talking about his bby

*laughs* y’all make fun of how much yugo confuses the other girls for rin but like

he the same. poor dense boy sees what he wants.

Youtuber!Taehyung as a Father

And now it is time for the second half of the Daegu line, the love of my life who looked so super cute in BV S2 I only got to watch about half of it but he was really really cute him in plaid/flannel is 100% just amazing his outfits are always wo W I love him so much, Kim Taehyung aka V aka tae tae

  • For the original youtuber!Taehyung post, click here, that post also features the proposal bit  and for father!Tae, all of the father related posts are here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!tae post, he has a lot of kids, in order of age, it’s a boy, twin girls and then another boy
  • Just a quick summary of youtuber!tae, he has a vlogging channel, it’s mainly vlogs, there are a few tags here and there, there are some sit down and talk videos, some Q&As but 70-80% of the videos are vlogs
  • Since he does share a lot of his life with his viewers, it’s a no brainer that he’s gonna wanna tell them about the bbys asap like right after he finds out and has a minute to celebrate with you and maybe calm his heartbeat down a bit, he’s pulling his camera out and talking about it
  • He may not upload that clip until you give him the okay but he’ll film it on the same day so his reaction is genuinely !!!!!!!!! like his eyes are still watery, his smile is still s o so so big and happy and all square
  • His entire face is just so lit up and it’s so clear that he’s the happiest he’s ever been bc he just found out that his lil munchkin his teeny tiny baby is coming within just a few months 
  • His viewers get to watch his bbys grow up and that’s one of the biggest reasons he started his channel 
  • Not only does having his videos on the internet provide him a great way to look back at his memories in the future, it also gives him a way to build a family
  • He’s never felt like his viewers were just his viewers, they were so much more to him than a number on the screen, they’re like family to him
  • So to him, it’s only common sense for him to talk about his biological family with them
  • On the first day the bbys are born, Tae’s showing a couple of clips of them, he doesn’t film too much bc he’s so distracted with the fact that his child(ren) is laying right there and they’re so cute and smol and he wants to give them hugs and coo at them and sing to them a bit maybe
  • The viewers get to see the bbys grow up day by day
  • They get to see the bbys go from being so lil and tiny and barely able to lift their own heads up to them still being lil but not so much and being able to run around and talk a mile a minute and form their own personalities and it’s the be s t
  • Tae can always look back on bby boy’s first word, he can always look back at how the girls would cuddle each other whenever they were near each other, he can always look back at how bby boy #2 was running the mere second he figured out how to
  • They’re in nearly every video, it’s s o rare for him to post a video where they’re not at least in the background
  • Like even if his videos that aren’t vlogs, they’re gonna be in the background or you’ll hear their voices or they’ll be in and out of the frame
  • Even in the few videos they’re not featured in, you’re gonna see a toy or a bottle or a shoe, anything that would hint at the fact that he’s got four kids running around the house
  • Tae is such a fashion lover like he’s so into his style and developing it further and letting it change as he gets older like he went from wearing the baggy clothes and the cut up shirts that he loved so much to the Gucci and I honestly love that he’s so open about it and that he’s like hey man I bought these really cool shirts wanna see like hell yeah bb I wanna see
