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I really don’t think people grasp just how thought-consuming OCD is. You’re constantly dwelling on things, worrying about things– and a lot of this shit you don’t even want to think about.

Intrusive thoughts are a huge issue for people with OCD. Pretty much everyone has intrusive thoughts (like “I have the ability to yell really loudly and inappropriately at a funeral– but I wouldn’t do that, of course”) but OCD is constantly having these thoughts on repeat, tied in closely with anxiety.

It’s easy to wind up feeling guilty and shameful over persistent intrusive thoughts since they can cover any subject– including unwanted sexual thoughts, and even sexual taboos. Someone with OCD recognizes that they don’t want these things or to even think about them– but when your mind is fixated on something repulsive and wrong, it sticks with you.

This is where rituals start for people with OCD. A ritual isn’t anally organizing your desk because you like it to look tidy– a ritual is organizing your desk because you associate not cleaning it with a trail of thought that gives you anxiety– like there will be a consequence for not performing the ritual (often an illogical one).

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ok but if the warriors series is full of bad characters and writing why does everyone like it

It’s a book series from the POV of organized feral cats dude

Cats are cool— feral cats are even cooler— and a book from the POV of feral cats is the coolest.

Also, contrary to popular belief, people are capable of enjoying something with marked flaws.

In regard to Project Cloverkit

I would like to ask people to stop– and to perhaps redirect your intentions.

I loved the idea of this project. I love to encourage young and inexperienced artists, and I will do anything in my power to make sure that people know how important it is to be happy with their artwork– regardless of their skill level.

But this is too much.

Since the beginning of this project people have been posting their artwork to the owner of Cloverkit’s DA (of which I will not give the full name, but I will call them shortly by Bolt). I personally posted my drawing of Cloverkit on Bolt’s page as well, including an explanation of what had happened on Tumblr in the hopes of expressing this project of ours to her in the softest way possible.

To those that haven’t seen Bolt’s page, it has been swarmed with many, many comments– both on her profile, as well on her original post of Cloverkit. While a great deal of them are positive, many of them are petty and negative. 

The negative comments concern me the most, but the positive ones have become too many. Bolt has not been present on DA since the beginning of this. She has been unable to give her opinion, or say if she even appreciates any of this artwork of her OC. She has had all of this attention suddenly thrown at her, none of which she ever agreed to.

There are now hundreds of comments on her DA. Many nice, some mean– but none that she asked for. I dread to think about how frightened and overwhelmed she will be when she sees the comments and fanart (if she hasn’t already). 

There were good intentions with this project, such good intentions… but it is too much. It needs to stop. It is time to leave Bolt alone, and to stop drawing artwork of Cloverkit– at least until Bolt is present to give her opinion

I do not regret the positive intentions with Project Cloverkit, but I see now that it was foolish and problematic to haphazardly direct it at a young artist without her knowledge or consent.

Many other young artists have also misread this situation, becoming jealous of the fanart that Bolt has received– throwing hate at her for it…

If at all possible, I’d like to redirect these positive intentions from Bolt’s shoulders. Our original goal was to let young artists know to feel happy about their artwork and designs– to ignore mean comments and feel pride in what they draw. Improving is the ultimate goal of every artist, but you have to first enjoy what you make now, presently, to improve in the future!

How about, instead of “Project Cloverkit” we have a “Project OC Pride”? Instead of drawing Cloverkit, draw the OCs that you created when you were younger! Take old drawings of an old OC and recreate them in your current style. Take an old OC that you later changed and bring them back to their original look– but only in the most positive way!

If you once had a green fox but later made him brown, take that fox back to his neon green roots and draw him as you would any of your current designs.

But always make it positive. 

Merge your current skill with your old character designs and have pride in what your younger self was capable of. Without those old designs, you wouldn’t be where you are today as an artist. Now is as good a time as any to pay homage to that old OC that helped to make the building blocks of your current skill.

If anyone is interested in this, please tag drawings as #Project OC Pride

You’re welcome to include old art of the OC as well– in fact, it would be nice to see how everyone has improved! Tell us how that OC was important to you. Tell us how you’ve grown as an artist, and speak only good things of your own improvement as one.

Drawn for this.

I cannot stress enough how uncool and shitty it is to make fun of young artists or artwork that you dislike. Similarly, mocking OCs with designs you dislike is in no way a good thing.

You gain absolutely nothing through ridiculing young artists. It doesn’t make you cool, it doesn’t make you a decent person. At the end of the day, your three second chuckle could be very damaging to the artist– or any artists of a similar skill level, who look upon your criticisms and lose heart in their own work.

Critique allows artists to grow, but ridicule helps no one. Even critiques can be harmful if not offered in a positive and helpful manner.

No artist begins inherently talented. Art is a labor of love. It requires years of practice, practice– and, once you’ve rested your hand and grabbed a new sketchbook– still more practice. Mocking young artists, who have barely embarked on their artistic journey, only stunts them and limits their potential.

Do not discourage people from making OCs that they enjoy. If someone wants to make a cat with green markings– let them. If someone wants a wolf with two heads and four tails– let them. If someone wants an alligator with pink legs, a feathered mane, and saber teeth– let them.

Your preferences in character design should never be used to discourage others.

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A heads up- Cloverkit's creator deactivated their account. I really think that while everyone had good intentions, that the entire fandom could take a cue from this and never overwhelm someone like that again before communicating with them. Don't blame you particularly or anything (not your fault you're one person!), but I think people really need to think on this. And learn from this. And not ever repeat this.

I’ve just seen. :C

I wasn’t going to make another post, but I feel this at least needs to be addressed.

