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Hi! So with Valentine's Day coming up I've decided that reading a good romance would be the best way to celebrate. As someone who has never read a "real" romance novel and wouldn't even know where to start do you have any recommendations for the best romance novels for someone new to the genre?

This is late as fuck, but here are four different romance rec posts (1, 2, 3, 4) I’ve made and honestly my books tag in general is like 80% romance novels!

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Hey, do you have any romance recs? With the exception of a few Georgette Heyers (which are not w/o their flaws), I don't really know where else to start? - Not an Angry LBD Fan Anon

I appreciate you not being an angry LBD fandom anon, Anon.




Okay, first, my go-to romance rec for anyone who has ever been even remotely interested in reading a romance is basically anything by COURTNEY MILAN!!!

Delightful, emotional, fun, starring LADIES WITH AGENCY and the dudes who respect that agency. A+++

Most people I’ve seen start with her Turners series (Unveiled, Unlocked, Unclaimed, and Unraveled) which features such romantic heroes as the dedicated virgin who wrote a book about chastity which led him to unwelcome fame (which he sometimes uses to tell off misguided fans about slut-shaming) and also to the heroine who is a courtesan hired to SEDUCE HIM AND DESTROY HIS REPUTATION. (Unclaimed is my fave Turner which isn’t saying much because lololol love them all.)

Then there is her just recently started Brothers Sinister series. The first full-length book is The Duchess War (THE DELIGHTFULNESS WAR YOU MEAN), but the novella that acts as a prequel, The Governess Affair, is seriously one of my favorite pieces of fiction ever. It comes with a trigger warning for (referenced) sexual assault, but it has one of the most satisfying, respectful, careful treatments of rape and consent that I’ve ever seen. Seriously it is so good. @ladysaviours was live-reacting in a group chat as she read it for the first time last week and she just kept like exploding emotions into the chat every few pages and everyone else just went YOU THINK THAT’S SOMETHING? READ ON. :> Then there is a novella that follows The Duchess War called A Kiss for Midwinter which I described as a delightful romance about 19th century sex education.

She also has another series the CARHARTS (Proof of Seduction and Trial by Desire), which people tend to forget about but I do not particularly because I suuuuper love the handling of mental illness and spousal abuse in the second one. The hero in the first is probably the only one of hers I would call douchey though he gets better by the end, but YMMV.

She also has some short stuff in a few anthologies but at this point you can just go to her website.

Then there is JULIA QUINN. She’s written a bajillion romance novels and the quality varies a lot (I have… read them all), but some of them are among my faves. Her Bridgertons series — about a family of eight siblings named alphabetically and their mom who wants to see them all married off — is deeply enjoyable. (The Duke and I, The Viscount Who Loved Me, An Offer from a Gentleman, Romancing Mr. Bridgerton, To Sir Philip With Love, When He Was Wicked, It’s In His Kiss, On the Way to the Wedding.) It has wonderful family dynamics and while the heroes tend to slide up and down on the alphahole scale (i.e. asshole alpha male archetype common to romance heroes) they are fun, light, and based heavily around aforementioned family dynamics and cute dialogue. The fourth Bridgerton book also happens to be one of my favorite romance novels OF ALL TIME and one of my number one comfort reads.

Other favorite Quinn novels of mine are What Happens in London10 Things I Love About YouJust Like Heaven, and Brighter than the Sun.

ELOISA JAMES is next. She’s another one with a huge back catalogue, but my favorites above and beyond all the rest is her Desperate Duchesses series. (Desperate Duchesses, An Affair Before Christmas, Duchess by Night, When the Duke Returns, This Duchess of Mine, A Duke of Her Own.) Some are stronger than others, but the real draw IMO overall is the last two books and the way that they tie up storylines for characters that have been progressing in the background for the entire series.

LORETTA CHASE is another one whose entire bibliography I’ve read. My favorites of hers are scattered around through various series (loosely connected and otherwise), but I especially enjoyed: Miss Wonderful, Lord Perfectand Last Night’s Scandal (all from the same series), plus Silk is for Seduction.

After reading a short of hers in an anthology I started making my way through TESSA DARE’s work. I very much liked her Wanton Dairymaid trilogy (Goddess of the Hunt, Surrender of a Siren, and A Lady of Persuason) not least because there’s an ACTUAL BLACK GUY in the second two books who is hot and has a secondary romance, but I adored her Stud Club Trilogy (One Dance with a Duke, Twice Tempted by a Rogue, Three Nights with a Scoundrel) even more.

