talking about being in his papa

Wizard World Con 2017 Recap


I fist bumped Gene Simmons. That was the highlight of the fucking day.


I met the Core Four!

First, I met Cole. I was first in line to meet him and I was nervous AF. He was literally the coolest and most fun. I adore him. He isn’t a snobbish celebrity in any way whatsoever. He’s the celebrity that’s down-to-earth af. He basically came over to his booth and was like “IDK what I’m doing” and I said that this was my first con and he said “Mine too.” As he began to sign the autograph, the lady next to him gave me a slip of paper with my name on it so as Cole handed the photo back to me, i stuck the little piece of paper on top of it and he smiled and took it back, personalizing it. Then I asked him if I could shake his hand and he smiled and said “Put her there!” and we shook his hands (his handshake is so firm and warm omfg).

Then I met Lili!

First thing I said when I greeted her was “Hi, daddy!” She smiled and was like “YES.” I talked to her about her tweet from earlier about Cole being “a daddy wannabe” and how she was the real daddy hands down and she was like, “Good. Tell Cole that.” God, I love her.

Then I met Camila!

I told her how I adored her dance moves in the dance-off episode and I asked her that if Lili is daddy, does that make her mommy and she was like, “Absolutely.” And I was like, “What’s KJ then? KJ Papa?” and she was like, “Nah.” and I joked around and said, “So he’s nothing then?” and she laughed at that and agreed.

Finally, there was KJ!

I wasn’t sure what to talk to him about so I showed him a meme about him which he liked and then I asked him, “Did you really break your hand during that ice breaking scene” and he said he did and I was like “Wow dude, you’re a badass” and he and the lady next to him laughed at that and then I took a selfie with him and went on my way. 

Then I went to a panel for the four of them (I filmed a little bit of it) and people asked them pretty good questions. One was, “Lili, what was it like kissing Cole?” and everyone was howling and going crazy and she just blushed while Cole was looking at her like, “Ay yo go on, Lili, tell everyone what it was like.” TBH I really wouldn’t be surprised if they were dating (especially since their arms were hanging around each other during the photos ops even when photos weren’t being taken unlike Camila and KJ).

Lastly, I did a photo op with the four of them (which I’ll post tomorrow) and I didn’t have any time to talk to them then; it was literally go in and go out. I told them, “See you for season two!” and then left. 

And that was my day. :)

Coming Home

Summary: Phil’s away in the military and Dan is by himself with their young son, Mason. Phil promises Dan that one day he’s coming home.

Word Count: 1.1k

Warnings: None

Beta: Trinity ( @htmlpinof

A/N: This is short and not the best thing I’ve written (sorry) . I’ve just been busy with school and finishing work for the end of the year. I promise something much better I’ll have soon hopefully. I have a few prompts in my inbox I need to write to. 

Dear Dan,

I know I said I would be home for Christmas but I just can’t get there. I’m so sorry. I tried to get my commander to let me, I just couldn’t. It’s too dangerous for any of us to leave, and Chris can’t even leave to go see PJ.

I miss you so much Bear, it’s unreal. There is nothing to do here anymore but sit around and wait. Wait for what though, I have absolutely no idea. It’s stupid, none of us get to go home.

It’s not fair to you or Mason, but I’m trying, I swear I am.

You just have to hold on, okay bear? I promise I’m coming home. Don’t let whatever is scaring you right now take control. If you’re scared I won’t ever come home, don’t let that make you think crazy okay? I am coming home.

Just remember, even if it seems like I’m worlds apart, I’m always right there.

Tell Mason I love him so much and that I’m sorry about this. I’ll make it up to the little guy eventually.

Merry Christmas Bear.

Wait before I go, is it snowing out? I know you love having a white Christmas. Take a picture and send it to me? I miss home and spending Christmas surrounded by sand and the desert isn’t very seasonal don’t you think? Also it’s like one million degrees and I swear I’m melting and no I’m not being dramatic for once.

Okay now I really have to go. Just remember that I love you so so so much Dan. I’ll be home soon, remember that please?

~ Phil

Snow fell from the London sky, coating the ground in a thin blanket. Everywhere anyone looked you could see the Christmas spirit radiating from every doorstep. People were traveling to see family; soldiers were coming home. All but one person was coming home it seemed.

Dan sighed holding the letter close, the dim light casting shadows across his face. Mason would be up in a few hours and excited for Christmas, yet a part of him would be sad that Phil wasn’t there. It was obvious. Last year Phil wasn’t home at this time either and Mason started crying when Dan handed him a present that said from Papa, it took Dan hours to calm him down.

Tears welled in his eyes as he pinched the bridge of his nose. He knew Phil leaving for the army would be tough on both of them, especially with Mason, they just weren’t expecting it to be this hard. Hanging his head Dan heard the soft pitter patter of his son walking throughout the flat.

“Daddy?” Mason mumbled, yawning and rubbing his eyes as he walked into Dan’s room. He was the spitting image of Phil when he was 6, which made this all so much harder on Dan. He smiled softly as he looked up at his son, his ginger hair was sticking out in random places.

“Bub what a-are you doing up?” Dan wiped his eyes, who was walking over and climbed onto Dan’s lap.

“I miss papa.”

Dan sighed, holding him close, stroking his hair. Mason laid his head on Dan’s chest and messed with his hand. “I do too baby. But he’ll be home soon.”

Looking out the window Dan watched the snow fall down slowly. Each snowflake taking its time before hitting the ground softly, adding onto the white blanket that was there already. Sighing, he could hear Mason start to sniffle and it killed Dan inside. He knew there was nothing he could do about it, other than be there for him and wait for Phil to come home.


“Was he good today?” Dan asked Ms. Betts, Mason’s teacher, as they watched Mason grab his things.

“Overall yes,” She smiled before frowning slightly, pushing her blonde hair from her face. “He did get upset at one point about missing Phil though.”

The teachers at his school all knew that Phil was away. Mason always talked about him and all the cool things he did. His papa was a superhero to him. Everyone thought it was adorable that he thought of Phil in that sense. However, Phil being the hard head he is, he doesn’t see how he’s a hero to anyone, let alone his own son. He’s always gone, how was that a hero?

“How is he though?”

“I, um, don’t know.” Dan mumbled. “I haven’t been able to talk to him much lately. Ho-“

“Is this thing on?” A voice so familiar cut him off over the loud speaker. Dan watched the teacher smile and he watched as Mason dropped what he was holding and looked at the speaker. “Hey little man!” Mason’s eyes, along with Dan’s widened. Phil.

“I know I promised I would be home a long time ago Mason and I’m sorry about that. There’s a surprise for you in the office buddy.”

The loudspeaker cut off and Mason ran towards Dan. “Daddy, that was papa!!” He grabbed Dan’s hand and started dragging him towards the door quickly. Dan’s heart skipped a beat and his breath hitched. He let Mason drag him through the halls; noticing how the doors to the rooms were opening and the teachers were coming out and smiling. Some were clapping and others cheering.

Turning at the corner, the white walls were decorated in drawings made by the kids, Dan’s eyes widened when he saw him. Phil. He was in a mossy green tank top and camouflage shorts, with combat boots; and somehow he managed to get a slight tan.

“DADDY!!!” Mason screamed as Dan stood there frozen. It had been about a year since they last seen each other.

“Come here little man!” Phil yelled back and crouched down to Mason’s height, holding his arms out wide. Letting go of Dan’s hand, he ran and tackled Phil, both of them falling back onto the floor. Tears pooled in Dan’s eyes as he heard Mason start crying.

“I’m here little dude,” Phil spoke kissing his head and rubbing his back. “I’m not leaving for a long time.”

Dan watches as a tear rolls down his cheek. Phil promising Mason that he wasn’t leaving for a long time, that’s if he even had to leave again. Eventually the two broke apart and Phil stood up, staring at Dan.

“Hey, Bear.” He said quietly, smiling at Dan.

Dan ran up and wrapped his arms tightly around Phil, burying his face in his chest. A quiet sob escaped his lips as Phil held onto him, threading his fingers through his hair. Phil swayed them back and forth, Dan holding onto Phil as if he was going to leave again.

“I love you so much.” Phil whispered, lifting Dan’s chin up and kissed him softly, before Mason interrupted them.

Pulling away Phil smiled and picked up Mason, holding him between them.

