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hey, i'm usually opinionless about a lot of things but what do you think about people being really mean and hateful by sending death threats and all things bad to the blog being discussed right now? i think it's good that people point out mistakes that somehow hurt others, but hurting another person in doing so could be a bit hypocritical.. IDK AHH I JUST WANT PEACE LOVE YOURSELF

yeah i have the same opinion as you. it really worries me how quick people are to jump on the hate on someone “problematic” and how mean they get ;; one thing is to try and reason with the person doing something harmful in the community but starting an actual witch hunt on them……… in all my years on tumblr i’ve seen so many call out posts, so many people being bullied into leaving their blogs. i think that’s just too extreme. how entitled and morally superior one must think themselves be if they think it’s justifiable to be so hateful towards someone that they send them actual death threats??? please don’t resort to violence and hate even if you think the person “deserves” it..


it’s still technically wednesday fndjkgl @finish-the-clone-wars

so this is basically just a conversation between a couple of my ocs. if you guys remember one of my previous writing wednesdays, it was about how the jedi general turned on his troops and killed a bunch of them which created some serious trust issues for the new general, raksha. this is pretty much a continuation happening maybe? a month after raksha is made general. hope you guys like it!

Kickstart settled down across from her. In Raksha’s mind, it was unexpected how quickly they had seem to become… friends? No, acquaintances was a better word for it. Friendly acquaintances. Even so, it was a relief that he at least was warming to her. Petal was still cold and distant. Most of the others in the 354th were tense and uneasy. But at least the medic liked her well enough.

“I know Petal’s been giving you a hard time,” Kickstart said slowly, sipping his drink.

“It’s to be expected,” Raksha replied, doing her best to keep the exhausted sigh out of her tone. “I don’t blame him after what Anuli did.”

“Hm.” Kickstart frowned ever so slightly. “I don’t either, but I do think if he would just lower his guard a little then maybe he could see that you’re not like General Anuli.”

There was more. Raksha could sense it faintly. It was less than a whisper coming off of him and she got the impression that he was letting her know it was on his mind. Strange.

“You’re talking about the rumors.”

He met her gaze steadily. She respected that. “I am.”

“Do they concern you?”

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step.hen : calls carrie a stupid cow / toad in the first chapter of the book

also ste.phen kin.g : goes on and on about how pretty and smart she is during and briefly before the prom scene before she goes banana shit crazy

“biggest fan”

for @yoianniversary //I think yuuri’s mom is such a sweet and supportive character //// probably yuuri’s first and number 1 fan <3



“Reality always filters through into my films, even when I try to reject it. It finds a crack to seep in through. The climate of the last four years in Spain has been of enormous unhappiness and even though I haven’t personally suffered from the harshness of the economic situation, I’m surrounded by people who have. I don’t think Julieta is a metaphor for Spain today but it’s no accident that my 80s films were much happier…In the last three years, I’ve suffered physical pain and great solitude….I know a lot about solitude.”

– Pedro Almodovar

Stills from Julieta (2016, dir. Pedro Almodovar) Cinematography by  Jean-Claude Larrieu

**Look at how the backgrounds/art interact with the costumes in each of these stills. Nearly every frame of Julieta is like this.