And finally, I would highly recommend Ravishing the Heiress by Sherry Thomas, which I reviewed in full here.

P.S. You didn’t ask but my fave Heyers are!!! The Masqueraders, Arabella, Frederica, and Venetia.

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hi, i've loved all your other regency romance recs, thank you for them (courtney milan is a particular fave)! i'm thinking of getting into georgette heyer - can you suggest where to begin, what are your top 3 or 5?


My fave Heyers (noting that I have read 16 of her 33 romances):

Faro’s Daughter - Deborah and her aunt are genteel women who have fallen onto hard times and, thus, have turned to running a classy gambling house. The beautiful Deborah is beset by suitors, one of the most persistent being an adorable puppy of a nobleman from a great and very wealthy family. The family, of course, thinks that she’s a fortune hunter (unaware that she has literally no intention of marrying said adorable puppy), so his abrasive uncle Max comes to buy her off. Insulted, Deborah impulsively pretends to be every bit as vulgar~ as they assumed in retaliation. Max reretaliates against that. Deborah rereretaliates. Things escalate quickly as everyone else sits around going, “?!?!?!!??!?!!?!? IS THIS……….. REALLY NECESSARY????”

Sprig Muslin - Handsome, charming, and generally super likable Sir Gareth, having given up on love as a youthful fancy, wants to propose a sensible marriage to his sensible, spinster acquaintance Lady Hester. On the way to visit her, he happens across a lively and beautiful young lady named Amanda, who has run away from her home for her own reasons and has absolutely no idea how to function in the world. Seeing no other option, Gareth takes Amanda under his protection, but is shocked — as is everyone else! — when Hester rejects him. She doesn’t want a loveless marriage! But she does agree to help him with Amanda until he can discover the girl’s true identity and return her to her family. Amanda, however, is determined to do what she wants, which involves escaping from custody a lot. MANY HIJINKS ENSUE. 

Cotillion - Raised in a secluded country estate, Kitty’s adoptive great-uncle has decided to leave his entire vast fortune to her on the single condition that she marry one of his nephews. Both Kitty and her uncle have a particular nephew in mind, but when the rakish Jack doesn’t take the bait, Kitty gets Jack’s cousin — hapless, well-meaning dandy Freddy — to pretend to be her fiancé instead so that she can go to London and experience the world whilst also making Jack jealous. Kitty, however, manages to get embroiled in about 19 different OTHER people’s romantic troubles, which, necessarily, drags pretend!fiancé Freddy into them as well.

The Masqueraders - Children of an infamous adventurer, brother and sister Prudence and Robin are masters of disguise, which comes in handy when they end up on the wrong side of the Jacobite rebellion and flee to London to lay low. While there, Prudence takes on the guise of a dashing young man named Peter, and Robin pretends to be “his” sister Kate. Peter makes a good enough impression on society to be taken under the wing of an elegant gentleman, Sir Anthony, while Kate befriends Sir Anthony’s acquaintance, Letitia. Obviously NOTHING COULD POSSIBLY HAPPEN TO ENDANGER THEIR TRUE IDENTITIES HERE!!1

Lady of Quality - Wealthy spinster Annis loves her staid older brother, but likes him best when she doesn’t have to live with him. So, in opposition of society, she keeps her own residence in Bath. She is much admired and beloved despite her not-very-ladylike sense of independence and ends up rather accidentally taking a young lady, Lucilla, into her care when said young lady runs away from her well-meaning — but smothering — family in the company of her childhood friend. Lucilla’s uncle Oliver comes to investigate Annis to see if she’s a suitable de facto guardian. Unfortunately, very few people approve of her spending any time in his company since he is a known rake and, incidentally, also known as the rudest man in England. Annis doesn’t like him very much (OR DOES SHE), but she likes being told what to do even less. Oliver, on the other hand, likes her more than anyone he’s ever met.

Also fun: Arabella, Frederica, Venetia, Sylvester, and Bath Tangle.


and by great i mean REALLY PRETTY BUT ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE as book covers which are intended to represent what a book is about

So like we start with Bitten which okay. A spatter of blood. Innocuous. I GUESS it could be inferred as being related to werewolves, I mean Elena and crew do spend a lot of time brutally murdering dudes (that girl is a monsterrrr), so MAYBE. But lbr everyone would actually just think it is about vampires.

Then we move on Stolen and it’s still… sort of… maybe… related? Okay, a big theme is abduction. And while this looks more like some gentle bondage play with silk scarves or some junk… I’LL LET IT PASS.

