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Im so glad I wasnt the only that noticed that Peter and Ned were basically a Jeremy and Michael

((Okay it’s literally all I could think about the entire time and then Peter ditched Ned at the party? Not on purpose but I was sitting there thinking to myself “God dammit it’s Michael in the Bathroom all over again”

Anyway just their whole relationship overall was so reminiscent of the boyf riends it made the movie ten times better and god I’m just. So glad that Ned was an actual character it made everything better and that part where Peter figured out the purple glowy thing was a bomb and he was trying to call Ned like, in a total panic he was like “Pick up your phone pick up your phone listen to me I need to make sure you’re okay because I care so much and please please please don’t get hurt” I was sitting there trying so hard not to make noises like!! Look at Peter treasuring his bff I legit wanted to shout

And Ned watches Peter go off to be a hero and he’s like “Be careful please? Like yeah please just watch yourself and don’t get hurt” UGHAA I. HNGHGGH

I literally want to make a BMC Spider-Man AU now just because of that movie. Just imagining Jeremy slipping into his bedroom window and crawling on the ceiling to drop down onto the floor and turning around to see Michael sitting on his bed gawking at him like “Dude…you’re Spider-Man?” and then the next day him continuously asking Jer questions all throughout school GUH ANYWAY it would be really cute and I’m gonna shut up now))

*someone talking about bruce springsteen casually to me*
Me: yeah that Bruce,the boss man, a cool dude. Ha ha, born to run !

Me on a Thursday night at 4am: watching blurry bootleg concert videos and scrollin thru pics I’ve already seen before, crying

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Im sorry but like, I just, Spiderman!Jer gives me life. But I totally understand cause like, a lot of the time she was just, there, she didnt have much of an objective apart from being an outsider to the whole thing. Like just imagine Jer trying his damn best to impress Iron Man (I wanna say its Jake or some shit being Iron Man) or just Michael staying night to track down the bad guys? Big feels here dude -spiderman ask anon

((YEAH SAME…and it fits so well because Jer is so awkward and nerdy and cute just like Peter? And he’s so eager to impress and fit in and just be accepted it’s like they’re the same person oh my god

I FEEL THAT…Liz is a pretty boring character and she has no depth she’s not! Interesting! To me!!
Now if it were Christine in her place that would be a whole other story //strokes chin thoughtfully

HUHUHUU…but what if Iron Man was the Squip how great would that be? Father figure Keanu Reeves admonishes teenage boy for almost sinking a ferry and acts like a Stern Dad™

THAT SCENE WAS SO CUTE…when Ned and Peter tried to pull an allnighter in his room tracking the bad guys, and Ned had the Spider-Man mask on at some point hhh
Mike and Jer would just play Apocalypse of the Damned while they track the baddies hehehe))

sendtrees said: What is the Purple glowy thingy that you talked about???

((In Spider-Man Homecoming Peter and Ned find a weapon made by the bad guys that’s infused with alien technology back from the Avengers movie (remember when Loki brought in all those aliens to terrorize NYC? Yeah)
Basically the purple glowy thing is alien tech that becomes a bomb when exposed to radioactive rays so Ned had it in his pocket while he was going through security at the Washington Monument and they scanned it and it started to activate so Peter flipped out and tried to warn him about it over the phone))

feeling a little insecure right now :-/ i hate being socially awkward and i feel like my new employers like……are sketchy of me or something because i’m quiet

Headcanon based on this comic:

Everyone stuck working in Vlad’s general vicinity on a regular basis knows perfectly well that Vlad has some occult weirdness going on. So upper management, secretaries, that one newbie intern who drew the short straw and isn’t sure why delivering a message to the boss’ boss is worse than cleaning up some lazy employee’s mess for them… All of these people are entirely aware that their end-of-the-line boss is most likely some kind of literal monster, possibly from actual hell depending on how / what kind of religious they are case-by-case, but who cares? The benefits are freaking awesome.

Incidentally, these tend to be the employees who survive working for him the longest - not even in the sense that he deliberately screws them over (unless they do a bad job / get caught slacking off / turn out to be working for one of his remaining enemies) so much as that Vlad is a walking disaster zone with zero morals. The term “blast radius” comes to mind. So, the people who figure out his tells (ranging from ranting to fiddling with weird glowy tech to actually glowing and leaving handprint-shaped scorch marks on the furniture) and don’t write them off as hallucinations have a chance to actually last long enough to become reliable employees that Vlad doesn’t mind having in his general vicinity on a regular basis.

