talking about being in his papa

harry potter rates by mentions of harry being sad abt his dead parents

ps - “mum” he whispered? “dad?” - crying over his shoelaces b/c his mum died for him - cherishing that photo album b/c it’s his first pics of his parents. -10/10

cos - pretty drama free?? no pining or crying harry??? 0/10

poa -  blowing up aunt marge for shit talking his parents is the only natural reaction - “they’re dead. they’re and listening to echoes of them won’t bring them back” my SON - being consumed w/ avenging their deaths - hearing his dad’s story & the truth about his parents’ death - conjuring his papa’s patronus 8/10

gof - shaming himself because he wants someone like a parent to talk to - that practical lesson in moody’s class where he learned what that green flash from his nightmares was all abt - seeing his parents ghosts after he’s already been traumatized and tortured by voldemort -25/10

ootp - chronic nightmares pleasing to his mum & dad for help - that damned picture of the order with his smiling, oblivious parents and the man responsible for their death seated between them - “THEN—I—DON’T—WANT—TO—BE—HUMAN!” -50/10

hbp - manipulation by dumbles using the memory of his dead parents to comfort harry that going off on his own to hunt moldyvolds is the Right Thing to Do -5/10

dh - crying over his mum’s letter - parents shouldn’t leave their kids unless they’ve got to - flipping thru his parents’ photos in the middle of the night. spending his 2nd christmas w/ his parents. i won’t even dive into the forest again because i would start. fucking. sobbing. -1000/10

Another McHanzo AU idea (A/B/O time)

I love this fandom, and I love the McHanzo shippers the most. But then @minghii drew the cutest, most adorable and amazing ABO McHanzo piece of all time. (Ever). Ya’ll know the one. So now I’ve been swarmed with story ideas and this is my fav so far.

SO we’re here to talk about happy McHanzo fun times. Where young Alpha Jesse McCree meets the beautiful Omega heir, Hanzo Shimada while on a mission in Japan with Blackwatch. Jesse is there to distract papa Shimada and the guards by being adorable and foreign and keep the heirs company while the older Blackwatch boys do real work. Jesse hates it until he realizes Hanzo’s attempts at fighting him are just his version of flirting. Then its a whole different story.

Jesse charms and courts Hanzo properly, much to the elder’s chagrin. He learns to fight from the boys and sneaks away with Hanzo for a short weekend getaway (giving papa Shimada a goddam heart attack in the process). This is also when Jesse and Hanzo make a mistake and give each other mating bites.

Papa Shimada is livid. Morrison considers shooting Jesse through the skull. And Reyes and Ana find the whole thing hilarious. Jesse proves himself to Papa Shimada by saving Genji from a kidnapping attempt while the younger boy is out drinking, and Morrison eventually announces that the Shimada Clan, as a legal entity in Japan, is there to help Overwatch establish themselves further in the east. Jesse switches over to Overwatch instead of Blackwatch and works out of the newly created Hanamura base to be near his love. Reyes is no longer his boss, but he stops by often to check on his boy, and as Hanzo and Jesse decide to start a family, he goes into full granpa mode and spends more and more time in Japan (and away from his mate, Morrison). As a result, Talon infiltrates Overwatch at a much faster pace and the explosion in Geneva happens years earlier.

Hanzo learns he’s pregnant again days before the Commander’s funeral and decides to tell Jesse after he returns from the ceremony. Only, Jesse doesn’t. According to Angela, he never even arrived. Heartbroken, Hanzo raises his small brood of children in relative isolation (because lets face it, in a young!AU there’s no way in hell these two would manage to stop at one or two kids). Genji has to step up to the plate more and he does, helping the clan stay strong during his brother’s depression.

A year after Jesse’s disappearance, and months after his twins have been born, Hanzo wakes to his eldest son talking to his imaginary friend. Only, “Papa Owl” isn’t imaginary, its a suffering Gabriel looking for Jesse in the only place he remembers feeling safe and welcome. Hanzo lets him know about Jesse’s disappearance but welcomes him to stay. Gabriel does, turning into the children’s nanny and protector, always able to sense attacks before they happen. He even tears a man apart before feasting on his soul when a would-be assassin gets too close for comfort.

