talking in her sleep

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blue and gansey not being able to kiss is a narratively unsatisfying choice because the curse storyline has no tangible endgame and therefore loses its whole purpose. for me, the storyline was always about either gansey dying for good thanks to blue’s kiss or blue and gansey breaking the curse by fulfilling it. that seemed to be the only two rational outcomes and neither happens and that makes blue’s curse quite pointless, to be fair. all that build up in four books leads to literally nowhere because nothing changes, not the fact that they can’t kiss, not the fact that they still desperately desperately want to. gansey dies, he comes back, and nothing changes, and that just falls flat in my opinion. it makes their storyline feel really unfinished and incomplete, thus i am electing to ignore this for the rest of my life.

  • Ghira: So you are the Yang who Blake talks about in her sleep, huh?
  • Blake: Dad!
  • Ghira: The one who comes along with the "stop, don't hurt her" and then the-
  • Blake: Please, dad, stop!
  • Ghira: -"please forgive me." You must be really important to my daughter. She doesn't usually talk so much about somebody - specially in her sleep.
  • Yang: Uh... I guess so, sir.
  • Ghira: Tell me then, Ms. Xiao Long. What are your intentions with my Blake?
  • Blake: Seriously now?
  • Yang: I want to protect her and make sure she's always feeling well, Mr. Belladonna. Blake is really important to me. As a partner and as a friend.
  • Ghira: Now <i>that's</i> a blonde that I liked meeting.
  • Blake: Dad...
  • Ghira: Congratulations, Ms. Xiao Long. You have my blessing.
  • Blake: DAD!
  • Yang: Purrfect!
  • Ghira: ...
  • Blake: ...
  • Yang: *smirks nervously* ...
  • Kali: ...
  • Kali: *to Blake* I like her.
  • Blake: MOM!

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any headcannons for after glendower ended up being dead/gansey's death&resurrection where bluesey just like Talks About Feelings And Stuff lying in bed at monmouth bc im a sap and the book just cut off??? after the climax?? like sure just skip right over the emotional aftermath of what was built up to be the most important event in all 4 books lol

^^^ i know right? like i didn’t expect much but i really wanted to see how everyone reacted when gansey woke up….

