talking saves lives


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so after seeing Bill Nye live in person I have learned that he used to play ultimate frisbee and continues to be incredibly invested in and proud of that

Imagine Barry and Len meeting at a bar somewhere on accident. They’re not really friends but they talk anyway. It’s pretty awkward and sooner or later, one of them leaves.

But then a week later the same thing happens. They meet at the same bar. And maybe they’re both in a better mood because, even though they’re enemies, they end up having a pretty pleasant conversation.

It becomes a thing after that. Every Thursday night, they meet and they just talk. Barry still saves lives, Len still steals stuff. But every Thursday night, they make time to go to that same dingy bar and talk about whatever comes up.

They end up learning a lot more about each other than they intended to. Len doesn’t like bringing up his past and Barry isn’t exactly sure if any good will come out of telling Len anything about him. But they’re both really good listeners with good advice so they just end up spilling their guts to each other.

They’ve even started becoming friends. Barry thinks that Len is getting to know him better than anyone else. He doesn’t have to hide anything from Len. He still holds some things back in case this is all some huge trick, but Len is really easy to talk to.

Barry doesn’t think Len is faking… whatever this is. Why would he continue to come every week? Why would he tell Barry about Lisa and his dad and his life before he became a criminal?

At this point, Len starts getting fond of Barry. He looks forward to seeing him on Thursday nights and even starts thinking of stories – that he buried deep down years ago – he could tell Barry when they met again. He realizes how ridiculous this is. Meeting your enemy and knocking back a few beers every Thursday. Like they’re old friends or something. Leonard doesn’t have a lot of those and he knows Barry. He knows he would never use any of this against him.

Barry is desperate when he comes in the next Thursday asking for Len’s help with a meta human. It’s something that Barry can’t do by himself and he’s pretty surprised by how fast Len agrees. He thought he’d have to do a bit of begging.

When Barry walks into Star Labs the next day with Len trailing behind him, the entire room is quiet. They needed all the help they could get so everyone is there: Cisco, Caitlin, Joe, Iris, and Eddie. They all knew Len was coming, but that’s not what has everyone freaked out. It’s the way Barry and Len stand close together. The way they can communicate thoughts with nods and gestures without saying a word. It’s the way Barry tries not to laugh when Len makes a cold pun.

It’s obvious to a blind person that something is going on there. They just don’t know what.

Not crystal grumps related but have this picture my 5 year old sister drew of Dan and Arin (she asked me to put in on my “internet art place”).

She also told me to explain what is happening.

Apparently Arin has makeup on, he has a yellow bow on his head made from his hair, he has a scab on his knee, he has a pile of pee on his head, and a blue face. Dan is screaming, has hair “like the sun”, and pooped himself.

Truly she has captured the beauty that is the game grumps better that any of us ever could.

Shit that happens during sif:
•forgetting to breathe
•not blinking
•hence tearing up in mid-song and losing vision of wtf is happening
•Sweaty fingers
•'fuck my glasses are falling’
•'I spaced out for 0.04 seconds where am I’
•/gets full combo on score matches but not on the song during non-events /


For book!Home I’m making Talia’s character Hopi and I just talked to a Hopi woman from a reservation in Arizona and she said (by some amazing crazy happenstance) that her daughter who grew up on the reservation moved to California and lives three minutes from my house (!!!!??!?!) so I got her contact info and I’m going to get a chance to MEET her and interview her!!?!


(( Here, have some Gaster doodles while I finish some other comics. He’ll probably show up on this blog sooner or later, so I figured I’d draw my version of him. He’s just a really shy and anxious guy. Poor Gaster. ))