I do blame myself a good deal for what happened. I was not the first to suggest Project Cloverkit, but I was among the first few people to jump on the bandwagon. I saw artists that I know and trust reblogging the original post, and it made me want to contribute, particularly since I have an established Warriors blog that I’ve been slow with updating. Throwing some positivity onto this slow blog seemed like a good break of silence.

The Warriors fandom is relatively small on Tumblr, and I thought that it would be nice to see a few people collectively drawing someone’s OC under the premise of supporting young artists. There were already a few drawings in the tag when I posted mine, but not enough for me to feel that it was anything overwhelming. Really, I never stopped to consider what we were actually doing beyond the principle of “Support young artists— be proud of your artwork.” I didn’t think of Bolt’s feelings, or stop to consider if she would appreciate what was happening.

I blame myself a good deal for this because this blog has a sufficient amount of followers. Not a tremendous amount, but enough that my post regarding Cloverkit generated over 1,000 notes in a few days. While I’m sure that the bulk of people who liked and commented on my post did not leave Bolt comments or fanart, I know that many of them did. My post allowed as many as 1,000 people to see this project that I should have had the insight to not endorse. 

I’m sure that Bolt would have been overwhelmed regardless of my post, but leaving the project on my blog did not help. If I helped with anything, it was only to inflame the situation unnecessarily.

I never expected this to become so big. I expected it to remain small— for perhaps a few more people to draw Cloverkit— and for Bolt to come online while it was still small and manageable. I expected this to be small… but I helped the inflammation grow. 

Every day I checked Bolt’s profile, hoping that she would come online and be able to speak up for herself. But she didn’t for several days, leaving comments to pile up. The more the comments piled up, the more I realized how wrong everything about this project was.

Honestly, I never even expected this to involve Bolt. Which is terrible, that I never expected this. When I first saw the project, I did not know who the creator of Cloverkit was and I did not stop to wonder. How terrible is that? That I wanted to draw someone’s OC, without bothering to wonder who the artist was? Without bothering to ask their permission? 

I feel that my original intentions were good but I wronged this young artist and I can’t take back that wrong. As good as any intentions were with Project Cloverkit, it was misguided, foolish, and ultimately harmful.

We aimed for a call to support young artists, but we scared away the individual who inspired us to do so. In fact, Bolt never inspired any of this. Cloverkit didn’t inspire any of this. We all collectively felt the same desire to express ourselves and selfishly funneled our opinions through a young artist who never asked for us to do so.

This event will stick with me for the rest of my life, and I hope that it does for everyone else who became involved. This is definitely something to learn from, and to never do again.

Supporting young artists is a good thing, but they must be involved. They must be involved. They MUST be involved. 

Take the time to stop and consider the potential results of your actions. Communicate with people. Don’t do anything that would make yourself uncomfortable. I know that I will from now on. I’m in no way blameless for this, I need to learn from this just as much as anyone.

Yo since it’s spring again, I think it’s worth mentioning once more–

If you find a grounded nestling baby bird (one that has hardly any feathers and can’t get around much on its own), try your best to find its nest first and foremost. Mama birds do not care if you touch their babies. They will not abandon them just because someone picked up their baby and put it back in the nest.

Mama bird knows how to care for her babies better than anyone else. Putting a baby bird back in the nest gives it the best possible chances of survival.

In the event that you cannot find a baby bird’s nest, put them in a safe and warm location (a towel with a bottle of hot water beside it can do the trick), and call your local wildlife services/a wildlife rehabilitor for assistance.

If for whatever reason you have to hold onto the baby bird for an extended period of time, you local pet store should have formula to feed baby birds (don’t just feed them something you dug out of your kitchen, or cat food or anything).

Baby birds need to be fed constantly throughout the day though, and it’s very easy for baby birds to die if they’re not being taken care of by professionals. The second best chance for a baby bird, other than the mom raising it, is a trained wildlife rehabilitator.

Also, make sure to always wash your hands well after handling a baby bird.

On a more serious note–

Pokemon are vague creatures. They are all based on something, sure, but the Pokemon art style itself is vague. It leaves a lot to the imagination when drawing Pokemon in any style but for the original. People should not receive hate for their varying interpretations.

For me, Pikachu has no solid form. It does not look like a mouse to me. The only thing “mouse” about Pikachu to me is that tiny blurb of text beside it in the Pokedex.

But what does Pikachu look like to me, then? Well, I’m not really sure. Really, as some of you might have already gathered, it is rare that I draw Pikachu the same way twice.

Sometimes Pikachu is more canine for me, sometimes it is more rabbit-like. Heck, I’ve even drawn a big cat-inspired Pikachu before and that one didn’t feel anything less like “Pikachu” to me than any of my other incarnations of it.

For me, Pikachu is a pliable mound of clay that I can draw without feeling any stress. I often default to sketching Pikachus when I sit down to draw with no clear intent, and I enjoy the freedom that comes with drawing Pikachu however I please.

And that’s what I want everyone to do with Pokemon. I want people to take these vague creatures and breathe life into them– even if their versions aren’t mainstream, canon, or common.

These are fantasy creatures with limitless possibilities. Draw them however you please and don’t apologize.

Yo if someone tags something with any variation of “please do not reblog” then please do not reblog it.

If a post is rather personal, it’s a good idea to check the tags before reblogging.

If your reason for reblogging personal posts is to show support– just drop a like on the post. 

Reblogs are great for art, signal boosts, and other things that benefit from being spread around, but very personal text posts are best kept on a person’s blog where they can completely delete it if necessary.

Friendly reminder that one time a guy on DA asked me to draw a 200+ page comic for free.

When I told him to fuck off and draw his own comic, he started to stalk my streams and would link his artwork and expect me to give my opinion about it

Like– he wouldn’t even talk in the streams at all, he’d just paste his artwork into the chat expect a response.

Pls don’t expect free shit from artists.