So the other day on Warframe I was playing in a random match when some dude started talking over voice chat. It kind of caught me off gaurd, because this dude sounded EXACTLY like Cr1tikal. I was like “wow, this guy could totally pass as cr1tikal if he wanted to”. So I kept playing and the more we played the more I was like “wow this guy even has the same exact humor” and so I asked him if anyone had ever compared his voice to cr1tikal and he just kinda laughed. So I messaged him asking him if he was. And he said yes but to not mention it over voice. And at first I was like, man this guy is trolling w/e but he was still really good so I sent him a friend request. And low and behold tonight I’m playing and he invites me to a game and he actually talked in depth about making videos and how internet fame affects his life (spoiler alert: he says it doesn’t really) so long story short I’m now gaming buddies with Cr1tikal and he’s actually a super cool bro.

So…. I had a thought on the Miraculous Ladybug 2D PV

What if it existed within the 3D-verse as a fan project created by Nathanaël because, you know, he’s sort of head over heels for Ladybug after everything that happened with Evillustrator? Which is why Felix is such a dick. Because Nathanaël is projecting his jealousy towards Chat Noir as a rival in love onto his idea of who he thinks would be behind the mask (and anyone who treats civilian!Ladybug with such apathy and distaste does not deserve her like he does!! Pick me, Ladybug!!).

So he represents Chat Noir as being a lot more over the top than he is in reality and just assumes that his alter ego is a jerk while Ladybug’s just cool and badass and her alter ego is too good, too pure for this world… bc honestly Ladybug must be perfect in and out of costume… gosh… Ladybug…. doki doki

And he submits it to the Ladyblog and it gets pretty viral and Adrien sees it and it’s really cool, but also why does he seem like such a jerk?? So he just sort of comments like ‘I always thought Chat Noir would be a great guy out of costume because he’s a hero??’ and Nath is just 'This is my right as an artist I didn’t ask for critiques’ lmao

Marinette sees it and is just like “Yeah that’s probably how Chat is out of the mask” (cue a random pang in Adrien’s chest)

Can we just take a moment to really appreciate Chat Noir in this scene from Lady Wifi.

If you look closely in the background of this scene, you can see Chat Noir talking to a someone who is sitting in the back of a truck (possibly an ambulance truck) with a blanket wrapped tightly around them.

While for once we’re not actually told about what kind of villain Ladybug and Chat Noir just fought, it does seem very likely that the villain was indeed on the more powerful and dangerous side of things, and may have even caused actual or near bodily harm to other people (what with the possible ambulance truck being there).  Even if they weren’t, whatever happened obviously really frightened and/or hurt this person (likely a little kid, though is a bit hard to tell from this picture alone), and here we have Chat Noir scooting away from the cameras and reporters to comfort this person!!

And heck, maybe this person was in fact the one who was akumatized, and may not even remember doing the stuff that they did but they just know that something bad happened because of them.  And here we have Chat Noir giving them reassurance that everything is ok now, and that he and Ladybug have saved the day again!

(Seriously!  The headline at the bottom should say ‘Bravo Ladybug and Chat Noir!!!!  Especially since in this snapshot he’s still being a hero!!!  ^^)

Chat Noir…Just…My gosh, I love you!!  :’D

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I have to say, you're one of the coolest streamers I know. I've been to a few streams, and you're the first streamer I've /ever/ seen actually reply and interact with their fans! You're unbelievably amazing to me and I love you and your art!

Thank you dear, I’m super grateful to everyone who take the time to come, it’s only natural for me to say hi and THANK YOU DEAR POTAOES FOR COMING!!! Also it’s always so exciting to actually get to talk to people who like your stuff <3

Also same for me, I haven’t seen a lot of streamers talking in the chat. When I go on streams I feel a bit sad when I don’t get the chance to talk to the artist, but I totally understand when they don’t want to be bother or like they’re concentrate or don’t have the time, it’s completely understandable!

But I don’t want to leave my viewers like that, I WANT TO HAVE FUN WITH YOU GUYS!

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how would one go about becoming your friend?

honestly, just come chat with me! you can inbox or im me on here, i don’t have a skype because my internet lags too much so we can’t really vidchat or anything, but i got a twitter earlier today so we can now chat on there too.

it doesn’t really matter what we talk about. you wanna chat poetry, theology, mythology, history, art, your crush, your pet cat, what you ate for breakfast this morning, all of it’s good to me. i appreciate all forms of conversation and if i talk with you once i consider you a friend, so the quickest way to become a friend of mine is just to shoot me a hello! i’d love to get to know you :)

“but why is he taking so many breaks!” because he’s been streaming for seven hours straight and needs to eat and go to the bathroom and stretch his wrists and generally take care of himself?

“but why is she sitting there talking in chat or watching cartoons?” because she wants to answer questions and be friendly with her fans because otherwise you’d be complaining about her coming off as cold? because drawing for seven hours straight is boring and she needs stimulation besides rubbing a piece of plastic against another piece of plastic?

jeez louise