Highlights of La Marionnettiste (according to a non-french speaking person)

Handmade Ladybug, Chat Noir and villian dolls (by Marinette herself omg)

Marinette’s adorable look when she sees Adrian

Alya’s strength plus being an amazing wing girl 

Manon’s amazing akuma form (too bad she was akuminized though) 

Unaware Adrian 

Honestly the faces Marinette makes when she sees Adrian are so cute

But she’s still too shy and hides (which was also so cute)

Cute confused Adrian

Alya’s (lady wifi) tantrum

Marinette and chat talking 

Ladybug’s face when chat almost saw Adrian’s photo

Ladybug could win a limbo contest

“What me?! a puppet?!” (i think)

Her reflexes omg

Puppet Chat

Ladybug’s face

Hackmouth crying cuz he almost has the miraculous 


AND THEN THE WHOLE BATTLE IT WAS AMAZING! LIKE I COULDN’T GET ALL OF IT BUT OMG. The best part was the end when she defeated everyone single-handedly 

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and the ending card

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Headcanon that the reason ladybug doesn't return chats advances is because she's being loyal to adrien.

Actually, this is legit canon! In one of the French webisodes, Marinette talks about how much Chat flirts with her, and starts to say that maybe she’d think of him that way if Adrien wasn’t around… “Ah, but what am I thinking?! A world without Adrien?!? That would be horrible!” Oh Marinette, if only you knew… :’)

Tiny Band Net Members

So it’s been a day and already I’ve gotten so many applications!! Like I said, everyone gets in and every now and then I’ll be making a post saying that I added more or that I changed something to keep you all updated. Nobody is obligated to follow anyone but it’d be appreciated!! . If you want to join, here’s the original post.  Since there will be a lot of information about each member, I will include everything under the cut!!

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I’m just gonna be a bit emotional and rant about how it’s 6 months since the @17writer-net aka. The Cult was made. 

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As amazing as the new episode is, I am so sad we didn’t have Ladybug get taken over instead of Chat. I want Ladybug to get taken over at least once because I want to know how Chat would react and what he’d do to get her back. Actually no, I need to know how he’d react and what he’d do to get her back. I need to knoooooww

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oh my god I love the jumper and I'd love to be in a group chat just talking about it I don't understand why people think It looks bad

if i’m being honest I think the love I have for it accounts for all the people ragging on it

I don’t know why I love it so much but I still can’t stop staring at it and I reeeeally need to

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What do you think about Shinya become another Ajin-comrade of Kai? It just hurt imagining Shinya picturing Yuusuke in Kai's self. Also Kai could learn things about Ajin, even could be trained defending himself from another Ajin, 'cause he thought he was burden for Kei. And then Kei would be totally jealous-in-denial if they have reunion. XD


I think that Shinya will appear again so we’ll have a 5 vs 5: Kei, Kou, Shinya, Izumi, Kotobuki vs Satou, Gen, Okuyama, Takahashi, Tanaka. 

We had such a talk in the group chat once and @nagaikei-ajin​ said something similar, how Shinya sees Yuusuke in Kai so he tells Kei to care more about his friend and make sure that Kai will be safe cause Shinya couldn’t save his friend and seeing Kei acting as if Kai doesn’t exist makes him angry.