dear evan hansen characters as things my friends have said
  • Evan: I'm second-hand shook
  • Connor: I'm wearing these (sun)glasses so that no one can tell I'm dead inside
  • Jared: I love being cool and hip with the children!
  • Zoe: Girl same I'd rather not be in 19th position with syncopated 32nd notes thank you very much
  • Alana: This isn't AP Joke Telling! It's AP Humor!
  • Heidi: Make (Evan) get a friend!
  • Cynthia: Silver Spork School, much like the Silver Fork School but way more efficient at eating soup.
  • Larry: You're a bonus giver, not a back talker! Don't sass me!
Richonne Head Canon Bingo

4. Who is the dirty talker?

There’s a popular week in August where three people in the safe zone have birthdays, all three running their own parties. Luckily, none of them share the same day, but it lets Michonne try on three different dresses in the week, something she never thought she’d have again. At the third party, Rick’s arm snakes around her waist while no one is talking to her and he whispers something in her ear that makes her laugh and shiver all at once.

“You’re not good at this, are you?” she doesn’t let on, putting her hand to his chest and shoving him off slightly, but not too far away.

“So,” he takes a step back to look at her, “it’s not working, then.” The drink in his hand is not too strong.

“I never said that,” and she leans into his right ear, pushing slightly onto her toes. The words barely audible, he shuts his eyes and he feels her grin against his ear. She backs away only slightly, smirking at herself when his eyes open – his grip on her is a bit tighter, his eyes slightly darker and his lips parted in a way she recognises. She lets him lead her away from the crowd.

(written by @chonne)


“Ordinarily I go to the woods alone, with not a single
friend, for they are all smilers and talkers and therefore
I don’t really want to be witnessed talking to the catbirds
or hugging the old black oak tree. I have my way of
praying, as you no doubt have yours.
Besides, when I am alone I can become invisible. I can sit
on the top of a dune as motionless as an uprise of weeds,
until the foxes run by unconcerned. I can hear the almost
unhearable sound of the roses singing.
If you have ever gone to the woods with me, I must love
you very much.”

– Mary Oliver, How I Go to the Woods

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(Sorry my ask might have been eaten, and you may have already got mine but I wanted to send it again just in case sorry and thx!). I'm a shy awkward 16 year old with severe anxiety, I prefer to be alone somewhere quit and don't like talking to other people very much, I procrastinate a lot and usually don't get any of my homework or chores done. In my spare time I like reading and writing and I stay up late at night either watching YouTube or playing video games. What starter is right for me?

I’d give you a Grubbin! Grubbins Also are very shy and prefer the company of either itself or just it’s trainer and aren’t huge talkers themselves. Grubbin would also like to spend time with you when you’re up late at night watching or playing something!

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Honor Among Thieves Ch.8

Once outside the shop, Bonnie pulled Aida to the side and whispered to her. “So what’s the plan here? There’s no way handsy isn’t going to snitch.” She glanced back to Michelangelo.

“Well, he looks like a talker,” Aida whispered back. “I’ll just keep talking him away from your shit while you get the thinga-majigur.” She stopped to shrug. “Or at the least I’ll flirt with him.”

Bonnie put a finger to her chin and nodded, “That could work…”

“What’re we whispering about?” Michelangelo leaned over the two and whispered as well.

Bonnie yelped and jumped away from the two of them. She glared at Michelangelo before turning forward and walking ahead.

Michelangelo chuckled and looked to Aida with raised brows. “Sooo, how’s the fam?”

Aida jumped as well and let out a little squeak. She would never get used to these mutant turtles popping out of nowhere. The girl started to follow her mentor before answering. “Alright. Yours?” She knew she was being short right now, but she wasn’t all too sure if she should be an open book about her family. Although these turtles have saved them twice, she still was not sure they could be trusted.

Michelangelo crossed his arms behind his head. “Goood! We’re actually really close to finishing up our Hip-Hop Christmas album! Gonna go up on itunes for nine, ninety-nine!” He smiled.

