I want you..

I want to cuddle with you, feel your hands on my body, feel your hand in my hand, your body up against mine and the warmth that radiates off of you. I wanna feel your lips against mine softly and fiercely, feel your lips brush against my neck, and in my hair. I wanna lay in bed with you and talk about everything, I wanna lay next to you and just look at you in silence..

The brain has no sex. A woman’s intellect and inventiveness, as well as her ingenuity, are equal to a man’s… A man often depends on physical strength to get what he wants, while a woman has to be more subtle; so she uses her brain. And she is constantly getting more practice. That’s why I say that it’s becoming a woman’s world, year by year, almost day by day.

— Mary Pickford, 1935.


Greta Garbo getting a few smooches from her main lady in waiting in Queen Christina(1933). [x]

The 1933 film with Garbo was based on Christina, Queen of Sweden; a historical figure and bisexual(or lesbian). In this clip, her Lady in Waiting complains how Christina never has time for her anymore with all her royal duties in the way. Garbo’s character responds that she’ll finish all her pending work and “will go away for two or three days in the country”. Which rather pleases her lady.

I think we all know what plans they have for those two or three days.

While making a personal appearance at a Chicago hotel, several thousand dollars’ worth of jewelry was stolen from Bebe Daniels’ hotel room. Gangster Al Capone, a longtime Daniels fan, heard about it and put out the word that whoever stole the jewelry had 24 hours to return it “or else.” The jewelry was returned the next day.

  • me when my crush's sign is compatible: I could sense it....we were Destined to meet...our relationship will make the gods envious, this is Perfection
  • when it isn't compatible: Ok but I mean every person is different and personalities can't be narrowed down to a few traits, we're more than just our signs and