“How’s about we go home little man?” Phil asked, ruffling his hair; watching Dan smile fondly at them before kissing his cheek.

papasuke + sarada headcanons

  • throughout sakura’s pregnancy, sasuke was scared shitless; orochimaru was obsessed with all things related to life—including childbirth. he knew just how many things could possibly go wrong in a pregnancy and did everything in his power to keep sakura healthy and safe
  • when sarada was born, sasuke cried (and swore sakura and tsunade to secrecy)
  • sasuke teaches sarada how to walk on water during bath time
  • sarada first activates her sharingan when she’s really young, thinking about how her papa left and how much she misses him
  • as a child sarada had an overt crush naruto and kakashi. it mortified sasuke particularly when she claimed she was going to marry one of them when she was older
  • sasuke likes taking long walks with sarada (he especially likes when she starts to get tired and reaches for his hand)
  • sasuke’s happiest when watching sakura and sarada play in the yard; he likes the view of the uchiha crests on their backs
  • sarada used to be weary of her aunt ino, despite her being her mother’s best friend, as she used to hear stories about ino crushing on sasuke
  • sasuke and sarada have a secret signal for when to activate their sharingan
  • sarada spends a lot of time in the mirror looking at herself, sharingan activated, perfecting her pout
  • when she first wakes up, sarada’s hair resembles sasuke’s genin haircut
  • sarada reminds sasuke a lot of itatchi
  • sasuke never believed in “baby talk” and thus refused to dim down his words when talking to sarada, the result being that at four years old she was calling bortuo an usuratonkachi loudly and proudly
  • it’s sasuke who braids and brushes sarada’s hair before bed
  • sarada and sasuke spend a lot of time laying in the grass on hot days talking about anything and anything. she likes it when papa tells her stories about him and uncle naruto and his travels. he likes it when she tells him about her mama and new skills she’s learned
  • sarada’s has a comprehensive collection of sasusaku onesies, including but not limited to ones that mimic sasuke’s susanno, katsuyu, aoda, garuda, and a police officer
  • sarada and sasuke have matching ponchos
  • instead of bedtime stories, sarada asks sasuke to tell her stories of him has a genin
  • (he opts to one up her proposal and shows her with genjutsu; she thinks it’s the most amazing thing in the world)
  • garuda is her favorite of her parents’ summons
  • sarada hates tomatoes, but has a garden in her window sill where she grows them for her papa
  • when sarada sees a picture of her grandpa for the first time she vows to become police captain like him and sasuke is thrilled (he knows they would have loved her)

Guys is Hima ok


Disclaimer: Touken baby fluff for @madghoulworld and @mamasaiko, so that the former would let me out of the corner because I have a project with @lilacflamesss!

Words: 2404

Rating: Fluff


Sometimes, a hero is Papa going to work for me and Mama. He works all day but even if Kazuki is sad, Mama always tells me it is for Kazuki.

“Kazuki, Papa has to go to work now so take care of Mama while I am gone, okay?” Ken Kaneki smiled at his son, patting his head as they stood near the doorway of their small abode.

“I will, Papa. Leave it to me!” Kazuki puffed his chest eagerly, giving his Papa a bright, toothy smile. Ken chuckled at his son’s antics and leaned down to give him a kiss on the forehead.

“Have a good day at work,” Touka finally appeared from hallway, fixing her apron as she picked up Kazuki. The preschool settled himself and hugged Mama, his bed hair sticking all around his face. He gave his Papa the handkerchief he asked for, and watched as the older man kissed his wife and waved his hand goodbye.

It was a typical day in their household.

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Another McHanzo AU idea (A/B/O time)

I love this fandom, and I love the McHanzo shippers the most. But then @minghii drew the cutest, most adorable and amazing ABO McHanzo piece of all time. (Ever). Ya’ll know the one. So now I’ve been swarmed with story ideas and this is my fav so far.

SO we’re here to talk about happy McHanzo fun times. Where young Alpha Jesse McCree meets the beautiful Omega heir, Hanzo Shimada while on a mission in Japan with Blackwatch. Jesse is there to distract papa Shimada and the guards by being adorable and foreign and keep the heirs company while the older Blackwatch boys do real work. Jesse hates it until he realizes Hanzo’s attempts at fighting him are just his version of flirting. Then its a whole different story.

Jesse charms and courts Hanzo properly, much to the elder’s chagrin. He learns to fight from the boys and sneaks away with Hanzo for a short weekend getaway (giving papa Shimada a goddam heart attack in the process). This is also when Jesse and Hanzo make a mistake and give each other mating bites.

Papa Shimada is livid. Morrison considers shooting Jesse through the skull. And Reyes and Ana find the whole thing hilarious. Jesse proves himself to Papa Shimada by saving Genji from a kidnapping attempt while the younger boy is out drinking, and Morrison eventually announces that the Shimada Clan, as a legal entity in Japan, is there to help Overwatch establish themselves further in the east. Jesse switches over to Overwatch instead of Blackwatch and works out of the newly created Hanamura base to be near his love. Reyes is no longer his boss, but he stops by often to check on his boy, and as Hanzo and Jesse decide to start a family, he goes into full granpa mode and spends more and more time in Japan (and away from his mate, Morrison). As a result, Talon infiltrates Overwatch at a much faster pace and the explosion in Geneva happens years earlier.

Hanzo learns he’s pregnant again days before the Commander’s funeral and decides to tell Jesse after he returns from the ceremony. Only, Jesse doesn’t. According to Angela, he never even arrived. Heartbroken, Hanzo raises his small brood of children in relative isolation (because lets face it, in a young!AU there’s no way in hell these two would manage to stop at one or two kids). Genji has to step up to the plate more and he does, helping the clan stay strong during his brother’s depression.

A year after Jesse’s disappearance, and months after his twins have been born, Hanzo wakes to his eldest son talking to his imaginary friend. Only, “Papa Owl” isn’t imaginary, its a suffering Gabriel looking for Jesse in the only place he remembers feeling safe and welcome. Hanzo lets him know about Jesse’s disappearance but welcomes him to stay. Gabriel does, turning into the children’s nanny and protector, always able to sense attacks before they happen. He even tears a man apart before feasting on his soul when a would-be assassin gets too close for comfort.

5 years after the fall of Overwatch and Jesse’s disappearance, Winston contacts Hanzo about a break-in at Watchpoint Gibraltar. A group of Talon infiltrators tried taking out Athena and they were led by a familiar face wielding a silver six-shooter with a spur on the end who took out six of Athena’s turrets in a split second.

Hanzo readies for war.

of vityenka and his papa
  • andrei nikiforov is a model who is based in paris, france
  • he’s fluent mainly in russian, english and french
  • fashion (editorial) model vs runway model
  • idk dudes this is not really discussed
  • later he becomes a businessman
  • remember this post?
  • remember this post?
  • remember this post?
  • yes, the same person whom yuu k has a brief crush bc he’s gorgeous af is the same person who is not supportive of vic niki’s dreams
  • what do you mean yuu k cannot have a crush on papa niki?!
  • yuu k got good tastes in men, ok!

  • vic niki loves and respects his papa, but he also calls his papa a pretentious bastard bc papa niki is an asshole
  • as a child, vic niki rarely see his papa bc he’s often in france for work
  • why doesn’t papa niki bring his family to live with him in france?
  • bc mama niki prefers to remain in russia to raise vic niki
  • when vic niki is 3 years old, mama niki brings him to watch an ice show and he falls in love with the ice
  • when vic niki is 4 years old, he asks mama niki to take him to the ice rink so he can learn how to skate
  • mama niki indulges in his requests but it becomes a routine where they wake up at 5 am to go to the ice rink so vic niki can be the first person to step on the ice 
  • do not ask me how the small child has the energy to wake up at 5 am every day when his mama has to be shaken from her sleep to wake up
    • ‘what time is it?‘
    • ‘omg my vitya, it’s only 5 am‘
    • ‘but mama, we have to go to the ice rink now‘
    • ‘no, it’s too early, and mama is still sleepy, ughhh‘
    • ‘mama, come on! we’ll go even in our pajamas, please‘
    • ‘we are not going to the ice rink just wearing our pajamas‘
  • however, this is only possible bc papa niki is not at home at all
  • except for that time he comes back from france, finds no one at home, makes his coffee and wait for his wife and son to come back
  • here’s the thing about andrei nikiforov returning home from france to russia after so long, he doesn’t fucking tell people he’s coming home
  • it caught yulia by surprise when she and vic niki return from the ice rink and finds her husband sipping his coffee while reading the newspaper
  • vic niki screams when he sees his papa bc it has been too long since he last seen his papa and papa there is so many things he wants to tell him
  • papa niki is pleased to see his son too so he asks where he has been all morning
  • i swear if vic niki knows what he says to his papa that time leads to the disaster that comes in the next 20 years, he will absolutely shut up
  • again, vic niki is only a small innocent child
  • he announces that he is learning ice skating
  • andreinikiforovshutsdown.exe
  • papa niki argues with mama niki

  • it’s not that papa niki doesn’t believe in his son’s potential but must it really be figure skating?
  • idk what his deal is bc if we are talking about risky career option, becoming a model is a risky career option as well
  • if you don’t have what it takes to survive in the modelling industry, despite your good looks, forget even trying to become a model
  • so what difference does it make when it comes to the sport of figure skating?
  • just bc there’s potential for vic niki to fall and injure himself?
  • is that the only reason he’s so against his son’s dreams?
  • bc he can’t bear the thought of his son getting hurt?

