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Finally made it to inkwell hell in Cuphead. Gotta day, when the story said the casino was on the wrong side of the tracks, they really weren’t kidding. The tracks are all the way on the other side of town, and the casino is right on the other side. Cuphead, Mugman, what in the hell were you doing at a casino that’s located in a place literally called INKWELL HELL?

Have I ever told you guys that I hacked Pokemon FireRed and it’s exactly the same as the original except I changed all of Green’s dialogue so he’s super hardcore flirting with the player character the entire game

I also changed the sprites so it’s original Red

i hope that someday the stereotype of modern day pagans won’t be TERF-y white women who appropriate the hell out of everything they see and talk nonstop about how superior paganism is to “””abrahamic”””” religions 

instead let the stereotype be a bunch of queer antifa punks with the anger of forgotten gods in their bones that are probably in a gun club and reading about socialism like the goddamned america-hating hippies we are

dating exo: aesthetics

Chanyeol: arcade dates at night, the light of a neon sign, pearly white grin, uncontrollable fits of laughter, playful teasing, teaching you how to play the guitar 

Jongin: a light blush dancing across his cheeks, full picnic baskets, sleeping in, resting his head on your lap, the smell of freshly made cookies, leaning on you

Minseok: hot coffee, singing on long car rides, sunshine after a downpour, , nights spent at home, playing with your hair, hand firm around your waist, cat cafes

Yixing: handwritten notes, laying together in the grass, writing songs for you, legs entangled while sleeping, acoustic guitar performances/lessons, a sky full of stars 

Kyungsoo: cooking dinner together, comfortable silence, hands held tight; walking side by side, jazz cafes, can’t help but smile every time he sees you, soft humming

Junmyeon: surprising you with gifts, always sincere, going to the movies, resting your head on his shoulder, talking about you nonstop, sightseeing, soft candlelight 

Jongdae: silly dancing to your favourite song, looking at you as if you are his everything, singing in the shower, inside jokes, cuddling on the couch, gentle waves at the beach 

Baekhyun: playing games together, spa days, chatting all night, bathing in warm sunlight, never failing to make you laugh, holding you close, handpicked flowers 

Sehun: taking naps together; laying on his chest, constant giggling, park dates w/ vivi, sweet candy, his eyes lighting up anytime he talks about you, shy smiles

theres this group of like high school freshman girls huddled at the bus stop, nonstop talking about pretty little liars. it reminds me of that post where op sees a frog on a lilypad and goes “thats exactly where you’re supposed to be”

The Train

Pairing: Y/N and Harry

Word Count: 4201

Prompt: Y/N walks in, and Harry notices she’s wearing yellow again, this time it’s a yellow sweater with a pair of dark skinny jeans and brown ankle boots, her hair is pulled back into a pony tail with a white scrunchie with little smiling suns and he swears that he has to squint to look at her. “Oh! I know you-you’re the guy from the train,” Y/N beams, “Harry, right?” she sets down the tray of muffins.

 “I didn’t tell you my name,” Harry snaps.

 Y/N pouts, “well yeah, but I’m also not stupid,” she says. 

“Are you joining us today Harry?” the man asked, “I’m Seth, I run the group.”

“Why else would I fucking be here,” Harry grumbled.

 Y/N grabs a muffin, ignoring Harry’s sour attitude, “here, they’re made with love,” she smiled, holding out the blueberry muffin.

 “Fuck off,” Harry says. He watches as her smile fades and the glint in her eyes seems to disappear, for a split second Harry feels like a dick, but then he realizes he doesn’t care and Y/N should just shove the muffin up her ass.

Harry was annoyed.

It really hadn’t been his day at all. His morning was terrible, he woke up next to a blonde and he tried really hard to remember her name-only to fail. When he asked her to leave she insisted on making breakfast, to which Harry responded with “feel free to grab something and leave” and then he proceeded to shower. When he got out, the unknown girl stood in his kitchen making herself a smoothie and toast. Her red lips in a pout, “come on, you can’t be in that big of a rush,” Harry ended up calling security, she was crazy.