(Come to think of it, did I just figure out how Walter Weston became Vlad’s PA?)

They all just mutually agree never to Talk About It, because there is literally no way to be sure the boss man isn’t watching somehow, and no one survives being in Vlad’s vicinity for long without a healthy sense of self-preservation.

Serious Lovin'

This is so cute I love it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!xxx-Ash By @ironblaze

Hotch walked into the office with a bit of hop to his step. It started becoming a regular thing and no one thought on it to much, they thought it was because the last few days had been good. No new cases had popped up in about two weeks, Hotch got to spend every day after work with his son Jack.

That was until changes started being made, Hotch started coming to work with a lunch, He was smiling more when he thought no one was looking, even after a case. He actually left, on time, Friday nights. The others saw these changes.

“I say he’s getting some lovin’.” Morgan commented.

“Maybe he just decided to make a few changes?” Emily replied.

“What are we talking about?” Rossi asked.

“If boss man has a woman or not.” Garcia replied.

“What behaviors has he been displaying to make you question it?” The older Agent asked.

“He’s been leaving at a more reasonable time.” JJ started.

“His smiling has increased, a full 43%. When he thinks we’re not watching 51%.” Reid explained.

“He’s been on the phone a bit more than usual, turned down drinks with us too.” Emily replied.

“I know for a fact he’s dating.” Rossi commented.

All eyes turned to Rossi. “How?”

“That case we worked a couple weeks back where we shared a hotel room.” he explained. “I came out of the shower just as he was pulling on his undershirt. scratch marks, all over his back.”

Emily chocked on her coffee, Garcia and JJ blushed, Reid’s eyes went wide and Morgan started chuckling.

“Make that some serious lovin’.”

A woman wearing a flowered dress, with black heels, dark red hair falling down over her shoulders, a purse in one hand and a lunch box in the other. “Excuse me, I’m looking for Aaron.” She said looking at the group.

None of them said a word instead they all pointed to the door.

“Thanks.” she smiled, before trotted up the stairs and knocking on the door to Hotch’s office.

“Holy hell.” Emily said.

Hotch and the woman came out of the office a few moments later, he said nothing as they watched him take the woman back to the elevator and see her off. Coming back through he was smiling until he noticed his team watching his every move.


“When did that start?” Dave asked.

“About six months ago.” he replied.

JJ, Reid, and Morgan all pulled out twenty bucks and handed it over to Rossi. “Lunch is on me today.”

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I reposted your art on Instagram and I put your name my insta is musical.fuvboy and if you don't like how I worded it I'll take it down I didn't ask and I'm sorry

((Sigh it’s okay it’s fine if you credit me like? As long as you credit that’s the most important thing and I would have liked it if you asked permission first but as long as you know now–just. Ask me! Ask me before you repost it’s not that difficult and most times I’ll say yes. I just hope you understand how much this affects me as a person and how I feel about the matter. Respect your fellow artists! Don’t assume that they won’t care if you repost their art because most times they do.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ))

2 Ford's 1 Stan

This one is for @shootaimedstars for their 2 Ford’s 1 Stan Au! To avoid confusion, Older Stanford will be called Bradford.

Stanley whistled a tune to himself while cleaning a glass shelf of any dust that might have accumulated during the weekend, nimbly avoiding the one eyed slime monster’s playful attacks. While most would be afraid of Simon (who Stanley had named with a warm eye, much to his boss’s dismay) Stanley simply wiggled his fingers playfully, beaming at the small growl he got in return. Working at *Anomalies and More*, Stanley had seen his fair share of strange and unusual things come in and out of the shop, so this little jelly monster was nothing to be afraid of. Giggles escaped the teen’s plump lips as Simon caught his fingers, gnawing on them while rumbles escaped him, shaking his jelly like frame lightly.

Taking a quick glance around the room, Stanley put his rag down and opened the cage, picking up Simon and placing the monster on his shoulder. He nearly jumped out of his skin when a deep voice spoke and a mouth was brushing the shell of his ear.

“I thought I told you to keep Simon in his cage.”