  • So he’s gonna l o v e being able to dress his bbys up in cute lil outfits (until they get to the age where they can start picking out their own clothes at least) like does Gucci make children’s clothes bc if they do it’s game over their entire fucking closet is just gonna be Gucci
  • They’re always looking super super cute, the girls are sometimes in matching outfits bc he can’t resist it it’s just too perfect of a set up to not give them matching outfits but normally he gives them different outfits or maybe they’ll have a similar theme
  • But their hair is almost always different, one of them will have pigtails, one of them has a bun or a ponytail, a couple of braids maybe a head band or two 
  • The boys sometimes have matching outfits with Tae bc how can you not my biggest head canon is that his boys would look so fucking similar to him like havE YOU EVER SEEN TAE AS A BBY THAT SHIT IS CUTE
  • So they gotta do the matching bit at l e a s t ten times within the first month, it’s the minimum
  • And they get lil beanies bc bbys in beanies are one of my favorites it’s so fucking cute and they love trying to wear Tae’s watches or his rings and they’re basically his mini mes
  • They’re in their pajamas a lot in videos too tbh Tae’s family would literally have a designated “pajama day” where no one can get out of their pajamas and everyone has to be super comfy and happy and so many cuddles happen
  • It’s so blatantly obvious that he adores them so much, there isn’t a single video they’re in where he doesn’t kiss their lil cheeks at least once
  • Like his intro is literally the bbys popping into frame one by one and him kissing their heads as they come in (ending with him kissing yours)
  • He films this one clip he l ov e s so much of him walking across the street with them and bby girl #2 is holding his hand and then bby girl #1 is holding hers and then bby boy #1 is holding onto hers and then bby boy #2 is holding onto his so it’s one long train
  • They’re nicknamed (affectionately) the ducklings by his viewers bc they follow him around a l o t and they are lil kids so they have the lil waddle walk that lil kids do and they just look up at him with those big puppy dog eyes like “where we going next dad”
  • He does a series called Cooking with the Kims where he and the bbys try to cook or bake something for you and it’s always s o fucking cute and funny and messy very messy
  • Imagine Tae cooking and then add in children just take a moment to think about that bc my heart is just gone it belongs to him completely
  • It always ends with someone having flour in their hair or sauce on their cheek basically a mess
  • He always gives them lil snacks to keep them entertained while he handles the actual heat part of the cooking process bc the last thing he ever wants is his bbys getting hurt he is not having that happen
  • Sometimes the meals may be a bit burnt but it’s always made with a lot of love and the bbys always get to decorate the plate
  • His favorite video he’s ever made with them is one of the Cooking with the Kims videos bc he feels like it sums up his life really well
  • It’s a bit chaotic, four bbys but it’s so loving and everyone’s giggling up a storm and they’re cuddling with each other as it goes along and everyone’s joking around and having so much fun and your voice is in the background bc you’re watching it all go down so it’s a video with all of his loves in it, the dog’s in the background, the hamster is in your hands when he points the camera at you, it’s his lil family all together in one video  
  • “Any reason there are chocolate chips in my Alfredo??”
  • “We wanted to give you dinner AND dessert”

