me playing any non-BioWare game: I’m so glad my ship didn’t kiss at the end of the game. I love them so much but them just sitting together watching sunset after saving the world is so much more meaningful
me playing a BioWare game: No I dont want to do another sidequest. I dont care that I just started the game, WHEN WILL THEY SMOOCH U FINALLY???

Alrighty, I’m slowly working on things with this blog and I apologize for that but work and school are the main villains boom boom but I’m still doodling traditionally and stuff so if ya wanna see that art then just here ya go: @p-mustacho
Okie dokie thank you for listening

SO I found out a neat connection that I didn’t really set up but it turned out to work perfectly??

Concerning the headcanons we’ve made so far about where the Sins go after they purify and why

So first and foremost, I noticed Gluttony and Sloth are both staying in Greenville after they purify. Just them. And you might be wondering why that is or maybe you’re not, but REGARDLESS


GLUTTONY and SLOTH have both been exposed to their partners in their respective feral forms. Gluttony and Sloth know their SO’s as well as Britton and Parkere do, so it’s BECAUSE of that they stay in Greenville after they purify

The Sins themselves have no reasoning to do this but they are naturally, instinctively inclined to stay near their partners because the “Sin” parts of the Sinlers have been EXPOSED to them.

And then you look at Pride who’s running off to New York. Well look at how its relationship is with Zel and even Brice. Pride is being stuffed down and away by Brice constantly, it rarely EVER gets exposure around Zel (for good reason of course) but that’s why Pride doesn’t stay near her because it doesn’t care about her like Brice does. 

It doesn’t KNOW her like Brice does.

So then that’s gonna extend to how the other Sins feel. So is Wrath going to stay in Greenville? Is Envy going to stay near Wrath because they have that relationship? I know Lust runs away too but where’s Avarice gonna go? This is important information that I need to keep in mind for the future.

me in middle school: maybe i’ll find someone when i’m in high school

me in high school : maybe i’ll find someone when i’m in college

me in college : maybe i’ll find someone when i’m in grad school

me in grad school, probably : maybe i’ll find someone when i start working-

So I did a quick headshot of my main OC, Ruka, and I’m quite proud of it. I got a sharpie pen thing so I could make the lines more prominent and obvious so yay c:

Her colors are;
Black: R;0 G;0 B;0
Purple 1 (feathers (wingspan)): R;120 G;0 B;255
Purple 2 (underbelly): R;50 G;0 B;128
Purple 3 (wing’s spine): R;32 G;0 B;64
Turquoise (eyes): R;0 G;255 B;255 And Midnight Blue (mane and arrowhead/spade tail tip): R;0 G;0 B;80

But honestly though @nerdy-not-girly can draw a badass bunch of stuff and she is a smol birb c:

yo…. if i made a blog where rp writers can go to find inspiration as well as encouragement and aesthetics for their characters, would that be cool? I’d also like to make a squad for badass, strong ass women writers so that they can encourage each other when they’re feeling down? or maybe an all genders squad because we as writers need to love each other instead of attacking the literal shit out of each other and making each other feel like garbage to stroke our own egos (not talking to anyone in specifics).  Let me know what you all think. 

ships i know i want: clary & raz whethere straight or otheriwse because u can’t tell me shit, izzy & raz, simon and raz because even as a brotp they’d be great af, and basically, raz with just about everyone because I’ll figure out how to make it work. I just want more ships, whether romantic or platonic.




PRONOUNS:  she/her, her highness/her majesty

SEXUALITY:  Bisexual

TAKEN OR SINGLE:  single n ready 2 mingle


→ i am currently in school to reach my end goal of becoming an actress. im finishing a six month intensive program and moving into a nine month program that focuses on comedy and then i’ll be taking a theater course if i get in next year

→ january 15th 2015 i was hit by a car when i was crossing the road and fractured a buncha bones and now i suffer from chronic pain all day everyday which sucks but hopefully i will get lots of money that would be pretty dope

→ i am an amateur cosplayer and have personally made almost 20 costumes in total over the past three years - not just for me though, i’ve made many for other people


HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?): i have been rping since i was around eleven years old? so about 10-11 years.

PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED: An old forum called PlanetZot, MSN, AIM, GaiaOnline, Facebook, Proboards, Skype and now Tumblr !

BEST EXPERIENCE: creating characters i love and meeting a lot of really amazing people who i have become friends with


FEMALE OR MALE: Male; I usually play male characters more than females but Amelia is just my main muse of all of them.

FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT: Angst is my favorite because that is how you learn about characters and develop them. I love adventure threads and intricate plots and I just love hurting my character and other characters and ppl. I love Romance though but specifically fluff… it’s alright and smut comes after. I don’t smut unless it fits, though.

PLOTS OR MEMES:  I definitely prefer plots but that doesn’t mean I don’t love threads from memes because some of those go so far and develop so much. but i love doing memes and seeing them answered for me

LONG OR SHORT REPLIES: short replies mostly because im lazy and i got a busy mind that wanders often. i love both though but my inspiration comes and goes… but i got the illness that comes with tumblr rp… ignoring drafts and making new threads or opens all the time

BEST TIME TO WRITE: 12-7 am tbh…. very late night and very early morning idk why

ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S): a little bit. we both have brown hair and green eyes though her hair is a lot lighter, skin a lot darker and eyes a lot more green. personality wise we are both very maternal and caring towards ppl and we both like nuggets but other than that not really??? im def not an alocholic and i don’t kill people and i don’t wear six inch heels all day every day… i DO like nuggets and cake and treats though….

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