5 years after the fall of Overwatch and Jesse’s disappearance, Winston contacts Hanzo about a break-in at Watchpoint Gibraltar. A group of Talon infiltrators tried taking out Athena and they were led by a familiar face wielding a silver six-shooter with a spur on the end who took out six of Athena’s turrets in a split second.

Hanzo readies for war.

Ok I don’t know if this has been said before but you know how we’re always talking about Hux being a big fan of Tarkin and knowing his complete biography and so on, but what if Hux is actually a fan of Krennic? I mean sure, he got killed and most likely erased from Imperial archives, but maybe despite those efforts, some people talked about him and his plans regarding the Death Star and his dedication and how Tarkin dismissed him like he was nothing. So when little Hux learns about this, instead of thinking that Tarkin was right, he thinks it was all very unfair and that Krennic’s work was stolen from him, so he becomes Krennic’s defence squad all on his own. Imagine Brendol Hux trying to make him change his mind and see Krennic as the useless traitor he was, gifting him Trakin’s books and speaking wonders of him, but Armitage just goes “nope, Krennic is the one. I wanna be like Krennic”. Little did anyone know he would end up being so much better than any of his heroes

papa iwa hcs no one asked for

but that youre all gonna get anyways

  • Papa Iwa being the hot and mysterious dad all the moms talk about but really its just that none of them have talked to him and if they did he’d totes be all for a fucking bake sale lets go
  • Iwa having the best fucking muscles that all the kids like to hang off and they always go to him for airplanes and being lifted in the air. It’s spectacular
  • Papa Iwa w his hubby Oikawa and their kid looking like friggen models when they leave the house
  • him staying home when their kid is sick and making soup and just being the best fucking nurse dad
  • Iwa taking over helping w homework cause Oikawa gets it but its been like a thousand years since hes had to practice english okay
  • papa iwa being the dad that always caves and allows chocolate milk before bed
  • loser dad iwa that wears socks and sandals ouo
  • im just so gone for dad iwa just imagine him in everything pls talk to m e

anonymous asked:

Would the son have any idea about who Hux is and his relationship with Kylo? Did Kylo keep Hux secret? Is the son aware of Kylo's suffering, both from being seperated from his Alpha and the work needed to protect him from Snoke?

(based on this au!)

Kylo’s son–who he decides to name Roux (pronounced ‘Rue’)–is so clingy to his mother. He doesn’t like being parted from Kylo, suffers a lot from nightmares but is strong with the Force.

Kylo doesn’t hide the fact that Roux has a father, he even tells stories to the little boy about a brave alpha who is in charge of big armies and who loves his pup very much but can’t be with them at the moment. And Roux goes along with it, having a natural curiosity about the Papa that his Mama talks about all the time, but he’s sorta content with what Kylo tells him because he’s only 3 and never known anything different.

Kylo hides his suffering, keeping Roux in his bed so they’re always together, keeping watch over his son until Kylo is content that Snoke is leaving Roux alone for another night. But there lies the fear that it’ll be tomorrow night that the Supreme Leader attacks his son’s mind in the hopes of planting the seed of doubt like he had done with Ben. Kylo hugs Roux closely, wishing Hux was here to hug them both.

Dating Jackson Would Include:
  • happy papa bear Jackson
  • energetic Jackson
  • loving both
  • blonde hair appreciation
  • really admiring how good he is an almost everything but doesn’t really talk about it
  • “Babe, I’m cold.”
  • “I’ll make you some rice, then.”
  • “What?”
  • “You said that you ate rice to be hot.”
  • “Babe, no.”
  • seeing a lot of Rapmon randomly like oh hey Namjoon i see your sitting on my couch in my boyfriend’s underwear well okay
  • cuddling all the time because he just likes being close to you
  • him having articles of your clothing in his suit case when he’s on tour because they remind him that you’re somewhere, missing him like he misses you
  • “We’re watching a movie.”
  • “Jackso-”
  • “I suggest Wanted but a case can be made for Avengers. I’m an open guy.”
  • hugs that actually are too tight but you know what you don’t even care because holy crap you’re such a giant teddy bear ily
  • Cursing in many languages
  • literally he will do anything to impress you like
  • “Sir, what brings you to the emergency room tonight?”
  • “I wanted to make my baby like me. So I flipped off of the couch.”
  • “Babe we’re dating.”
  • “I think i broke my entire self.”
Papa North AU

