I have the deepest affection for intellectual conversations. The ability to sit and talk about life, love, anything, and everything just intrigues me, because I am a thinker. If we can both share opinions on subjects and not feel like one of our opinions is better than the other and just talk; that’s a beautiful thing to me. 💕

Every so often there’s an op ed somewhere bemoaning that ereaders make it harder to strike up a conversation with someone over a book while riding the subway. (It’s always the subway for some reason. I suspect, cynically, because all op ed writers live in New York.) Or that it makes it harder to ‘make a connection’ (unstated but heavily implied: flirt) with strangers based on reading taste.

And every single time, I think: this article is the best advertisement for an ereader I have ever, ever seen.

I was thinking about monado-abyss‘ idea of Virgo trying to babysit the NaLu kids, and added in the use of the lacrima cellphones they have now, and I can’t help but feel this would happen:

“Hello, Mama?

“Yes, sweetheart?”

“You said I should follow everything that Virgo says, right?”

“Yes, why?”

“If she tells me to tie her up with rope, should I do it?”



It’s so weird when you see someone you dislike a lot, and you haven’t seen them in like 3 years. You’ve always imagined how it will go, i thought I would exploded if I saw them, i srsly thought I might get so angry that I’ll say something bad. But noo i was so calm omg it was scary how chill i was and I even gave them a ride home beacuse it was raining?? I offered to give them a ride..

one thing u gotta appreciate in k on, or any kyoani series, is that if the characters are just having a conversation, throughout the scene, like, all the characters are being animated, and not just standing there statically like a lot of other shows


the characters react to things being said, or like tilt their head or shift their weight on their legs or something like that

as opposed to just standing there. still. staring. as. the. conversation. takes. place.

The thing about anxiety is that things that would cause moderate effort in most people create an abnormal emotional reaction in me and I freak out too much and it overwhelms me and makes me sick. Then I feel embarrassed and avoid the problem until that drives me into another breakdown.