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1. whichever 3. are you familiar with Eaglecrest, the American wizarding high school tumblr user rave sashayed made up while drunk? because it is glorious.

i have! i choose to believe that Eaglecrest is the true american wizarding school regardless of what JK Wrongling says about the american wizarding world

L8Nit’s Talkative Tuesdays Reviews W3

TTR Master List
That there little link is going to have all of the past reviews and all future reviews to include this one :D

7 Days and a bazillion fanfictions out there to read.
It’s that time of the week folks.
7 of you lucky writers out there stood out last week and these are the finalists.

~Quick side note~ If you aren’t already following these amazing people then go do it! They all are amazing forever and ever for spending their time writing such amazing stories for us. 

(I kinda had a Jensen streak going this time round)  

The Letter

Author: @not-moose-one-shots

Summary: Here is the first part of “Chances.” This series is based off of this anonymous request:  Can I request a oneshot where the reader sends Jensen a really long, personal letter and doesn’t think there is a chance in hell he’d see it or respond to it. But he does and contacts her and meets her in person and they fall in love? Maybe write it with lots of details of how they meet to their friendship to them dating? Pretty please? :)

Review: I read part 2 and OH MY GOSH ITS TOO FLUFFY I LOVE IT SO MUCH SO FAR!!!!! I love every single one of your series but this one is just too much so far. My little heart can’t take it and I can’t wait for part three

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Shocking Sensations [NSFW Series]

Author: @kas-not-cas

Summary: It was suppose to be a simple interview on some strange deaths. Now Y/N finds herself in the same position the victims were, she can’t stop having orgasms.

Review: I have been reading this since you released part one and I have got to tell you this. THIS STORY IS MY GUILTY PLEASURE! Like honestly I bragged about this story to random teenage girls at walmart I’m so in love with it. I have no shame because it is so well written and just UGH! YAAASSSSS!!!!

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Leather and Sunglasses 

Author: @atc74

Summary: Told from the Readers POV. She is an actress on the show Supernatural and her and Jensen have some tension.  Inspired by this picture from EW’s PopFest (photo via Getty Images).

Review: hot hot hot!!! YASSSSSSS! Strip poker is best kind of poker. Jensen in leather is best kind of Jensen. 

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Tell Her

Author: @torn-and-frayed

Summary:  “How long have you been standing there?”

Review: Okay first off anything from the guys POV is like my weakness. Hands down and I love anyone who can do it. Secondly because of the heavy topic it is perfection and gives me all the right feels. I loved part 2 as well just oh my gosh you are too amazing for writing this 

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You Caught Me

Author: @bringmesomepie56

Summary: Imagine pranking your brother Jared with your husband Jensen.

Review: Always in need of fluff and this is too adorable! Just oh my gosh! I love love love it!

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Author: @soberrnatural

Summary: ~Requested~ I just went with the flow. Facts throughout this may come across as false, as I had to change some information to make it fit with the story-line.

Review: There is too much for my heart to concentrate on just one thing. Like this is just YASAASSS!!! Ugh my heart loves you forever!

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Let Me Love You

Author: @dancingalone21

Summary: The reader has not heard from Jensen in over two years, he randomly calls one day and it completely turns her world upside down.

Review: I have not read the whole story yet  BUT OH MY GOSH YES I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE SO MUCH RIGHT NOW!!! I just love your writing and can’t wait to read all of this series as well as the rest of your work!

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newtina thoughts #4

are you ready kids

  • I’m in love with the way newt looks at her
  • not just at her, but INTO her
  • sharp, intense, definitely thinking a lot more than he says
    • seeing a lot more than he implies?
  • he’s definitely drawn to her
  • and i love how big a part of his journey tina is? like technically he gets off the boat and the first place he goes to he bumps into tina
    • like literally, she’s eating a hot dog, how american
  • and he just gets her from the get go like
  • when newt and tina track the niffler to jacob’s apartment
  • and newt gets there first and fixes it and sits on the bed with his trunk on his lap
  • and then he laughs a little when tina asks if the niffler got loose again
  • like he finds it absolutely amusing 
  • but he knows she won’t approve so he just. fixes stuff and minimizes damanges. like a dork

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Ktenology: Have they ever planned a murder, whether serious or not? If so, describe what they planned to do.

Ojene’s eyes shift to one side, then the other. “What? Plan a murder? No… why are you asking?”

OOC: WELL SEE THERE WAS THIS ONE TIME when Ojene was trying to protect @myvado-chambers from @elibraddock and MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE seriously entertained the route of surreptitiously guiding the bounty hunters already after the Gambler to his direction.

It also wasn’t the only plan she’d considered. There were several, and they were thorough. But… she never acted on any of them. It’s because they were failsafes, in case she ever had to deal with him more permanently.

As far as she was concerned, she wasn’t trying to escalate the situation with a crime lord. She was just trying to protect Myvado, herself, and all the other people she cared about. 

Still technically a plan to murder someone, though.

(How’s that for thoughts to make @lorelei-braddock happy.)