An AU where Project Freelancer shuts down, the Meta never happened, and everyone keeps their rightful AIs. Asexual Aromantic North returns to Earth and adopts a newborn baby girl.

North just being absolutely in love with his new daughter; she’s absolutely perfect and he loves her little chubby cheeks.

Theta being hesitant about the new squishy human in the house but trying to warm up to his ‘little sister’.

North being pretty used to staying up all night from Theta, so tending to the baby at night isn’t a problem. He stays with her even after she stops crying and before he knows it the sun is out.

Theta making holographs to entertain his sister or calm her down.

Auntie South teaching her niece not to take shit from nobody; she is the main reason the girl punches the her first bully.

North never forgetting to remind his daughter everyday of how beautiful she is and how much he loves her.

North and Theta staying up with the girl to read books beause tHEY NEED TO KNOW WHO DIES

Uncle York getting Delta to make cheat sheets for his niece whenever she has a rest in school.

Uncle Wash buying her a sphinx kitten for a birthday present.

Blanket forts during the winter beause this is a family of nerds.

North obviously isn’t very intimidating but if anyone ever so much as makes his baby girl cry then he will flip his shit.

PTA Dakota Siblings. South flipping the bake sales table and shouting, “FUCKING FIGHT ME HELEN”

Baby North bringing Theta in for show and tell so everyone can meet her tiny holographic big bro.


Daddy North and Freelancer family. Please.

How could anybody be mad about Cornette inducting the Rock n Roll Express? He’s the perfect guy for the job and maybe even the only guy for the job. If you think about everything you have ever heard about them that lets you know why they belong in a hall of fame, and why they’re one of the greatest tag teams of all time, odds are you heard it from his mouth. He’s an old, crotchety, closed minded, out of touch, curmudgeon who should never talk about anything after 1996(and I’m being generous) but when it comes to talking about the older guys he’s great. And if I’m being honest, I’d have 0 problem with him managing The Revival at TakeOver to kinda fend off Papa Emeritus Paul Ellering.

I was talking to biodick about simmons coming out to sarge and:

Sarge joking around and then Simmons is just like
Breaks down in tears
Because it’s so sad but it’s like
Slightly funny
And the sarge just being mentally like
Ohhhhhh hot buttered lugnuts
And he’s like
Now now soldier no need for this, tell me what the problem is, who should I shoot

but yeah that’s sarge like
Protective papa bear goooo
And simmons like
That’s all simmons ever wanted really
Just someone to protect him and care about him
His feelings being valued is such an amazing feeling he just starts crying harder
He’s gotta sit down and take deep breaths and at this point sarge is like
Fuming ready to FUCKIN GO
Like honestly ready to take out Grif not even in his joking way bc he is one hundred percent sure that’s who’s fault this is
And simmons just gasps out through the tears like
“Sarge im gay.”
And sarge just freezes
And then slowly he puts away his shot gun
And that’s when Simmons realizes how important he is to sarge and how much sarge cares
Sarge like sits down beside him and is like
“Son that’s only a reason to cry if your in love with Grif. Which is completely ridiculous, of course. Who would love Grif? That would be damn unfortunate. Mostly because he doesn’t deserve you and would snap you like a twig during sex.”
Simmons is still crying but less and he’s like
“Yeah about that???”