When he went into the studio he was blank, the songs he did come in with were rejected and he couldn’t find the energy or muse to write another one. He was out of inspiration, nothing amused Harry anymore. He found himself not enjoying the things he used to love, drinks seemed to be the only thing that made him feel something (and it was only for a little bit). He didn’t enjoy being surrounded by his friends and family, his love for writing was slipping through the cracks, and his energy was fading.

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a/n: i might have enjoyed writing this a little bit too much

Masterlist Request here!

• constant teasing and endless jokes that you are annoyed to but secretly amused to as well

• him noticing everything, like the way you wore your hair differently today or the smell of your new perfume

• he’s not shy when it comes to showering you with compliments

• he loves to spoil you as much as he can

• “Draco, you didn’t have to.”

• “Of course, I did. You deserve only the best.”

• hand holding all the time even if it wasn’t really necessary anymore

• showing you off

• literally

• he makes sure everyone knows you’re taken by the slytherin prince himself

• only you could get into his soft side

• him willingly trying to help you in your classes

• you always scold him whenever he talks so lowly about half-born and
muggleborn wizards.

• he doesn’t listen anyway

• him being touchy whenever the both of you were alone

• “Draco, I’m trying to study …”

• you’re the only person he really trusts

• always making fun of him because he can’t stop talking about Potter

• him getting annoyed because of it

• “Are you sure you’re in love with me and not Harry Potter?”

• “Oh, for Merlin’s sake, Y/N.”

• him always being so cheeky whenever he plays Quidditch, sending a wink or two whenever he is aware that you are looking

• pointing at your way whenever he would catch the snitch

• you blushing mad because of it

• him being too protective

• always holding him down whenever someone tried to flirt with you

• you always getting jealous whenever someone tried to flirt with him

• him enjoying the way you would nonstop talk rubbish about that said someone until you eventually feel better about yourself

• always assuring you that you are the only one that he loves and wants

• you doing the same

• he is not afraid to cry in front of you

• you are always the first person to know whenever something bothers him

• “Are you okay, Draco?”

• “Not quite …”

• him always doing everything in his power to keep you from harm

• you doing the same

• going as far as punching someone

• him laughing his ass off when you do so

• spending Christmas with his family back at the Malfoy Manor

• or just spending Christmas with him when he doesn’t want to go home

• spending Hogsmeade with him every other weekend when he decides to steal you from your friends

• secretly loving it when he does

• having a hard time convincing Lucius that you are perfect for Draco even though both of you had different opinions and views on certain topics

• “Opposites attract, don’t they, Sir?”

• “Well, indeed they do, Ms. Y/L/N.”

• Lucius finally accepting you

• Narcissa accepting you long before her husband did

• Draco happy that they do because his parents’ approval is important to him

• “So, if they didn’t approve of our relationship, you’d break up with me?”

• “Bloody hell, Y/N, of course not. I probably would have asked you to runaway with me instead.”

• and last but not least

• loving each other endlessly and bravely, with no intent of letting the other one go without a fight.

The One Who Worries

WWriter - @dammntwilightsaga

Requested - no just one to start off the blog - Send me Requests!!

Warning – pregnant!reader (is that even considered a warning? lmao), Mentions of Paul’s short temper,I don’t know what it feels like to be kicked by a baby so it may or may not be exaggerated (sorry to those who have been pregnant!), pure fluff

Disclaimer - I do not own any of The Twilight Saga’s characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Twilight (I actually watch the scene I use from the movies on youtube or another source to get the dialog right. Although I may switch up who says/does what for purposes of the imagines, I do not own any of it.)

Summary – Paul’s imprint is 7 months pregnant with their first child and when she feels slight discomfort Paul freaks out believing she and their child is in some type of danger

POV - third person; set in New Moon

(Characters’ ages are raised to at least 18)

(Y/H/C) your hair color

(Y/E/C) your eye color

A/N - Request are open :)

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Today I was struck by a terrible conviction that Jack Zimmermann is a hardcore hockey history nerd who can only occasionally be persuaded to care about anything else that happened in the past.

