daredevil 20s au. fisk as a politician who is backed by a very covert and very effective machine. matt and foggy as aclu lawyers who are combating political corruption and stumble in to this thing that is way bigger than they are (matt is still daredevil of course). wesley visits a Hell’s Kitchen speakeasy a lot because honestly he’s a sucker for good jazz. foggy and matt often visit that same speakeasy because ok prohibition worked for exactly zero people even lawyers and matt ends up meeting wesley and they end up connecting with each other and NEITHER OF THEM KNOWS what the other does for a living.

basically everything is the same except there’s more jazz and prohibition

Cautiously, knowing that it was dangerous to be walking alone, Hayley slipped between two large supply trucks that were waiting outside of a diner. The lead she’d followed about her family came to a dead end as per usual, but she still refused to be discouraged. Hearing something drop behind her, she whipped around. “Who’s there?”