Spinning around, Stanley was met face to face with his boss. Bradford Williams was nearing his sixties, though he didn’t look it, which was partly the reason Stanley had almost fallen out of chair when Bradford had told him. Salt and pepper locks graced the man’s head, flying madly around his face so often that Stanley was forced to fix it for the man daily, bushing at the intense eyes and smirk that were pointed his way.

A flush took over his cheeks as he was backed into the shelf, Bradford’s face slowly getting closer to his own until they were breathing in each other’s air, their lips only a hairsbreadth away. A chuckle left Bradford’s smirking lips and Stanley glanced down, his face taking on a lovely sheen of red. A gasp left him as a strong, six fingered hand cupped his face, lifting it until he was once again looking into intense brown eyes.

“I asked you a question, Stanley.” Bradford chided, brushing his thumb over Stanley’s parted lips with a small smirk.

A small noise of want was his answer and it made ‘Bradford’ growl lowly, finally leaning down to take those pouty lips on his. Stanley blushed madly, using his shaking hands to clutch the front of Bradford’s shirt and pull him closer. The sounds of lips smacking together quietly was soon interrupted by the sound of a low growl and Bradford glanced up at Simon in irritation, only to be met with a one eyed glare. Picking the rascal up, Bradford put Simon back in the cage and ignored the pout he got from Stanley in return.

“Please keep the beast contained, Mr.Pines, we wouldn’t want any more… accidents, would we?” Bradford whispered against Stanley’s lips, nipping them gently at the end.

Stanley shook his head, though the mischievous glint in his eyes told Bradford different. Grinning, he placed one last kiss on Stanley’s lips before straightening himself out and heading into his office. Stanley watched as his boss walked into his office, his fingers resting on his lips as he blinked stupidly before shaking his head with a sigh, getting back to work.

“…and then he kissed me!” Stanley huffed, plopping back onto his bed.

Stanford grimaced, steadying his book as it wobbled in his lap and glanced at his brother. Stanley’s cheeks were flushed as he talked about his boss, Bradford Williams. Stanford didn’t like the man, there was something weird about him. How was it that a man so similar to himself just happened to move to their small town? It just didn’t compute.

“Ford!” Stanley yelled, punching his brother lightly on his arm.

Stanford narrowed his eyes, pulling Stanley into a heated kiss that was all tongue and teeth. Stanley squirmed, a small moan working it’s way from his mouth as his hands wrapped around Stanford’s neck. When the need for air became too much, Stanford pulled away.

“Who kissed you?” Stanford asked him harshly.

Stanley tried to form the words but it felt like his body had turned to jelly, which seemed to be what Stanford wanted because he smirked.

“You are such an ass.” Stanley breathed, pulling Stanford in for another kiss.

Bradford was forgotten for the rest of the day.

Stanley sighed as he walked through the rain, regretting the choice of not taking a jacket with him when he left the house. In his defense, it had been sunny and clear when he’d left- he hadn’t known it would rain. Opening the door of Anomalies & More, Stanley was surprised to see Stanford and Bradford chatting civilly. The two stopped when they spotted him, sharing twin grins before Stanford walked over to him.

“Stanford what are you-”

Stanford pressed a finger onto his lips, shutting him up with a look that was downright sinful.

“I’ve been thinking,” Stanford started, his voice a sultry whisper in his ears.

Bradford slowly came up to stand behind Stanley, wrapping his arms around his waist and licking the shell of the boys ear.

“We’ve been thinking,” Bradford corrected, squeezing Stanley’s hips tightly.

“We shouldn’t have to fight over you-”

Stanford had moved so that he and Stanley were chest to chest.

“It’s so barbaric-”

Hands roamed his body, pulling at his clothing while lips trailed the pathways of his skin. 

“So we’ve decided not to fight-” 

They were moving and Stanley could foggily make out that they were now standing in Bradford’s room.

“We have decided to share.” 

Stanley moaned as the two men stared down at him, lust burning like embers in twin brown eyes. Bradford turned him around, pressing him against the wall and blocked his view of Stanford. Then the man kissed him, stealing the air from his lungs and leaving him with jelly for a body. Six fingered hands spanned his chest, tweaking and pulling gently at his nipples whie he moaned wantonly. His own shaking hands wound into salt and pepper locks, bringing the man closer to himself as he nibbled at the column of Stanley’s throat.