She raised a brow at him in disbelief. “You guys…wrote an album? As in, you do more than just fight crime and stalk girls?”

“Uh-yeah!! That would be such a boring life!” He lowered his arms and pointed. “And we don’t stalk girls! It’s just that you two girls are particularly naughty, so we have to keep an eye on you!” He winked.

She looked at him for a while and shook her head. “You’re very persistent you know that?” She smiled at the branches of conversation he offered; distracting him was going to be easier than she thought. “So if you guys have hobbies, then what else do you do?”

Michelangelo looked up at the night sky in thought. “Well… I like playing video games, reading comics, dancing…” He counted on his fingers. “Donatello loves binge watching sitcoms, Leonardo reads history books, and don’t tell him I told you this but–” He hovered a hand over his mouth and said quietly “Raph is a knitter.”

Bonnie’s ears twitched at the word and she snapped her head around. “What did you just say boy?” Her ears apparently heard something else more offensive.

Michelangelo’s brows perked in response, confused as to why she suddenly got an attitude. “..Raph is a knitter?” He repeated.

“O-Oh…” She was taken aback by the response for a moment but then snorted after a few seconds. “Wait… What?”

“Yeeeaaaah, he actually has made a lot of our clothes.” He smiled slightly and shrugged.

“Oooh myyy goddddd!” Bonnie grinned from ear to ear and began laughing out loud.

“Seriously, don’t tell him that I told you!” He held out a hand to her.

Aida giggled a little at the information. “Guess we know what to get him for Christmas, huh?” She nodded at Bonnie before turning back to the turtle. “What kind of dancing do you do?”

“All kinds! Though, Splinter wanted to hone my mad skills, so he made me practice capoeira!” He began to sway back and forth on one foot to another.  He then did two side flips before landing back on his feet. “Mad skills!” He gave her a suave look.

Her eyes widened, impressed he was actually able to move like that with the giant shell on his back. She had never heard of the dancing style he was referring to, but it did genuinely intrigue her. “You’ll have to show me a couple of your moves then!” She smiled, “Then maybe I’ll show you a couple of mine.”

Michelangelo smiled back at her. “Sooo does that mean you’re planning to see me again?” He asked.

She smirked a little and shrugged, “It seems like I see you guys again regardless if I want to or not. At least next time we’ll have something to do.”

Michelangelo’s smile never faded as they spoke. He was excited to know another pair of humans, and these two seemed to be genuinely interested in him. Well… the Latina at least. He examined her from head to toe as they walked, and found himself focusing on her hair. He knew another human being with long dark hair, but he was never allowed to touch it. Now wasn’t the time to ask, but maybe if they did start hanging out more… Maybe she’d let him touch it one day.

Aida kept talking to the mutant and actually found his smile to be a little contagious. It was becoming easier to strike up a conversation with him, and she found herself actually interested in the secret life of the mutant and his family. They had been hiding beneath the city for nineteen years and it was fascinating to hear about how they did it and how they still acted like a regular family.

“So wait, how do you guys pay for pizza?” She asked as they got closer to Bonnie’s apartment. “Or are you eating old-ass dumpster left overs?”

“Ugh! No! We may live in sewers, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have standards!” He placed a hand on his chest defensively. “Donnie runs a Technical Support line, and gets paid through that. He’s really smart, and really fast so he doesn’t work too hard; and there’s always someone who’s been hit by the pornado!” He stuck out his tongue.

“Pornado?…” Bonnie cut in again and looked back to Michelangelo suspiciously.

Mikey blushed a little and fiddled with his fingers. “You know!… When they get a virus from looking at porn on the wrong websites!”

She was quiet for a second. “Well, you would know, wouldn’t ya.” She smirked and turned back forward.

“Heeey!.. I’m a growing boy! And like we told ya, there’s no girl turtles as far as we know of so the internet is how we learn stuff…” He mumbled and looked down to his feet.

Aida had to stifle a laugh and covered her mouth with her hand. “Oh god…you know Animal Planet is free right? There are definitely fewer viruses, and I’m sure you could see plenty of turtle-ladies there.” She poked at his arm teasingly.

