Yeah, my friend and I were sorta just ready to complete the game when we got to the final battle. Less talky, more fighty.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Moon in Aries, void of course 1:59 am MDT

Probably not a good night’s sleep for many of us - this has been the case basically since Brexit and Dolt 45, but it’s exacerbated today. We’re tense and on edge, jumpy, and ready to believe the worst.

Moon enters Taurus, 6:33 am MDT

This will calm things down a bit, though I think it’s going to be a particularly talky trip through Taurus for the Moon. In less than 30 hours the Moon goes void (12:08 pm MDT Weds.), so take advantage of the peace and quiet while you can!

Pallas/Aries square Pluto Rx/Capricorn, 9:40 pm MDT;
Venus/Aries square Juno Rx/Capricorn, 9:48 pm MDT

I sincerely hope nobody has a hot date this evening. As Cameo put it about 30 years ago, “No romance, no romance, no romance for me.” Could be pretty wild, artistically, if you aren’t as plumb tuckered out as Ms M.

Looking ahead to Wednesday: marching in place.

  • Lexi: *over the comms* Everyone has to stop eating junk. For now on, only vegetables and protein!
  • Vetra: *over the secret comms* I have fifteen cases of Blast-Os in my room. We can hold out longer than she can.
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anonymous asked:

im new to seungchuchu is there any headcannons for them that u personally have or that are pretty widely accepted?? that would be super cool if u could share :">

oh boy you dont know how long ive been waiting for this [cracks knuckles]

- seunggil is the embodiment of the “[nudges boyfriend at 3 am] chad? wake up chad” meme, hes constantly waking phichit up in the middle of the night with weird epiphanies or completely bizarre questions. phichit, instead of telling him to go the fuck back to sleep, grabs his phone and they stay up another two hours researching the history of circumcision in ancient china.

- seunggil, as a korean person, takes great pride in his ability to eat spicy food. phichit, as a thai person, takes great pride in his ability to eat spicy food. the result is that they constantly engage in wordless competitions with each other, both refusing to back down until at least one of them ends up hospitalised.

- seunggil has a one-track mind and no concept of social decorum. this results in thought processes such as “phichit is cute –> i want to kiss him –> i will” which results in occasionally inappropriate public displays of affection (with seunggil being completely unaware as to its inappropriateness). similarly, if hes #thirsty, hes super blunt about it, tugging at phichits shirt and nuzzling against him until phichit caves.

- phichit loves korean drama, and constantly drags seunggil into watching them with him. seunggil eventually gets into it, and then somehow gets the idea that kdrama = phichits ideals of romance. not knowing any better, he does dumb cliche shit like pushing phichit against a wall and making out with him. phichit does not complain.

- of course, in korea, the kdrama on tv dont have subs on. so theyll cuddle on the couch and phichit will “dub over” with increasingly ridiculous lines. seunggil, who actually understands the dialogue, tries so hard every time not to laugh.

- phichit, being a southeast asian person, cannot stand the cold (as a southeast asian person i can verify this okay). whenever hes visiting seunggil in korea, he spends 90% of the time huddled under the covers with seunggil and his dog. in general hes also super clingy because body heat, seunggil, itll keep us warm, no wait dont go.

- conversely, seunggil is very much not okay with how damn hot thailand can get. phichit therefore makes it a point to be super clingy, only because of how much seunggil keeps muttering about how gross it is, ew, youre so sweaty, stop sticking to me. but they end up falling asleep curled around each other in patches of sunlight anyway.

- whenever theyre all out together, and seunggil does something nice for phichit, guanghong would tug on leo sleeve and say, very casually, “look at how nice phichits boyfriend treats him”. whenever leo does something cool for guanghong, phichit hums and says “wow, isn’t it great that guanghong has such a capable boyfriend”. leo and seunggil have a begrudging respect for each other.

- seunggil likes watching phichit apply his eyeliner. phichit likes taking seunggil through his morning routine. neither of them get bored of it, even though they do the same thing every morning and every night.

- whenever they want to frickle frack, they decide who tops and who bottoms by playing video games. sometimes (most times) when theyre too embarrassed to admit what they want (because #asians) they lose on purpose / let the other person win on the person. usually the other person is pretty damn aware of that too, but neither of them say anything (lol)

- phichit runs a livestream of his hamsters cage. seunggil keeps it open all the time, just in case phichit ever decides to pop in to check on them.

- phichit forces seunggil to watch the king and the skater with him. seunggil Suffers ™ through it. the day after, he presents phichit with a fourteen page paper on the anti-monarchy themes explored in the movie, a plan for a programme based off the characters’ routines, and a detailed analysis of each character. phichit has never been more in love.

- seunggil sleeps a lot. he loves to sleep. and he doesnt care where he sleeps, as long as he wakes up to phichit beside him.

- phichit loves taking pictures because you should always capture the moment before its gone, you know? but after a while the pictures he takes of seunggil grows less and less, because he realises this moment, its never going to go away. seunggil is never going away.

Swing the Wii Remote in a quick motion over your head to jump up and shoot- Whoop-Boooo Alright HUP-BAAHH!! Buckets! Hyup-HAAAH Kobe! Hup-Aahh KOBE! Jordan! Hup-Bah-Kobeeee!! Alright hup-BAAHH-KOBE!! KOBE!! Kobe. Kob- Kobe!! Buckets! Jordan? what is the metric Kobe! and its using to decide how Kobe! you make? KOBE BABY! KOBEBEEF! wha-why-   And- [LAUGHTER]   And Kobe!  what’s the math   Buckets! it’s doing to seeJordan! if you’re making the Jordan! shots Buckets! try Pippin?Oh yeah that’s it ¡Sccccottyyy Pippin! ScottyPippin! Charles BarkleeeYYyYYyyyyyyy! Larry Bird? Larry BiiiiIIIiiiiiird!! Larry Bird.



Anna Christie (1930)

Garbo’s entrance was shot in the morning. The soundtrack was ready by lunch time and was played back over the studio loudspeakers.  Everyone held their breath.  When Garbo’s lovely, limpid voice came on air, everyone burst into applause. Garbo was definitely in the ‘talkies’. 

Garbo later said:  “I was so nervous the night before. I couldn’t sleep”.