talking heads radiohead

I’m going to write up a description for my Samar playlist tomorrow morning, then maybe share Aram’s, too? For reasons can’t exactly articulate, his has been the most difficult to create. It certainly makes sense if you really take everything in, but because it’s so personal to me in how I perceive his personality and behavior, it may be questionable to some listeners. His character is not easy to capture in music - lyrics, sound, purpose, overall vibe. I took some inspiration from an interview I read a couple months ago; it was almost exclusively about music and Amir, very generously, discussed his love for bands like Radiohead, Talking Heads and Queen, so I took some inspiration from that. I mean, Radiohead is one of my favorites, and I’m all about alt and experimental rock. But it’s still the most interpretative mix I’ve done. I hope you guys like it. I promise, the next one will be 100 percent Keenler.