Stanford cleared his throat, tapping his foot in annoyance as Bradford made Stanley whimper before passing him along, a smirk plastered on his smug, familiar face. Giving the man the finger, Stanford pushed Stanley on the bed, pressing their naked bodies together. Stanley keened as Stanford licked his way down his body, stopping to take one pink nipple into his mouth. 

Bradford watched the way Stanley squirmed, his face taking on a lovely sheen of red as his lips open and closed in pleasure. It made warmth worm its way down to his crotch, settling heavy as he hurriedly undressed, the thought of joing the teens hot on his mind. 

Stanley was in heaven. Stanford touched him in all the right places. His twin’s tongue was burning against his already heated skin, trailing lower and lower until it envoloped his cock. He cried out, bucking his hips, then whimpering when two strong hands held him down. Opening his eyes- he hadn’t even realized that he’d closed them- he saw that Bradford was staring down at him. 

“You’re so beautiful like this,” Bradford whispered, cupping Stanley’s cheek. “Just like my own Stanley was.”

Before Stanley could ask what the man was talking about, Bradford kissed him. Stanford, however, stored that little fact away. It would serve him later. 

Stanford pulled off of Stanley’s throbbing member, making the youngest mewl at the loss.Giving Bradford a look, he lifted Stanley onto his knees. Bradford grinned and started to dig through the nightstand, pulling out a familiar bottle and coating his fingers. Turning back to the boys, he groaned at the sight of Stanley’s mouth wrapped around Stanford’s cock. Trailing his hand down Stanley’s soft back, the man made his way to the boy’s pert ass. 

Stanley let out a squeak as Bradford spread his cheeks, and a hot breath hit his hole. Looking up, he saw Stanford grinning down at him. He nearly choked when a tongue made it’s way into his body, forcing him forward and deeper onto Stanford’s cock.

“Shit…” Stanford hissed, gripping Stanley’s head in his hands to hold him still.

Bradford licked inside of Stanley with a hum, rubbing the boy’s quivering thighs as he moaned desperately. Snaking his tongue out of the boy, he pressed kisses on Stanley’s cheeks while inserting a finger in Stanley.

Stanley mewled, pressing back into the finger while Stanford pet his hair, gently thrusting into his mouth. His hands gripped Stanford’s thighs as another two fingers entered his body, stretching him. It wasn’t long before he was gently pushed off of Stanford and lifted.


Bradford hushed him with a kiss, placing him on Stanford’s cock and swallowing his groan. Stanford hissed, grabbing his hips and holding him still. A noise of confusion left him and he cried out as a well lived finger joined Stanford’s cock, stretching him uncomfortably.

Bradford gave him a kiss on the forehead, taking Stanley’s cock in hand and stroking him. Stanley was trapped in a haze of pleasure, not minding the fingers stretching Jim until he was lifted once more and a second cock was slipping inside of him.

“Holy Moses!” He shouted, gripping Bradford’s shoulders in a white knuckle grip.

Stanford hissed at the movement, gripping Stanley’s hair and pulling his head back.

“Is this okay?” He asked softly, pressing a small kiss to the side of Stanley’s head.

Stan swallowed, nodding as he moved his hips down.

“Considering that you two knuckleheads are already in my ass, I’d say it’s okay.” He joked weakly, turning his head farther and giving Stanford a sweet kiss.

Bradford smiled at the two and cleared his throat, gesturing at their current predicament. Stanley smirked, using Bradford’s shoulders as a brace to bounce up and down on the men’s cocks. He moaned as Stanford’s cock brushed against his prostate, sending a spark of pleasure racing down Stanley’s spine.

Bradford gripped his hips, stilling him and thrusting in by himself. This caused both Stanley and Stanford to moan. Stanford soon caught the hint and they began to move until they were drilling into Stanley, making him scream and moan until he came, squeezing around them in a vice grip and milking them for all they were worth. They collapsed on the bed, making sure that Stanley was in the middle before they pulled out.

Stanley blinked up at the two, his eyes clouded with bliss. Snuggling into the mattress, he was out like a light, his chainsaw like snores ringing in the otherwise silent room. It made both Stanford and Bradford roll their eyes.

“We’ll have to talk about this,” Stanford said, gesturing between them with a pointed look. “With him, Stanford.”

