Okay but like you’re lying to yourself if you don’t think that Alec Lightwood is secretly the most romantic, sappy dork ever. Like:

  • Alec placing light feather kisses all over Magnus’ face
  • Alec getting up before Magnus and making him different shaped pancakes 
  • Alec packing Magnus lunches whenever he has to go out to meet a client and writing him little notes that tells him how much he loves him
  • Alec quoting romantic poetry to Magnus (William’s Shakespare’s Sonnet 18 or “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” is his personal favorite)
  • Alec not being able to help himself as he watches Magnus talking to another person and leaning in and kissing his cheek
  • Alec always sneaking up behind Magnus and kissing him softly on the neck while he wraps his arms around his waist
  • Alec always praising Magnus. It doesn’t matter what the setting is or whether the activity is sexual or  if they’re just cuddling Alec always loves to tell Magnus how beautiful he is and how important he is to him
  • Alec totally being that guy to wait for a rainy day and to pull Magnus out into the rain so that they can share a rainy kiss
  • Alec buying Magnus flowers
  • Alec discovering Snapchat and sending Magnus videos of himself with all the different filters and saying things like “You are so BEEautiful” (with the bee filter, of course)
  • Alec calling Magnus babe and honey
  • Alec kissing Magnus’ hands (Magnus has some wonderful hands so how could he not)
  • Alec running up behind Magnus and picking him up bridal style and saying “Oh, look, I’m sweeping you off your feet”
  • Alec and Magnus going to a carnival and Alec spends all of his money trying to win Magnus one of the stuff animals and eventually he does (and recieves a victory kiss from his boyfriend)
  • Alec taking Magnus’ face in his hands and singing the sappiest love songs to him (in key or not) while Magnus is laughing his head off
  • Alec painting Magnus’ nails and spending hours with Isabelle learning the basics of make up so that he can help Magnus in the future
  • Alec taking Magnus out stargazing and pointing out all the constellations to him as they lie on the ground holding hands
  • Alec nuzzling Magnus’ hair or nose 
  • Alec tickling Magnus in order to hear him laugh and see his nose scrunch up
  • Alec cheering Magnus on whenever he makes a sassy comeback at diplomatic meetings to all the ignorant fools or whenever he slays in battle or just whenever. Alec just being proud of Magnus in general
  • Alec brining Magnus chicken noodle soup and fuzzy socks and blankets movies to watch whenever he gets sick, even if it’s a common cold
  • Alec just being in complete awe and wonder of his amazing boyfriend and just being utterly in love with him

And the list goes on and on!

cut it out and then restart - tony stark playlist with a hint of civil war

  • i can never leave the past behind // shake it out - florence and the machine
  • i put my armor on, show you how strong how i am // unstoppable - sia
  • the power and blood will pulse through your song // the electric version - the new pornographers
  • 🎶 // movement IV; traffic shock - sufjan stevens
  • yeah some people been hurtin’ me, you can tell by look, by the slightest crook in the neck or the blink of an eye // constant conversations - passion pit
  • how come you can’t sleep at night? // modern man - arcade fire
  • i want to change your ways, said i’m gonna get it right one of these days // my mathematical mind - spoon
  • i will try not to worry you, i have seen things that you will never see // try not to breathe - r.e.m.
  • taking off and landing, the emptiest of feelings, disappointed people, clinging on to bottles // let down - radiohead
  • all I can think about is a way to get through to them, make them think like me, maybe prevent all this from happening // 10 percent - mimicking birds
  • thought you were my best friend, now i couldn’t care less, come to see // test pilot - tv on the radio

Showtime with mamamoo and gfriend: completely lacking overt heteronormativity while simultaneously supporting girl groups

Me, my hair half down, no makeup on, running on three hours of sleep, literally just sprayed myself with Febreeze: there is no god

im still 100% behind the theory that Alejandra from the hero short is Sombra and man, if she is, then itd be so. cool.

bc considering what Sombra seems to be doing now, itd be really interesting to see how Alejandra developed into that kind of person today

so today i worked with two little boys who were yemeni refugees and couldn’t speak english and the school administrators were so frustrated cause we have no esl teacher or any translator and so they were just….there…..and not understanding anything……………and idk how no one thought of this before but i used my tablet and google translate to talk to them and you should’ve seen their faces when they figured out that they could talk to me and they were honestly the sweetest and silliest kids i’d ever met and i love them so much????????

dont get me wrong i love saints row 3 & 4 in their own ways, but 2 had something so special about it in a way that i never experienced in the later games. Everything from the soundtrack, the characters, the gangs, and most of all the fact that it had the perfect mix of humour and a serious side will always make it my #1

The jury segment literally made me cry because I was so happy for Z sticking up for herself and Bridgette standing up for women’s rights and DBZ just supporting and loving each other. I’ve said it before I’ll say it again, I DETEST Paulie, the way he acts, talks, holds himself is just so ignorant and pretentious. He’s trash, and I hope he gets what he deserves when this is all over. 😒👋🏻

teammysterion  asked:

Yes, Lance as Hamilton and Keith as Laurens but Shiro is Lafayette because GWash (Allura) and him, were The Best Team™ And you're right some of them don't fit in the character but It's bc they're young adults trying their best and in Hamilton are a bunch of grown-ups being assholes /glares at jefferson/ Also! Shay is Peggy (peggy was fierce!)

It seems generally agreed that Shiro and Allura are GWash and Lafayette, though which one is which is the question. They’re definitely The Best Team™ though, they would totally win a war together

Shay as Peggy!!! Peggy being fierce is pure Fact. My favorite story about her is the one about that time a group of men raided the Schuyler’s house to take out Philip Schuyler. Peggy and the rest of the people in the house hid in a bedroom upstairs before realizing that they left a baby downstairs. Peggy volunteered herself to go down there and grab the baby. She got caught by the men and when asked (at gunpoint) where her dad was, she lied out of her ass and told them he was getting help, which scared them so much they left. If you can’t imagine Shay doing something like that with perfect clarity, you can get out of my face