Wow, I’m really getting myself together I’ve done so much homework recently??? I’m proud of myself to be honest; I’m doing it pre-5 seconds before the deadline and I feel No Crushing Pressure for once
It’s nice

@saintroux replied to your post “listen…listen. who the fuck calls their boyfriend “bud” ??”

my parents have called each other bud and buddy for their entire existence. For something so atypical in a romantic sense, I find it terribly endearing.

Okay, that is pretty frickin cute when you put it that way

oscarbilde replied to your post “listen…listen. who the fuck calls their boyfriend “bud” ??”

Apparently it’s a Canadian thing

Canadians! They’re just like us, but different

@fragilehuge replied to your post “listen…listen. who the fuck calls their boyfriend “bud” ??”

i know a Minnesotan who does this…. why are north people like this

fascinating. perhaps the cold climate affects them.

oh yeah i got tagged for that ‘spell your url with song titles’ thing uh

Zellenblock B2 - Wolfenstein: The New Order (do you KNOW how fucking hard it was to find a song that starts with Z)
And Now We Run - Payday 2
KILL7la切ル - Hiroyuki Sawano
Undertale - Toby Fox
Take On Me - Aha
On The Way Out - HOME
Odyssey - HOME

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last movie you saw: can’t remember… but the next one i’m gonna watch is Kubo!!

last song you listened to: “San” from O-Kuma

last show you watched: Stranger Things (and an episode of Re:Zero with a friend does that count?)

last book you read: “Le baiser de Judas - Photographie et vérité” from Joan Fontcuberta (yes it was for school)

last thing you ate: sushis!!

if you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: here!

where would you time travel to: end of 90s !

first thing you would do with lottery money: save it for futur haha (…….and buy all the things in my wishlist)

fictional character you would hang out with for a day: I would love flying with NiGHTS of course, and hang out with Junpei from persona 3 he looks like a cool friend to hang out with!

time right now: 4:10 AM woops i should go to sleep

2nd TAG!

nickname: Pouette or Pi

sign: Pisces

gender: girl

favorite color: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

average hours of sleep: 7 or 8

last thing you googled: smiley meh tumblr

current number of followers: 552 :D

height: 1m65 (i think it’s 5,4 ft??)

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I just REMEMBER something from around 8 years ago when my sis was playing Kingdom Hearts.

You know how Sabor like to randomly ambush you everytime you roam around the Deep Jungle? Well there’s lot of times my sis should’ve ended up GAME OVER. But she thought of the easiest way in dealing with that leopard.

One time when she came back to the campsite in extremely low HP (she ran out of healing items and her party members ran out of Magic Points too), she realized Sabor is nearby. She forgot to save her game and she didn’t want to risk running into the tent to do that so…


When Sabor’s HP is almost gone, she climbed down and made one final swoop, defeating him! Since then, she repeatively used this strategy in defeating Sabor. 

If that’s not the smartest game strategy, I don’t know what it is

What Your Favorite Assassin Says About You
  • Altair:Good taste. You can appreciate the new stuff, but there's a special place in your heart for the classics. Probably a little bitter over Maria's death, but you're lowkey about it. You probably have a soft spot for puzzles, but you still hate half the ones in the AC games anyway.
  • Ezio:You just came here to have fun. You loved the Glory Days™ of the franchise and miss them, and you cry every single time someone mentions the names "Federico," "Petruccio," or "Yusuf." You love minor characters but they all die and you're sad.
  • Connor:Highkey bitter as fuck. Literally one of the saltiest people in the fandom. If given the chance, you would fight all of Ubisoft, on your own, with just your fists. You probably feed stray animals and can't walk into a dog pound without crying.
  • Edward:Would probably fight anyone, but there's no passion behind it. Certified Dank Memer. You never have any idea what you're doing, at all, ever, but somehow you make it work. You don't give a fuck about the modern storyline at this point.
  • Arno:Cinnamon roll. You like witty humor but you're also sad as hell. Probably a closet masochist, because you've for some reason stuck with this franchise for so long. You probably don't care about the modern storyline all that much, either.
  • Evie:Either Altair or Connor was your favorite before Syndicate. Probably an older sibling, or otherwise has to deal with children. You have nothing but love for good female characters, and you're probably pretty gay. You would thank Evie Frye for curb stomping you.
  • Jacob:Probably liked Ezio or Edward before Syndicate. You love being right and rubbing it in people's faces. Cried at the end of Syndicate, but you'll deny it to the grave. You make smart-ass remarks but run the moment someone tries to fight you. You'd inbox someone the entire Bee Movie script.