Im laughing my ass off right now! So @baeddlam and @boringkate had been visiting me in the recovery center all day since ive been having a very rough time. So time came that visitation hours have ended and they needed to leave, me being me kissed them both on the lips and hugged them to say goodbye since im dating them both. Now at the time we had been in the common area relaxing and also the super super shitty military woman was in the room as well. As soon as she processed what just happened her eyes shot wide open and her jaw fell XD it honestly looked like we just traumatized this person by kissing and it took all my willpower not to burt out laughing before i managed to leave the room..

ID #66862

Name: Hanna
Age: 21
Country: Canada

Hi! I’d love to make some international friends online, as lately in school I haven’t been easily making friends. I love talking to people about everything to do with life, movies/tv shows, school, and personal goals. I’m very ambitious and passionate about writing and creating and consuming art in general, but I’m also prone to depression at times. I also love photography and music, and am pretty open to being introduced to new types of art that I haven’t experienced before. I also love reading, so discussing books always sounds great.
I’m currently still in my undergrad in uni, studying English Literature as well as Philosophy, both of which I am very fond of. My favourite period of literature tends to be the 19th century; specifically French and German, but also British and American. Random: I’m more introverted than extroverted; am an Aquarius; a Type 4 on the Enneagram personality test (which I find quite accurate).
I’m absolutely terrible at learning languages in the long-term but I have always been interested in them, so I’m open to friends speaking them to me so long as I can mostly understand. One of the great benefits of having international friends is learning about other cultures, which is another reason this is so appealing to me. But mainly just being able to connect with other people around the world is a wonderful thing.
I’d love to talk mainly by e-mail first and then social media apps! Thanks for reading :)

Preferences: It’s easiest to talk to people around my age group as we’d have the most similarities, but I’m open to talking to people of any age and also any gender/sexuality/race. I’m open minded to anyone so long as they are not homophobic/islamophobic/racist/etc.