Bradford rolled his eyes, regretting the fact that he had told his younger self the truth. Pulling the boys closer, he closed his eyes, humming under his breath. Later indeed.

Promise // 03

Table of Contents

Word Count: 2,601

Note: The chapters are getting long, but I hope you all don’t mind! I’m not sure how frequently I’ll be able to update starting now because I have a lot going on, but I promise to keep writing whenever I can!


It’s surprising to everyone how quickly the next argument ensues.

It’s only hours later that Hwayoung marches into Baekhyun’s office, the male snapping out of his daze as he simply gazes at the view outside the window with a cigarette hanging between his lips.

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Pass the happy along! When you're get this reply with five things that make you happy then pass it along to the first 10 people in your activity 💛

Thank you so much!!! This is so sweet, such an awesome thing to wake up to :)

- Anything to do with Supernatural, the cast, the show, the friends I’ve made from it, anything :) - All my fandoms really, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Marvel, all of them! - Geek nights with my friends, just watching movies and chilling - YouTube, namely Jacksepticeye, the boss man himself - Just talking with my family about anything that I can’t talk to anyone else about, I know that they’ll listen

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Omg omg same! Im sadly bad at drawing so I cant exactly make a blog for that. But literally that was my entire thought process through the movie. It gave me such amazing boyf riends vibes and in general the friendship aspect that I fell in love with the movie more than I usually do! I get completely what you mean with all that haha -spiderman ask anon

((I would totally make a blog if I had more time but I don’t lol so;;

I’m glad we feel the same way omg…and to be honest I was sitting there like “They’re so cute I love them do I ship them? I think I just might, Ned and his superhero boyfriend”

Honestly I liked Liz but like? She was so…boring? Like she didn’t really have that much of a character to her, she didn’t have a lot of character depth or backstory–I mean they provided that whole spiel with her dad and stuff and she’s obviously smart but. I just remember Gwen from the last Spider-Man movie franchise and she was much more dynamic and actually useful to Peter she helped him a lot? Idk I found Liz boring and while I liked that they gave Peter a POC love interest I just. //shrugs So honestly I probably like Ned and Peter more, even as a platonic friendship, Ned was a much more interesting character than Liz and he made me laugh so much. He’s a good boy

And yeah!! That friendship dynamic is my favorite thing ever, and just the fact that Peter and Ned are always sorta looking out for each other was really great :’) ))

Anon: HECK DUDE I LOVE SPIDERMAN HOMECOMING i would b over the moon if u drew an au for bmc :’)))

((YEAH SAME!! I watched it for the first time today and I really enjoyed it and heck I love Peter’s relationship with Tony, and how Tony sort of becomes his dad it’s so cute how much Tony cares and he’s just like “God I sound like my father” njdnfjdg I sorta wanted him to swoop in and save Peter after he got trapped under that pile of building debris and rubble and them have a father son moment but oh well they had a pretty good one at the end


While I may not have time to do an AU ask blog for it I could definitely do some AU doodles!! Jer and Michael working on cracking the code of that mysterious purple glowy thing, Michael in the Spider-Man mask, just them in general being dorks…♥))

Deadpool- You’re Pregnant Part 4

Request: Can you do a part 4 of deadpool pregnant and maybe the reader is kidnap and he saves her and then she goes into labor

Okay so this is not where I saw this story going but hey, it probably did need some more excitement. Sorry that is is pretty long and doesn’t really go into much but there will be a part 5 where things will get all cute again. Hope you enjoy. Part 1 Part 2 and Part 3 are all linked there for you.

~Much love, Ive

You heard a noise coming from the hallway. Wade shouldn’t be home yet so you hauled you and your massive stomach up to see. It may have been your smartest move but you swear this baby was sucking your intelligence out of you.

“Wade?” You called, looking around the empty hallway. You thought you must be hearing things until a bag covered your head. You screamed before feeling something jab into your back that felt very much like a gun.

“One more scream and I will shoot you.” You heard a deep voice from behind you, and felt rope being tied around your wrists. You squeezed your eyes shut to stop yourself from crying, your breathing was shaky and you legs felt as if they couldn’t carry you, although they’d been feeling like that for a few days now anyway. The voice pushed you out and somehow pulled you into a car.

