to show my intellectual dominance in this science honours class im sitting in at lunch i lined up a stack of rockets horizontally between my thumb and index finger and tried to slide them all in my mouth and the stack proceeded to then explode and shoot the multicoloured little chalk circles around the room


radiation  asked:

ideal pokemon team if u didnt have to worry about stats or type matchups or anything?

OOH ILL answer this when im home and im more in a Pokemon mood cause im getting it tonight and im really excited. ill reblog from this poast im very scatterbrained and unfocused right now so

I love how they made such a big deal of how bakugo would only want to hold Kirishima‘s hand? Like they could have gone through the same scenario without mentioning it, it would make complete sense scince everyone’s quirks were being used accordingly? But nope they decided to dedicate 5 pages to how special and close Kirishima was to Bakugo