  • papa niki and vic niki are involved in a situation where the son attempts to prove to his father that he can do what his father thought he couldn’t do but instead of seeing and believing in his son, the father ignores it
  • how long has this mess been going on?
  • if you are counting, it starts from the age of 5
  • but zue, what about vic niki surprising his parents in his early 20s?
  • ‘broken relationships takes years to be fixed’
  • vic niki surprised his parents but it was more of an apology to his mama for hurting her feelings but what was he apologizing to his papa for?
  • he didn’t do anything to his papa aside from slamming the door on his face and being absolutely uncooperative since childhood til adulthood but vic niki didn’t think this warrant for an apology
  • vic niki didn’t need to have the talk with his mama bc he knew that his mama has always forgiven him regardless, even if she didn’t say that to his face bc mama niki is more of a silent participant
  • but why does he need to apologize to his papa?
  • when all his papa has been doing to him is ignore him in his entire life?
  • in vic niki’s defense, it’s papa niki who owes him an apology!

  • but folks, there’s a reason why andrei exists for a crack scenario where yuu k has a one-sided crush on him and vic niki is all like, ‘of all people, yuuri, why do you have a crush on my papa?‘
  • and yuu k’s response to vic niki’s accusation is, ‘but vitya, your father is very much like you‘ and what it means to yuuri is ‘that’s why i fall in love with you bc now i can see where your personality comes from‘
  • it’s a running joke with my friends that andrei often say that vic niki takes after his mama and yulia just stare at him like she’s in The Office bc while there are traits that vic niki inherits from her, vic niki is andrei’s son
  • both are stubborn af, tends to be impulsive and temperamental
  • and often when mama niki feels like shooting down her husband, she reminds him of the incident where he climbs into her apartment and proceed to take off his clothes as he poses as a live model
  • sounds familiar?
  • only a nikiforov will come to their future spouse in absolutely nothing

  • it’s true that papa niki and vic niki finally made up when the latter turns 30 but they have been making progress after they have the talk
  • i’ll cover the talk later but basically papa niki and vic niki sit down and talk about a lot of things which includes why he’s so against vic niki’s dreams
    • bonus: vic niki says the signature quad flip is dedicated to his papa
      • it’s more of a fuck you papa but he realizes that his hatred for his papa actually make him succeed at doing the quad flip
  • and vic niki regrets making up with his papa bc he discovers papa niki is brutal af when he is being supportive to his son’s dreams
    • ‘who cut your hair?‘
    • ‘i did‘
    • ‘it’s hideous‘
    • ‘it’s not hideous, papa!‘
    • ‘it’s hideous, but we can fix it‘
  • vic niki knows his papa is a model but he does not expect his papa to be giving him full blown advice from his hair to skin care to clothing choice to mannerisms class
  • at one point, after revealing to his parents that he stole his mama’s sketchbook to make the costumes, it is papa niki who suggests that mama niki design vic niki’s future costumes
    • ‘i’m a painter, not a fashion designer‘
    • ‘i know fashion, i know fabric, i can help‘
  • when vic niki end up coating himself with gold glitter, effectively becoming the sparkling russian fairy, papa niki strips his son naked and proceed to scrub vic niki’s entire body while screaming WHO TOLD YOU TO GET YOURSELF COVERED FULL OF GLITTER
  • bc of his experience, papa niki takes the responsibility to style his son, making sure he looks elegant bc no son of a nikiforov is going to the ice looking so d i s h e v e l e d
  • at one point, papa niki becomes vic niki’s manager
    • it’s not an official position
    • but yakov appreciates the nikiforovs’ involvement bc victor has zero cooperation with people so knowing that his parents are involved in their son’s career, he can rest at ease
    • or not, bc the nikiforovs are extra af
  • he also manages the merchandises and yuu k is so happy when papa niki gifs him with the limited edition posters of his husband
    • ‘yuuri, the real thing is here so why are you–‘
    • ‘but i have always wanted to own these posters‘

  • while i believe vic niki could have pulled the ‘i’m moving to japan to seek my true love’ mission all by himself, bc this is cheetos au, we have to involve the nikiforovs
  • vic niki bangs the door at 4 am, lies on the floor and cries that the love of his life does not return his love, under the watchful gaze of his parents
  • when vic niki watches the video and realizes that it’s yuuri, he bangs the door at 4 am, make his parents wake up and announces, ‘i found him and he’s calling me to go to him!‘
  • vic niki bangs the door at 4 am and tells his parents that he’s moving to japan. he doesn’t ask them to help him move but papa niki offers to help
  • bc he knows of a crazy nikiforov who do anything for their true love and it’s him
  • yes, it is papa niki who says, ‘surprise him by appearing before him nude’
  • is it really surprising that vic niki listens to his papa this time?
Moments. Chapter 3: Pretending

Idea explained here

You can read all the parts here

Prompt: Hi! I really love your writings so I decided to send you a prompt even though I know it will get some time to see it written… could you write something about Yousana being together (seriously) but they haven’t told anyone yet and then Yousef gets invited for dinner at her home with her parents (by one of Sana’s parents or Elias)… and just Yousana acting a bit awkward because they don’t want Sana’s family to suspect anything. Thank you in advance!

Chapter 3: Pretending

She smiled to herself and closed the window going back inside her room. The boys were in the backyard, talking about their stuff. Yousef hadn’t been paying much attention since he had been texting Sana. As soon as Sana told him that she was in the window he had looked up straight at her and smiled making Sana’s heart skip a beat.

Now she couldn’t stop thinking about him, she needed to find something to be entertained or she would go crazy. Maybe if she studied…



She went downstairs to the living room, stopped for a moment to look at herself in the mirror and opened the door. Elias, Mutta, Mikael, Adam and Yousef were inside.

“Hi” she said smiling “I just want to get a book and I’ll leave you alone”

“It’s fine, sis.” Elias said

Sana nodded and smiled at him. She could feel Yousef’s eyes on her but she didn’t want to look at him or she would get lost in him.

“What was that?” Elias asked

Sana frowned confused

“You just smiled at me”

“And?” Sana asked

“And now you’re talking to me. What happened? You spent weeks not talking to me and now you’re all smiley and talking”

“You’re not the center of the universe, Elias. Everything is not about you” she said rolling her eyes.

She walked to the shelf. Yousef was leaning against it with his arms crossed on his chest. Coincidence? Nope, the boy knew Sana was coming for a book and he was waiting for her. She stood there facing the shelf while she looked for the book she needed, closed enough to Yousef to feel his presence, but far enough for her to concentrate. She felt his eyes on her and from the corner of her eyes she looked at him and saw him smiling. She shook her head slightly and smiled to herself, “master of pretending”, sure.

“Need help?” Yousef asked her


“Need help? You seem like you can’t find what you’re looking for”

Oh, it’s just this blue book about biology my father has and…” Sana started to explain

“This one?” he said pointing at the book that was right in front of her

“Yes…that one” she picked it from the shelf blushing “Thanks”

“My pleasure” he said biting his lip and nodding

She looked at him and he showed her a wide smile that made her blush even more. She could feel everyone’s eyes on her so she cleared her throat, excused herself and got out of the living room as fast as she could. She closed the door and leaned against it searching for her phone.

“Who are you talking to?”

Sana looked up and found her mom staring at her in the hallway


“Who are you talking to? You were smiling at your phone” her mom said

“Why is everyone so surprised that I’m smiling?”

“I’m not surprised, just happy to see you happy. Were you talking to someone special?”

“Nope, just the girls” Sana said putting away her phone

“Okay…” Sana’s mom said not very convinced “Are the boys inside?”


“Good, I’m inviting them to stay for Iftar”


“Why not?”

“No, I mean…I don’t know if they want to…they’ll probably want to go with their families and…” Sana tried to look for a way to convince her mom not to invite them, if it had been awkward being in the same room as Yousef during 5 minutes, she didn’t want to imagine what it’d be sharing the room with him and her parents

“Sana, we have hospitality here. And you’ve always liked those boys. Has something happened between you and that’s why you don’t want them here? Maybe something with Yousef?”

“No!” Sana said way to loud “I’m sorry, I meant no, it’s fine, everything’s fine. Sure, invite them, it’ll be great to have them”

“Okay, you can come with me then”

Mama Bakkoush opened the door with Sana behind her.