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hcs on protag that usually doesn't talk about her feelings starting to open up/be more expressive with gladion?


  • Gladion would totally get it since he is also not that open about his feelings aka this bby doesn’t like to talk he doesn’t like that socialisation.
  • But, at least he knows why he’s like this. He’s got reasons. 10% of them psychological and 90% because of how dumb people can be.
  • He does not however know yours.
  • This kind of drives him wild.
  • How dare you be more mysterious than me??? ASDdfghjkl.
  • However if you smile at him!!!! IT WILL BE 187830 TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE!!!!!
  • Basically, every positive emotion you emit gives him good vibes. Gladion is a sponge to your good vibes.
  • if anyone ever hurts you or makes you sAD HE WILL DESTROY THEM.
  • Bonus if you had something sad happen to you in the past which causes you not to want to express your emotions much.
  • *whispers* he will destroy who caused this anything to make you happy.
  • When you start talking to him he is like all ears he will have the entire conversation memorised and you’re stunned to hear how much of your conversations he remembers.
  • It’s because he thinks of them before he goes to bed shh.
  • Team Skull is so confused when he suddenly speaks up without prompting whenever something reminds him of you.
  • He’s constantly finding things for you and him to talk about so you don’t stop opening up to him.
  • Basically such a supportive babe.

me thinking about all the possibilities we can be given in ep 9 of yuri on ice

Because I’m happy!
Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof
Because I’m happy!
Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth
Because I’m happy!
Clap along if you know what happiness is to you
Because I’m happy!
Clap along if you feel if that’s what you want to do!

i drew this because my best friend reblogged this song and I haven’t stopped listening to it since because today was absolute, fantastically, putridly shit and so i drew this

