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I thought, you know what? I’m never going to please everybody, so I’ve just got to be true to myself.”

i can’t wait for the moment alex danvers gets to finally introduce the gang to maggie and like one game night “hey guys, this is my girlfriend maggie” w such a happy smile im-

thats kinda gay…………………

A Guardian’s Choice

A/N: This is dedicated to @liberty-flight, spurred by this text post

To anyone who doesn’t know what the Guardian AU is, it’s a modern/dystopian AU where it is recently discovered that the Guardian ‘android’ humans designated to protect members of the military are, in fact, human beings who have had every original thought stripped from them starting at an early age. Roy Mustang is a fast-rising military officer who discovers this secret and considers defecting, but opts to remain in the military in order to gather information, overthrow the government, and stop the creation of ‘Guardians.’ In this AU, he is assigned a Guardian called “R-88O,” who he refers to as ‘Riza.’

“Black Hayate,” Roy muttered as he scratched the puppy in his arms behind the ear. “That’s an… interesting name.”

“He is black,” Riza pointed out. “And he’s incredibly destructive. Logically, a name meaning ‘black hurricane’ is fitting for a creature such as himself.”

Logic. Of course. It only made sense that she had logically named the abandoned pup after what she believed he was most characteristically like. But little sense went into her actions or why she had even picked him up. By all accounts it made no sense. It supposedly wasn’t natural for her to do such a thing, completely going against everything she had known.

So what was it about this defenseless creature that prompted her to completely betray what she had learned and knew? What made her decide to hide the puppy for two weeks and attempt to avoid all detection? And, most importantly, what made her decide to do it at all when she knew that his discovery would lead to dire consequences?

“I would recommend holding him closer to your body, sir,” she respectfully suggested.

Roy’s brows knitted together. “And why is that, Riza?”

She gestured to the puppy in his hands. “He makes a most unfortunate noise if you don’t. I believe it’s a mechanism that provides the creature some form of comfort.”

Roy looked down at the pup and pressed him against his chest. Almost instantly his small whine quieted and Hayate settled closer to his body. He glanced at Riza again to see that her eyes were on the puppy again, likely processing and analyzing the feedback Roy had received after doing what she had instructed. Roy cleared his theist and she looked up at him again. “Does he cry any other time?”

Without hesitation, she said, “Yes, sir. If left alone for extended lengths of time, he will.”

“Is that why you brought him here then? To ensure that he wouldn’t cry?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Even when you know that it’s strictly prohibited and goes against your programming?”

Her eyes flickered across his face, though her blank expression did not change. “Yes, sir.”

He pressed his lips together, scrutinizing her lack of reaction. Something wasn’t right, and he needed to get to the bottom of it. And there was only one way he could hunk of that could possibly help him diagnose the issue. “Alright. Stay here for a minute ten,” he ordered. She obliged, sitting back in her chair.

Roy balanced the puppy in his arms and hurried out of the room, swiftly closing the door behind him. Then he made his way over to the office down the hall and to the left and knocked on the door. A few moments later Sergeant Fuery answered.

Seeing his superior officer standing before him, he shoved his glasses further up on his nose and saluted. “Hello, sir. What can I do to-”

“I apologize for my brashness, Sergeant, but if I could have you broadcast camera five onto your monitor, I would appreciate it.”

“Oh,” Fuery quipped, dropping his salute. “Yes, sir. Right away.”

Roy followed the younger officer back to his desk and stood behind his chair as he seated himself in front of his computer screen. A few keyboard commands and clicks later, the screen illuminated and displayed an overview of the conference room. And in the center of the shot and still seated in the same spot he had instructed her to be was Riza.

He leaned closer and squinted.

“Sir,” Fuery interrupted. “If I may, what are- ahh!”

Startled, Roy looked down to see that the puppy had buried his face into Fuery’s hair and was making his way toward his ear. He straightened himself and pulled the puppy away, much to Hayate’s displeasure. A low whine escaped the pup and he began to fidget again, trying to break free from his arms.

“Sir, is that a… a dog?”

“Yes, Sergeant,” he professed, huddling Hayate closer to his chest in an effort to calm the agitated puppy. “Riza brought him with her.” He didn’t need to look at Fuery when he heard an audible gasp to know that what he had revealed utterly shocked him. Instead he turned back to the task at hand and keep his eyes locked on the screen.

When Fuery finally got over his initial shock, he uttered, “Are… are you sure, sir? She knows that’s against-”

“She’s aware,” he assured him, gripping the ended of his seat and leaning closer to the screen again. In his moment of distraction, something had changed. For a moment, he thought he had seen her move. “For the moment, if you could, please remain silent.”

Fuery nodded and pushed his glasses back up on his nose before he too turned back to the monitor.

After a few minutes of silence, it happened again. It was minute. A movement so small that Roy would have missed it if he hadn’t been looking for it. But there was no mistaking what he witnessed.

She had fidgeted.