Okay now we’re getting weird. A swirl of… smoke? Mist…? Does it represent the fleeting nature of Paige’s sense of her life’s permanence…? Perhaps the sexy mist she wants Lucas to teach her about. Ehhhh. Trying to figure out what this has to do with the tale of a young witch and her younger witch ward BUT I’M NOT SEEING IT.

And now we have gone entirely off the rails. So there are some LEGS in some rad checkerboard thigh highs, and then some… random chess pieces balanced on one leg…? Are they PAIGE’S LEGS? Do the chess pieces represent the interplay between Lucas and Paige and Benicio???? Their case under investigation isn’t really much of a strategic conundrum. And gotta be honest, I think Paige is clearly much more a red lace kinda girl. Maybe the cover artist didn’t think that was WITCHY enough???????

And now we return to blood! Good old blood. With some smoke… coming off of it? Or is that a ghost? A spirit? That’s weird since while this book IS about a ghost, Otherworld ghosts don’t… bleed. Is someone SUMMONING a ghost with a blood sacrifice? That would seem more appropriate for Jaime’s book, no? Or is Eve just playing parlor tricks… for some reason…… while hanging out in the afterlife?

Okay yeah. This one has me stumped. I can’t really figure out what a guy playing in some diaphanous curtains has to do with Elena and her werewolf pack fighting zombies… Does he represent the zombie’s struggle for control of their unlives? Or… yeah no. I got nothing. It’s just a drunk dude lost in a scarf or something.

OH SHIT did we get topical by accident?!?! Okay so some legs and feet and more diaphanous shit which, who knows, BUT I will interpret this as being a GHOST, perhaps even a HOLLYWOOD GHOST DRAMATICALLY MURDERED, and thus making it actually TOPICAL for the book starring Jaime Vegas, world famous fake spiritualist and secret actual necromancer.

I…. hmmm. Yeah, this just looks like more bondage play. Maybe… Hope and Karl are into that? But then Hope’s legs would be significantly BROWNER. This book IS half narrated by Lucas, but I don’t think he and Paige are into that either, so once again. A failure. Especially since the actual plot of this book has literally nothing to do with either of their sex lives……

A woman in a blindfold. I guess it could be the terrible narrator (one of FIVE) but it doesn’t even… fit her description. Also she was never really blindfolded and in custody since her fool ass kept FLEEING FROM CRIME SCENES NO I WILL NEVER BE OVER THAT. Also it looks vaguely like she is about to be executed. So maybe this cover just represents what I WISH would have happened to everyone in this book.

I'mma be straight up. I don’t even… know what the fuck this is. A SPINE? SOME HAIR? OR… A… VAGINA?!?! Someone’s elbow…?????? I can’t even make up a way for this to be connected to Elena and werewolf business because it is too incomprehensible. OH OH WAIT maybe it is like SNOW and then the hair of someone laying on the snow. Let’s go with that.

Okay so this is… pretty direct. Waking the Witch. A girl looking… alert? I guess she is Savannah? But why is she… covered in dirt….? This book isn’t about zombies… an even if it were, Savannah isn’t one. ANOTHER FOR THE FAIL BIN. But I guess it gets points for featuring someone who could at least possibly be the main character maybe?!?!?

Okay I totally got this one. OKAY SO THE BUTTERFLIES REPRESENT SAVANNAH. And you see they are being BOUND in the BOTTLE. GET IT?!?! Okay so actually only one is actually in the bottle and the rest are fluttering free as you please, but DON’T TAKE THIS ONE FROM ME.

literally the best book covers


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What's your absolute favourite romance book?


Okay I’ll do it this way:

  • Favorite Comfort Read: Romancing Mr. Bridgerton by Julia Quinn
  • Favorite Novella: The Governess Affair by Courtney Milan
  • Favorite Roadtrip: A Week to be Wicked by Tessa Dare
  • Favorite Series About A Family With Eight Alphabetically Named Children: The Bridgertons series by Julia Quinn
  • Favorite Series About Three Brothers Where All The Books Being With Un-: The Turner series by Courtney Milan
  • Favorite Book About a Poorly Dressed Heiress: The Heiress Effect by Courtney Milan
  • Favorite Book About a Dandy and a Spinster: Miss Wonderful by Loretta Chase
  • Favorite Book About Some Kids Who Appeared in a Previous Book All Grown Up: Last Night’s Scandal by Loretta Chase
  • Favorite Book About the Hero and Heroine Hatereading Together: What Happens in London by Julia Quinn
  • Favorite Heyer Novel About a Lady Who Works in a Gambling House: Faro’s Daughter by Georgette Heyer

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Can you rec me some really good marriage of convenience and/or arranged marriage books? Historical or contempory, doesn't matter!