In elementary school they had to do a report on “My Hero” and Jack researched Jacques Plante and talked for an extremely excited ten minutes about how Plante had a 27-year career and won six Stanley Cups and seven Vezina trophies and was the first goalie in the NHL to play outside the crease and he engineered the use of goalie masks and was a major innovator in player safety and Jack made this papier-mache copy of Plante’s first hockey mask and his dad helped him drill out holes so he could breathe and–

“Jack, who was John Cabot?”

“I don’t know.  Did he play hockey?”

“Jack, tell us about life for settlers* in early Quebec” (*french: les habitants)

“Well, before a game the team* always used to…” (*hockey: Les Habs)

If you want him to talk nonstop for an hour, ask him what he thinks the greatest hockey game of all time was. 

He got over it his monofocus eventually, but only just by extending his laserlike concern to broader topics like “World War II”–he still doesn’t give a crap about anything outside his area of interest.  It’s still less true to say he is a history geek than to say he took every class Samwell offered related to hockey, from Sports Management to Kinesiology to Human Ecology 267: History of Leisure and Recreation, and then looked at his credits and went, “Huh, I could make a history degree out of this.”

Game on //Draco Imagine//

Requested By: @imagelover2

Request: Can you do a Draco Imagine where he pranks Y/n and she gets “mad” so she gives him the silent treatment and he does everything to make her talk to him?

Pairing: Reader x Draco

Warnings: none

A/n: okay so I said I was going to post this on Valentine’s Day but it doesn’t really have to do with it, so I’m just gonna post it now :) hope you like it!


“Y/n! Come sit over here!” You glanced around the room until your eyes landed on your boyfriend, Draco Malfoy. He was waiving his hand and you made your way to the bench beside him.

“Hey!” You greeted as you sat down and smiled at your boyfriend.

“We made you a plate.” Draco smiled as he slid you a plate filled with eggs, toast, bacon and a cookie with a jelly filling. “No need to thank us.” He beamed and you laughed quietly.

“Well thank you anyway.” You smiled. You listened to Draco complain about Granger and her pesky know it all mudblood brain as you ate your toast and bacon quickly. You picked up the cookie and took a large bite, getting all of the jelly in one bite. Although it didn’t taste like jelly….

“Draco…what’s in this cookie?” You asked as you examined it. It didn’t taste like jelly at all. In fact…it tasted more like…

“Hot sauce!” Draco exclaimed before erupting in a fit of giggles.

You threw the rest of the cookie onto your plate and grabbed the nearest napkin, spitting whatever was left in your mouth out….but it was too late.

“Ohmygod!” You gasped as the spice suddenly hit you. It felt as if your mouth was on fire. You grabbed a glass of water and chugged it down but nothing changed. “Draco!” You yelled through clenched teeth as you stood up and ran from the room towards the Slytherin common room. You ran right into the bathroom and brushed your teeth, not one, but four times.

“That filthy pure blood prince.” You cursed as you looked at yourself in the mirror. You brushed your fingers through your hair and straightened the collar of your jacket.

You jumped out of your skin when you saw Draco standing just outside the girl’s bathroom.

“Ok listen Y/n, I’m really sorry for pranking you back there, I thought you wouldn’t react so badly to it…forgive me?” He looked at you with puppy eyes. You straightened your back and walked right past him, bumping his shoulder as you passed.

“Oh no Y/n. Not the silent treatment. Please don’t play this game love.” Draco pleaded but you weren’t going to let him win so easily. You walked into the common room and planted yourself on one of the green couches facing the fire.

Draco sat down beside you and you turned away from him.

“Y/n…I’m sorry…what else do you want me to say?”

You stuck your nose into the air a little and Draco sighed. He got up and sat on the other side of you so that you were looking at him. You quickly shifted your body so you were now looking the other direction.

