As the 75th anniversary of the beginning of WWII approaches, Memorial Day has an extra layer of emotion for veterans. Edgar Harrell was one of the few survivors of the USS Indianapolis sinking, torpedoed by Japan in the Pacific Theater just a week before the US bombed Hiroshima. We talk with him about his story and why as insulated as we are from conflict, it is important to remember what life is like during war time.
How Bernie Sanders won the talk radio primary
Bernie Sanders may be a long shot for the presidency, but on liberal talk radio, he’s already king.

“From local personalities to nationally syndicated and satellite radio heavy-hitters, interviews with nearly a dozen liberal talk radio hosts show Sanders is so far crushing the primary — at least when it comes to their medium.

Few people understand the pulse of the hardcore activist base better than the radio hosts taking calls and emails from listeners every day. They say their audience views Hillary Clinton skeptically (but would vote for her in a general election), and that listeners know next to nothing about Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb, and Lincoln Chafee, who are also considering Democratic presidential bids.

For Sanders, meanwhile, conditions are perfect.”

Top 50 Underrated Films

02. Talk Radio (1988) - dir. Oliver Stone

“Barry and I worked together for over seven years and whenever you threatened him over the air, man he would stick it right back in your face. It was like his dick was flapping in the wind and he’d like to see if he could get an erection. The guy had a little dick but he liked to flap it out there. Then they cut it off, so now he’s dead. I don’t know if you understand my analogy but it’s the clearest one I can make.”

Ignorance at its Finest

I was listening to talk radio (Family is super conservative, so it’s not by choice) in the car, when some guy came on and basically started talking about how people are too eager to call everything sexist or racist or what-have-you these days. I thought, “This ought to be good,” and kept my ears open.

He said how it was ridiculous that his statement, “I don’t like female sports casters” was considered sexist, and tried defending himself by saying, “I mean, football is a man’s sport, so I’m only interested in a man’s commentary. Women just don't get football.”

So here I am thinking, “Well shit,” but it gets better, because this guy then proves he’s not a sexist by saying, “Look,I have nothing against women, I love women! I fantasize about women, I’m not a sexist.” Yes, “fantasize” is the exact word he used, I kid you not.

So apparently this guy thinks that fantasizing about women, making them objects of desire and pleasure, in his mind, CLEARLY means he’s not sexist.

Wow, some people just don’t get it, do they?