Happy©Pharrell Williams
Good Cop©WB/The Lego Movie
art, stuff and flippy sunnies©moi U:

  • me: *wants to call Zen, but it's like 12am* I think he's sleeping...
  • me: *calls* He's not gonna answer-
  • Zen: *picks up* Hey...
  • me: *gasps* My bby sounds so depressed... QAQ
  • Zen: *starts talking about his life and feels* But hearing your voice and knowing that you're there for me makes me feel better. Thanks. <3
  • me: *crying and spazzing out at the same time* You're welcome...omg protect this man... Q~Q
Werewolf!Yoongi as a Father

And now it is time for ½ of the Daegu line, a sweet lil marshmallow who’s oh so talented, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka D-boy aka can we talk about yoon’s hair for two seconds bc I need to talk about it rn it’s always so fluffy ?? how?? Like it’s been dyed so many times how is still so healthy looking it looks soft as fuck and it also isn’t fair that he can pull off literally any color, he’s had everything from green to pink to blonde to black and he looks am a z ing in all of them ?!?!?!??! also remember that time he casually sprayed his hair black only to reveal it was actually blonde like two seconds later bc I DO

  • Original werewolf!Yoongi here (part two here)
  • On the topic of pregnancy, all of the father related posts are here
  • I’ve mentioned before that I don’t see yoon being in a rush to get married
  • I think it’d take him about 5-6 years before he's ready for marriage bc I see him just enjoying being with you and not worrying too much about titles
  • To him it doesn’t matter if he’s your boyfriend or your husband
  • As long as he’s your love he’s ight
  • That being said, I could see a bby coming before the wedding
  • Probably around 4 years in
  • Yoongi and you would be living together and just enjoying your relationship tbh
  • You two would go to work or school, come home and be all cute
  • It’d be hell getting him out of bed, even more so on the weekends
  • “Ten seconds just give me ten seconds”
  • “It’s been an hour”
  • “Ight give me five”
  • It’s one of the only times you get to hear whiny!yoongi
  • Cute lil sleepy!yoon all snuggled up into the pillow mumbling out whines about how he’s tired and doesn’t wanna get up yet
  • He’d have z e r o issues with just staying in bed all day, especially if it involved cuddles and maybe some chill music
  • Bc just picture that for a second
  • He’d be showing you a bunch of songs he was into at the moment and he’d let you show him some too
  • You’d be all cuddled up together, your head on his chest and he’d be s o comfy as a pillow let’s be real
  • Plus you can hear his lil heartbeat under your ear and feel his chest rise and fall with every breath
  • His hair would be all messy from sleep and the voICE
  • Yoon already has a fairly laidback voice like it’s raspy and lazy so when you add in the fact that he’s also half asleep it’s !!!!!!!!!!
  • He’d be amazing at chill days but he isn’t lazy 24/7
  • He’s actually a super hard worker and a v v passionate man
  • He also seems like he’d be a really private person when it comes to romance
  • But it’s also kinda hard to be private about anything when he has a pack full of nosy men who love to see him get all flustered bc chilled out yoon being all !! is fucking hilarious
  • Like there’s this one day where Tae suggests that maybe you and yoon are soulmates (or just mates as he put it)
  • Of course yoon knows he loves you and deep down he knows you’re the only person he’ll ever love but like tae says it so casually and yoon still gets !! over saying I love you
  • The pack would probably know about the pregnancy before Yoongi does tbh
  • Tae happens to see you in the store when you’re picking up a pregnancy test 
  • He’s just there to pick some ice cream up and instead gets hit with the fact that he may be an uncle soon
  • He gets super excited and the next thing you know you have a giant pup hanging off of you, asking if he can babysit
  • You make him promise to keep it secret but he actually doesn’t hear you bc he’s already running off to tell Jimin
  • He tells Jimin who tells Jungkook who tells Jin who tells Namjoon who tells hobi and then all of the sudden everyone in the pack knows
  • You’re a bit lost bc it takes all of an hour before your phone is going off with texts from all of them
  • “Is it true??”
  • “Letting you know right here rn I’m not changing a single diaper”
  • “Have you even told Yoongi yet lol”
  • Yoongi’s a bit ?? when he shows up to the pack house to drop off a book he’d borrowed from joon
  • Jin makes them all keep quiet after hearing that no, you haven’t told your boyfriend yet so they all just give him these looks
  • He’s honestly used to them being a lil "interesting" sometimes
  • Like this one time he came home to find Jimin and Jungkook with lion onesies on, painting each other’s faces while hobi sang that famous song from the Lion King
  • But it’s just a bit ?? bc they all keep giggling and whispering and no one will tell him why
  • He’s still a bit confused when he gets home but it does make sense when you explain it
  • Your relationship with yoon was always v v open so you tell him straight up that you thought you were pregnant (tests confirmed it) and tae found out
  • That’s pretty much all he needs to hear to understand what the hell was happening but then he backtracks and is just wait what was that part in the beginning
  • You know that smile yoon has where it’s all gummy and eye smiles and it’s so precious and lights his entire face up
  • That’s the smile he gets when you show him the tests to confirm that you two are gonna have a lil pup running around soon
  • He would be lowkey protective
  • The first time one of the other pack members goes to touch the bump he kinda just glares at them
  • Like he doesn’t say anything but he gives them a look that’s just daring them to do it
  • Once he settles down a bit, he lets other people touch it but for the first few months, no one but maybe Jin is allowed near it
  • He would definitely love taking pictures every month to show the bump’s progression
  • Idk why but I can really see this happening tell me it doesn’t precious
  • Lil smiley yoon telling you to turn to the side whenever he notices its been a couple of weeks since the last picture
  • Always always always gives the bump a lil kiss when he comes home, never forgets to do it
  • His favorite thing to do hands down is just cuddle up to the lil bby bump and talk to the bby
  • He tells his lil smol bby about his day, about how he found this really adorable onesie that said “daddy’s angel” on it bc that’s exactly what she was to him