Michelangelo blushed again, but chuckled as well. “Yeeeah. I guess you’re right about that.” He rubbed the back of his neck.

“Alright. Since we’re not going to be taking you through the lobby, here’s our stop.” Bonnie said while looking up the back of her apartment building. “I’m on the fifth floor, so we’ve got some climbing to do.” She said and jumped up to grab the fire escape and pull it down.

“Heh! That’s no problem for me, do you see the calves!” He stuck out his left leg, and pulled up his shorts revealing the hardened muscle.

Bonnie rolled her eyes and then smirked. “Boy, get out of here with those chicken legs!” She said and then hopped up onto the stairs. She kicked her foot up and over the rail, putting her hands to her waist and puffing out her chest. “Get on my level!” She said and grazed her fingers along the backside of her leg.

Aida, on the other hand, kept quiet about the leg-talk. Unlike the other two, she wasn’t exactly toned or muscular; sure she could run quickly or climb over a wall or two when needed, but she was mostly just skinny. There were many times where she envied Bonnie’s curvy body and compared it to her fairly flat one.

She climbed the fire escape and sighed. “Okay ladies, you’re both pretty,“ She interrupted, weaving between the two and climbing the stairs. "Let’s hurry. Pretty sure it took us an hour just to get here. And I’m having too much fun to let Goody-two-shoes-in-blue interrupt us.”

“Right.” Mikey nodded. “And knowing Leo, he’ll probably show up sooner than later.”

“Well, let’s get going then.” Bonnie said, and continued along the stairs.

Traveling the fire escape only took them a couple of minutes. When they got to Bonnies apartment she hovered over the window, making sure Michelangelo couldn’t see in side. She opened it cautiously and stepped halfway in. “You stay outside.” She pointed at him.

“Aww, what?” He frowned and threw up his arms. “I wanna see your crib!” He whined for a second before shutting up. A thought came to him and he tapped a finger on his bottom lip. “Unless… you have something to hide?” He raised a skeptical brow at her.

“You’re damn right I do, and it’s called unmentionables!” Bonnie quickly spit out a lie and slipped through her window. Pulling the curtains closed behind her.

Mikey snorted. “You’ve already showed me your boobs, what’s a couple pairs of underwear gonna do!” He called out to her, then huffed again crossing his arms and leaning on the side of the building in a pout.

Aida sat on the windowsill, trying to use her body to obscure whatever could be seen from the window. “It’s okay, you’re not missing out on much,” She smiled. “It’s just a bunch of sports bras. Besides, bras for well-endowed women are hardly ever cute.” She tried to think of something to keep him distracted with and was actually stumped. “So uh…come to the surface often?” The girl mentally smacked herself. It had come so easily to her before, so why was she having trouble now?

Michelangelo laughed lightly at the question and sighed. “Any chance I can get.” He answered and shifted his weight from one leg to the other. “It sucks being down under.”

She raised a brow and began to tap her fingers together. “Yeah? Thought you’d be used to it by now.”

“Well I was, till’ a couple of years ago when we made our first appearance above. Then everything changed so fast, and it was literally a whole new world.” He shrugged. “We even had the opportunity to live among you guys but… It didn’t go the way I hoped it would.” He muttered and frowned.

She cocked her head, now very curious about what he had to say. How did they manage to stay so hidden from the world? “Why didn’t you go for it?” It sounded like he really enjoyed the surface world. She figured he would be the first one of his brothers to jump at the opportunity at least.

“I didn’t get to make the call…” He said in a bitter tone and glared down at his feet.

Suddenly there was a crashing noise, and a loud “thud’ after it.  "Oww…” Bonnie whined from the inside of her apartment.

 Michelangelo jumped at the noise and the girls cry and quickly turned to the window. “Are you okay?” He asked and tried peering inside around Aida.

The sound made the Latina jump in surprise. When he approached, Aida immediately put her hand against his face and tried to push him away. “Bonnie?” She called out, looking around her shoulder to look inside. “You need any help in there?”

