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I had the pleasure to be featured in a video series called “At Home With The Artist” where different people from different realms of creativity talk about the work and process. Watch me awkwardly talk about my illustration and comics!

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Do you have any headcanons about Tim and kids????

¤ he’s a natural big brother figure!

¤ he loves listening to kids talk. they just have such a happy outlook on the world, they’re so bubbly and fun and excited so it’s a refreshing change from hangin around Bruce McBroodypants Wayne all day.

¤ he rly rly adores babies tho. he is scared of holding them for fear of hurting/dropping them it (“she’s so delicate and small, I could take her with just my pinky finger”). but once he gets past that fear he is absolutely smitten. he loves how squishy and soft they are. he loves to squish their fat cheeks and play with their chubby hands and feet.

¤ he doesn’t know why but kids automatically trust him and he’s so touched?? like kids just adore him and love being with him??

¤ i can see him going to places like foster homes and taking a whole day just to be with the kids there (the paparazzi go nuts over this). he reads to them and tells them outrageous stories abt Batman and his adventures (Bruce cringes when he hears the stories as he watches the news. tim ur wrecking his reputation…..).

Going to Comic-Con with Spencer Reid, Abby Sciuto, and Timothy McGee would involve:

  • Coordinated group outfits.
  • A constant drone of nerd talk while traveling to it.
  • Eventually splitting off into pairs while meeting up as a group for food and catching each other up on events.
  • Splitting the hotel suite four ways.
  • Spencer constantly talking about Doctor Who.
  • Abby and Tim going back and forth about comic books.
  • Abby constantly wanting to buy souvenirs for everyone at work.
  • Tim always wanting to stop for snacks.
  • Everyone makes sure that the last event of the day is attended by all of you.
  • Pictures.
  • Lots, and lots…and lots…of pictures.

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I know a lot of people have said this already, but the cashier guy is an awesome character, even if he's only been in this comic for five and a half panels so far. Just wanted to let you know that, while he may not ever be seen again after this, you did a great job making a pretty cool character. I mean, look at the people who've already gotten attached to him! Keep up the great work!

Well thanks! Tim appreciates all the love =D