talking heads radiohead

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Since someone earlier asked about H and T music taste/fav bands and ur answer was super accurate I'm gonna ask you the same for Zac?

ok gosh z’s is gonna be quite hard actually damn…. anyway

the beatles, tame impala, santana, radiohead, talking heads, the cure, bowie, ramones, the strokes, the kinks, the velvet underground, new order, hoops, also quite a bit of afrobeat too, sigur ros, vampire weekend, anything indie tbh, jimmy eat world, foo fighters, sunny day real estate, failure, allah-las, grizzly bear, paper route, canon blue, the raincoats, blondie, fleetwood mac, taking back sunday, hand habits, lou reed, blonde redhead, glenn miller, deerhunter, GUM, john lennon, yusuf/cat stevens, the monkees, phoenix, the beach boys, stereolab, opossum, michael jackson, villagers, the psychedelic aliens, the smoking trees….. and many more

i also took a lot of this off his spotify too, it’s super diverse (did the same for taylor for a few things) 

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2, 4, 10, 11, 20, 24, 25, 30, 39, 47

2. ever been in love?


4. how tall are you?

six feet.

10. favourite bands?

waaaaaaaaay too many to list here. but some of my faves include neutral milk hotel, lcd soundsystem, slowdive, talking heads, the stooges, radiohead, etc.

11.  something you miss.

my brother.

20. where do you go when you’re sad?

i don’t really “go” anywhere. i just kinda lock myself in my room.

24. turn on?

generic answer, but a great sense of humour. if someone can make me laugh–like, a deep belly laugh that i feel all the way down in my soul–then they’ve already won a part of my heart.

25. turn off?

clinginess. i’m a super independent person, whenever some clings onto me it’s a huge turnoff.

30. meaning behind your url?

it’s a shortened version of a nickname.

39. do you have a crush?

i have celebrity crushes. a real life crush? i’m in a relationship, so if that counts, then sure. 

47. last song you sang?

alanis morisette–you oughta know