“Hi boys, sorry to interrupt you”

“It’s fine mom” Elias said

“I wanted to invite you to stay for Iftar with us” she said with a big smile

“Oh, we don’t want to bother” Adam said

It’s no bother at all, we’d like you to stay”

“You’re staying boys” Elias stated

Yousef searched for Sana’s eyes across the room. He wanted to make sure she was okay with it. Sana looked at him and nodded slightly so only he would notice.

“We’d love to, thank you” Yousef said with a smile

“Great then, we’ll leave you alone now”

And with that Sana and her mom left the room.



Awkward. That’s all Sana could think. They were all sitting at the table eating the food Mama Bakkoush had prepared, talking about random things, but Sana couldn’t concentrate. She felt Yousef’s eyes on her but she didn’t dare to look at him, she knew what would happened if she did that. Her mom knew her, she would notice as soon as Sana would lay eyes on him.

It was the same for Yousef, he tried to keep track of the conversation his friends were having with Sana’s parents but his eyes kept going back to Sana and so did his mind, then he would reprimand himself for being so obvious and he would return to the conversation, only to start looking at her again after like 1 minute. He was taking a sip from his glass when Sana’s father spoke.

“So, Yousef, what do you think of Sana?”

Yousef choked on his water and started to cough searching for some air. His friends started to laugh at him while Sana looked down blushing.

“Wh-what?” Yousef stuttered

“We were talking about basketball and I saw you two playing together the other day. I was asking you what you think of Sana as a basketball player” Papa Bakkoush explained

Oh, oh. Sure, I’m sorry. Yeah, she’s…she’s great” he said looking at her

“Greater than you, you mean” Sana said looking at him with a smug smile

“Oh, really?” Yousef said rising an eyebrow

“Yes” she said.

They both stared at each other and smiled forgetting for a moment where they were. Sana’s mom cleared her throat bringing them back to reality. Sana looked at her mom and then at the rest, they were all looking at them. She blushed and tried to find a way to derive the conversation from them

“I mean, at least you’re better than Elias, not that it is very difficult” she said

“Hey!” Elias complained

And with that he became the main focus of the conversation and Yousef and Sana could end their meal with no more incidents.



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CHAPTER 4: Ashes, Ashes
AUTHORS: @piecesofscully & @2moms-0fucks
RATING: Teen/Mature

Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3

Notes: Huge thanks and so much love to @bohoartist for not only the fantastic and much needed beta, but also for the love and support she’s offered us as we worked (and continue to work) on this beast. We couldn’t have done it without you, boo thing. 

The late morning sun shines brightly through the windows, casting an erroneous sense of alertness over the exhausted people at the kitchen table.  

“How long we stayin’ here?” John asks after stifling a yawn behind his cup of coffee. He stretches his back from side to side, groaning at the tight muscles that line his spine.  After he’d made his way upstairs a few hours earlier, he’d entered the room to find William fast asleep in the bed.  Rather than waking him with a “Scoot over, kid,” he’d pulled the spare blanket and pillow from the bed, and slept on the floor.

Mulder fixes his gaze on Scully, but she looks at John, eyebrow raised, and asks,  “What do you mean, John?”

He clears his throat.  “I mean, do we camp out here for a few days?  A few weeks? What are you guys thinking, what’s the plan?”

William’s eyes jump from adult to adult: Mulder chewing his bottom lip, Scully staring at her plate, Skinner cocking his head to the side, and finally his Papa, who’s looking directly at him.   

“How about it, Will? What do you think?  Do we stay or go? Wanna camp out here for a while?”  John asks while reaching over and squeezing William’s shoulder.

Scully’s eyes narrow, and William feels the wave of confusion rush from her, tinged with irrational sparks of anger.  “Excuse me? Go?” she asks, the look of betrayal on her face speaking louder than her dangerously even voice.  Everyone at the table remains quiet as a heavy tension manifests in the kitchen, afraid that if they even breathe too loudly that it would pull the pin of her internal grenade that’s meticulously hidden beneath her cool exterior.

Mulder slides his hand across the few inches on the table to grasp hers, giving it a gentle squeeze.  After a deep breath, her eyes shift to meet his and he shakes his head ‘no.’

“Did I miss something?” John asks, looking between the two.  

“In the hospital, you said…” Scully’s voice fades, then she shakes her head.  “No, John, you didn’t miss anything.  Clearly I did.  Fourteen years to be exact,” she mutters, then stands and walks swiftly to the front door.  “I need some air.”  

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In my opinion, the single artwork for The Man is the most considered and fantastic single art they’ve ever gifted us. Not solely because Henry is the most adorable little shit since his papa but because The Man, Brandon has mentioned, is inherently about his misadventures during Hot Fuss era; the naivety of believing that you’re Mr Golden Balls. So we’ve got the words “The Man” written next to someone who clearly isn’t a man, but a child, and a mini-lookalike of Brandon to be precise. Wearing grown up clothes but fooling no-one. The moral being you can talk the talk but until you act like a man you’re a boy. Greenday, he said some shit but he was still a baba…

Exasperating also starts with E

(Note: this is an Au where Eurus never killed VT and grew up as normal in the Holmes household as the baby of the family, she’s still a sociopath, so this happened…)

“Are you ever going to tell Molly Hooper that you love her?” Was the first thing Sherlock heard upon entering Baker Street after a long case, admittedly he should be used to his little sister showing up at his flat for no reason other than to annoy him, but honestly he thought it was Mycroft’s turn this month .

“And good evening to you too Eurus” Sherlock sighed turning around to find her sitting in his chair casually eating from a tub of (obviously expensive, imported specifically for high priority clients, delivered just two hours ago by a messenger with sweaty hands) Marchetti Gelato, she was wearing the Pajamas Mycroft had give her last Christmas and apparently seemed to have the ludicrous idea that he was back to his eight year old self who’d indulged her in as many pretend tea parties as she wished “I thought you said sleepovers were for goldfishes and amoeba brained females not worth associating with”

(Adult Eurus had never graduated from her ‘force my brothers to play tea party with me’ phase. And unlike Mycroft, who’d easily used his seniority to escape their little sister’s manipulative feminine machinations as soon as humanly possible, Sherlock never really had it in him to push her away)

“And he avoids my question, big surprise there, do have some Gelato, I even had this Ginger Nut flavor comissioned just for you” Eurus smiled extending the tub in his direction “you know that you are my favorite brother don’t you?”

“Yes I am aware, considering that the other option is Mycroft and I always win by default, although I apreciate the effort to sweeten what will undoubtedly be a conversation fraught with manipulation tactics and no I do not love Molly Hooper” Sherlock replied, putting away his bellstaff loosening his scarf and accepting the gelato “speaking of which how is your dear James?”

“Still hiding behind his lawyer in an effort to avoid me” Eurus sighed dramatically with a wave of her hand

“Well to be fair Moriarty isn’t an idiot, I think most men would prefer his high security prison in the middle east over facing your wrath after his failure to remember your aniversary” Sherlock didn’t have to make his disapproval of his sister’s choice of boyfriend known, after all it was the frequent topic of discussion among family dinners and the only subject Mycroft and he agreed on lately, but when it came to life sentences the Holmes brothers didn’t think that there was anything worse than being subjected to Eurus and the mercurial moods she hid under her sociopathic personality, so they both refrained from outright trying to get themselves rid of him.

“As James should” Eurus huffed “but he won’t be able to plead guilty forever if I make sure evidence of the contrary begins to accumulate around him” And considering the latest petty crime Moriarty had pleaded guilty for involved the assassination of a well known Middle East religious leader, Sherlock didn’t doubt his sister’s threat “are we done with your deflections Sherlock?, answer me already, when is that love confession taking place?”

“Very well Eurus, I’ll humor you” the ‘else you’ll never let the subject drop’ was implied but thankfully not voiced, if one thing was true among the Holmes family was that Sherlock loved his like minded sister and rarely left an opportunity to talk to her go to waste “why do you think that I am as you so eloquently put it 'in love’ with Molly Hooper when you know I firmly believe that sentiment is a waste of time”

“Because you are, do you need me to make a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate it?” Eurus snorted, reminding Sherlock of their teenage years and her old perchance for whining about always being right “Anyone with high IQ can see it”

“So Papa has finally given you the grandchildren ultimatum huh?”

“No more than he gave it to Mycroft but that’s not the point”

“Youre his only daughter of course its the point, Papa wants grandbabies to spoil and you as the daddy’s girl that you are, do not want to dissapoint him, you wouldn’t be here trying to matchmake me otherwise” Sherlock shot back smugly “stop saying I’m in love with Molly”

“may I remind you that of all the people in this sentiment riddled universe Molly Hooper is the only one you’ve voluntarily apologized to?”

