When the beat of my drum
Meets the beat of your heart
You know I couldn’t love any other, any other
This is where I come from
This is where I belong,
With the beat of your drum
Not any other

im fucking weird like.

im not asexual. i know im not, because i know i’ve had sexual attractions to people but like. i think about having sexual activities with people all the time

when it comes down to it, i get really uncomfortable when people are really touchy with me. like extremely uncomfortable. 

so its like??? i don’t fucking know. i don’t know if its just sensory overload or something else


SCANDAL; “Sisters” Live on MUSIC JAPAN (31 Aug)

SCANDAL also appears on the ‘MJ 5minutes’ corner. During their talk session, SCANDAL chats about having ant eggs and frogs during their world tour overseas.

Video upload w/ thanks to 2xCantarian-san @ DM!


So if dada and I made a website were littles and caregivers and such could come together and chat and talk and it may possibly double as a dating site when any of you guys visit i want to see first then  create it!

It will be filled with bright colors, places to chat, places to find a daddy, cute videos, other cute blogs to check out (upon request of course) cute places to buy things from (once again upon request and permission) and even coloring pages and ideas for to do things with your caregiver and littles!!

So if you would enjoy something like that, please like or reblog. Im just curious


it’s later than when i wanted to start oops but!! if you’re bored and wanna hang out i’m starting up kh2 again! just as an fyi even though i’m not using voice over the stream i talk a lot in chat when able to kind of make up for it!!

stream is here if you’re interested:

thanks to everyone in advance who hangs out! i had fun with who watched yesterday! we’re starting land of dragons tonight.

the many stages of spencer

daddy’s perfect golf club girl

studious brainy spencer

sassy spencer

teasing spencer

drug addicted spencer #1

drug trip spencer

protective spencer

stripping spencer

crazy spencer

-A spencer

crying/ sad/ broken spencer

drunk spencer

prepared/ illegal/ vandal spencer

spoby happy and in love spencer

arrested spencer

drug addicted spencer #2

deep spencer

along with many more that i don’t have time to add right now, feel free to add 

Lord help the mister

That comes between me and my sister.

Charlotte killed Wilden. She sent Sara to make sure he was dead. And she said “I want to make sure he never hurts my sister again.” Then she tells Alison that if Wilden knew Ali was alive, he would have never let her come back and tell her story.

I think this confirms Wilden was Beach Hottie and was the one who Alison said he would kill her if he found out she was pregnant. I think she even said he has a gun.

Soooo…that to me makes Wilden even worse! He’s older than Jason probably by a few years. That would put him at 24 or 25 when he messed around with Alison. She was 14/15 during that summer.

I just know this is what Charlotte was referring to! And he was always weird with Hanna too! And he slept with Ashley. Ewwwwww!


Introducing… the all-new web series Straight Talk with Adamo Ruggiero!

First up, Adamo chats with his Degrassi co-star and real-life BFF Lauren Collins about their time on the show, love of #Parco, and Adamo’s coming out.

Look for new episodes of Straight Talk every Tuesday and Thursday until November.

xoxo, Team Degrassi

the many stages of Hanna

happy hanna

hefty hanna

shoplifting hanna

it girl hanna

that time -A was a bitch and tried to bring back hefty hanna

hit by a car hanna

protective hanna

telling people off hanna

funny hanna

fake red coat hanna

dancing hanna

arrested hanna

detention hanna

men hating hanna from spencer’s drug trip

slapping jenna

crying/ devastated hanna

waking up hanna

it’s ok when it’s not hanna

that time she seriously considered hitting mona with her car

sassy hanna

dumb hanna

that time when she aced her SATs

drunk hanna

philosophical/ deep/ smart/ advice hanna

when she put the fear of hanna in a little mean girl

bad ass hanna

  • Me:I try to support people like myself as I see how much more privileged I am in comparison to a lot of them.
  • Them:Like you?
  • Me:I'm a trans woman..
  • Them:Oh, yeah I know.
  • Them:*uses male pronouns a few times*
  • Me:*anxiety about passing*
  • -Later that evening-
  • Person 1:Your hair is so beautiful!
  • Person 2:Wow girl, you are so beautiful.
  • Person 3:Seriously, can I have your hair? You're gorgeous!!
  • Me:Oh also I'm trans..
  • Them:Wow! Oh my god I had no idea. You are honesty still so pretty.
  • -Get back home-
  • Me:*still wondering if I pass at all and if those people were just being nice*
  • And THAT is why the concept of passing is toxic.