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But seriously making Damian cry should be illegal! I can't!


Like, why would you ever be the cause of this:

(No Damian, I was not talking to you and that’s not a good reason anyway.)

Or this:

(^ this is technically an hallucination. Tim’s hallucination after Damian’s death, to be precise. Just to add 10% more contest and 200% more pain to your feelings.)

I honestly don’t know how Bruce is still alive after being on the receiving end of that look. I would’ve crumbled down to pieces and never be okay again. That’s why I can’t be Batman, I suppose.

THIS CAN NOT BE RIGHT OKAY? (No, srsly, first time I saw this I had to put down the book because nope. NOPETY NOPE.)

And I’m sure I’m missing at least another panel of the apparently ever-growing collection of Damian-ripping-my-heart-out-with-a-tear-or-two pictures, but I think I’ve made my point. Yes, this is illegal and I’m calling the police.

I can’t decide what is funnier, 

That Dick looks truly heartbroken by the statement,
That Tim is somewhere between ‘I don’t care’ and ‘bring it on’,
That Jason is just done with this stupid family,
Or that Damian is planning to hang up their belongings in his bedroom at the Manor, which they all go/visit periodically. 

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Sometimes I like to think how Damian ranks his brothers are; Dick my brother and sometimes DadBro... fine there are some other yahoos but they don't count. Not my fault. DC seems to remember that Jason and Tim are also Dick's brothers (vice versa respectively, don't know how Tim and Jason feel about each other in Rebirth). But with Damian they're like, pfft he's only got one brother but he's a great one. =D

Dick: I have 3 brothers: Jason, Tim and Damian :D

Jason: I have 1 Dick brother, and then there’s this kid Damian, the son of my NOT-father. Sometimes I steal toys from him.

Tim: do I have brothers? Do I have a family? Do I exist? 

Damian: Richard is the only family member I will acknowledge as such beside Father.

Cassandra: Orphan. Fuck u all.

Duke: ???? wat did I get (kinda) adopted into ????

no okay but like

what if

some kid in gotham is just like “hahah what if bruce wayne was batman and that’s why batman’s all “no guns!!” and crap” and made a joke comic about it and incorporates all of batman’s past battles and shiz into the comic and it gains a lot of traction and bruce’s PR team is going fucking nuts because this thing is going out of control and well, frankly, they’re only like 23% convinced that bruce and his gaggle of children aren’t the current masked heroes of gotham

and bruce just

fucking endorses the comic

and his PR team is just having conniptions, bruce, why, no??? we are only like 3% sure you’re not batman, why must you do this??

and then he dumps a whole bunch of money into the comic so it can gain real production and wayne enterprises sells the comics and it’s just

an actual thing in life now. like

he attends the opening premier of the first physical copies being sold decked out in one of those cheap batman halloween costumes from a store. he even?? signs a few copies as “batman” and clark is there for whatever newspaper he writes for and he’s just


bc only bruce could be this fucking extra. and he keeps taking photos of bruce standing in a shitty batman get-up in front of a comic store, talking all bruce-like (which is just very not batman) and sending the photos to the justice league chat.

hal saves the pictures up as his wallpaper.

no one ever takes the whole “bruce wayne is batman” seriously ever again.

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Hey mum? At school tons of people have been telling me to kill myself. They pick on how I look. They pick on how nerdy and geeky I am. They tell me, to quote a few I'm, "not good enough to be a marvel fan, much less one of the biggest Spidey fans they've ever met." They tell me I'm too annoying & rude to be friends with anyone. I'm told I'm too stupid to do anything right in life. They don't know I cut. They don't know every time they tell me to kill myself I think to do it. What should I do ma?

((OOC: My answer to this has three parts. It’s a long one.

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I had the pleasure to be featured in a video series called “At Home With The Artist” where different people from different realms of creativity talk about the work and process. Watch me awkwardly talk about my illustration and comics!

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Any chance of getting a post about Tim and Dick's relationship? You may totally already have done so apologies if you have... I LOVE your posts, by the way. I think you're one of the most thoughtful meta writers and you have, hands down, the best grasp on Dick that I've read.

I have a great grasp on my Dick. I’m sorry you made that too easy 

(Nightwing Vol 2 #25)

Thank you so much! I don’t know if you still follow me since this is my oldest drafted ask – literally over eight months old, I’m so sorry.

Dick and Tim, though. I know there’s this impression that all the Robins are siblings to each other, annnnnd… All the Batkids have very unique relationships with each other, but Dick and Tim are the only ones who I’ve actually seen refer to each other as brothers. Cass, Steph, Jason, Damian… the ‘sibling’ relationships are much more obscure, although a strong argument could definitely be made for [Dick and Damian].

But yeah, Dick and Tim definitely stand out as brothers in canon, though they had a rocky start.

(New Titans #61)

“Now, who the hell are you?”

Ha, Dick, calm down. Alright, click click the read more and let’s get started.

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