“Don’t look at me if you love me.” Draco said. You didn’t move. “Aha I knew it.” He chuckled. “Don’t face me if you don’t love me.” Again, you didn’t move. “Damn..” he sighed and you hid your quiet laughs.

“Y/n if you don’t talk to me….I’m going to put my foot in the fire.” Draco said as he stood up and moved towards the fire. You turned towards him but you folded your arms stubbornly. “I’m going to do it,” he sneered as he lifted his foot and moved it towards the fire. “Just one word and I’ll stop.”

You didn’t even raise an eyebrow as his foot hovered closer and closer to the fire that was raging in the fireplace. He pulled his foot away right before it was about to touch the flames. “Ughh Y/n, baby please talk to me!” Draco pleaded as he moved towards you again.

“Please don’t make me beg Y/n!” Draco pouted, his bottom lip protruding and his eyes widening just enough to give them a puppy dog appearance. “Fine.” Draco got onto his knees in front of you and pressed his hands together.

“Im begging you Y/n! I beg for you to talk to me again! I’m sorry for what I did and you have every right to be mad, but I just hear your serenading voice again or i’ll risk going mad!” Draco pleaded. You didn’t even smile as you turned your body away from him again and moved your eyes back to the fire.

“Fine.” Draco stood. “You want to play hard to get? Two can play at that game!” With that, he stormed past you and out of the common room.

“Game on.” You smirked to yourself as you laid back on the couch and looked at the ceiling.

It’s been two days since the games started between you and Draco. It’s been two days of noses in the air, crossed arms, and ‘humphs’.

Draco had been holding out rather well, considering he was more than completely obsessed with you and usually couldn’t go four hours without touching you, nevertheless talking to you.

He stuck his nose in the air whenever he saw you and turned his back towards you. He was obviously determined to win. But you were even more determined. You were at the point where you wouldn’t even look at him when he entered the room and you pretended he didn’t exist.

“This has to stop Y/n.” Pansy told you one day. “Soon the whole school is going to think that you had some tragic breakup. Plus he talks about you nonstop when you’re not around.” Pansy rolled her eyes and you smiled to yourself.

“I’m not stopping until he gives in. I’m not going to lose.” You replied. “And what kinds of things does he sa-” you ended your sentence short as the door opened and Draco walked into the room. You closed your mouth and looked towards the fire. You heard Pansy scoff.

“Good evening Pansy,” Draco spoke as he sat next to your best friend. “I wanted to tell you that Blaise was looking for you. Last I saw him he was headed to the great hall.”

“Alright, thanks Draco. See ya later Y/n.” Pansy waved and you waved back. You watched as she left the room, letting the common room door slam behind her. It was just you and Draco now. You leaned forward in the chair and began to stand up but draco stopped you.

“You win.” He said to the ground and you froze. He looked up at you, his gray eyes twinkling. “You win. I can’t go another day without seeing you and talking to you. I miss your voice and the way you feel in my arms. And it’s only been two days!” Draco scoffed. “I’m completely obsessed with you! Please talk to me again. Please?”

“That’s all you had to say.” You smiled at him and his eyes went wide.

“What? I only had to say please? This whole time I could have just asked you and added please!?”

You nodded and Draco scoffed. “I got you this by the way,” you said as you picked up a plate from the ground and handed it to him. “A peace offering.” You smiled. It was a Boston cream donut.

“Well you’re too kind.” Draco smiled at you. He leaned back on the couch and took a large bite. Not even a second of the food being in his mouth, he spit it back out.

“Toothpaste!!?” He yelled as he threw the donut onto the ground and began coughing. You burst out laughing, having to hold onto the arms of the chair to make sure you didn’t fall onto the floor. “You’re disgusting Y/n!” Draco scolded as he picked the donut up and put it back on the plate. You could tell by the playful smirk on his lips that this meant nothing more than a joke to him.

“Now we’re even.” You giggled as he stood up and put the plate on a desk. He stood in front of your chair and leaned in so close your lips were mere inches apart.

“Yes darling. I guess we are.” He closed the gap between your lips and the two of you shared a passionate kiss.