       ╰ ° ✦ ZERO GUSTAFSON’S INTRO   !    (  tarjei sandvik moe   ) :  meet zero gustafson , a twenty year old who was BORN && RAISED in deadmore.    he is unaware of the truth about this town.   he is a flying trapeze artist at deadmore grand carnival.   he is known for being idealistic ,  benevolent ,  credulous , && venal.   some people suspect that he’s hiding that he  steals money from his boss, mr. menagerie.

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Single Father!Jungkook

And last but certainly not least is the second half of the Busan line, our beloved maknae, a half cheetah half bunny with a super cute nose like I honestly adore his nose it looks so kissable and so soft and so squishy I wanna boop it, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • For all of the father related posts, click here
  • This is gonna take place in the tattoo artist!Jungkook world (here) I don’t mention it too much but that’s what I was thinking while I wrote this
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!kook post, he actually has twins, a boy and a girl so he gets two bbys in his post
  • They are mischievous lil bundles of joy and tbh it just makes him proud like fuck yeah those are MY kids sneaking into the kitchen to get an extra cookie when they know my foot’s asleep they’re so smart I love them
  • Jungkook and his ex break up about a month before the bbys are born, they were high school sweethearts they did everything together she was his first love and he was expecting her to be his last but they start to realize that they’re really different from each other
  • They disagree on a l o t of things, from smol things like what temperature to keep the apartment at to big things like marriage, she wants to get married immediately but Jungkook wants to just enjoy being a father so there are a lot of arguments so they break up 
  • Jungkook still checks up on her daily to make sure the bbys are doing okay and he’s there when they’re born but they both know that it’s completely and totally over
  • It takes him a long time to heal after that bc she’s the only person he’s ever dated, she was his first kiss, so he was obviously felt like he was gonna be with her a long time and it takes him a good chunk of time to move on from that
  • But he does have his bbys to keep him happy, they’re pretty noisy, lots of cooing/screaming/giggling and when he gets home from work, they both just start squealing and shrieking out of excitement and Jimin’s just cracking up bc they went from nearly being asleep to being wide awake and screaming at the top of their lungs in 0.2 seconds
  • It never gets old, kookie smiles every single time, he starts getting really excited to open the door bc he knows that he’s gonna be greeted by his bby bubs and they’re never not excited to see him even though he’s only gone a few hours and it’s just so heart warming and he ends up smothering them in kisses for a solid hour
  • Jimin and Tae both move in with kook to help bc kook’s got t w o munchkins to handle and that can be a lot for someone who has zero clue how to work a diaper like why are they crying shouldn’t they be happy he’s getting them a clean diaper do they not like that why are they squirming so much
  • Jimin kook and Tae all work at different times so between the three of them, the bbys are never left alone, they always always always have someone to play with or cuddle plus the other boys are forever visiting them hobi might as well move in too bc he’s there so much
  • One of kook’s favorite things to do is lay in bed with the bbys next to him (even though they always end up laying on top of him bc he’s comfy and warm and he can’t say no when his bbys just wanna cuddle) and listen to music and watch Pokemon
  • And memekook is gonna come out when the theme song comes on, he’s literally leaping off the bed to sing along and the bbys are just giggling their lil heads off and that just makes him even more extra like remember that one time kook took tae’s leopard (??) coat and started imitating his BST dance and got so extra his beanie fell off yeah that’s father!kook in a nut shell
  • Memekook comes out a lot around the bbys tbh he just loves making them laugh even if he has to be extra in the middle of a grocery store he’s gonna be making all the faces at them he’s gonna do that lil jazz hands dance he does and they’re gonna be out of breath from laughing so much 25/8
  • Jungkook would start dating around the one to two year mark, he wouldn’t be racing to get into the next relationship so he just lets it happen, he doesn’t focus on it but he stays open to it
  • You two meet at the park, you’re there with your friends, two of which have kids so you’re walking around with one of their daughters and playing with her and she ends up befriending the Jeon bbys so you and kook start talking
  • You ask him about his tattoos/piercings and the bbys and of course you gotta slip in that “are you single” question bc he is cu t e and funny and he’s good with kids like siGn me thE FUCK uP
  • You’ve technically met the bbys but he doesn’t reintroduce you to them as someone special to him until you two have been dating for at LEAST six months, maybe even seven
  • He’s extremely protective over his bbys and he isn’t about to bring just anyone around them so he’s gonna make sure you two are working out okay and that there aren’t any huge issues and all of that type of stuff
  • The bbys are a bit shy at first and it does take a couple visits with them for them to open up but once they’ve taken that wall down, it’s the best type of chaos
  • They’re v v energetic, they always wanna play and run around and they’re jumping from the couch to the chair to the rug bc “the floor is lava dad you put your foot on the floor you’re out”
  • Living with the Jeons is pretty much 25/8 energy bc they hype each other up, kook hypes bby girl up who hypes bby boy up so be ready for early mornings bc bbys don’t care what time it is they’re ready to gO
  • There are weekly trips to the park bc bby girl likes to climb things and spends a solid two hours climbing the rock wall and going down the slide and then running straight back for the wall and doing it all over again and bby boy likes the swings 
  • Jungkook loves to rent those lil surrey bikes (I had to google the name purely for this post) and just bike all around the park with the bbys in the bench and it’s actually pretty calming bc the bbys are enjoying it so much and they’re both snacking on the goldfish crackers kook gave them to keep them entertained
  • Before leaving the park, the bbys h a v e to stop by and feed the ducks, you and kook will just sit behind them and watch them and help them break the bread up into small enough pieces and kook’s got his arm over your shoulders so it’s just really sweet and it’s those lil moments that make you love being part of the family so much
  • Like the moments when a giggly bby girl runs over to you, holding the painting she made high in the air so you could see it or the moments where bby boy gets really cuddly after baths and playfully shakes his hair out all over you or the moments you come home to the three Jeons cuddled up on the couch, Jungkook’s hands gently stroking their hair back while they sleep
  • “You know they’re growing up right”
  • “ShhHHhHHH doNT saY THaT”