The Belt
  • Orochimaru:Son, why are you not wearing the belt I gave to you?
  • Mitsuki:You mean the one that's so big and thick that it almost looked like a woman's hair?
  • Orochimaru:What are you talking about? Did you know that THAT kind of belt actually holds your clothes perfectly? Especially in battles. Let me tell you about that time whenㅡ
  • Mitsuki:No thanks. I'll just keep the one that I have now. I don't plan to use any belts for now. Besides, who wants a belt that actually has a ribbon angled upside down? That looks ridiculous.
  • Orochimaru:.......are you even my son?
the individual shinee fandoms based on the people i know
  • taemints:the literal human version of thirst. 0 chill, absolutely no chill. so loud. caps lock activated 25/7. "gtg" squad. daddy kink. "ace era fucked me up". cry a lot.
  • mvps:coolest ones. surprisingly the daddy kink is not so intense, except when jinki wears suits. the backbone of this fandom. thighs and arms kink. don't talk abt rainy blue. "i don't even like owen".
  • lockets:i have never seen someone love another person as much as a locket loves key. key key key key key 100%. a lot of dick jokes. english is their mother language 80% of the time.
  • flamers:meme squad. love and hate relationship with minho. A LOT of memes. thighs and arms kink. "dynamite fucked me up". yaoi hands. die at every minimal hair change.
  • blingers:"when will kjh get dark hair again" squad. sending jjong cute pics of dogs on twitter. worry too much. very protective. very horny. abs galore. blue night every night.
  • SUHO:Okay guys I think we should discuss Tao and his album
  • D.O:Yeah, it's great isn't it?
  • CHEN:It really is, I've been playing One heart on repeat for an hour now
  • SUHO:But I thou...
  • SUHO:What? what did I do?
  • CHEN:It's one of the lyrics to his songs, Suho have you not heard the tracks yet?
  • SUHO:Well no, not yet because I thou....
  • *Starts playing the music*
  • SUHO:No, not yet because I...
  • *Kai walks in and starts body rolling*
  • CHANYEOL:D.O, do you wanna stop staring?
  • D.O:I didn't see you stop staring at Baekhyuns not so nutella abs last night
  • BAEKHYUN:Did someone mention me and my abs?
  • SUHO:LOOK GUYS, I just thought that you would all be sad due to..
  • XIUMIN:Everyone, Sehun is sulking and I can't get him to speak to anyone
  • KAI:Well that makes a change
  • CHANYEOL:What's wrong with him?
  • XIUMIN:He is upset because he thinks Tao copied him
  • SUHO:Why would he think tha..."
  • *Music plays*
  • "T.A.O"
  • SUHO:For the love of god
*scenes going on in my mind*
  • Mind:okay so today we're gonna date Nate.
  • Mind:*sees picture of Johnson* okay so maybe we'll break up with Nate and date Johnson.
  • Mind:okay now we're dating Johnson.
  • Mind:*sees picture of Sammy* alright we're breaking up with Johnson now we're dating Sammy.
  • Mind:okay I'm dating Sammy for the day for real.
  • Mind:*sees picture of Gilinsky*
  • Me:okay I'm just dating them all alright.
  • Mind:I can deal with that.
Me at dinner with Jordan and Erin
  • Erin:Yeah we both really like sushi there's this one place that serves whatever and you don't order and you just get what you get. We've had jellyfish and stuff.
  • Jordan:They aren't jellyfish.
  • Erin, me, and my dad:???
  • Jordan:They don't have gills. They're just jellies.
  • Erin:They are in the ocean they are fish.
  • Jordan:They are just jellies I promise
  • Erin:Oh so what do you call star fish then?
  • Jordan:Sea stars

Protip : If you’re ever going to commission someone, send them all the details / questions you have for the commission in just one email instead of 6-10 vague messages over the course of several days that the artist all has to reply to.

Because that will just quickly wear out the artist and make things absolutely messy for them to look back to, or just probably drop you as a commissioner.