Even though he had prepared himself to suspect it, the action itself still shocked him. It had been the first time he had seen her do anything remotely against what she had learned, even if it was minuscule.

That in and of itself was enough to convince him that it was possible to reverse everything that had been done. That deep down beneath the logic there was a human heart that yearned to think and love and feel.

“Thank you, Sergeant,” Roy said, giving the confused man a pat on the shoulder before turning away.

“Um, sir,” Fuery called as he spun around in his chair. “What’s going to happen to…?” He trailed off, unsure of how to ask what he believed would be an inevitable course of action.

Roy paused in the doorway and gave the whimpering pup another scratch behind the ears. Then he turned around and gave him a reassuring smile. “Leave everything to me, Sergeant. Again, thank you,” before spinning around to march down the hall and toward the conference room again.

When he opened the door he found her still seated there with her hands clasped in front of her on the table. She glanced at him as he walked around and in front of her.  "Do you know what has to happen next?“

This time she hesitates, just for a millisecond. Then she nods and reaches for Hayate. The pup, seeing its master beckoning him, attempts to squirm out of Roy’s arms to get to her. He set the puppy on the table and he leapt into her arms, proceeding to furiously lick her cheek. She makes no movement to stop the pup, nor does she provide it with the added comfort it desired. “I do, sir. Would you like me to dispatch him myself?”

She didn’t seem to catch how Roy’s eyes widened or how his jaw slackened, or she likely didn’t seem to care. It absolutely boggled his mind trying to understand her line of reasoning. On one hand she had knowingly made a decision and risked the puppy’s life and hers, but on the other she seemed so willing to forget the situation herself. Nothing on her face indicated what she was thinking or how she felt, but there was something about her eyes that made him think he knew.

“Tell me,” he said, momentarily derailing into another track of thought. “What has he been eating?”

“Scraps from tables, mostly,” she confessed slowly, thrown by his change in thought. “Or anything I’ve found that is adequate for his consumption.”

It was clear to him that she had the wherewithal logically to take care of the pup, though little knowledge of how to sustain the growing bundle of fluff and fur, or how to handle properly securing him. His biggest concern at the moment was ensuring his survival and preserving this abnormal lapse in logic she had in favor of her heart, even if she wasn’t aware of that fact. There were still more questions that answers, but for he time being he would address that and learn as he went.

“Please grab your jacket and meet me by the front of the office,” he said, taking Hayate from her arms again. “We need to get him food and collar with a proper name tag.”

Her brow twitched and a fleeting look of confusion crossed her face. “Sir, I’m afraid I don’t follow your logic. A defective Guardian must be reprimanded accordingly. By allowing him to live and turning a blind eye toward my behavior, you are encouraging more disobedience.”

Exactly he point, he wanted to say. But instead he bit his tongue. If she realized too soon what he was thinking, she would not hesitate to report him for his actions to go against her ‘programming’.  For the time being, he would have to be discreet. “Do you want his life to end?”

“It… would be unfortunate to end his life because of my error in judgement,” she admitted after little thought. “But it is how you see fit.”

“In that case,” he said, gesturing to the coat rack, “I suggest that he remain with me until you are more settled in your position here. It will make transitioning here easier on you.”

“Sir,” she said, rising from her seat. “Your wellbeing is my major concern. To put my needs above yours is illogical and unnecessary.”

“And right now your wellbeing is necessary to mine. If you are distracted by the knowledge that this puppy is crying, you won’t perform optimally and you may misstep. So,” he explained again, “If you are to perform adequately enough to protect me, then he is to remain with me, well-fed and taken care of until the day when his behavior is not a concern of yours.”

“I… suppose that makes sense,” she admitted, albeit reluctantly. He could see her mind turning over his behavior, trying to adapt to his lax judgement. For now, all he could ask was for her to follow along.

“Good,” Roy replied with a small smile. “Now, let’s go before anyone else sees.”

screw this. you know what? screw it. i’m gonna be steveandbucky if i want to. fuck everyone who tried to get me to leave bc actually idgaf what anyone has to say about me. even if they try to villainize me, call me names, paint me as the bad guy. whatever. i know who i am and i know i’m not guilty of whatever bullshit i was accused of :) but idc. even if 99% of the fandom or even this whole website hates me, i’m not gonna give up this part of my identity.

if anyone is still interested in being friends with me hmu ;) you have an issue with me hmu, but i ain’t dealing with anon shit anymore.

hgshg ill probably finish this before that draw of leo ryker and alexei i started a week ago,,

So uh
Bad: Class was cancelled today without my knowledge (I still don’t know why) so I got up super early and went all the way on campus and dragged my art supplies around all day for NO REASON (also forgot the laptop so homework was near impossible to do)

Good: Got a lot of drawing/water coloring done, I hope to show them soon today when I get ahold of a scanner. Also made friends with a classmate who made my same mistakes, had lunch together, probably never would have talked to her if this didn’t happen so *shrug*