(since it’s his birthday) MARK APPRECIATION POST

Mark Tuan aka the guy who never talks too long, he’s the quiet one. I’m really glad that he talks alot now and he shows his affection to his dongsaengs (yupppp SKINSHIP, HE DOES MORE SKINSHIP NOW)  He’s a reliable hyung, he may look like he doesn’t give a damn about being the hyung of the group but he actually cares more than anyone. He sometimes act really childish but he’s the sweetest most of the time. You may also thought that he’s the kind of guy who isn’t close with his family, but it’s the total opposite.  He is a caring son brother and friend (ohh i also love his family , they are really adorable especially papa tuan haha). He’s really playful when it comes to ahgases. He does aegyo (cringe-worthy aegyos) but most of time he makes us fall for him more. He expresses his self more now and that’s a good thing. He’s a hardworking boy who dreams big despite being away with his family. He improves every time. Mark you’re almost there, never give up and keep that passion alive! FIGHTING!


my newest intense feelings are centered around Jack Murdock loving his son more than what some cranky priests rant about these days

he can’t imagine not seeing Matt twice every week for dinner, watching a Mets game on TV, and listening to him talk about their most recent closed cases

plus he loves Foggy like his own son because come on who doesn’t love Foggy

he doesn’t automatically LOVE the idea of his son being gay but he’s not going to stop loving Matt because he loves a man

he slowly comes to realize that there really isn’t anything bad about someone marrying someone of the same sex and then he turns into the proudest papa when they tell him they’re getting married (he probably brags to anyone who will listen)

in all honesty he probably starts googling LGBT stuff on the sly and learning more so he can support his son to the fullest extent

and when he awkwardly brings up some stuff over dinner Matt nearly bursts into tears because he was terrified to come out to his dad and now his dad is talking about how he and Foggy should look into helping the local LGBT shelter with their legal stuff

or he says something about worrying if Matt is safe in his neighborhood

he just loves his son so much and I’m really upset over it

mattyfoggy will like this

Wave Rider spots a newcomer on the beach

The nerdy turtle girl is named Marina. She is a soft-spoken and intelligent biology nerd and likes to come to the beach to document tidal fluctuations and animal populations, read, and draw little sketches of the animals that get close. She has no idea she’s gonna be stalked pretty much all day by an over-zealous surfer pegasus trying to figure out how best to say “hi”.

Since Marina comes to the beach every day, Wave tries to sneak and watch her every day, peeking in her sketchbook from afar, writing sappy love songs, and whining to her papa Aerostorm about feelings being so complex, uuurgh. All this makes Bruce a very mad dad (he thinks Wave is getting involved with some degenerate colt, since she refuses to talk about it to him). He’s kinda in for a surprise
marina’s cutiemark is a placeholder and her color palette is still in limbo (i like it but it’s bit too similar to Coco Pommel, despite my efforts)

you know why I need oofuri season 3? 

  1. Mihashi saying in his brib, shy voice: “but you’re the one who cares about me the most” and abe fucking takaya blushing
  2. Haruna. Muscle tower and Mihashi “feeling” his muscles and Abe being wth
  4. Momoe’s dad couching my little muffins and they getting better, matches a lot of fucking matches.
  5. Mihashi being more open with expressing his feelings
  6. cooking breakfast together in abemiha version
  7. “I’ll be with you, all the way, no matter what”
  8. bounding. so much bounding between everyone
  9. I want mama Mihashi and papa Mihashi’s story as an OVA  or sth
  10. Hanai’s home fucking run from Haruna
  11. kink talk

anonymous asked:

What would happen if their daughters came home crying and at first they won't tell their dad why they are upset but then they proceed to tell them that their boyfriend was being a bit too forceful and it made her uncomfortable.

Ohhhh shiiiiiii-

Leo: Leo hated seeing his daughter cry, and no matter what the reason, he always stopped whatever he was doing to comfort her. His arm was wrapped around her shoulder as she cried into his neck. He never rushed her to talk about what upset her, but as soon as he found out it was her own boyfriend who had done something to her, he’d want to know everything. He was the last person who was supposed to hurt her, and Leo would never forgive him for disrespecting his daughter.