Gosh, Nonnie, as much as I love them I DON’T KNOW OF THAT MANY SUPER GREAT ONES IDK IDK I have yet to come upon a tried and true way of specifically finding that trope. That said, last time I was looking to read some I did find some good ones.


In for a Penny by Rose Lerner

Ravishing the Heiress by Sherry Thomas

Brighter Than the Sun by Julia Quinn

Slightly Married by Mary Balogh



u might maybe be interested in reading :

Ravishing the Heiress by Sherry Thomas


19-year-old Fitz’s distant cousin suddenly drops dead leaving Fitz to inherit an earldom consisting of a completely destitute and dilapidated estate and, oh, £80,000 of debt, SO instead of marrying his beloved and going into the army as he’d so happily planned, Fitz must instead be an earl and marry a total stranger: Millie, the 16-year-old canned goods heiress to whom his cousin was engaged.

Mousy, reserved Millie has spent her entire life being ruthlessly trained by her nouveau riche family towards her SINGULAR PURPOSE: to get shackled to some dude her family could buy off in order to get a title in their line. She was resigned to it when her husband-to-be was an unappealing fellow over twice her age, but when she meets Fitz… OH NOOOO HE’S HOOOT. And Millie thinks for a second …..MAYBE? but alas upon realizing that he is desperately in love with another and also, through no fault of her own she is the vehicle for the total devastation of his hopes and happiness, she decides that falling in love with him would be a terrible idea.

So, wishing to keep her distance, Milly offers Fitz a PACT, they will live as completely platonic acquaintances for eight years, at which point they will do their duty to produce an heir. After a disastrous honeymoon trip involving spiraling despair and lots of drunkenness, they travel to their new home and set about the herculean task of making it livable.

But as time passes and Fitz and Millie become allies, then partners, and finally friends, Millie finds it harder and harder not to be super in love with him and both dreads and anticipates the eventual Consummation.

Eight years on, however, DRAMZ strikes when a month out from the fulfillment of their pact, Fitz’s childhood sweetheart returns and wants to see if they can at last claim all that was denied them!!!!!!!


  • No one is the villain!!! While [SPOILER ALERT THE HERO AND HEROINE IN A ROMANCE NOVEL END UP TOGETHER] it is made clear that Fitz and his childhood love are no longer suited given the eight years during which they’ve had to grow and change into different people, she is not conniving or evil. AND she gets her own HEA in a subsequent novella.
  • It acknowledges the lack of options both Fitz and Millie had and Fitz never blames Millie for his initial unhappiness or vice versa.
  • FITZ AND MILLIE’S FRIENDSHIP IS THE FUCKING BEST. She analyzes his SEDUCTION TECHNIQUES for him your argument is invalid.
  • my emotions ;___;



Sometimes in Regency romance novels they make a big deal about how the hero and heroine share a room and the duchess’ suite or whatever is never used IN CONTRAST!!1 to the expectation that they would keep separate rooms and visit at their leisure.


like idk not wanting to spend every single waking AND sleeping moment with someone doesn’t mean you don’t love them deeply

it just means ur an individual human with a marginally separate existence and i’m p sure that if it was affordable/feasible space-wise/socially acceptable plenty of happy couples might keep separate bedrooms

anyway i hope you enjoyed this “it’s the morning and rawles is at work on a few hours of sleep” consideration

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Some recommendations for romance novels featuring POC as protagonists?


Jeannie Lin writes historical romance set in Tang Dynasty China so almost all of her protags are Chinese. Courtney Milan's The Heiress Effect has an Indian man as secondary romantic lead. And Tessa Dare’s A Lady of Persuasion has a black man as secondary romantic lead.

That’s all I got.


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thoughts on the hunger games?

Awww, I love it when Mem and I get matching asks.



I hate Katniss’s increasing total lack of agency! I hate that she’s constantly relegated to being a passive observer and contingent to that I hate the limitations of the POV that Collins chose where you are trapped with Katniss and her passive observing and forced ruminations on her outfits and food instead of far more interesting things. I hate the laziness of ROCKS FALL EVERYONE KATNISS LOVES DIES!

I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT THE “LOVE STORY” which would not have been as big a deal if, again, the tight Katniss POV didn’t mean that I had to constantly hear about that shit.

