tagged by happytraumer to pick my top ten favorite movies!!!! these are in no particular order because i cannot pick an absolute favorite for my life :0

the gifs arent mine, i just put text over them in photoshop

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Hi I'm sorry if this is annoying but could you please do a character with silver hair?

I don’t have any ideas for a suitable character just yet, but silver hair is something I will almost definitely do at some point, when the inspiration strikes me. :)


Quick Guide Post Number 6- How The Movies Learned To Talk

About time I made another one of these! Things have been preeetty busy lately.

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Classic Special Effects (1920’s - 1940’s)

Early Color Movie Processes


Finally put this thing on YouTube, for all you salt of the earth types who don’t cotton to Vimeo. Enjoy!

i am dead and it is all beauce of mamamoo in shorts

Trying to think of comic stuff for this Bane and Jango comic. I just wanna ask you guys what I should do but it’ll ruin any surprises. Not that I feel like I’ve done anything that spectacular or anything… Just want it enjoyable but somewhat believable :( I dunno.
I guess what I’m saying is… Would you guys want Bane running around shirtless, or wearing something that wasn’t his?