• melongaller:it's 2054. why are we still using a BBS for runner talk and chit-chat, exactly?
  • desert dew:you know exactly why
  • 800 thousand unique 3D avatars:oppa gangnam style

Casey GUSHED about how much he loves Tommy and how great Tommy is after he walked away and my heart grew three sizes this night.

tbh im really glad for the most part people arent making fun of jake or calling him weak because tbh what vriska said was fucked up and cruel


May 6th, 2015 Morning Broadcast

  • Going to NY today
  • “Goodmorning everyone”
  • Answers some of the chat
  • Talking about when he visits other Younow’s, made someone chug a mountain dew. Likes it when his fans are in the same chat.
  • Has a lot of shit to do today
  • Tells story about when he got Tiger and jill didnt want him to
  • Flight is @ 8PM
  • Yawns/fucking screams and broke my headphones (not kidding, one side of my earbuds just blew out)
  • Talks to the chat again
Text to: all contacts
  • Elijah:guess who got a new phone :DDD
  • Elijah:my Mum kinda made me so... like REALLY made me
  • Elijah:did you virtually miss me?
  • Elijah:cause I virtually missed you
  • Elijah:and my lame pick up line for the day is
  • Elijah:you can call me Nemo, cause I'm never afraid to touch the butt ;)
  • Elijah:It's Elijah pls im so bored :|