I FUCKING HAAAATE FUCKING SAINTED PEETA THE NICE GUY. I hate his stupid face and his stupid ~noble pining~ and I hate the narrative and Katniss’s self-loathing spirals and other characters constantly telling her about how he is so GOOOOOOD and oh the good purity of his ~love~ for her that she doesn’t deserve. I hate that Katniss ends up with anyone at all when she consistently seemed completely NOT INTO IT in a way that gave me ultimately cruelly dashed hopes for an ace heroine whose needs and desires were treated with respect and I hate that her lack of interest in/engagement in romance is painted as a symptom of how BROKEN she is and ultimately to engage in both romance and having kids WHICH SHE DESPISED THE VERY IDEA OF CONSISTENTLY she just needed to be worn down and badgered for long enough to accept it! Accept fucking Sainted Peeta’s ~perfect love~ and fucking Sainted Peeta’s desire for children and I guess who cares what Katniss ever wanted or needed because why should her feelings be valid! She’s ~broken~!


And now I never want to speak of this again. :D

slapface replied your post I wish I had never laid eyes on you! You are rude, and stupid, and I was never so plagued by anyone in my life! a lady to the man shes kidnapped


Faro’s Daughter by Georgette Heyer. I’ve seen her be funny before, but this is some next level shit.

It is straight up the story of the hero and heroine getting into a silly battle of wills and oneupmanship over something neither of them actually cares about and then everyone else going …..THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY. AND YOU DON’T EVEN… WANT… CONTRARY THINGS?????

and them going NO SHUT UP I WILL DEFEAT HIM/HER!!!

Like the heroine’s brother tried to release the hero after the heroine kidnapped him (in response to his blackmailing her in response to her extorting him in response to his insulting her) and when the hero found out that her brother took the key from her forcibly he YELLS at him and tells him to GIVE HER THE KEY BACK RIGHT NOW! with his compliments…

(Brother: BUT SHE… KIDNAPPED YOU???????


Brother: KID….NAP…….?????!!!!!!!! TIED UP IN CELLAR??????!!!


So basically this is all some really intense foreplay that they just wish everyone else would stop butting into apparently.

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I was wondering if you, or any of your followers, could rec some historical romance novels in which neither the hero or heroine were abused. I just feel there are a lot of romance novels in which the tortured hero was neglected by his cruel father and the heroine was abused in some way and I just want to read something that doesn't use abuse as a plot point. Thank you in advance!

OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD i.e. not comprehensive

Per your specifications I’m excluding anything that has any kind of abuse/neglect/mistreatment storyline where the hero or heroine is the victim, even things where I feel it was handled very well. If you’ve any interest in stuff that I think did well by that kind of storyline/story element that’s another list!

Brighter than the Sun by Julia Quinn - The heroine does leave home in the beginning of the book because she doesn’t get along with her father’s soon-to-be wife, but her dad supports her decision. No real mention of the hero’s parents other than the fact that his dad put a Plot Significant clause in his will.

Romancing Mr. Bridgerton by Julia Quinn - The hero comes from the bosom of a huge, loving family. The heroine’s family is also close, though she herself is sort of ignored/underestimated by them (and everyone else) because she’s a wallflower, though they clearly love her. I wouldn’t class it as abusive, but use your discretion?

Miss Wonderful by Loretta Chase - Hero has stern, but loving parents. Heroine has a beloved, if eccentric, father.

Lord Perfect by Loretta Chase - Hero has the same stern, but loving parents from Miss Wonderful. Heroine’s parents were scoundrels but no abuse is alluded to; also had a scoundrel/good-for-nothing for a husband, but again no abuse and she loved him/he was a good father to their daughter, etc.

Last Night’s Scandal by Loretta Chase - Hero has silly, overdramatic parents and a stern, loving godfather figure. Heroine has loving mother and stepfather and beloved dead father.

Silk is for Seduction by Loretta Chase - Heroine’s parents were scoundrels, she and her sisters were raised by a kind relative. Don’t even remember if hero’s parents were mentioned, but 99% sure they weren’t abusive in any way.

Unlocked by Courtney Milan - Heroine has a kind, beloved, eccentric mother. Have no recollection of hero’s parents being at all significant. The fact that the heroine has been bullied by society, however, is the focus of the entire novella so! IDK?

Trial by Desire by Courtney Milan - Heroine has loving, doting, but cloying parents. Hero’s grandfather was a total douche but it wasn’t really directed at him. There’s like one reference in the entire book to his grandfather not expecting anything of him. He was raised by his loving mother after his father died when he was young. A caveat to this however is that though neither the hero or the heroine has any big overcoming abuse etc storyline, abuse is still a fairly central plot point because the heroine has been helping abused women escape from their abusive husbands since she was 16.