Cautiously, knowing that it was dangerous to be walking alone, Hayley slipped between two large supply trucks that were waiting outside of a diner. The lead she’d followed about her family came to a dead end as per usual, but she still refused to be discouraged. Hearing something drop behind her, she whipped around. “Who’s there?”

What do gay horses eat?

Hi lol sorry about the lame intro I just say that all the time :)
I’m Lisa, you guys can call me Li. I’m 19 next month, & I’m from Florida. I’m super late at this but better late than never :} I’ve never shipped any real people before, only Stefan and Elena from The Vampire Diaries *hearts*hearts* and they’re just characters lol. I used to be obsessed with kpop and mainly Korean men then I read Vampire Academy and fell in love with Russians then Val came along and extinguished my obsession with kpop idols umm I ramble a lot as you can see. Oh, Im Hispanic and Asian. I only watched dwts because of Zendaya tbh I never watch shows like that cause they’re always rigged and dun dun dun my beliefs are still as strong because VALDAYA SHOULDA WON okay and I shipped them as couple since week one when Val called Z beautiful lolll um yeah I really like this fandom cause you all are crazy and just freaking great <333 I told myself this wouldn’t be long and it kinda was I’m also on my phone so yeah xoxoxoxoxo