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because Mal is completely disgusted at that insinuation and it’s making me laugh so hard, 

xeniiaa  asked:

If everyone HAD to go on a romantic date with one other champion, who would it be and why?

Makoa: He’d probably rather jump off a cliff first before going on a romantic date with any of his coworkers, but if he had to pick it’d probably be Torvald because he’s the most tolerable.

Fernando: Cassie. Straight up, no doubts, it’s Cassie. She’s the most goddamn gorgeous person he’s ever seen in his life.

Barik: Inara. The rest of the ladies are too young and he’s not going to go there. 

Torvald: He wouldn’t say no to Inara or Makoa, but preferably Inara because dates with a giant turtle are going to get awkward at some point.

Ruckus: Maeve. They can have a good bitching session while they’re out and talk about their teammates.

Inara: Probably Barik, because he’s kinda adorable.

Drogoz: Literally anyone but Bomb King. He doesn’t care who, just not Bomb King.

Bomb King: Purposefully would want to date Drogoz out of sheer spite.

Viktor: Tyra, because she’s so much like him and at least they have things to talk about.

Tyra: Androxus, if it means they can go out wrestling bears in the wild as their “date”. If it had to be a sit down sort of thing, Evie.

Sha Lin: Kinessa. He’s absolutely smitten with her and would honestly do anything she ever wanted.

Kinessa: Sha Lin, partially because she’s also in love with him and partially because the rest of the guys are insufferable. 

Cassie: Probably Sha Lin as well. They got lots of things to talk about and it’s not weird.

Evie: Tyra for big time girl power!

Skye: She wouldn’t date anyone if she had the option, but Androxus just to see how he would act.

Maeve: Sha Lin, just to spite Kinessa.

Androxus: Tyra for good wrestlung times.

Buck: Ying, because she’s just so damn sweet and adorable.

Lex: Seris. He takes a great interest in the immaterial and she’s basically all of that. He’s got a lot of questions he’d like to ask.

Mal’Damba: He’d rather date his own Spitting Cobra first, but Fernando isn’t too bad of an idea, albeit a bit weird.

Pip: Seris. She’s hot as hell.

Grohk: He’s taken an interest in both Skye and Evie, but they’d probably hit him first.

Grover: Ying. They’re childhood friends and know each other very well so it wouldn’t be awkward.

Seris: Mal'Damba, because of his spiritual connection. Common ground is important when it comes to conversation, and common ground with a lot of other champions is something she tends to lack.

Ying: Grover, for being childhood friends. She also isn’t really comfortable “dating” anyone else who she knows might eventually actually fall in love with her.