  • let me talk about this before i get to your prompt because reasons
  • you bet your ass everyone would be all over gansey 
  • blue is kneeling on the ground, holding gansey’s face, telling him to wake up
  • and this was always really important to me, that she’s the one who tells him to wake up, partly because it’s her voice he hears, her voice that brings him back, her voice that gets through :’)
  • but also because the parallel is wonderful, gansey waking the skeleton animals in bllb, and blue waking gansey in trk, it’s wonderful
  • (and i also really love how everyone played their part in resurrecting gansey: henry pushing them to do something, adam thinking of cabeswater, ronan persuading cabeswater to help, and blue telling gansey to wake up)
  • anyway, so gansey opens his eyes, blue beside him, and the first thing he sees is her, leaning over him, and watching him so intently, so frightened, so worried for him
  • her dark hair is falling around her face, her eyes swimming in tears but so clear and beautiful, the sun shining above her, creating the idea of a halo, and he’s just… never seen anything so beautiful
  • he smiles, small and soft
  • “gansey?” blue asks quietly and gansey reaches up and tucks a piece of hair behind her ear, and says, “hey”
  • and the moment he speaks blue sobs out a laugh and buries her head in his chest, and everyone else starts talking at the same time, crouching beside them too, hovering around gansey
  • there’s a lot of hovering and touching and hugs involved and gansey is actually so overwhelmed by the love they all shower him with
  • he’s a little weak and wobbly so they support him as they walk to the car, ronan on one side, blue on the other, and adam tries to step in to help because blue is literally so tiny that she doesn’t look like she can hold gansey’s weight, but blue waves him away, not letting go for the world 
  • henry drives while the rest of them squeeze into the back, gansey in the middle with blue on his lap, adam and ronan on each side of him
  • anyway, back to bluesey talking about feels in bed
  • i don’t think there’s one big moment where they talk about everything that’s happened, rather it’s different moments, different nights, different issues
  • when gansey can’t sleep one night, he tries to gently disentangle himself from blue who’s firmly latched onto his his side without waking her (she sleeps over often, fight me) but of course she stirs immediately, though doesn’t fully wake up until several minutes when she feels his absence in bed
  • when she sits up there’s gansey on the floor, fiddling with his henrietta model but not truly building it, a faraway look on his face as he stares out the floor to ceiling windows of monmouth
  • he barely notices when blue joins him until she lays a gentle hand on his shoulder and he turns, immediately apologizing for waking her up
  • blue shakes her head and tells him she wishes he woke her up on purpose if something was bothering him, and gansey looks down, unable to lie to her
  • she waits patiently, stroking his arm, until he finds the strength to speak 
  • “i was thinking about noah,” he says, and her hand halts, curling into the material of his shirt
  • they’re both quiet for a long time, then gansey reaches up to wipe his eyes and tells her how noah has sacrificed himself to save him
  • blue listens wordlessly, gently rubbing his back, resting her head on his shoulder, a silent comfort 
  • there’s no right thing to say, no right words to ease gansey’s pain, but she tells him she loves him, tells him noah loved him too and he gave his life for gansey because he was his friend, she tells him he’s not alone and they’re not going to let noah’s sacrifice be in vain
  • right then and there gansey decides that he will honor noah by living a good happy life with few regrets
  • (and this is what gives him confidence to start doing things for himself rather than others, this is why he decides not to go to college, his parents be damned, this is why he starts acting more and more like himself and less like the facade)
  • another time, (and this would actually happen before the previous one because here they don’t know yet that they can kiss but whatever, it came to me like this) blue is really distant and quiet as they snuggle in gansey’s bed, and at first gansey tries to cheer her up by telling her silly animal facts and sharing stories of his time traveling europe, and though she smiles, he can see her heart is not really in it so he finally caves and asks her what’s wrong
  • she looks him in the eye but she doesn’t really see him, quiet for several seconds, before she announces, matter of factly, “i killed you”
  • gansey blinks, speechless, for several seconds
  • he sighs, adjusts their position a bit so he can look at her better, and he finally manages to say, “you know it wasn’t like that”
  • but blue shakes her head and looks away, stubbornly staring at nothing until gansey gently turns her face back to him with a quiet whisper of her name and tells her she can’t think like that
  • blue swallows and tells him that maura told her they can kiss now and gansey is now very confused because “that’s wonderful, jane!”
  • when she shakes her head again, clearly upset, gansey frowns, and quietly asks “do you… not… want to?”
  • and she’s just, “i don’t deserve to. after killing you the last time… i don’t deserve any of this”
  • that’s when gansey realizes just how guilty she secretly feels and he beats himself up for not noticing it earlier
  • he hugs her tightly, tucking her against his chest, and whispering to her that it’s not her fault and he doesn’t blame her and he loves her no matter what 
  • “you saved me, blue,” he tells her, stroking her hair, voice gentle, “i heard your voice, telling me to wake up, pulling me back. you didn’t kill me, you brought me back.”
  • blue sniffs and holds onto him tighter, almost desperately
  • when she pulls away after a while, wiping at her eyes, she says, “if you hadn’t come back, i don’t think i could have ever forgiven myself”
  • “but i did,” he answers and kisses her forehead, now with the knowledge that he’s allowed to “so you must forgive yourself”
  • blue’s eyes flutter closed when gansey’s lips touch her forehead and almost instantly, she longs to feel them against her own mouth as well, because god, she does want to kiss him again, she really does
  • (spoiler alert: they do kiss)
  • (it makes blue feel a lot better too)
  • they probably also talk about glendower being dead some time, and gansey dealing with his second death, and perhaps even the fact that they’re each other’s true love, but i’m not going to elaborate on those now because holy shit this is long

Word Count: 1426

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, Torture, PTSD sorta, some graphic descriptions of injuries, angst

A/N: Written for @iwantthedean ‘s quickie challenge. Write at least a 1000 word story with no dialogue. It ain’t easy. I based it off of this GIF blurb I wrote. You may wanna read that first. It kinda follows directly off of it. 

Also this is entirely unedited. I might edit it later so any major fuckups…my bad. 

I’d never forget the night I found Y/N and brought her back. After I convinced her that I was me by telling her the first time she told me she loved me she was talking in her sleep, she broke. She wouldn’t stop crying all the way back to the bunker. I couldn’t blame her. The British Men of Letters held her captive for two months. There was no telling what those bastards could have done to her in that time. I did know one thing. They’d never hurt her again.

I held her close while she cried and tossed Sam the keys, pulling her out to the Impala. I got her in, careful to avoid any injuries. I hadn’t been able to really look at her yet. They definitely hadn’t fed her well. I could feel her bones as I ran my hand along her back.

As soon as Sam pulled into the garage I lifted her out of the car and got her into the bathroom. I peeled her clothes off, letting her know what I was doing every step of the way. As soon as I got a look at her back I had to stop. There were whip marks, old and new, all across her back. Damn near every inch of skin was slashed. She stepped out of her jeans and I looked up her legs, seeing the backs of her thighs slashed. I turned her to face me. They spared the front of her, save for bruises, burns, cuts, and stabs.

