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Everyone is talking about Chat falling from buildings but nobody seems to be questioning how he could hear Animan flapping his wings from far away behind closed doors but not hear Marinette say "We need to transform" when he was just a few steps away from her.

^^^ now that is a VERY good point
God bless this cat boy has issues

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So if someone wants to talk to you? Do you respond to messages? I would love to chat sometime. But i dont want to bother you.

Yeah, I respond to most messages! I don’t always get to them as quickly as I should, but I try to eventually. If it’s an anon message, sometimes I don’t because I don’t want to clog up everyone’s dash with them. I also tend not to respond if they’re overly sexual/creepy, or if you accidentally submitted something instead of sending an ask. So in other words, I may not be the most talkative chat buddy, but I get to it eventually. 😬

It's the end of the week finally. Time to share another Miraculous musing. I've been thinking and do you know what would be laughably ironic yet interesting at the same time?

What if…upon the completion of the first season, the story leaves us with a reverse in the Miraculous love square.

At the start of the series, we had our heroine Marinette being in love with Adrien who is secretly Chat Noir. However Chat Noir is head over heels in love with his partner, Ladybug, who unbeknownst to him is really Marinette. You know the story.

That being said, what if…in the end, Adrien falls in love with Marinette and Ladybug, in turn, starts to show signs of having romantic feelings for Chat Noir?

Think about it

So suppose…ultimately, Adrien, who previously loved Ladybug, soon falls for his classmate, Marinette who is Ladybug. Subsequently, Ladybug, who at first only saw Chat as just a teammate and was actually slightly annoyed by his charismatic attempts at wooing her, actually starts to become attracted to leather-clad kitty cat.  But the thing is, Chat Noir is actually Adrien who Ladybug still has strong feelings for as Marinette.

Sounds confusing but you see where I’m going with this?

If this were to happen, this will be the moment where fans can really start to see the triangle within the square. Imagine how conflicted both Marinette and Adrien will be over their feelings for both each other AND their heroic counterparts. So far, even though there are actually four pairings within one pairing, the series has only focused on one half of the love square (The Ladynoir part and the Adrinette part).

Now imagine if the series decides to go full 360 and started focussing on the remaining half of the love square as well (The Marichat half and the Ladien half). So we’ll get to explore having Marinette/Ladybug still in love with Adrien but conflicted over her sudden interest in Chat Noir while at the same time, getting to witness Adrien/Chat Noir’s own confusion over claiming to love only Ladybug but then feel the same way for Marinette who he doesn’t know is also his beloved Ladybug.

I think it could be fascinating if the romance is switched around or reversed for next season. Ladybug falling for Chat Noir who in turn is falling for Marinette as Adrien is something I’d definitely be intrigued to see.

Of course, during all of this, they still wouldn’t know each other’s identities cause let’s just face it— this show is gonna probably drag this gag for at least another season.

Frankly I’m curious to see just how long Hawkdaddy and crew can drag this.

But through it all, we get more interesting moments to watch the Miraculous couple grow. I really think a reverse romance (sorry I don’t know what else to call it) would be cool.

I can even imagine a new opening for Season 2 where Ladybug and Chat Noir are both holding their respective love interest in a deep romantic embrace. Like Ladybug is hugging Adrien tightly with her head resting gently against his chest, not looking at his face but she doesn’t realize that it’s actually Chat Noir she’s hugging. And I don’t mean it like the obvious ‘Yes Adrien is Chat Noir’ way, I mean it like she is hugging Adrien but she doesn’t realize that Adrien who was she was once hugging has now transformed into Chat Noir who Ladybug is hugging Chat Noir when she thinks it’s Adrien. Get it?

The same thing applies for Adrien who is hugging Ladybug thinking it’s her but it’s actually Marinette, in the not so obvious way. Y’know something like that to highlight their confliction.

Like on the surface, they both love who they were initially interested in the first season—-but subconsciously, they’re not realizing that they are starting to fall for another; secretly wishing that their respective lovers were also the person they don’t know they were falling for.

Y’know what I mean? I hope I’m making sense with my jibberjab

Anyways, that’s another food for thought that I wanted to share. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday and looking forward to fangirling and fanboying with your this Sunday for the new episode!

~LittleMissSquiggles (2016)