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“How are you still single?” Because I’m the emotional equivalent of a bean bag and know they’ll be hurt when I can’t bring myself to speak to anyone :)))))


“I’ve already picked up a few Anna-isms, like anytime we’re like supposed to kiss, like in the rehearsal process, she gets like shy, so she’ll go [kissy noises], and I’m like ‘Ok ok, you know, you can just, just do it.’ but she’s like ‘No!’ She’s just got like this sort of cutsie, goofy personality.”

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My Brotp has pretty much turned into an otp now okay rage kilt has GOT to STOP because you can tell they are the supportive types that always have little sideways glances and "thanks" when they get support of an idea and always think it's a joy if one is on the other's team and they are the ones that I imagine kissing gently after the most cute, cliche date ever I'm sorry I just really like myan and apparently Michael is a slut for pain good god dude LOVE YOURSELF

why are you trying to hurt me like this, aam? talking about how supportive and sweet they’d be with each other and shit. how ryan would probably be really stutter-y around michael at first, unsure of where they stand, and michael would roll his eyes at him but find it endearing. how michael would be the first to initiate something between them. how he’d gently frame ryan’s face with his hands and pull him closer until their foreheads were touching and their nervous breaths would mingle. how michael would ask, so softly that ryan wouldn’t have been able to hear it had they not been so close, if he could kiss him. how ryan would nod, short and choppy and a little too eager. and it’d be soft, their first kiss, chaste and soft and so, so heartbreakingly sweet that they’d both pull away with heated cheeks and pounding hearts. and then they’d want more, ryan nudging his nose against michael’s and asking if he was okay, michael mumbling back in response that he’s fine while tugging on ryan’s collar a little too insistently. and then ryan would push forward a little more and they’d be kissing for real, tongue and lips and awkwardly bumping teeth. and it’d be just so much all at once that they’d forget their names and everything about themselves that wasn’t where their skin was meeting and where their mouths were touching and how they could feel the erratic beating of their hearts together from where their chests were touching and ryan’s fingers were splayed over michael’s throat :’(

look folks it’s fairly easy to understand norman, he doesn’t like playing Daryl in a lovey-dovey way because Daryl doesn’t know how to express love in that way so Norman approaches his acting from a different place. it doesn’t mean that’s not his own endgame for his character. Norman has his process and it’s cool. 

Also do y'all really think the sexy bastard is going to be like, ‘Daryl runs to embrace Carol, in really the same way that Rick ran to Lori & Carl when he first found them, or when Glenn found Maggie. You can see the same desperation and relief and disbelief but overall, love.’ nah bruh, he ain’t like that an he’s gonna play it down until it happens cuz he sure as hell can’t play it up. 

oh and lets be real here. very few people saw their reunion hug as ‘familial’ !! i mean google search the reviews/interviews for 5x01 y'all. the critics & peeps be like ‘DIS IS LOVE FINALLY DAY TOGEDER’ so just shake it off friends and enjoy the ride cuz it is just gettin’ good.

Being a Banshee isn’t all that bad. I can talk to other spirits of the dead. Many are insane or violent but when I find the few that are kind, it’s all worth it.

drake side of tumblr so sensitive they can’t handle any form of criticism aimed at aubrey like…u guys can dead talk all the smack u want bout my favorite and i will agree because even i know that nobody is flawless/perfect



He’s evil, dangerous, and mysterious. Right now he’s holding your breath using magic.

-        P…Pete…r…- You say almost without voice.

-        You are coming with me; otherwise this whole thing ends here. – You start feeling sleepy. You need oxygen, the one that he’s taking off from you.

-         Ju…st…liste…n…t…to…me…- You say with your last breath.

-        You don’t want me to do this. – He almost whispers while you close your eyes; you don’t reply anymore. He sees you and stops holding your breath. Silence. It seems like he’s talking with a wall. You are unconscious but not dead. - (Y/n), all I want you to do is come with me. – You move a bit your finger, making him known that you’re still there. You start smiling a bit. You love him. It’s a crazy and impatient love. You feel chills exploring your whole body when he talks that way and when he is at one step of killing you. You know it’s crazy, but you love him anyways. – Stand up. – He orders. – STAND UP, I SAID! – He screams, so you do it. – I’m going to ruin your life, and that’s all I want, did you hear me? – You come closer.

-        I’d like to see that. – You say recovering your breath but quietly, and getting closer.

-        Move. – He says, staying there, watching you. – I said move. – You smile a bit. – MOVE! – You join your lips with his and the second later, feeling your body pressed with the wall. – Don’t ever do that again. – He says a few centimeters away from your mouth.

-        Don’t… - You see him.

-        What? – He sees your lips.

-        Don’t make me love you more… - He frown and you kiss him more, but this time, he continues it.

alexander gordon smith is a precious cupcake with strawberry frosting and must be protected at all costs but also you are allowed to slap him lightly with a damp towel because despite his fluffy exterior he is a BRINGER OF DEATH AND DESPAIR but slap him lightly, please, very lightly

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Aside from You're My Waterloo, because obviously, what is your favourite CLEARLY Pete for Carl song/bit of lyrics and why? :D

i may be boring but new love grows on trees

  • it’s the libertines’ song, peter and carl wrote it together circa 1999
  • the lyrics are totally about carl

are you still talking to/ all of those dead film stars/ like you used to? - pete and carl love old movies and film stars and they referred to them in many of their songs

and are you still thinking of/ all of those pretty rhymes and perfect crimes/ like you used to? - this line reminds me of what became of the likely lads’ thick as thieves which basically means a special bond people have for each other, derived from the idea of partners in crime

and if you’re still alive when you’re twenty-five/ oh, shall i kill you like you asked me to? -  during libertines’ babyshambles session, when they play this song, after those lyrics carl (he was 25 years old then) says: i never told you to (may also refer to carl’s depression and their suicide pact)

i remember every single thing you said to me/ you played the man and i was calvary - reference to you’re my waterloo, where calvary is also mentioned. it’s the place where jesus was crucified which means that peter is said mountain and carl is jesus

are you still shaking out/ all of the deadwood from your bed, love/ like you used to? - deadwood is a song by carl’s band dirty pretty things

are you still thinking of/ all of those perfect lines for love to bind?/ you really don’t have to - libertines’ lyrics from bound together: we’re bound together by love