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  • KO: Wait for it, wait for it. 9:01. Carli Lloyd is officially late for the first time ever. Alright, let’s do this. Who’s got theories?
  • JJ: Her alarm didn’t go off.
  • KO: All three alarms, all with battery backups? Come on, who wants to take this seriously?
  • Crystal: Ooh! She was taken in her sleep.
  • KO: That’s what I’m talking about. Super dark, Crys, but way more plausible than JJ’s idiotic alarm clock theory.
  • Alyssa: I bet she tucked herself in her bed too tight and got stuck.
We were in the Salt Lake Valley,
singing to Iron & Wine and drinking warm coffee, laughing at someone’s bumper sticker, and the feeling just hit me like a rockslide. This is our first wedding anniversary, a chilly January Monday, and I am so in love with you, my eyes well up when I think about it. You are so precious to me, and I know it’s obnoxious how I worry you’ll never understand, but you make every moment worth remembering.
40 years from now, this day will just be an old photograph, but won’t it be wonderful, to know the first year of our lives together was spent running under city lamp lights and talking for so long, the moon shook her head on our lack of sleep. Never in my life did I imagine being this happy, and I know, lifetimes from now, I’ll still be trying to find a way to thank you.
—  Schuyler Peck, The Loveland Living Aquarium
Here’s to the girl who cares too much, who laughs too much, who smiles a lot, who treats you better than anyone. Here’s to the girl who can’t sleep at night because of over thinking somethings, who sometimes cry herself to sleep, who talks to herself more than with other people, who stays and will always stay no matter how hard things might be, who listens to music just to escape all the pain she have inside. Here’s to the girl who loves to day dream, who makes you giggle with her little crack up humor, who talks to her sleep, who looks messy, who gets jealous so easily, who gets really sensitive, who values about life too much, who loves too much, who kisses you randomly at any moment. And here’s to the girl who doesn’t know how beautiful she is every morning until midnight without even trying to and without her knowing it. Here’s to you beautiful human being, you matter, you are okay, you are fine, you are amazing, you are perfectly imperfect, you are one of the best art, you exist and somebody out here or there that loves every little piece of you. You should know that you deserve the whole damn universe and your smile lights up the world. Keep slaying 🌹💕

Imagine Emma and Regina get back from the wish realm and Emma is so used to having Regina with her all the time that it feels weird to not have that. She’s used to spending her days with Regina, and them comforting each other when they miss home, and sleeping next to her in caves they’ve been hiding in (and not talking about the fact that they often wake up cuddling or holding hands).

And Emma’s just sad living apart from Regina and she can’t sleep and one night she finds herself in Regina’s vault and she stumbles across snake!EQ tucked away in a cage down there and whenever she’s lonely or can’t sleep she goes and sleeps next to snake!EQ and talks to her and it sort of feel like she’s back in the wish realm with Regina.

And when Regina and the EQ finally become one person again, Regina has gets all of the EQ’s memories and remembers being lonely in a cage in the vault until Emma started visiting and goes to Emma immediately because she’d missed her too.

I think it’s funny how laganja is one of the most talked about ru girls but we sleep on her so hard ?? like she’s so much more than her quotes, death drops, or weed, she’s probably one of the hardest working queens from the show and she is so beautiful, talented, and one of the best performers to come out of the show. and anyone who says otherwise can fight me honestly she’s an angel

“When I was about 11, I went through this really bizarre period in my life where I was exhausted all the time because I had started having really vivid, involved dreams, so it felt like I never slept.

The dreams were linear, and I was the star of them, but I was someone else: a girl named Cheryl who was sixteen years old, living in Texas in the eighties. There was nothing weird about the dreams in general; it was just that, for the entire time I was asleep, I was another person in a different body with a different family, doing perfectly ordinary things.

And the dreams always started out the same way: I would go to sleep as me, and “wake up” as Cheryl (but not really Cheryl, I knew I wasn’t her, but couldn’t convince anyone else I wasn’t). I would go eat breakfast with her family, go to school, take her classes, talk to her friends, and then go back to sleep in her bed and wake up as me again.

This lasted for months (started off slowly, maybe one or two dreams a week, until finally they were every single night). In the real world, I started falling asleep in classes, had an overabundance of migraines (prone to them anyway), was constantly anemic and just generally sickly.

Nothing super awful happened in the dreams, except for the pressure of taking high-school classes with stuff I’d never learned before (because I was actually 11), and trying to pass courses based on material that was way above my age-range. Also, trying to fit in with her family and friends (because I was still me, just in her body, I didn’t actually recognize them or remember them or our supposed in-jokes/family history).

I could pass it all off as just stress and say it was totally unremarkable if it weren’t for the fact that I actually did learn shit from the classes I took at her high school; stuff that I couldn’t have known, hadn’t studied, and wouldn’t learn until I was in high school myself.”

By: heartbreakcity (What is the absolute creepiest yet unexplained thing that has ever happened to you?)