• Mark: Loves the dog ratio, couldn't read, build himself with warfstache, saw eggplants...
  • Ethan: Builds original daddy, hopes for dog in future game.
  • Jack: Wears crop top, build himself with egg nips tee, talks about vitamin D, tells how much Brian is a sexy bear!
  • All: Amanda has two dads.
  • Me: Man, Jack looks good in a crop top. I'm going to love these next few weeks. DADDY OVERLOAD!!!
Sidgeno Actor AU anon fic

(A wonderful little fic I’m posting for an author who’d like to remain anonymous!! This is NOT written by me! Please read this it’s so cute and I love it to death)

The first time Geno sees Sidney Crosby he’s crying into Tanger’s shoulder as Sid learns how to walk again on the big screen.

Tanger scoffs and pushes him off as Sid takes his first step after a year and a half in a wheelchair and the woman sitting in front of them shushes them.

When the lights come on Geno is wiping his eyes and Tanger is rolling his.

“You know I’m fine with you showing emotion,” Tanger says as they file out of the theater. “But could you maybe not do it on my sweater.”

“You not cry. Heartless.” Geno sniffles.

“I’m not heartless, I just know the difference between reality and fiction.”

Geno slaps his hand against the movie poster hanging on the wall outside of the theater and Tanger smiles apologetically at the couples walking past them. “Is based on true story,” Geno says as he taps the small text right beneath the title. “Reality. He can’t walk after car accident. Lose everything. Can’t play hockey. Work so hard and comes back. Scores game winning goal. No heart.”

“You have too much heart. You cried last week at that movie where the dog died.”

Geno chases after him through the lobby. “You cry too.”

“Dogs are different.” Tanger pushes his way through the front doors and doesn’t hold them for Geno. “Everyone cries over dogs.”

“Fine, fine. But he good actor, right?”

“Oh yeah. Sid’s pretty good.”

“Pretty good. He great.”

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Jung Hoseok as your Boyfriend

-you would be his princess and he would treat you as such

-he would burst out into random little jingles about how much he loves you

-cuddles for days

-he’d love to touch your hair

-watching melodramas on movie nights and you both would be crying

-he would take you out to a really fancy restaurant, but insist on wearing street clothes  since neither of you like dressing up

-he’d definitely write a song about you

-holding hands

-dance duets even if you’re not very good he’d love it because it’s his two loves in one

-matching outfits

-disneyland dates 

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my thoughts on the puyotet characters as someone who has never played puyo puyo
  • arle: she's the protagonist right
  • ringo: no wait SHE'S the protagonist
  • amitie: or maybe she's the protagonist
  • carbuncle: please stop talking
  • klug: cool but sounds exactly like scrappy doo so i'm conflicted
  • lemres: best character
  • dark prince: i like him, reminds me of james from pokemon for some reason
  • schezo: the translation team deserves a medal
  • ecolo: fuck off
  • draco: she got all of 5 minutes of screen time so i have no idea who the fuck she is or what she does
  • feli: i thought those were guns at first
  • maguro: S W I N G I N
  • risukuma: ????????why
  • rulue: don't know a damn thing about her
  • sig: my spirit animal
  • suketoudara: what
  • witch: what's her name tho
  • ai: can i pet him
  • jay and elle: i only like how they look
  • o: please stop talking
  • ess: tee why the fuck do you keep this bitch on your ship
  • tee: mary sue but i like his design
  • zed: what
Just Les Mis West End things

Okay okay so. I saw Les Mis live in London and I’m gonna make a list of all the good things I noticed. I’ve started with writing this on the same evening but I’ll post it a while after that I think. This is in no particular order.

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lost and found iv

bughead fanfiction - chapter four - unbeta’d


“I love you is the inscription on pandora’s box.“
-Mason Cooley

There’s talking vegetables on his television.

Never in his life would Jughead have imagined himself sitting at his desk, watching a cucumber sing about a giant chocolate bunny, whilst trying to research. Yet, here he was.

In front of him, Hotdog at his feet, Betty napping on the couch with Tobi on the floor, his eyes fall to the child gurgling at the screen. Tiny feet press up against the rug in his bouncer, the soft tunes of the toys on it adding to the sounds from the television.

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You know what I wanna see?

A Captain America fic that deals with Steve Rogers and modern queer culture. 

I don’t mean just marriage equality and the repeal of don’t ask don’t tell and Pride. 

I want Steve Rogers in the club. 

I want Steve Rogers watching Drag Race. 

I want Steve Rogers ON Drag Race, or What’s the Tee talking about the fairies down by the docs, or the female impersonator who lived downstairs, or the gay bars that opened in old speakeasies. 

I want Steve Rogers who learns *and uses* queer slang, listens to queer artists, reads queer media. 

I want Steve Rogers who feels at hime in modern queer spaces because he felt at home in pre-WWII queer spaces. I want part of the reason he had a hard time before Winter Soldier to be because the world SHIELD gave to him *just wasn’t queer enough* 

And because I’m romantic like that, I want him to do it with Bucky Barnes next to him, the way he’s always been.