You were so disorientated that you had no idea where you were going. you heard the voices from the front of the car talking to each other.

“I don’t know about this man, the boss said nothing about her being pregnant.” One voice grumbled.

“Shut it! You know we don’t get much choice. All we gotta do is get Deadpool and then she can go.” The deep voice replied.

You were soon yanked out of the car and pulled along behind the guys, still with no idea of where you were. They sat you on a chair and pulled the bag off your face. You were in a warehouse of some sort, you guessed. They tied you to the chair. The two guys were pretty intimidating, one was huge and muscly, the other was shorter and still super muscly.

“Where’s your phone?” The taller one asked the other. The shorter one felt around in his pockets until he triumphantly pulled a phone out his left pocket. He dialled a number and walked far enough away that you couldn’t make out what he was saying.

Several more guys started lurking around before too long, all seemingly waiting for Wade to get here. It didn’t take long for him to turn up. I was difficult for you to figure out how he was feeling behind his mask but he acted pretty cool. He knocked guys down pretty easily and whipped out guns left, right and centre. You hated seeing him kill people, you knew he had reason, most of the time but it still wasn’t something you liked to see. You shut your eyes and just had to listen t the sound of guns go off and occasional screams from the thugs. You opened one eye once everything had gone pretty quiet. You could just see Wade, pulling a knife out of his chest, with a few dead bodies scattered along the floor. It was that moment that your water decided to break, the timing couldn’t have been worse.

“Wade!” You yelled at him.

“Just a second.” He called back, aiming his gun at a guy crawling along the floor.

“Wade, my water just broke.” You yelled.

“Can it wait a few seconds?” He called again, shooting the guy.

“Are you kidding me? Wade!” He looked at you and suddenly registered what you’d said.

“Oh shit! Seriously?” He ran over to you, knife still in his chest, “Are you okay? What do I do?” he waved his hands around not sure where to put them or what to do,

“Okay, calm down. First, you’ve got a little something.” You gestured to his chest.

“Oh, wonderful.” He laughed and pulled it out as though it was nothing and then used the knife to cut off your ropes, which you thought was pretty gross.

“To hospital?” You asked.

“To hospital.” He agreed, still looking slightly panicked.

Confidence 1

Spencer x female main character (Regan)

Penelope introduces her friend from her theater group to the team and they all go out for drinks at a club. The dance floor calling and actually people calling leaves Regan and Spencer alone at the booth for bonding time.

If I get good feedback/enough likes on this I want to turn this into a multi shot. Let me know if you like where it’s heading! 


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But why him? -Phan- Part 1

Summary: What happens when life doesn’t go the way you planned? How do you face a shattered dream? Give up, or build new ones? When Dan is forced to marry successful business man Phil Lester by his father, he is anything but happy. He’d always dreamed of being swept off his feet by a prince in shining armor, not some boring business man he knew nothing about. Although this is the furthest thing from what Dan wanted. Could this marriage really be a blessing in disguise?


Life for Dan Howell isn’t exactly what you’d call fair. Sure he gets to choose simple things like what he’d like to eat, or what he wants to wear. But there are other things which he wishes he could choose, but can’t.

“You know, he’s being forced to marry, right?”

Dan couldn’t help but overhear their conversation. It’s not like it was some little piece of information only a few people knew. Ever was talking about it. Everyone he walked past seemed to stare and whisper. Those same few words constantly being thrown at him. A constant reminder that this was happening and he couldn’t change it.

“Really, to who though?”

“Haven’t you heard? His dad’s forcing him to marry Phil Lester”

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Character: Harvey Specter
Appears in: Suits
Commonly Interpreted as: Straight

Whilst Harvey is known as a ladies man on the show there are a few moments where he is implied to like men as well. For example when his boss talks about hiring a man instead of a woman, “because Harvey never tried to sleep with Ted Phillips.” He replies, “Who said I never tried to sleep with Ted Phillips?” Also he refers to his associate Mike as his “date” at a party and wants Mike to “nod his head and look pretty”.

With many thanks to jupiters-jones for this submission.

My boss (man), talking about a woman government official who wasn’t given permission by her superior to attend a meeting we were hosting while she was in town for another conference: “Oh, I guess she just went shopping instead.“ Because that’s what women do when they travel for work, right? Not like they have anything else of import to do - like their jobs.