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7 years ago my father committed suicide, some of you might have known about this since I wrote about it here. I always wish someone could have warned me about it, because I was so foolish back then.

In that Saturday I travelled back home to see him smilling and funny teasing, I thought he finally recovered. Little did I knew that would be his last smile that I will ever saw. My father has depression for 5 years and was always always sad, theres no such thing like recover over night. Its the sign that he gave up and determined to do it, I only learnt about this from some mental health article later on.

His office always opened, but around two weeks before he killed himself in that very office, he shut himself inside it. All alone in that dark room, all along. But his coworkers said nothing to us, his family. Perhaps ignorance is a bliss, people have no idea about mental illness back then.

It would really break my heart if any of you has suicidal thought. I want you to at least think, that even though Im a stranger, I WILL SURELY CRY so please just wait. Talk. Tell us. Anything.

If you have friend who has such thought and you’re worried, tell me too, I will spread the word with everything I have.


GUARDIANS OF THE WHILLS Chapter 12 vs. Chapter 13


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A day at Disney world be like:

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dctv ladies appreciation week: day four
favorite romantic relationship 

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I don’t understand how anyone who read Harry Potter didn’t leave with conclusion that Harry puts duty ahead of his own happiness every time. That being an auror instead of say a teacher would seem like the most logical choice to Harry.

Harry who would want to go after all the death eaters so no one else would get hurt. Harry who would want to prevent any danger from ever reaching anyone else again. Harry would make it his personal mission to protect the wizarding world so they may never have to suffer at the hands of another Voldermort again. Harry is so self-sacrificing that he would think that him suffering is always the better option, him in dangers sans another person is the better option. 

Harry watched to many people sacrifice for him in the series to ever want to let someone else do that again. Yah he would have been a great teacher, but at the end of the day he would think he has more work to do

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(Thanks for trying to keep up with this. Lol.) Billy S walks up to Billy G and whispers that he can join too.

he kinda forgot as he wobbled over to him honestly wtf

Heaven forbid anyone ever talk to each other or actually listen or think critically about the information they’ve already been given.  Because why would that be useful?  And I’m supposed to trust these people to do their incredibly important jobs?!?!!


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Special Act pt 1


1993 MTV Video Music Awards: The night’s biggest winner was Pearl Jam, whose video for “Jeremy“ earned four awards that night, including Video of the Year. 

"Hey everybody, this is Trevor, he lives. No, I mean, I guess you gotta say thanks. No, the real shit is, I mean, I don’t, if it weren’t for music, I think I would’ve shot myself in the front of the classroom, you know? It really is what kept me alive, so this is kind of full circle. So to the power of music, you know? Thanks!”

“You know that R.E.M song?That’s all about what I was talking about. Trying to stay alive through the crap. Maybe music is the one thing that keeps you alive or something. It’s like you should probably thank, you know? I would thank Pete Townshend, I would thank Henry Rollins and Ian from Fugazi. I’d thank all these people for giving me something to live. A reason cuz life can, you know? This modern world, it can be kinda crazy, kinda fucked up, make you wanna kill yourself. I relate to that. Music saved my soul.”

- Eddie Vedder talking about music in his acceptance speech and an interview after the show.

(Thank you Eddie)


(( Here, have some Gaster doodles while I finish some other comics. He’ll probably show up on this blog sooner or later, so I figured I’d draw my version of him. He’s just a really shy and anxious guy. Poor Gaster. ))

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for the pairing + au ask meme: mckirk + role reversal

Dear God I didn’t even know I needed this until now.