“H-Hey!” Mikey whined and shut his eyes when she touched his face.

“Augh… Yeah.” She groaned and rubbed at her ankle. “I just nicked my ankle on the corner of my coffee table is all. Pretty good actually…” She hissed.

“Lemme take a look at it! Me and my brothers rough house all the time, so I could tell you if it’s sprained or not!” Mikey forced his way back into the conversation.

“N-No! You stay out there!” Bonnie responded quickly.

“Ugh!” Michelangelo scoffed and rolled his eyes. “What is the big deal?” He asked and grabbed Aida by the arms and moved her out of the windowsill. He poked his head inside and his eyes widened when he saw the piles of valuables and cash spread about the apartment. He gasped a little, and then furrowed his brows in disappointment.

Bonnie huffed and looked away from him. “I told you to stay outside! And too be fair, this stuff was here far long before I met you!”

“Duuuddde!…” He said, sounding irritated and already halfway through the window.

Aida winced when he saw what was inside; but what really surprised her was the pinch of guilt in her gut. She did her best to shake it off and tried her best to pull him back out of the window. “You can’t tell your brothers!” She declared, and grabbed ahold of his shell, tugging at it. “They’ll throw us in jail!”

“Wait… This is yours too?” He pointed at Aida and raised a brow.

“Psh! No! But like I said before, if I go down, she goes down with me.” Bonnie huffed.

“Aww… What a good friend.” He said sarcastically.

Bonnie narrowed her eyes at him in a glare, but her face softened soon after. She looked down at her ankle in thought, the back up at him with larger eyes. “Sooo… You gonna tell your brothers?”

Michelangelo sighed and rubbed his head. He was quite for a while before saying anything. “I guess not…” He said hesitantly.

Bonnie’s body flinched slightly in shock. “Wait, what? Really?… No convincing with like, boobies and such?” She asked.

Michelangelo scoffed. “No! But you guys can’t be stealing anymore after this! Seriously! I’m honestly surprised that Leo’s let you get away with it twice now.” He crossed his arms. “If he finds out a third time, you’re definitely going in!”

This guy is too gullible for his own good… Aida thought to herself. She sighed in relief, thankful they didn’t have to do much to keep his mouth quiet. The only downside was if they got caught again; so far the giant turtles had been very forgiving and lenient with the two girls. She could only imagine how they may act if the girls were to betray their trust.

But her family had to eat too. What was she supposed to do in the meantime, apply for job after job only to be turned down? It’s not like she wanted to be a thief, but the world gave her no choice. Besides, the people her and Bonnie took from had plenty of money, it’s not like they were actually hurting anyone.

“Thank you.” She managed to say after a while, slowly lowering her arms. She couldn’t promise that they wouldn’t go through with their heist, but she could at least show some gratitude.

“You’re welcome.” Michelangelo said softly and then looked to Bonnie.

Bonnie immediately looked away. She hadn’t thanked the turtles for anything yet. The concept just seemed weird to her for some reason. Maybe it was because they were technically animals, and it made them seem below her. It also didn’t help that she’d had been on her own for a while now, and wasn’t used to getting help from others. Her cheeks burned and her blood boiled. “Thanks,” she said curtly.

Mikey huffed at her, but smiled a little. “You’re welcome too.” He stuck his tongue out at her.

Another loud thud could be heard, but this time from the rooftop. Michelangelo jumped at the noise, and there was fear in his eyes. “Shit! They’re early! Grab the thing and let’s go!” He hissed as he hopped out the window and back onto the fire escape.

Aida felt her heart race and jumped inside the apartment, bending down to help Bonnie. “Alright, show me where you put this thing!”

“Yo, Mikey! You down there?” Raphael called in a strained low tone, as if he were still trying to stay quiet.

“Shit!” Aida seethed. “Great time to twist your ankle!”

“I’m good! I’m good!” Bonnie waved her off and then pointed to the kitchen counter. “It’s over there! The thingy with the blinking purple light.”

Michelangelo chuckled nervously. “Ye-Yeah! I’m coming!” He said, and hopped up the escape.

