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if you listen to “Two by Two” with earphones on, you’ll notice that during the part where arnold is introduced as kevin’s companion (“that’s me! that’s me!”), josh gad’s voice would first play on one side of your earphone before slowly transferring to the center (“hello!”) during the part where he meets kevin price

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Hey Books! How'd ya meet the other newsies? ~Atlas

Hi! Well, I uh, I met em through Davey actually? Some guy was bein mean to im, an I thought they was gonna fight, which they almost did. But Dave got it handled, but he dropped his book, so I went to give it back to him… Then I realized I had read it too, so we was talkin ‘'bout books for a while, till he had to leave and go sell. He asked if I wanted to help, so I sold with him yesterday! He gave me my name too! Then he figured out that I… Ain’t got nowhere to stay no more, so he took me with him to ask if Ise could stay with his friends, even though I was scared they’d say no… But they said yes, so Ise stayin there an sellin there now! I ain’t really meant most of them yet? I’ve only really met Davey an Crutchie, I wanna meet the others though, but Ise worried they won’t like me much…

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More on Hemingway: I love how everyone is like "Oh, his writing style is unpretentious and economical, he's a classic of American literature." HE IS AN OVERLY VERBOSE HALF-TALENT HACK WHO MADE A LIVING DELUDING A GENERATION INTO BELIEVING THAT OVER-WRITTEN UNDERSTATEMENTS ARE AN ART FORM. It's not talent, it's 96 pages of a dude with a fish. UGH. Hemingway fans are the same sort who think Holden Caulfield is the voice of a generation and not a whiny, self-involved little brat.

Seriously. SERIOUSLY. There are so many “classics” out there that are supposedly untouchable because of this great status they’ve attained, and I just cannot STAND them. For example - Lord of the fucking Flies. I hate that book. HATE IT. It is the most painfully obvious, blindingly in your face book I have ever read, and it’s put on this pedestal as a great work of literature. Please. Golding may as well have painted “THIS MEANS CIVILIZATION” in neon letters on that fucking conch shell for all the subtlety he used.

And don’t even get me started on Catcher in the Rye.