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You never text or talk to me anymore. You never keep conversations with me anymore. You kinda pushed me away. So, I did the same.
—  Wordsbymymind
  • Stan : I'll speak French between your legs
  • Bill: That's the hottest thing i've ever been told
  • Eddie: I'm just picturing someone screaming "bonjour" at a penis
  • Beverly: None of you should ever be having sex


He runs a fucking library in Los Santos for under privileged people, kids who’ve never owned their own book but absolutely love the days when Geoff comes down to the library and reads Harry Potter with them, and adults that have never had the chance to learn to read but want to. Every book is free and Geoff himself has been known to teach people to read.

Because Geoff went to the library so much, it was suspected that it was a hidden drug den. So, to confirm this, a rival gang sent a few people in. But, as they walk in, they just kinda stop. There, surrounded by kids and adults alike, is Geoff. He’s reading to them, grinning brighter than the sun. Not to far away is the rest of the fake ah, Jack and Michael are tucking away new books, while Gavin, Jeremy and Ryan are curled up with their own books. 

The library is a safe place, protected by the fake ah and ignored by the other gangs. No one fucks with it.

Things Each Musical Reminds Me Of

*based on the period of my life when I listened to the musical the most, not the actual content of the musical; though it’s kind of funny how each musical relates to what it reminds me of

Wicked: unexpectedly starting a conversation with an old friend and realizing you miss them

The Phantom of the Opera: the kind of love you don’t expect anything from

RENT: rebelling against your parents for the first time

The Sound of Music: finding family in friends you never expected to meet

Newsies: adventures and memories that come from the people you were with not the places you went

Les Miserables: disappointment you won’t remember in a month but you needed to experience

Next to Normal: self-growth when you least expect it

The Last Five Years: losing what you were looking for but finding something better

If/Then: independence is not loneliness

Love Never Dies: sharing something you love with your friends because you want them to know how important they are to you

Avenue Q: going on a road trip with your best friend and singing until your throat is raw

Spring Awakening: continuously learning and falling in love with something you already know so well

The Book of Mormon: second-hand happiness because the person who means so much to you is where they want to be

Daddy Long Legs: accidental all-nighters reading horoscopes with your friends

Fun Home: allowing yourself time for growth; accepting not everything has to come at once

Hamilton: meeting someone once and knowing from then on you won’t go a day in your life without them

Heathers: the worst new beginnings that somehow still lead to the best new things

In the Heights: forgetting why you started doing something and beginning to do it for yourself

Dear Evan Hansen: the trust someone hands you when they introduce you to their favorite band

Waitress: a person you associate with your entire life but you’ve only known a short while

Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812: forgiveness you don’t deserve and the hope that comes from your lowest moments

Falsettos: long distance friendships with origin stories no one will believe


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