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How long have you been animating for? What's the best way to start out and get into it? :)

I haven’t been animating for that long actually. My first ever animation was a summer college project to make a TV ‘e sting’ for the channel E4 (not actually being sent to them) about 2 years ago. I wont share it since I don’t think I have the file and it is very bad. It was done on adobe illustrator (??? ?? it is NOT an animation program) and was about 10 seconds of a little man fishing, and then he fishes out the E4 logo.

After that, Cloud was my first actual animation. I hadn’t done any proper animation studying or experience beforehand so pretty much just relied 100% on my drawing abilities.

This shot was actually the first animated test for Cloud, which ended up being in the film:

The main things I employed for this shot were the key poses of the jumps and squash and stretch, which I already vaguely knew about at the time.

Luckily, the final productions for both Media and Film (different courses) were done at different times so we wouldn’t have to be doing them simultaneously. So after Cloud was finished for Media, I immediately went on to do I’m Feeling Lucky for Film. This was the first rough test I did for Bad Luck:

Although I was a lot less happy with that one due to time constraints, overall my two college films were hugely successful and encouraged me to go on to do Animation Production at university.

How do you start? I’d say just jump right into it! Don’t worry about getting it right, just animate based on what you know from your drawing skills. Obviously don’t just straight into making a full 4 minute film because you will be overwhelmed (trust me). Maybe start with little animated gifs or walk cycles. Look up lots of animation tutorials and references, such as squash and stretch, arcs, smears etc.

Animating is hard and will take some time getting into it, but the payoff is worth it!

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I had an awesome Vampire Chronicles-related dream ok

In the dream, Lestat was a captain of a well-known pirate ship. Him and his crew weren’t that violent of pirates, since Lestat liked to keep things neat and orderly, but they’d get what they demanded because they were that feared for whatever reason (probably from the rumors of how they would occasionally take people for blood sacrifices?)
One day, while at some docks, Lestat was looking around at all the different ships in the area, kinda smugly being like “Yes. My ship is the biggest and best ship. My crew is the best crew.” Then he saw one that was relatively small and didn’t have a crew–it was just one man by himself. It nearly lost his interest, but then the man turned around, and Lestat had to hold onto the railing to keep his balance. The man was absolutely gorgeous. Lestat had never found someone that beautiful before.
He made his way onto the little ship and introduced himself as the “Great Pirate Lestat” but the man just looked at him with complete calmness (where most would grovel in fear). The man shook Lestat’s hand and introduced himself as “Louis”, then went back to working on organizing his ropes.
Eventually, Lestat convinced Louis to let him be a part of his ship. Lestat didn’t even need to be captain–he just wanted to be part of his crew. Louis agreed, Lestat let his old crew know and appointed a new captain, then left out to the seas with Louis.

That’s about as much as I can remember about that dream. I’m very tempted to write a fic for it

today.. the most homosexual being to ever exist... has died..... 1 minute of silence... for rainbow puffle

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