“It doesn’t prove anything” Sherlock dodged sitting in his armchair “I respect Molly, she’s my friend”

“You analyze her life choices and clothing preferences more than you do any other female in your acquaintance and that includes mummy, Mrs Hudson, Mary Watson and Me” Eurus listed off ticking her fingers “I don’t have much experience with actual friends but as the social manipulation expert in this family I can tell you that friends do not do that”

“I do NOT analyze Molly’s life choices, I deduce them and offer helpful advice, which according to John IS what friends do”

“Then why do you always hold your deductions whenever the topic of sex comes up around her?” Eurus challenged him with a smug smile as if to say 'go ahead, try to deduce yourself out of that question’ “it wouldn’t happen to be because your mind palace automatically supplies complimentary material would it? You used to say that intercourse was part of human nature”

Sherlock internally blanched, his sister really knew too much “because it has come to my attention that talking about someone else’s sexual habits and preferences in a social setting is potentially embarrassing for them”

“I see I’ll have to help you along, honestly your level of denial is quite impressive” If Eurus had been a little younger she’d have reached for fake glasses and written Sherlock’s name on a clipboard like she used to do when she’d mockingly declared she wanted to be a psychologist after her tenure in Sherrinford “why if its potentially embarrassing do you still do it to virtually anyone…exept Molly?”

“Because Molly is different, she’s not an idiot, she’s useful to me and good at her job”

“So you get no satisfaction out of making her feel like an idiot I understand, yet one could argue that Mycroft and I arent idiots either and you infer about our sexual lives often enough” Eurus pointed out taking a spoonful of gelato “why is molly different?”

“Because she is!” Sherlock grunted instantly regretting it by the knowing look his younger sister was giving him “what I mean to say is that, talking to her about the subject never feels correct to me, Molly isn’t …”

“Able to talk about sex like a normal adult? Why Sherlock she’s a healthy woman in her thirties who disects naked human bodies for a living, I would think she’s probably very open about it” Eurus ventured innocently “her past boyfriends seem like they were enjoying themselves at the very least”

“Would you please stop taking about Molly Hooper and sexual expertise in the same sentence!” The consulting detective finally snapped

“You ruin all her relationships”

“Its not my fault that she seems to attract men with criminal tendencies”

“Oh please, you announce to any who can hear the most inconsequential things, who cares if the paralegal with the bleach teeth was evading his taxes? His only crime was talking to your precious pathologist during her lunch break” why was it that Eurus always managed to sound fifteen whenever she tried to meddle in his life?, she was a genius in all parts of her life, but as a sister Eurus Holmes could really be a pain in Sherlock’s ass when she wanted to be"If you haven’t deduced it, I’ll have you know even James could tell that her relationships are your blind spot”

“Please don’t remind me about the famous 'Jim from IT’ considering that masquerading as Molly’s date isnt an ideal way of meeting my younger sister’s psychopath boyfriend ”

“ Life partner” Eurus corrected without missing a beat “James and I don’t use amaeba terms to classify our conection” then remembering something funny she added with a chuckle “The 'Molly factor’ blindsided your deductions so badly you even thought James was gay, as if someone like him would limit himself by the sexuality and gender of his partners”

“Nowdays I even doubt that he’s limited by their consent, species or lack of pulse” Sherlock rolled his eyes, glaring at his sister “But then again he’s saddled with you, so what should I expect? After all I’ve seen his bruises and heard the tortured screams”

“What can I say I like things rough and James is the only man I know who gives as good as he gets” Eurus shrugged and Sherlock had to remind himself that she wasn’t the type to worry about the gender, sexual orientation, lack of consent or inmorality of her sexual acts either “he has a certain je nes se quais that fits me so well”

“Spare me the details Eurus, there’s a reason I never frequent your Knightsbridge flat”

“Me thinks the gentleman doth protest too much, your Molly hasn’t been raised under a rock you know, why, if my airlines didn’t keep me so busy I’d think I might even grow to like her, I would wager my escapes with James wouldn’t shock her”

“Keep your evil machinations away from Molly Hooper sister mine” Sherlock warned narrowing his eyes “You already played you games with John and it almost cost him his marriage, if you so much as try the same on Molly so help me science I will make you regret it”

“Why would I want to make my future sister in law despise me?” Eurus laughed letting Sherlock see in her eyes a glint of the madness she kept firmly under lock and key in the confines of her own mind palace “you should really hasten that love confession Sherlock, you won’t be virile forever you know, after all we don’t know if all those drugs you’ve taken in the past have affected your fertility” she taunted in a sing song voice

“I’m perfectly fertile and perfectly virile! Molly would have nothing to complain about in that aspect” Sherlock exclaimed outraged realizing belatedly thst he’d falken for Eurus’ bait “I meant it in a purely hypothetical situation”

“ARGH I blame Mycroft for this! If he hadn’t put the 'emotions are evil’ mantra in your head you wouldn’t be acting like a preschooler pulling the pigtails of the girl he fancies” Eurus groaned putting her head in her hands “what have I done to deserve this?” The answer : probably a lot

“Funny, Mycroft blames you for crippling Victor’s legs in that blasted well and coloring my perception of human relationships with trauma”

“He locked me in SHERRINFORD for three years because of it, excuse me if I disregard his opinion on the state of your psyche”

Sherlock sighed, he supposed they all were self fulfilling prophecies, being the middle child in a family of geniuses had never been easy, specially because their whole sibling dynamic hinged on Sherlock’s hability to stay neutral in the feud between Eurus and Mycroft, who by all means hated each other during a good day

But Eurus liked Sherlock and Mycroft liked Sherlock so they made an effort to not attempt mutual murder if it kept them in their middle brother’s good graces.

“Sherlock you leave me no choice! If you don’t get your head out of your rectal cavity where Molly Hooper is concerned and tell her that you love her I’ll have to force the issue with Mycroft” Eurus outlined in no uncertain terms, eyes flashing the way they only did when she played violin “and believe me I won’t be as nice to him as I’m to you”

“It would take a battering ram to knock down Mycroft long enough to give papa grandchildren and we both know it” Sherlock exclaimed, then narrowing his eyes the posibility that Eurus was in fact unhinged enough to put her brain to the task of breaking Mycroft “you wouldn’t, even YOU have to draw a line somewhere”

“Andrea has been working with him for how long? Since high school if I’m not mistaken, I happen to know a philanthropic a armament mogul that is looking for a public relations manager and well…How bored must Andrea be in that silly little desk, chained to our brother, doing paperwork all day, a woman of her capabilities deserves more and Mycroft doesnt let her do an ounce of fieldwork, if I happened to offer the position to her, adding the fact that our mogul has the highest number of assassination attempts in any bounty hunter’s book, she’d accept right away, if only to get to use her fancy guns” Eurus began innocently as tough outlining her lunch break plans

Deducing exactly who she was referring to Sherlock groaned “Nikolai Udinov? You would send Andrea to manage the life of that reprobate? Mycroft would never allow it”

“Well what do you expect? If Andrea leaves her job and him for good I calculate that it will take Mycroft less than two months to crack, she does his laundry, paperwork, calls, orders him his cakes, decorates his bunkers, manages his agents with an iron fist, Andrea practically breathes for him and Mycroft needs the wake up call” Eurus smiled with a hint of malice “so many agents have fallen in Udinov’s maze of secrets…It would be a pity if Mycroft’s greek flower was next”

“That’s because Nikolai Udinov is the type of assignment that goverment agents train for years to take on, the bullseye in his back is larger than Mycroft’s ego ” Sherlock snapped wondering again why he hadnt trottled his sister yet “you’d be manipulating Andrea into strong arming Godfather Death”

“Correction Mycroft will THINK she’s taking on Godfather Death” Eurus snapped rolling her eyes “She’ll be fine, I wasn’t lying when I said Agent Anthea is quite competent and she’s been wanting to do fieldwork since her thirtieth birthday, my people will make sure she doesn’t get killed”

Sherlock didn’t even want to ask about who 'her people’ were, like he did with Mycroft and they did with him, the less the Holmes siblings knew about eachother’s ocassional dabblings in the wrong side of the law the better “You’ll just have Mycroft believe she is, but why?”