Raph: The moment he saw his daughter cry, he was ready to leave the lair and hunt down that shrimp she called a boyfriend, even before Raph knew it was him that had upset her. She shakily admitted to her father that her boyfriend had trapped her against a wall, trying to make out with her, she wasn’t ready for that yet, it made her feel uncomfortable and unsafe, he left the lair without a word, Sai’s in hand, to find the idiot who had the nerve to upset his daughter.

Donnie: His daughter came home during a rare break he took from working in the lab and, the second he saw her crying, he put down his coffee and held her close to him, quietly shushing her while stroking her hair, telling her it was okay, even before he knew what was wrong, he needed his daughter to know she was going to be okay. When he leant her boyfriend upset her by making her feel uncomfortable, he’d simply tell her to forget about him, he was an idiot, but behind her back, he’d ruin the kid’s life.

Mikey: Mikey and his daughter were best friends, they told each other everything, she never kept any secrets from him, so when she came home crying, she planted herself next to her father, who was sitting there playing video games until he heard the distressed sounds, and cried into his plastron. He’d be so heartbroken to see his daughter so sad, and he’d do his best to comfort her, even threatening to set her uncles up to sort him out, if that’s what she wanted.

Another Domestic Mabinaldo HC ft. Bby!Goyong and  even Bbyer!Nonong

Guys I’m having hella lot of adoption feels and Manuel Quezon feels lately and somehow I’ve incorporated him in my domestic Mabinaldo AU

-          Imagine Bby Goyong asking when Papa Pole will get pregnant so he can finally be a Kuya. Cue surprised looks from the two. Pole explains that men can’t get pregnant and informs Goyong early on that he’s adopted. Goyong doesn’t care that he’s adopted he only wants a younger brother. The two talk about it, and later they decide that it’s high time that Pole gets pregnant they adopt another child.

-          When Goyong gets home from school one day, he’s surprised to see a baby being carried by Pole in his arms and Pole tells him that it’s his new brother, Manuel. And being the naughty kid that he is, he comments how Pole barely gained weight.

-          Kuya Goyong being proud of how he’s a Kuya now and brags about it to everyone he meets

-          When bby!Manoy gets a little older, imagine Pole and Miong teaching him how to speak as what they did with Goyong. But Manoy would just give baby sounds and coo at them. Even as he started to crawl, Nonong wasn’t that much of a talker, until…

-          “Kuya. Sabihin mo, Kuuuu-ya.” Goyong said, for probably the hundredth time already. But Bby!Nonong  would just coo at him but Goyong would still try for the rest of the day.

-          One time while there was a party at the Luna’s where everyone was invited, Antonio was playing the guitar but accidentally struck the wrong chord, so he accidentally muttered, “Puñeta.” Nonong, who was listening to him suddenly bursted out, “PUÑETA!” to everyone’s surprise and horror. He continued to shout “Puñeta! Puñeta!” with the happiest look on his face for the rest of the evening. It was his first word.

-          As a child, he looked up to Miong, but as he grew older, he was starting to act more like Pole because of his wit and love of law. Goyong is closer to Miong anyway.

-          Growing up, his mestizo features start to show so he people start calling him Kastila.

-          Imagine the brothers being the campus crushes. Goyong is annoyed that some of the girls like Nonong better than him. But secretly proud kasi, “Mana sa Kuya!”


Puñeta! Kung ‘di dahil sa pakikinig mo sa mga maricon na mga kaibigan mo, hindi ka sana hihiwalayan ni Papa!”

*Sampal!* “Umayos ka sa pagsasalita mo, Nonong, mukhang nakakalimutan mo kung sino ang kausap mo.”

(^^^ Angst sa mag-ama for historical accuracy kuno. Charot. I just really had to share this with you guys.)

Analysis on Naruto 700+5

Here I’m going to talk about the new chapter of Naruto Gaiden and the things I’ve discovered reading over again the Naruto 700 and The Naruto Gaiden. Let’s begin!

