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eene-fangirl  asked:

What are your head canons about Ed’s Mom and Ed’s Dad?

I think Mom’s obsessed with appearances and having a miniature version of herself. She’s like if Eddy’s vanity and selfishness were constantly rewarded.  She never much cared for Dad but eventually Ed happened and Dad had a job (or he got one from Eddy’s Dad) so they stuck together.  I think Mom might have dropped Ed on his head (hence his cracked skull) before Sarah was born, and did the bare minimum to heal the wound, and might be keeping it a secret.  I think Ed’s Dad had high hopes for Ed and his family at one time, but now he’s hollow and very depressed.  Occasionally, Ed manages to catch Dad when he’s had a coffee and they talk about cars and monsters and Christmas.  In younger years, Ed and Sarah frequently climbed all over Dad as if he were furniture.

Just curious, are any of y’all fans of the following?

MbMbaM Podcast

The Adventure Zone Podcast

CoolGames, Inc Podcast

My Brother, My Brother and Me (Seeso) 

Monster Factory 



Touch the Skyrim

Griffin’s Pokemon Y Nuzlocke Challenge

Griffin’s Amibo Corner

or any other McElroy/Polygon content? 


Finally I am finished with my Therapy for my Backpain and the Pain in my Arms/ Hand. My Therapist did something to my neck and ever since I don’t really have pain anymore. At least not as much as I used to. She told me if I start to workout for my back again it would vanish completely and I am just very glad it’s finally over. I feel like a healthy human being again (mostly) and that feels so good :) 

That took some time, but damn. I am happy.

you know what i really loved about charles in logan? even at age ninety, even ailing and losing his mental faculties, even after decades of devoting his entire self to protecting mutants, only to fail, even after all of the horrible loss and death and persecution he’d been through–he was still, recognizably, charles. he still believed so much in mutantkind. he was still thrilled and buoyed by discovering a new young mutant to take in and care for and teach. finding laura still infused him with hope and purpose. that scene in the car talking to logan, “you really don’t find purpose from what we’re doing?” it’s inconceivable to him that helping and protecting young mutants isn’t the most wonderful thing. from baby-faced mcavoy to his last days. i’m so glad he never lost that. 

i am shocked and disappointed in the state of the internet.

the cars 3 trailer was posted several days ago, and there have been many jokes made here on tumblr dot com. lightning mcqueen mcfreaking losing it. lightning mcqueen found dead in miami. lighning mcqueen with lyrics that seem mildly inappropriate laid over him in sepia tones. 

However, I have not seen ONE mmm watcha say edit. have we all forgotten? has the meme died? has 2016 taken the last good thing left in the world? truly, i hope not. i pray each night that somewhere in this world, someone is working to correct this travesty, or that i simply have not seen the edit.

friends, join me in mourning the passing of this great behemoth of pop culture, as we watch the world burn around us in flames. (mmm watcha saaaaayyy)