Eurus huffed tempted to just repeat Sherlock’s famous 'you see but you don’t observe’ dribble that he always spewed to John Watson “Because it will kill Mycroft to lose Andrea and I’ll enjoy seeing him suffer” Eurus shrugged “think about it Sherlock, Andrea has been a fixture in Mycroft’s life since your uni days, the only time you and I see him without her is on social situations and even then she’s always one text away from him, he trusts her with all of his sensitive information”

“You assume that he cares about her” Sherlock snorted mystified “Mycroft doesnt do sentiment Eurus, not even for Andrea”

“Oh how blind my brothers can be when they wish to” Eurus laughed taking out a bag of chips from her purse and biting a couple “I don’t assume, I KNOW, just as I know that you love Molly, the difference is that Andrea is more likely to wait to have children, but as I said I’ll force the issue if I have to”

“If Agent Anthea dies because you wanted to get out of giving our parents grandchildren then forget about Sherrinford, he’ll hire a submarine and drop you in the Atlantic with a crew of deaf personell”

“You could also tell your morgue mouse that you love her, then I wont have to threaten Mycroft’s potted plant”

Eurus like always, had a better grasp of the ins and outs of sentiment than her two elder brothers, a fact both Sherlock and Mycroft often resented, because while Sherlock fought his battles with logic and Mycroft with dry politics, Eurus manipulated people using their emotions against them. She’d rarely used her 'gift’ on Sherlock preferring to keep herself occupied with her chain of airlines and her side work as a data analyst (when she wasn’t dabbling in her illegal hobbies) apparently tough she was doing it now.

Sherlock didn’t find it amusing.

“I suppose I should be grateful that you have not threatened to kill Molly yet and instead chose to talk to me about it in a rational way, isn’t that what your point is?”

“Yes! And I feel deeply offended that you don’t appreciate the gesture, I could have bulldozed trough your childhood traumas just to make you see sense” Eurus huffed clearly not happy by Sherlock’s lack of gratitude “I don’t see why you wont just admit the truth”

“You’re seeing things where they don’t exist, don’t you think that if zi loved Molly I would know?”

“NO! BECAUSE YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND SENTIMENT” she shot back with an angry glare, then Eurus sighed and did the one thing that always brought Sherlock to his knees, she opened her big dark eyes and gave him a very sincere part of her vulnerability “Sherlock” she began, her tone belying how much she wasn’t trying to manipulate him this time “you’ve been there for me trought all the hard things in my life, you who have supported me even in things we both know you knew better than to support…Is it really such a surprise to know that I want to see you happy?”

“as my little sister, wanting to see me happy comes with the territory” Sherlock replied putting the desert down and returning her sincerety “the truth is that I don’t see a future where I can keep Molly safe, I have too many enemies…she deserves better than me, she always has”

“And yet she loves you, all of you, far strongly than you deserve”

“Foolish woman that she is” Sherlock chuckled “I can’t love her Eurus, I’d be placing a red mark in her forehead if I did”

“Sherlock, there’s always going to be Blackwoods, Magnussens and Black Lotus organisations in this world, in fact there’s drunk drivers and bad weather and unhealthy eating habits all who cause death on daily basis, but for you there’s only one Molly” Eurus tried reasoning softly “ its hard enough for people like us to form lasting human connections, I’ve come to learn it takes years of persistence to completely bond with someone else and the fact that you are capable of it is something I’ve always admired far beyond Mycroft’s Iceman facade”

“Speaking from experience?” He raised an eyebrow taking care not to break the fragile bubble of vulnerability they’d reached

“Its always nice to know that there’s always someone out there who will care about you beyond the trappings of your psyche” Eurus agreed cryptically, giving Sherlock a tiny insight into the twisted reason why his sister hadn’t allowed Moriarty to blow his brains off after Sherlock’s fall “isn’t that how Molly makes you feel? I admit she’s no Nocturne like Irene Adler in looks or sexual appeal but I don’t believe I could be wrong in what I see when you look at her while her back is turned”

“Don’t put Molly in the same category as the woman…Irene is a capriccio, an Intermezzo with too many Staccato harmonies and not enough tenerezza, more Opera than Nocturne she’s filled with high octaves and acciaccaturas, Molly is her own sonata”

“Now that is quite surprising” It had never occurred to Eurus that Sherlock might have a melody for Molly, mainly because if he did he’d want Eurus to hear it at least once, given her brother and her shared a love for violin that often lent itself to describing people in musical terms according to how they saw the world but honestly Eurus expected Sherlock to classify Molly as a chloral “how does Molly sound?”

“Molly is shades of Adagios, Dolce notes and intermitent Allegros, that rise and fall without damaging the integrity of the composition, any more notes and she could have been a ballet or a solft waltz” Sherlock sounded so sure, humming a few bars to let her understand the gist of his thoughts, always far more comfortable expressing sentiment trough music than in words

“I wonder why you have never played her for an audience” Eurus genius that she was didn’t need to see him play to hear the notes in her head, the soft tone of the violin and the spikes of the Sonata’s hidden edges “she sounds like comming home” was all Eurus could say after the song finished playing in her mental fortress “your very own masterpiece”

“Her melody isn’t for public to hear” Sherlock replied ruminanting in his sister’s words, because she had put into words the elusive title that he’d never given to the Sonata that belonged to Molly Hooper 'comming home’ was an apt name for the piece and if he was honest with himself he had to admit it had been that way for a long time, Molly herself was the kind of person who’s existence validated the part of Sherlock who needed a place to run to when things got difficult “she makes me feel accepted, when it comes to Molly I always know that whatever I do, or wherever I go, I will always have a place to call home in her life, the Sonata always changes in degrees of subtleties” hadn’t that been the reason he’d felt so hurt by her (failed) engagement to Meat dagger? Because he’d assumed she would always be there… and on the heels of that thought the realization struck “Because I love her”

Eurus could have clapped her hands in joy at the breaktrough of her brother, and to think it hadn’t taken any death threats, really Sherlock was so much better to reason with than Mycroft “then why do you keep wasting so much time?” She asked still trying to be understanding

“You don’t understand Eurus, I LOVE HER” Sherlock exclaimed in shock and Eurus could see the beginning of what looked like a very Holmes panic attack “And I’ve hurt her in the past so badly…and you KNEW” he was referring of course to the fact that Eurus hadn’t told him what she suspected since day one

“In all honesty I thought that you would have noticed your attraction to your pathologist since the moment you began your game of 'flirting for organs’ I didn’t expect the situation to last this long” Eurus admitted sheepishly reminding Sherlock of the way she used to intentionally assume that he’d clean his bedroom when he had a nasty experiment rotting in his desk, conveniently not reminding him to throw it away “its not my fault, its yours” So maybe his mind palace was undergoing a major rearrangement, Eurus could work with that..hopefully

“What do I do now?” Sherlock groaned putting his head in his hands “I love her”

“You do whatever mummy would do I suppose, she’s the one who is good at handling non-sociopaths” Eurus tried to help along “maybe you should confer with Dr Watson, I fear my continued advice in that subject would nderimental to your latest breaktrough” Aka: Eurus would not give Sherlock romantic life hacks, she simply wasn’t willing to.

“Mummy…would make lunch, maybe a pot of her favourite tea” Sherlock agreed pensively “and ease Molly slowly into the situation”

“Not too slowly, I want my first nephew to be born preferably within the next year or so” Eurus asserted as tough she were giving Sherlock her takeaway order “you will make mostly male children given both of your genetic profiles but I’d still like at least one of them to be named after me if possible”

“Have you ever thought that Molly might not want children? If anything she hasn’t agreed to even date me yet, let alone get engaged or conceive with me…”

“Tiny crime solving pathologists?” Eurus supplied when he couldn’t bring himself to say the word children “Sherlock a basic deduction of Molly’s life would point towards a desire for a nuclear family, more to the point she’d want it and she’d want it with you, the only sibling in our circle liable to be successful in raising another generation of Holmes geniuses” considering Mycroft and Eurus would most likely cause their offspring some degree of psychological issues with their parenting techniques, it didn’t sound so much like a compliment

Aaaand there went their bonding moment, Eurus was back to her manipulative self “Maybe you should leave” Sherlock muttered comming in and out of buffering mode “as much as I enjoy our interludes, I don’t think I’m fit for company or will be for the next few hours”

“Maybe I should, my work here is done” Eurus agreed rising from her seat and dusting her Pajamas “I expect that a sleepover wouldn’t be any fun anyway, not with the way your thoughts are shouting”

Noticing the changes in the tone of her voice Sherlock briefly paused his panic attack to regard his sister with a suspicious stare “Stay away from my pathologist Eurus, I mean it”

“I will, but be a smart boy and keep an eye on her, I heard your old friend Victor is back in town” Eurus attempted to joke “Maybe you should move her here for a few days, you know, for security reasons” And with that parting shot his sister breezed out of Baker Street leaving a very stressed Sherlock no choice but to phone Molly

“Gasp and Bloody Works what can I do for you?” Molly’s cheerful voice answered her mobile, Sherlock could hear the sound of a bone saw in the distance and deduced he’d caught her in the middle of an autopsy

A million thoughts raced trough his head but he settled for a mundane response, no need to alarm her “Bad time for a call?”