  • Jim as a young, bright CMO. He’s really good at his work, with steady hands and he’s incredibly resourceful, but he’s also incredibly reckless when it comes to his own safety. He’d run head first into danger in order to save a young ensign from bleeding to death.
  • Captain McCoy would be so stressed about this that he’s taken a rank in healing. And when Jim inevitably goes down (and he does, more than once), Bones can sit at his side, listening to Jim’s instructions and patching him up whilst his doctor slips in and out of consciousness. 
  • Bones would frequently point out that, according to Starfleet Regulations, rather than beaming into danger, they could also just leave. And he has done that, refusing to send his crew down to fetch a stupid artifact for the sole purpose of having it in Starfleet’s possession. He’s gotten very skilled at ignoring Jim’s: “C’mon Cap, what’s the worst that could happen? I’ll go down with them. It’ll be fun!” 
  • Despite being in the heat of danger way more often than a doctor should, Jim gets out of most missions without ever killing another life. The day that he does kill, it’s to save his Captain’s life, who’s face-to-face with a gigantic alien who’s killed at least three ensigns already, and the remaining away-party crew is occupied with other aliens. The creature doesn’t respond to a stun, and Jim has no choice. It weighs heavily on his shoulders that he’s killed someone, and for the longest time he’s lost that spark in his eyes Bones just adores about him. It doesn’t return until Bones tells him Jim’s phaser misfired, and it was actually Bones who killed the thing. This may or may not be a lie.
  • Bones visits Jim in medbay at least once a week with severe headaches. Jim diagnoses him with severe stress all the time and tells him to take it slow. Cue to them bickering about whose fault it is that Bones is just a permanently stressed Captain.
  • Bones also frequently visits Jim in medbay to keep his own medical skill up to date, and mostly to listen to Jim’s stories. He’d just sit in Jim’s office, watching Jim speak so vividly and excitedly about this exotic alien he saved from getting his arm amputated. Or how he helped a woman give birth amidst this big sandstorm on this Class M planet. And just hearing Jim talk so excitedly about saving lives just makes him fall so madly in love with him every time, despite the unnecessarily gory details. 
  • Eventually, he just visits medbay with fake illnesses so that he can have Jim look him over. Careful fingers touching his arms, his forehead, or wherever his current illness takes place. Though after Bones’ vitals are fine three times in a row, Jim catches on. He makes up some terrible fake diagnosis to scare the hell out of Bones, though subtly suggesting making out to be the only cure. Bones happily accepts, and visits medbay with the same symptoms a lot more often.

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For book!Home I’m making Talia’s character Hopi and I just talked to a Hopi woman from a reservation in Arizona and she said (by some amazing crazy happenstance) that her daughter who grew up on the reservation moved to California and lives three minutes from my house (!!!!??!?!) so I got her contact info and I’m going to get a chance to MEET her and interview her!!?!


ESPECIALLY IF YOU LIVE IN MAINE, ALASKA, OHIO, WEST VIRGINIA, WISCONSIN, OR KENTUCKY!!!! Even if you’re not, I have it on good authority that this is an ethical time to lie. 

Sen Lisa Murkowski, R, Alaska: 202-224-6665                                 

Sen Rob Portman, R, Ohio: 202-224-3353                 

Sen Shelly Moore Capito, R, West Virginia: 202-224-6472                 

Sen Susan Collins, R, Maine: (202)224-2523                        

Sen Ron Johnson, R, Wisconsin:  (202) 224-5323

Sen Rand Paul, R, Kentucky: 202-224-4343


“Hi, my name is ____________________. I am from _______(somewhere in the state in question)____________ and I do not want the senator to vote to repeal Obamacare and pass Trumpcare.” 

Then you have options. 

1) You can stop there. 

2) Tell a personal story. “I [or my ___________________] have insurance under the affordable care act because __________________. My [their] coverage would be affected by this bill and I’m afraid of what that will mean for my [their] health.” 

3) Name big and important places where coverage will be cut. “I am concerned because this bill will: 

- disproportionately affect rural areas [where I am from.]” 

- cut all funding that is currently aiding in alleviating the opioid epidemic.” 

- cover 23 million less people.” 

- cut the number of health care professionals able to accept medicaid.” 

If you do any of the above, finish the call by saying, “Please do not vote to pass this new bill. Thank you.”