talking jewelry box

I've been wearing necklaces since I was 13

My first necklace was a silver chain with a butterfly on the end. I got it from a garage sale for $0.50 and chewed on the wings because I liked the nickle taste.

My second necklace was from a kiosk at the mall. I was with my crush best friend, and she said she thought girls who wore zodiac necklaces were cute. I bought a ‘year of the rat’ necklace right there. I still have it.

My third necklace was an amber bead necklace for babies that I had sized up for a teenager. It was supposed to help with my migraines, but I kept it for the aesthetic.

My fourth necklace was a simple silver chain with a modified charm that I made from an old earring. The earring was brassy and tarnished, but it looked artistic and I loved it up until the day the chain snapped.

My fifth necklace was a long golden chain that I wore with a tiny, golden pocket watch as a charm. The watch face was the size of a thumbnail and I would love to listen to it tick while I sat in class.

My sixth necklace was a thin golden chain that I accented with a large, golden coin that had belonged to my grandfather. I liked to take off the chain and rub the coin in my hands when I got stressed. Loved this necklace and cried after I lost it while moving houses.

My seventh necklace was the second necklace, but re-accented with a tiny pinky ring that had been gifted to me at my great-aunt’s funeral. This was a dark time for me and I needed the old, familiar comfort.

My eighth necklace was a silver chain with a faux white pearl on it. My dad had bought it for me, and I felt horrible when it was stolen.

My ninth necklace was my favorite. A golden, Le Petit Prince charm necklace given to me by my mom. It was a symbol of hope and longing and I wore it everyday for almost 3 years until the chain broke.

My tenth necklace was a DIY attempt. A $3 gray chain from Michael’s and a $1 faux black pearl from a bead shop, it was a gother version of my eighth necklace. When the chain snapped, I wasn’t too sad.

My eleventh necklace is my current necklace, and it’s a long, knotted golden chain without any charms or adornments. I bought it for $1 at a thrift store, and it’s the first thing I put on in the morning.

I guess what I’m getting at is that I have a very long history of wearing necklaces, and that they’re important to who I am. Even when other stuff in my life might be out of my control, I’m always able to put on my necklace and that makes everything a little bit better for me.