You made a face when you pulled away. “Ew…tastes like toothpaste.”


1 (you are here) - 2 - 3 - 4

Maybe they taste like cherries. Or apples. Red, bruised and swollen, continuously abused by sharp teeth.

Maybe they’re as soft as they seem, even though he’s almost certain that kissing Draco Malfoy wouldn’t be soft in the slightest.

Harry licks his own lips again, his gaze transfixed on Draco’s mouth. He can’t help it, really. He’s been at it for hours now, McGonagall talking nonstop while Malfoy wears that bored mask, feet tapping under the table, eyes darting to the side every five minutes.

To his side, always meeting Harry’s face. And biting again and again those already abused lips.

Harry wants to run his hands through his own hair and pull hard in hopes he’ll finally wake up from this trance.

Then Draco finally turns his head towards him, slowly, letting his left cheek rest on his palm, eyes still fixed on the board like he hasn’t noticed Harry’s burning stare.

That is, until their eyes meet.

Despite the angry atmosphere, always there when it comes to them, Harry knows there is something else, something new, building up in that moment.

The proof comes the moment Draco’s teeth finally release his lip and his thumb comes to replace them, stroking the soft skin while he’s still holding Harry’s gaze.

Or when Harry licks his own chapped lips again and doesn’t miss the way Draco’s free hand, as discreetly as possible, adjusts himself inside his pants.

And it all messes up Harry’s head beautifully.

Maybe those lips would look even redder wrapped around his cock, Harry wonders.

Cuddling with NCT U


  • he gets to releive his itch of not being able to touch you like this in front of anyone tbh his hands are everywhere 
  • often kisses behind your ear and whispers “I love you” meltinggggg rn ummmm
  • his eyes light up and he grins when you’re talking about something and your hand gestures when telling a story
  • closes his eyes when you trace his face lightly and sighs in pleasure 
  • never wants to be the small spoon bc he loves holding you and making you feel safe 


  • surprisingly it’s calm and full of quiet, loving whispers only for your ears
  • wants to have his arms around you at all times
  • likes being the small spoon as well but he never says it lmao he kinda just shifts his body so you’d know ;;;;
  • encourages you to talk more than him so he’d have an excuse to be staring at you without it looking creepy 
  • kisses and boops your nose


  • cheeky as hell, makes fun of you for always squirming “you’re gonna give me a problem, y/n pls stop” *sweats*
  • really sweet tho and smiles at everything you say bc he’s so entranced 
  • legit so serious about planning time to be alone w/ you, esp for cuddling, since he doesn’t get too much time off and needs your presence to relax him aw
  • holds your lil hand and brings it up to his lips often
  • feels like he’s on cloud 9 when you lay your head on his chest


  • sweet baby boi w/ so many dad jokes 
  • buries his head in your neck when he laughs and leaves you snorting lmao
  • traces his hands over your back and shoulder blades when spooning
  • will literally straight up ask you to hold him bc he wants to be the lil spoon and he ain’t shy
  • plays w/ your hair and smells it (???) idk but it’s cute and it’s Ten


  • sometimes he’s scrolling thru his phone while he holds you and shows you memes lol
  • other times it’s completely silent aside from his calm breathing yet fast heartbeat 
  • mumbles really random things in your hair like………”hey y/n ur hair reminds me of that perfume my mom uses” “is ice cream better or gelato” “call me jeffrey from now on bb”
  • boi his hands are always up your shirt doin somethin lmao 
  • squirms and giggles when you snake your arms inside his shirt but insists you keep them there


  • innocent sunshine!!!!!!!! won’t even initiate it bc that’s how shy he’d be 
  • talks nonstop only to avoid the awkward silences but tbh there aren’t any…………..he feels like he could talk about everything w/ you
  • looks down at your linked hands and blushes when you say something cute like “you’re really warm, I love cuddling like this” my baby
  • leans in to your touch when you play w/ his hair
  • even turns off his phone and won’t have anything distracting him when he’s chilling next to you like this

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