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Genderbent Leo: Leona

She has bad allergies, but she always puts her clothes on correctly!


It’s just as I thought … they’ve found out where I am!

DIO uses his own Hermit Purple to remotely watch Joseph and Jotaro.   Seeming at first to break the “one stand per user” rule, this stand’s been officially explained as Jonathan Joestar’s body’s stand, left behind for DIO to control.

I’ve just got this BNHA idea that after they graduate they all get into the hero business; Iida does his brother’s name proud: Bakugou actually calms down a little: Shouto is able to prove he’s so much more than his father’s son.

Meanwhile Deku is well on the way to becoming the next top hero and the new Symbol of Peace ( the public is relieved: the criminals are shitting themselves, especially after Deku “accidentally” reveals in an interview that he’s reached about 50% so far ).

But one day, Deku’s facing a villain with a tricky quirk- maybe they’ve taken hostages, maybe they can absorb the power of his attacks. Anyway, Deku’s desperately trying to think of a way to beat this guy, when-

-a ball of paper hits the villain in the head. Everybody, Deku, the villain, the bystanders, see this guy jump the blockade and yell “Hey, asshole!” 

The villain snarls, and roars back “You little-” and stops with a very familiar blank look on their face. Deku starts grinning as the newcomer pulls off a false nose and takes off a wig, then opens his jacket to reveal a hero costume.

And the public lose their collective shit at the realisation that they’re seeing the Hero with a Thousand Faces, who goes undercover and uses his brainwashing quirk to take down the villains from within. And as he tells the villain “Sleep”, the crowd goes wild for the sight of Shinso Hitoshi, the hero called The Word.

(Shinso gets on great with Deku: he jokes it’s like pairing a sledgehammer and a scalpel. Deku’s one of the few people who never hesitates to answer Shinso- when he asked, Deku just grinned and said “Well, I know I can trust a fellow hero!”)

I don’t really understand what jace’s power is meant to be but all I’m taking away from it is that it makes jace extra af like you know when his eyes glow, he’s about to be so over the top like he was with that flip he did over valentine to get to azazel I’m laughing so much imagine alec asking jace if he can grab a file he needs off the shelf in his office and as soon as jace’s eyes start glowing alec is like “shit jace pls don’t just walk over there ffs-” but it’s too late because jace had already backfliped his way to the shelf, grabbed the file and cartwheeled back over to alec all while alec is sitting at his desk with his head in his hands like “why are you like this?”

TOG Series Smut

Rowaelin having sex on the beach and Manorian getting their freak on was really hot and all BUT I JUST GOTTA SAY


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