Quick Guide Post Number 6- How The Movies Learned To Talk

About time I made another one of these! Things have been preeetty busy lately.

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pug-in-the-mug said: He’s a bit creepy tho…

OKAY BUT LIKE, LISTEN AND HEAR ME OUT THO. I went back to watch some of the eps Onion was in after watching Onion Friend, and even rewatched that episode. and I think the only reason we think Onion is SO creepy is because Steven thinks Onion is creepy??? Like everyone in beach city thinks Onion is a bit strange, but they also think Steven and the Gems are even a bit strange too?? But like hey, It’s beach city, strange things happen all the time. And yet Steven is really the only one who reacts to Onion so dramatically.

and that’s REALLY strange for us, because Steven really doesn’t have a hard time dealing with out of this world (pun intended) shit?? He’s raised by rock moms, he is his mom, he fights aliens and monsters, HIS MOMS COMBINE TO BECOME BIGGER MOMS, he was totes okay with turning into cats (until he couldnt make it stop), and so much other ridiculous shit that steven just laughs off. And not only does he deal with them okay, but he’s interested in these things!! he wants to see them and experience them himself!! and this is what makes steven so awesome and amazing.

he’s a kid who is so empathic and loves new things and new people. he’s friends with lars, a kid who regularly picks on steven. he befriended lapis lazuli, a broken gem who absorbed the whole ocean and that the other gems thought was dangerous. he regularly tries to understand the monsters and befriend them, as opposed to the crystal gems whose main concern is protecting steven and the earth.

but then we meet Onion and Steven starts acting really weird. now he DOESN’T want to hang out, he DOESN’T want to stay over to eat, he just wants to get away from Onion as quickly as possible and go on with his day. And we’re like “OKAY IF STEVEN, A KID WHO CAN BEFRIEND MONSTERS AND IS BASICALLY THE PERSONIFICATION OF EMPATHY AND UNDERSTANDING, DOESNT WANT TO EVEN BE AROUND THIS KID, THERE MUST BE SOMETHING WRONG WITH ONION!”.

Like yeah, Onion does do some bizarre things (like what the hell are you doing in Steven’s cupboard onion??? GET THAT MOUSE OUT OF YOUR MOUTH, ONION). But at the same time Steven does some bizarre things that Connie has to get use to as well??? The Gems do strange things all the time, that Steven may not see as completely silly because he was raised by them, and he understands that some of these things are in fact normal for them. But that understanding just doesn’t seem to crossover to Onion??? and i think that’s super interesting! but it also means that the audience is gonna have a harder time accepting Onion than we did with Amethyst and Pearl combining into a giant woman.

IDK that’s my opinion anyways [shrugs]