Leonardo stared down at him skeptically and raised his chin. “Where’s the thing?” He nodded at him.

“Oh! Uhm… Just waiting on the girls to bring it up!” He fiddle with his fingers. “It’s definitely here! Just- Bonnie had to go to the bathroom, and you know how girls are! They travel in pairs…” He laughed nervously and trailed off.

Aida got up and darted to the kitchen, trying to find anything that was blinking. “C'mon, c'mon…it’s blinking! How hard can it–oh, there it is.” She huffed and snatched it off the microwave, shoving it in her pocket as she returned to Bonnie. She offered her a hand and motioned towards the window. “Hurry!”

 Raphael glared down at his little brother, still a couple of flights above the blue-eyed turtle. He knew something was up, he could feel it in his gut and hear it in Michelangelo’s tone. Not to mention he didn’t like that both girls were missing. If they had tricked his little brother, then he was going to lose it.

With one swift motion, Raphael jumped down to the platform Michelangelo was on, trying to get around his little brother. “How long have they been gone?”

“Just a couple of minutes!” Mikey answered quickly.  He spread his arms outwards to block his brother, but tried acting as if he was simply stretching.

Raph growled lowly and pointed threateningly at Mikey. “If they’re not back in thirty seconds, I’ll go in there myself an–”

“Hey! You guys are here early!” Aida chimed in, dipping underneath Michelangelo’s arm to stand next to him in an attempt to help block the window. She ignored the red turtle’s growl and continued to speak. “Is this the thing you were looking for?” She took the device out of her pocket, the purple light still ebbing from it.

“That’s it!” Donatello jumped down to them from the rooftop, and confirmed with a smile on his face.

Bonnie slowly made her way out of the window and pulled the curtains together in front of it, before closing the window.  She limped her way up to Aida and Michelangelo and sighed tiredly.

Leo raised a brow and nodded in their direction. “What happened to you?”

“I nicked my coffee table.” She shrugged and scratched behind her ear. “Soo… We good here?”

Raphael clenched his jaw. He was frustrated that he didn’t catch them doing anything wrong and even more frustrated that they possibly pulled a fast one on him. Even worse, he was frustrated that whatever they were hiding, the girls got Michelangelo involved. It was one thing to pull a fast one on his brother, anyone could do that; but to get him to participate? They were manipulating him. And if they end up hurting his little brother either physically or emotionally, then Raphael was going to take the gloves off.

Without a word, Raphael flicked Michelangelo’s snout–and hard– before turning his back on them. “Yeah. We’re good,” He grumbled before he started to climb down the fire escape to the alley below.

Aida let out a sigh of relief. The adrenaline pumping through her veins made her joints shiver but she kept her composure. They were in the clear, for now. At least now the two girls will have a chore to do in the morning:  Hide all merchandise.

Michelangelo flinched and snorted when Raph flicked him. He opened his eyes slowly and turned back to the girls. Smiling lightly he gave them a small wave before following after his red clad brother.

“Well. Hopefully this is the last time we’ll be seeing you two.” Leo said as he began to descend down the fire escape.

Bonnie was quiet, but a thought struck her and she perked up. “W-Wait!” She called out to them.

Donatello paused when he took the device from Aida’s hand, his brown eyes locking on Bonnie.

Raphael, on the other hand, rolled his eyes and began to climb back up. He peered over the railing, clearly not amused by her sudden need for a sentimental ‘good-bye’.

Bonnie fingers fidgeted and clenched into fist. She hesitated to speak, and licked her lips nervously. “So… Back at the pawn shop. That guy you knocked out… He was looking for Michelangelo’s nunchuk and he knows that we-” She gestured to herself and Aida. “Know something. Sooo… uh.” She avoided eye contact with any of the turtles.  A lump was forming in her throat and her cheeks burned warm. She had to ask for help…again.

