Sungsook : I feel like no one loves me.
Jayoung : Hey. Your husband liked you more than me. He wasn’t like that at first, but he always compared me to you, saying it was better when he lived with you and that you were better. I wanted to tear his mouth out. […] When we got divorced, I almost grabbed a knife… because he said he regretted divorcing you.


Today China got ready to sacrifice America to the Halloween Gods. No, last time wasn’t an accident, he just told everyone it was. He just convinced everyone it was and to join along. He has yet to hear from the Gods. He shall succeed this year and get his life worth’s of candy. Jokes on them, he’s immortal.

it’s been so long since i last watched an episodically-releasing series (as opposed to binge-watching something old or getting all the VLD episodes at once) that i totally forgot about spoiler-dodging on mobile tumblr, i had to slap myself away from the app this morning in case i got the new Yuri!!! episode spoiled for me and that was such a throwback experience

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Louis needs to launch his own sweater/jumper & hoodie collection. He can design, model it and make IG vids explaining the inspiration behind the design, why he chose the colours & materials, how he uses his spouse H to try on the samples who then steals the hoodies for his daily morning jogs, how their daughter Milly and Jack Russell Neptune play in his studio and trip over the fabrics, how he loves green & roses, how he gets headaches talking to oversea buyers that don't understand his accent

okay so Disney is making a live-action Winnie the Pooh focusing on adult Christopher Robin and when I read that literally my first thought was Dylan O’Brien should play him. I just want Dylan O’Brien to be cast in everything, okay? but also I think he would nail it as adult Christopher Robin. they’re probably going to cast someone older though. like late 30s/early 40s. I just pray to all that is true and holy that they do not cast benidict cummerbottom. or tom hiddles. please do not do that to me.

So since i’ve reached my next hundred, I’ll be opening my ask requests again for a few days, but I wanna do them a bit differently this time.

 I’ve slowly gotten into my fem!Ninja again, so you can send Asks/Requests about the fem! ninja. (So: Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Either Lloyd) (And maybe Nelson. I havent designed Nelson yet though)(Also Maybe Morro. Morro wouldve been part of them had circumstances been different) -

look ok honestly believe whatever you want about Mandy Patinkin and his sudden disdain for portraying misogyny in media, but do not try to use his opinions on misogyny to devalue mine, a woman, or any other women’s opinions on the matter. 

He’s, at best, an ally, his opinions as one do not trump those of people who actually experience misogyny at it’s nastiness (as in, while misogyny negatively affects everybody, cis dudes still get off lightest by a million times).

Honestly i’m just fed up with the idea that just because Patinkin says this shit he’s the ~authority on fighting misogyny, or talking about it, or that he’s obviously right just because he said it by a camera. Honestly, I think it’s a complicated subject that deserves more discussion and thought than just ‘oh it’s right or wrong no in between’ and I have no significant personal wisdom to offer, but his opinion still pales in comparison to mine or any other woman who wishes to discuss a difficult subject, and don’t devalue any women’s opinion on it just because some dude has an opinion you like better. That’s not fighting misogyny, that’s literally actively shadowing women’s voices b/c a man said something you personally like better. 

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I love your blog!! You have so much love for all the characters and it's so hard to find a good blog that does that!!!

Awww, thank you. That’s so nice. And yeah, I do love all these charactors for so many different reasons. If SPN does one thing right, it’s that they have created these amazing, complex characters. I love Dean and all his bluster and man pain and humor. I love Sam and his kind forgiving heart and unlimited bravery. I love Cas for this fierce dedication and the crack in his chassis that makes him love like no other angel. I love Crowley’s smarts and snark. SPN blessed us with Rowena, the brilliant 300 year old witch who can outsmart them all (and has many times) all while rocking sparkly evening gowns. They gave us Mary, Jodi and Donna, Charlie and Claire, Garth and Kevin, and of course Bobby and a hundred others that I love to talk about and write about and blog about. 

there is no better feeling than talking to someone who treats u right after talking to someone who didn’t for so long

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1. Favorite Quote?  
it doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you don’t stop jk, i don’t have a favorite quote

2. One thing you like about yourself and one thing you hate? 
I like not being white. I hate the fact that i thought id survive for 6 months overseas without my ps4. its been 4 months and i’m currently Dying.

3. What do you think is your biggest accomplishment in life so far?
tbh this accomplishment could also be my biggest failure, but its how far ive managed to direct myself to what I have chosen to be (career wise, identity wise, hobby wise, everything) outside of my family’s expectation and cultural path i guess?

4. One song you’ll never get tired of?
“giorgio by moroder” - daft punk

5. Writing or Reading, Sea or Mountains, Night or Day, Stars or Clouds? 
reading, mountains, day, stars

6. The most fascinating place you’ve ever been to?
Iceland, but my home Thailand is pretty special too

7. Favorite childhood memory? 
that entire, but very short year, i lived in Bali, Indonesia

8. How many languages can you speak and what are they? 
English and Thai. Can’t write or read Thai but i can speak it relatively ok.

9. What’s the book that changed you in some way?
Moral Ground: Ethical Action for a Planet in Peril, Rebecca Solnit’s A Field Guide to Getting Lost, and Perennial Philosophy by Aldous Huxley. 

10. Do you believe in aliens?
idk man, humans dont know shit. they’re probably watching us suffer on earth with a bucket of popcorn they made with the all the corn they stole. but yes i do believe there are other beings that exist… our universe is infinite so anything is possible

11. Your biggest fear?
capitalism and the inevitable fact that humans are gonna destroy ourselves and im possibly in the generation that has to go through that.

Guess who just text-ranted at their clinical nurse because their best friend got discharged from the mental health service after not being given his meds or a follow up appointment for months :^)

THIS is why a lot of people don’t like seeking professional help; cos the mental health service treats us like shit and doesn’t take us seriously.

no offense or anything but i love simon le bon w the entirety of my dumb gay heart & i hope hes having a good day