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There are rumors going around twitter at least (people working for ESPN talked about it) that USA hockey have contacted players from U16 teams now. Didn't know if you'd seen it or not. It's just... disgusting.

Yes i’ve read it - im reading everything i can find. I’m really hoping it ends not only with fair pay and equal programs but with a vote of no confidence from the member in the executive team at US Hockey. These old bastards are totally going to be looking for payback if they’re not ousted. 


Patrick Kane talks about Jonathan Toews and the circus trip (x)

plus bonus tongue:

SMH as things I don't remember doing at a party last night
  • Shitty: spends about an hour and a half discussing dick science (i.e. bouyancy)
  • Jack: absent mindedly strokes a friend's hair
  • Ransom: [rubbing his foot on the fireplace] "will tater love me now?"
  • Holster: says "bip bip bip" on every stair he goes up/down
  • Lardo: [changes into short shorts, sits with her legs wide open] "I feel safe"
  • Bitty: "if you get the chance to stick your dick in sidney crosby, /you stick your dick in sidney crosby/"
  • Nursey: [holding up a pizza cutter] "this circle cuts other circles into triangles"
  • Dex: hands nursey a large decorative spider, says "he's soft" and then lays on the ground
  • Chowder: [laying on the floor crying] "dex if I die tell the sharks I love them"
  • Tango: "I think I just blacked out. I closed my eyes for a second and then I opened them" (a friend, sighing) "you blinked"
  • Whiskey: [playing strip truth or dare] to tango: [waves hand dismissively] "dare, you know my limits"
  • Kent: [points to the glittery decorative skull resting on his head] "I sucked a dick with this mouth"

If you are seriously questioning the value of Jonathan Toews on the ice and running your mouth about him being overpaid or whatever, then you truly don’t understand the game of hockey and I don’t have the time, energy, or inclination to entertain your ignorance.


The gender wage gap is keeping the US women’s hockey team from the world championships

  • The U.S. women’s hockey team has an impressive streak of IIHF World Championship wins, having won gold in six of the last eight world tournaments.
  • But the reigning team has announced it will sit out of the 2017 games in protest of unequal wages that players said pale in comparison to the men’s team’s earnings. According to ESPN, the team’s lawyers have long been in talks with USA Hockey about fair compensation, but players have yet to see any “meaningful progress." 

  • Until they do, they won’t be anywhere near the world championship rink — and with the games set to begin March 31, time is running out. Read more. (3/15/2017 1:22 PM)


October 30, 2016: Jonny’s post-game interview with Jammer

It seemed like you were alive, playing with Kaner. Obviously you guys are very familiar. Seemed like you guys were able to create a lot of the rushes tonight.


dylan strome getting stitched up during pratice (feat. marner) 08.04.16