happened with leta..he's too lonely and damaged to open up to another soul
  • me: chill they have five movies to work it out
  • Me: I'm fine.
  • Also me: *Cries a lot thinking about the two new otps J.K. Rowling gave me in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them*
Crystal isn’t meant for people who are happy with their lives. No one goes out to get that icy high that Tina gives you every time you get your fix. When you get to the point where you took a hit too many and you me heart is pounding out of your chest and you freak out a bit because you feel like you just might die that night. Happy people don’t look for that. The people who no longer care if they live or not are the ones who you’ll find doing anything they can to live a different life even if it’s just for a few hours.
—  Something I realized during the Late Night Talks with my coworker’s