So, the chapter starts with Sarada being pinned on the wall by Sasuke with his sword. He recognised her when she screams ,,Papa,,. Someone said that he recognised her voice from when he was younger, when he left and she cried seeing him go.

She is pretty angry at him because he didn’t recognised her at first, when she did, she, who didn’t remeber him at all (and I think she had the right to be like that). And his face says it all, that he regrets attacking her and that he made her be afraid of him.

Sasuke didn’t expect her to be here, when hewas going to meet with Naruto to see what’s going on with that guy, Shin. Sarada says that she had to ask him something and he listens to her problems, and realy wants to answer her questions.  And she talks about her mother and asks him ‘’IS she really my mother?’’ 

When he heard about Sarada’s insecurities, Sasuke worries instantly, for Sakura, but also for Sarada, wondering what happened back home if she came to ask such a question.

Look at his troubled face with the tear of perspiration, not knowing what to do and say to her, when Sarada starts throwing insults and all the things she kept in her soul all of these years. She is tired, she put a lot of effort in screaming and shouting these thoughts she had in mind. And I think it’s pretty normal to wonder what’s going on because all this situation is ‘’really fucked up’’ and she doesn’t understand it, her father and mother too.

Sakura knows Sasuke and she knows in what situation is he now and his past and she trusts him in returning back home., well, because we all know, the past of these two is pretty long and complicated. But Sarada is only a child who wants to meet her dad and spend time with her family, so that’s why she doesn’t understand why he left. 

Then we get the reason behind Sasuke’s departure from Konoha. It was a secret mission that he accepted to do, and one which he wanted to do. Nobody forced him to do it or it wasn’t given to him. 

And it looks like, it’s a very strong enemy. Why he does this mission because he wants everyone in this world to live happily ever after. And of course, for his family, for Sarada to have a bright future, to be happy and safe. And those years he sacrificed, not staying home, playing with Sarada, were for her, for her happiness.

Now, I disagree with Sasuke’s way of keeping her away from these problems and this guy Shin, because she would be in danger if she would have found out. But this way of not letting her implicate in this mission in bad. Very bad. This is the same way Itachi kept Sasuke out of the Uchiha’s problems. and even he, Itachi admitted that he did wrong, not telling him from the start. And the way Itachi did, it caused Sasuke probems in the future and determined him to go on a wrong path, the dark one. I hope Sarad won’t do the same.

And now, the problem with the timeskipping. This is what I’ve found out. 

 It seems that the Kage Summit took place, most probably in Konoha (the background shows it). And they look kinda old, older that in the Last. They were like, what 18,there? And I don’t think that Sasuke left in his journey of redemption that much, that he became that old.  

I think the meeting took place in the same day that it is showed in Naruto 700. In Naruto Giden,there is the KAge Summit, but it is also recalled in Naruto 700, the same Summit.

Naruto is preparing to go to that meeting but there comes Boruto and he has to solve the problems with his son. So the important Kage Summit is forgotten. 

But then, at the end we have the Seventh Hokage, Naruto meeting with the other villages’ Kages, and it’s the same room in which they meet, in Naruto Gaiden with Sasuke (the same background and benches on which the Kages stay).

And there is Sasuke, coming from woods, probably heading to the Konoha Village and Kage Summit. He has the same white vest, too.

And he is in alert here, because he knows about an enemy walking freely. And that’s why he goes to that meeting so that he could warn them about the danger to come. 

So, he was in the village that time, and he didn’t visit Sarada. Maybe he thought that he did a good choice, but it only caused her sadness. 

I can’t believe the anime left out Guren’s “You could call me ‘dad’ too.”, because it plays a very important part regarding Guren’s character and his relationship with Yuu.

Before this point in the manga, Guren kept saying things like “No, he’s not particularly my kid." and "That’s naive. I’m not your daddy." – but here, he teases Yuu about it, indicating their close relationship. Without this part, it gets really awkward when Guren carries out his talk about everyone being family, because all we’ve seen so far is how he believes he has the right to own Yuu and even openly admits to using him.