Any excitement Aida had been feeling was quickly replaced with dread. She had completely forgotten about the mobster at the pawn shop; in fact, she was surprised she had forgotten him in the first place. There was no way either of them would be safe for long, especially since the man would have a migraine whenever he regains consciousness. However, she saw the girl’s hesitation and turned to speak for her, but stopped when she saw the red turtle glaring at them. He looked so frustrated that it actually made her pause.

Donatello, however, did not notice his brother’s fury but immediately paid attention the girl’s unique situation. “Normally I’d say going to the cops would be a good option for you two. But since we’re involved…” He trailed off, rubbing his chin in thought. The only other option was to bring them down to the lair for a period of time. At least until this man lost interest in them. He turned to Leonardo for his judgement. “What do you think Leo?”

Leonardo looked down in thought. He was quiet for a minute or so. He glanced back and forth at each of his brothers and then to the girls. Bonnie stared at him with a concerned look on her face. She could tell that he wasn’t fond of her, and for good reasoning; but she hoped he could look pass their previous engagements. She had never been in trouble like this before and it genuinely scared her. The turtles had each other, and Aida had her family, but she was alone in New York. If someone wanted to come after her, it’d be pretty easy since she had no one else to rely on.

Finally, Leonardo let out a deep sigh in response. “I’d pack some boots if you have them. You’re gonna be trudging through some dirty water.”

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Cuddly luc!!! He always loves to sit in Jules lap like you were saying with his back to Jules chest and his arms wrapped around them. That's how they watch movies snuggled under a blanket and luc presses kisses to Jules jaw and Jules kisses his head. Luc has a bowl of popcorn in his lap and likes to feed Julien pieces and they're just so chill and cuddly

Y E S 🙌🙌

Soft boys curled up on the couch or in bed, blanket thrown over their legs, and Luc absently runs his fingers along Julien’s arms which are wrapped around him. And Jules kisses the side of his face, at the top of his jaw where the beard that Luc is trying to grow is a little scratchy

But they’re also like, serial movie talkers, like they for some reason like to talk during the middle of movies? In quiet voices sure, but if it’s a movie they’ve seen a dozen times already, they tend to put it on and cuddle up and chat throughout the movie, only half-paying attention to what’s on the screen. Or they end up making out during, which is also a good way to spend your time

Harry Styles being interviewed but every time he says “um” it gets faster

I really want the first nightwing teaser trailer to be a voice over of Dick saying “Whenever someone’s asked what power they wish they had, flying is always at the top of the list. But I have to admit, I’ve learned to love falling, too.”

The first part of the quote is a slow pan across some things; a Flying Graysons poster, a picture of the original Batman and Robin, a police badge.

The second part of the quote is punctuated by Dick dramatically throwing himself off of a skyscraper, and then releasing his grapple at the last possible second like the giant drama queen that he is.

The Same Coin

different sides of a single sign

aries: defender/destroyer- you either defend the weak and helpless or destroy everything in your path to get your way

taurus: tired/tireless- you are either incorrigibly lazy or ridiculously, irrationally, impressively persistent

gemini: talker/listener- you either never shut up or always let others lead the conversation

cancer: giver/taker- you either demand people’s time, energy, and attention until they resent you, or give everything you have while secretly resenting them

leo: elevates self/others- you either make yourself, and only yourself look and feel special, sometimes at the expense of others, or try to bring everyone “up” with you

virgo: nervous wreck/practical genius- you either let fear cloud your thinking, or are so detached and clear-headed that you come up with brilliant ideas

libra: isolation/partnership- you’re either obsessed with finding the perfect partner or determined to never rely on another person for anything

scorpio: honest to a fault/pathological liar- you may abandon tact and flout social norms with brutal honesty, or lie excessively to protect yourself

sagittarius: optimist/cynic- you either wear rose-tinted glasses or think the world is a festering dung heap

capricorn: criticizes/improves- you either bring other people down with harsh words and disapproval or genuinely try to help them by building on their work

aquarius: lone wolf/mindless sheep- you either forge your own path or lose yourself in the crowd and do things just because “it’s the norm”

pisces: heartless/bleeding heart- you’re either the world’s biggest sucker or completely apathetic to others’ pain