“Oh it’s you Sherlock, sorry I didn’t see the caller ID, funny you should phone I just got the most interesting body with a unidentified brain aneurysm, I thought you might find it interesting so no its not a bad time at all” she always sounded in good mood whenever he called, give or take a few exemptions, Molly always tried her best to be positive about everything including his cases.

“Really? A brain you say” Sherlock perked up before remembering the subject at hand “actually I was calling to ask for a favor, but the brain aneurysm sounds quaint, please save it for future study”

'smooth Sherlock real smooth’ mind palace john muttered

'Not now Watson’

Molly who knew him well enough to know that if he wanted to ask for something big he’d do it in person and not by phone had no qualms in replying “what kind of favor? Sherlock is this for a case?, you know that as long as its within my power I will help you”

“No its not for a case, this is more of a personal favor, I need to stay in your flat for an undefined amount of time” there he said it now all he had to do was get Molly to agree, because while this wasn’t the first time he’d used her place as a bolthole it was the one time he’d do it for sentiment’s sake and consent was important.

“Wait, why? Are you okay” the bone saw was turned off and Sherlock could hear the unecessary concern in the voice of the woman he’d just realised he loved.

“yes I’m fine, but I have reasons to believe that my privacy in Baker Street has been compromised” and he needed to make sure Molly’s hadn’t been. Lest Eurus perchance for giving people a push in the right direction landed Molly in the bottom of a well.

“By who?”

Sherlock gave a long suffering sigh and answered “by my sister”

An: I’ve thought up Eurus as a dark version of Georgiana to Sherlock’s Mr Darcy hope she wasn’t to occ, this fic is for all my Sherllolian folks on tumblr, who are just awesome

Monsta X Reactions to their S/O not being able to have children-

(for @yoongisanxietyprincess )


Papa Shownu would be more concerned about your happiness than children. He understands that you’re both so young and he’s very busy with his career. “It’s alright sweet girl, you still have my heart.”


His heart would be absolutely crushed. He loves you and children with his whole self. “It’s okay baby…we can find another way. There are always other ways.”


He’d focus on your own health and well being and would sit down and have a long talk with you about the whole situation. “Everything’s gonna be okay Y/N. I have you and you have me and that won’t ever change.”


He’d do what he could to console you as you were absolutely crushed. His career and you are what matters the most to him at the moment. “Come baby girl, come relax with me. It’s all good.”


He’d be a bit upset about it. You having his children was absolute perfection in his eyes. “Come on babe, let’s just nap this whole situation away.”


Joohoney would be more concerned about your happiness than children. He understands how busy his career keeps him. “Let me drown you in these kisses until you feel better, my love.”


You told him the news and to help you relax and feel better, he took you to the ocean for a nice beach day. Your mind was practically already off the negative. “Come here baby! Feel how warm the sand is.”

Phil’s Bad Day // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: parent!phan, domestic fluff, slight angst

Words: 3.5k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: none

Summary: Phil’s day just seems to be getting worse by the second and the world just seems to be turned against him today.

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stanisaman  asked:

How do you think stenbrough came out to the other losers? :)

I strongly believe in something along the lines of what I described when that anon asked me to write stenbrough as friends with benefits. I mean, I think they both had a very Let it Be approach to it. They took baby steps, letting it show here and there. Ben was already in a long-distance relationship with Bev (This is my benverly headcanon, by the way), so Ben no longer resented Bill, and Bill had completely realized his brief attraction to Beverly was just a product of his fascination with how much of a free spirit she was.
Like, Bill admired her a lot for her acting skills. He eventually understood she became a sort of celebrity crush of his. But now it was clear that what he felt for Stan was the real deal. The realest.
And they just go with the flow. Mike, for example, thinks it’s funny when Stan and Bill do something couples do and look from side to side wondering if that was noticeable. Being older, it’s all crystal clear to Mike; and he has been so overwhelmingly busy trying to better his grades, do a lot of extra projects as fast as he can. Get into a great college. Mike wishes that kinda of “silly” thing was all he had to worry about… But he only plans on finding himself a girl when he is already at his college dorm.
Sometimes he wants to make little remarks about what he is seeing, but he never actually acts on that impulse ‘cause my boy was raised right! and knows it’s not his place to out anyone.
But Richie and mostly Eddie start to catch him looking at Stenbrough like a proud papa of the puppies in love, and they both hadn’t noticed at the same time as Mike ONLY because they are so obsessed with one another already, LOL

So yeah, one day they just decide to pay attention to what has Mike thinking hanging out with them is so funny, reddie internally goes like “OH! Bill and Stan are in love. OH MY GOD OH MY FUCKING GOD, STENBROUGH IS A THING!!! and their brains run in circles screaming and freaking out, but that’s just for like a day, and they never say it aloud either, they talk about it privately and on the next day everyone is just back to being The Losers Club: Papa Mike and his four gay sons, Featuring Uncle Ben.. who BTW is already also starting to worry about college cause Ben is an overachiever and wants an early admission SO BAD, so he can move to Portland faster, he hasn’t yet ‘cause he is so hashtag DONE with moving around all the time, and he is still kinda in disbelief that he is actually with Bev now, so if their relationship lasts until he is accepted to a college where she is, then he will know he can breathe, and it’s real. 

Aaaanyway, sorry for not describing a lot of Stenbrough here, but I just meant to say I feel that Stan and Bill coming out to their friends was just a natural chain of events… When reddie came out they made such a Scene ™, Stan and Bill knew they could never top that, and they are both too soft and shy to want that anyway. So one fine day, when they are leaving the place they all went out for dinner; Richie goes like: “Until next time, love birds.” It’s not a finger pointed at them, it’s just a signal that ~they know~… And Stan is suddenly just kinda like “I guess we might as well…” and he pulls Bill closer by the sleeve of his sweater, puts his own arm around Bill’s shoulders and they walk towards the sunset like that, Stan kisses Bill’s hair, looks back and declares: // I’m walking this one home tonight.// (!!!!!) And they never did that before, they always went different directions before that evening, and in that moment Bill is just the happiest boy alive, and honestly, pardon my FrENch but BIITCH ME TOO!!! the fuuuck <3 <3 heart eyes fireworks lots of rainbows and confetti, like GODS BE GOOD party up people

*broken machine noises*

when i wrote this headcanon post, i didn’t think through of the plots, characters and timeline. it is part of cheetos au, but to what extent? i have been spending a lot of time messing around with ideas and getting to know the characters, so here’s the updated information for the post.

while it’s true that yulia nikiforova doesn’t expressively show her support to vic niki’s career, it doesn’t mean she’s not proud of him. she’s the reason vic niki wants to become a figure skater, so she knows how much it means to him. but bc she’s the sort that doesn’t excessively talk about her feelings, it takes a lot of guess work to know what she’s trying to express.

i plan on featuring tidbits from the museum and the hint: chocolate!

not much changes with andrei nikiforov though except maybe he’s not such a cold-hearted bastard like we all initially thought. vic niki dedicates all his quad flips to his papa as a protest. andrei still opposes the idea of vic niki being a figure skater but he doesn’t question the expenses he uses for his son. if he’s truly against it, he won’t give out a single cent but that’s not what happens.

but what triggers vic niki to push himself too hard?

unlike yurio who wins his first senior gpf with a gold medal, vic niki crashes in his first gpf. the story sounds similar to yuu k who has a breakdown when he fails his first gpf and vic niki does experience a horrible breakdown. however, vic niki does not have the luxury to get a vic niki to coach him bc that doesn’t make sense so he pulls himself back up and do things his own way.

consider this:

  • age 7 to 13 - trains with yakov. go to training camps. competes in local competitions when possible. focus more on developing his skating skills and personal style to prepare for the higher level competitions.
  • age 14-going-15 - competes in junior level for the first time. progresses well until he suffers a bad fall and fails to place. had his first breakdown, considered quitting the sports but yulia comforted him not to quit.
  • age 15-going-16 - still competes in the junior level as he’s not 15 before july of that year. it’s his last season in the junior level. this is also the first time yuu k sees vic niki on the tv, skating with his eros costume. did well for his last season in the junior level, winning lots of gold.
  • age 16-going-17 - senior debut. does not qualify for the gpf, but places in nationals, places in europeans and wins worlds. since it’s his first win at worlds as a senior level competitor, people have high expectations.
  • age 17-going-18 - qualifies for gpf for the first time, but crashes, failing to place. had his second breakdown, but instead of quitting the sports, he’s angry. i guess he just experienced his puberty?
  • age 18-going-19 - it’s a tough competition for the grand prix series so he doesn’t qualify for the gpf. he places in the nationals, europeans and worlds but it’s not a gold medal. it’s just not his year, i guess.
  • age 19-going-20 - again, not his year. 
  • age 20-going-21 - he qualifies for the gpf, places bronze. one should be grateful that one at least win a medal but not vic niki, who thinks he should have won the gpf after working so hard since he didn’t qualify for the previous two gpfs. tough luck, son. he later wins nationals, places in europeans and worlds.
  • age 21-going-22 - during the off-season, vic niki continues to practice. it grow more intense as the grand prix series approaches and he suffers from exhaustion, dehydration and hunger. despite yakov’s warnings, vic niki continues to punish his body after he recovers. however, two weeks before he is due to compete, vic niki suffers a terrible fall and hurt his ankle. he is out of the grand prix series, thus, not qualified for the gpf. had his third breakdown, forced to recuperate in his parents’ house.
  • age 21-going-22 (cont) - he recovered just before nationals, competes and places. he places in europeans too. for both competitions, he uses the same programs. however, during worlds, he make a drastic change to his programs, music choices and costumes. he wins gold.
  • age 22 to 27 - marks the living legend years as he consecutively wins golds in the gpf, nationals, europeans and worlds. idk, he goes crazy.
  • age 24-going-25 - realizes he is lonely and calls mama for advice. can be considered as the first half of his fourth breakdown, as he continues to compete.
  • age 26-going-27 - feels tired of this endless routine where all he do now is win gold and nothing else. considered as the later half of his fourth breakdown, as he still plans on competing but no longer feels the excitement. the gpf sochi banquet changes all that!
  • age 27-going-28 - takes a break to coach yuu k, discovers there is more to life and experiences love.
  • age 28-going-29 - returns to skating. goes back to live in st petersburg with yuu k. the grand prix series is his first competition, followed by nationals, europeans and worlds. he gets a mixture of gold and silver.
  • age 29-going-30 - still going strong but no longer set on getting gold bc yuu k is snatching all the golds from him. vic niki considers it as his last season. why? because he’s getting married! this is also the time where he talks about bringing yuu k to meet his parents.
  • age 30-going-31 - retires after worlds with his last gold. continue to coach yuuri for the upcoming seasons, though yuu k also says he plans on retiring soon. during the off-season, they are busy preparing for their wedding and get married in june, YAY!

whoops, i end up making a detailed timeline lol

the nikis, please come back from war!

i need to write you down, come on.

Something Worth While (Pt. 2)

Alright y’all sorry this took forEVER to edit but here it is. I’ve got a basic idea of where I want this to go but I still don’t know how long it’s gonna be lol. I also decided to keep this on tumblr for now because for some reason I’m super self-conscious about it (I feel like I’m exposing myself IDK)

Also, thank you all for your lovely messages they really encourage me to get off my lazy ass and write this stuff

Heads Up: There is a scene that is a bit NSFW

(Pt. 1)


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Mark Pellegrino Interviews about season 13 - Mark About Lucifer and fatherhood + possible redemption for Lucifer (x) (x) (x)


I’ll never stop appreciating Mark‘s deep understanding of the character… he‘s confirming here what a lot of us have been saying his whole time. Lucifer’s feelings may not come out of a moral sense, but they’re definitely there and he’s deeply driven by them… whether it comes to loving his son or his motives in general. It sounds like Mark really enjoyed playing these sides of his character, and it makes me so happy. He’s truly a treasure. 

note: sometimes i scare myself and want to sleep with my mommy but i’m like no god dammit you’re a grown ass woman can you act like it ugh it’s the worst 

after a long day of putting up with naruto and then being hounded by his equally annoying son for training, all sasuke wants is to drop into bed beside sakura and sleep for at least two days. she laughs when he complains about them and then she shares her own stories about her own day and at some point they start kissing and sakura is smiling against his mouth. but before anything interesting can happen, their bedroom door slams open and their daughter launches herself on the bed and shoves herself between them.

sasuke groans because this bed is definitely not made for three people. especially not two grown adults and one preteen girl.

“mama!” sarada yells as she pulls away the blanket and settles in at sakura’s side. she grabs her and looks utterly ridiculous considering she’s hardly a child anymore. “mama, i need to sleep here tonight.”

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anonymous asked:

Please write more Ellen, that one with the onesie hit me right where it hurts. In the feels, just more of them both bonding and spending time together with her. Where Rob is upstairs and Aaron does something and it makes her laugh, so he does it again and again, until she'd red faced from giggling and Aaron falls more in love with his stepdaughter. Thank you so much, I can't wait X :)

Robert hears the giggling from upstairs, the familiar sound of Aaron’s laughter, mixed with Ellen’s childish giggles. The sound is like music to his ears, if he’s honest, and Robert balances the basket of washing on his hip as he heads downstairs, eager to join in with whatever silliness was unfolding in their living room.

Aaron was lying on the living room floor, a princess crown perched on his head, Ellen wriggling around underneath him as Aaron tickled her, right where it made her giggle the most, under her armpits.

She was incredibly ticklish at the best of times, something she got from Bex, rather than from him, and they all used it to their advantage. There was no better way of making a bad day seem brighter than filling it with the giggles of a happy toddler.

“Papa, don’t!” Ellen snorted, trying to wriggle away from Aaron’s teasing fingers.


They’d decided, right around the time Ellen was six months old, that they’d call Aaron papa. They’d sat and talked about it with Rebecca, decided Aaron was too formal for a man who was going to help to raise their bright and happy little girl, and so papa it was.

They’d made the best of the situation, over the years. It hadn’t been easy, it hadn’t been plain sailing from the day Ellen was born (Christmas Eve, the best present any of them would ever get in their lives) but all the arguments, all the heartache, it was worth it for moments like this, when Aaron was playing with their daughter, looking as though being a dad was his one true calling in life.

It probably was.

Aaron had taken to parenthood easily, easier than Robert or Rebecca had, if they were honest. He seemed to have an intuition for it, a sixth sense for how to be the best papa a kid could ask for.

Ellen was so lucky.

Deciding he’d better announce his presence, Robert set the basket of washing down at the bottom of the stairs, crossing the living room in a few short steps. “They’ll be able to hear you all the way down in London, giggles,” he teased, easing himself down onto the floor next to Aaron.

The carpet was covered in dolls, and stuffed animals, and a chipped tea-set Diane had bought her for Christmas, and Robert spotted Ellen’s duvet shoved in the corner, the intention clearly to build a fort, before her and Aaron had gotten distracted.

Ellen looked up at him from where she was sprawled out on the carpet, shockingly blonde hair tied up in two messy pigtails (he’d get the hang of doing hair, eventually) a jumper with a ridiculous, sparkly unicorn emblazoned across the front not matching the polka dot leggings she was wearing in the slightest, and she smiled.

“Daddy, papa is being a tickle monster,” she said by way of explanation, scrambling to her feet so she could throw her arms around Robert’s neck, her constantly affection and unending love for him overwhelming, even now, three years on.

Robert held her close, pressing his cheek against hers. “I guess we’ll just have to tickle papa then, won’t we?”

Ellen looked at him with wide eyes. “Is papa ticklish?” she asked in a stage whisper, fingers knotted in the sleeve of Robert’s t-shirt, a habit she’d picked up as a baby, her version of a comfort blanket.

Robert grinned at Aaron, who was red in the face from laughing, tatty pound shop crown still perched on the side of his head. “He’s even more ticklish than you, princess,” he confirmed, enjoying the way Ellen just launched herself at Aaron, sticky hands pressing against Aaron’s armpits.

Aaron feigned laughter, enjoying the way it made Ellen giggle even louder, the little girl clearly delighted she was able to make Aaron laugh. “If your dad was ticklish,” Aaron said, scooping her up easily, Ellen laughing delightedly as Aaron rocked her in his arms. “We’d be able to gang up on him.”

“Isn’t everyone ticklish?” Ellen asked, genuinely curious.

Robert’s heart swelled about a thousand sizes as he looked at Aaron, watched as he replied, his love for Ellen so obvious nowadays.

“No,” Aaron shook his head, blowing a messy kiss against Ellen’s stomach. “Only the best people are ticklish, beans.”

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anon asked for SoMa + seductive kiss

This is set in an Actors AU. It also kind of made a weird turn near the end I wasn’t expecting, but I actually really like how this came out ^u^

Soul had expected a chaste kiss in the back of the limo.

Maka was never one for show of exposure especially after leaving extravagant events. The most they ever did on the way home was hold hands and cuddle while Soul brushed kisses along her temple. She had always told him paparazzi might follow them and try capturing a candid photo of them since they rarely did anything on the red carpet save for standing close to each other. A picture of them doing anything remotely racey would have sold for millions in their industry, and Maka didn’t want to be labeled a whore like her papa. It was one of the reasons Soul respected her wish to keep their relationship under the radar and the public to speculate what went on behind closed doors.

So when Maka pressed her lips to his, the last thing he expected was it to be anything more than chaste.

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