talking mantas

It’s been a long day without you, my friend

questions young justice season 3 needs to answer

these are just the ones i can remember rn but

- who, the fuck, did raquel ervin get married too
- what happens to kaldur after he leaves the light?? is he banned from atlantis? why didnt he take a leave of absence?
- follow up, is garth back on the team now?
- follow up follow up, how is sea-Beyonce aka Kaldur’s mom reacting to the fact that her son is a) not a traitor to his kingdom b) alive and c) aware of who is real father is??
- one last follow up: did cal durham and kaldur like??? talk??? about the black manta thing????
- does artemis hang out with her niece?
- does artemis live alone now? does she stay in palo alto? does she move back to happy harbor?
- is dick grayson any less dick graysony after the whole “lied to everyone and then some” fiasco or nah
- starfire? raven? cyborg? not if we are getting them but WHEN
- are mal and karen going to get married?
- so the wally west thing, is artemis gonna just be In Pain Forever or is he gonna come back or what
- follow up, how is barry allen? grant gustin made me care about him a lot more i just wanna know hes doing good
- how are the runaways? i miss them
- cassandra cain? stephanie brown? damian wayne? nah? ight ill wait take your time
- wait so is jonathan kent gonna be a thing? IS CONNER GOING TO HAVE A LITTLE BROTHER
- who did Raquel Ervin Get Married To pt 2 (featuring And Who Is Amistad’s Dad)
- batgirl = oracle or nah
- firestorm or nah
- did king orin have his kid or nah
- are megan and conner going to get back together or am i going to have to kill someone
- who is gay. like, i need you to write this in stone. i know its kaldur but you gotta parade this shit in neon lights cuz half the fandom doesnt accept it, but that wasnt my real question, my real question is when is his wedding to roy and will he legally adopt lian before or after fathers day?

It’s the ocean, at night, there could be anything in there. Manta rays? The fuckin scourge of the sea. (Rachel laughs) You laughed at me last week when I talked about how scary manta rays were. They’re gigantic. You said they were like smiling kites. And then I had nightmares about just that, that night.
—  Griffin McElroy, on Roze Buddiez: Are You the One? - Part Three
(The kind of podcast where Griffin talks about how scared of the ocean he is. You’ll never catch him in the ocean.)
shark week quotes that would be good skype names:
  • 10 million anchovies swarming the coast 
  • a blizzard of fish scales 
  • tasseled wobbegone 
  • 25 rows of trident shaped teeth 
  • *guitar riffs over a shot of a great white*
  • this little shark has a trick