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Hi hi~ first, I love your kirikamubaku work! Second, I have a ques... if you cannot put Denki with Kirishima or Kacchan, who could be Denki's potential partner? Kisses!

but my only ot3 is still bakushimanari, and as long as I can help it I’ll still always go for any combination of Baku Kami and Kiri haha

it’s actually insane that my brother can talk to my parents so disrespectfully to the point where it repulse’s me, yet he doesn’t get in any type of trouble

but god forbid i open my mouth ever and i get in trouble just for talking because, Apparently, it’s mean



at any point in time i am thinking about symmetra realizing that she’s been manipulated her whole life and straight up murdering the head of vishkar and setting fire to the headquarters and rolling up to overwatch like “what the FUCK is up”

Im watching this Jeremy Shada interview and im so scared for him, he looks like someone just threw him into a dunktank of sharks
these fuckin irrelevant teen girls would scare me too
especially the one who fuckin code-named herself “black lion“.
she looks like the type of girl who would look me dead in the eyes and go “You don’t know what shit I’m going through, my SIN-nammon roll gay babies (uwuwuwuwu) aren’t canon.” And then ignore/deny the fact that gay ships dont make u a fuckin ally

Also can people like….maybe not pester VAs with questions about their fucking ships?

where the fuck ,, are people getting the idea ……. that finn is some sorta “”“”“peacemaker”“”“”??????? he legit killed 20 people (the unarmed villagers consisting of men, women, and children, as well as the 2 boys in the dropship indirectly) and i wouldnt be surprised if his illegal spacewalk costed the ark hella oxygen, ntm he cheated on his girlfriend after a week of being on the ground. oh, and his excuse for murdering tons of people is “i did this for u ?? ilu?”. but, sure. peacemaker. clearly hes the only sensible character in the show whos done anything remotely kind xoxo

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1, 2, 4, and 21 :)

1. Do you want a romantic partner? Sigh. Yes. 
2. When did your last hug take place? A few minutes ago haha
4. Are you tired right now? Well I’m drinking a can of coke at 9pm so No. 
21.Who was the first person you talked to today? My dad c: Only a very groggy “Good morning” tho it was early haha

Thank you :D


We all need to rant sometimes