talking comics with tim

Let’s talk about how tim drake, at the ripe age of like 14, understood the concept of a woman’s right to her own body. Let’s talk about how he supported steph, his then girlfriend, through her fucking pregnancy even after she chose to have the baby. Yeah he was confused at first and worried about her choice but he still was there and still supported her decision. And let me reiterate. She was his girlfriend. It wasn’t his child. It wasn’t even his problem. He was a high school student. But not only did he not make a scene, he went above and beyond that stayed by her side and supported her. He went to birthing classes with her. It would have been totally reasonable for him to say “i can’t handle this and i refuse to” because it actually had nothing to do with him, but the thought never crossed his mind. I mean their relationship had its own issues but never say tim drake doesn’t try hard for his loved ones like

I think part of the reason modern comics just aren’t as engaging as older comics is there’s this new pressure for characters to be ‘cool’ and 'edgy’ but mostly to be cool. All their poses are model worthy, all their actions are fabulous and they never look weird. What happened to comics where Tim talks to cats? Or Nightwing is making really bad jokes that even he’s grimacing and apologizing for. I like it when my heroes have their cool hero moments but I really like it when they feel genuine and nerdy and not quite so perfect unlike the modern equivalent of ideal archetypes who can come across as very unrealistic and one dimensional.