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After a random number texts you on yet another night, where you’re just staying home at your dorm, you find yourself talking to an annoying, but very determined frat boy, who likes a challenge more than anything… Even if he doesn’t know who you are.

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You deserve so much better: Prinxiety Bonus: Can I stay over? My parents are fighting again

Back at it again, getting more prompts done!

Warnings: Self-deprecation

 Sometimes Virgil would get the overwhelming sense that he wasn’t good enough. That he wasn’t worth it and everyone who had ever come in contact with him would be better off having never known him.

 He had felt that way with his parents.

 With his friends Patton and Logan.

 But he especially felt that way with Roman.

 He happened to be feeling like that right in that moment, as he watched Roman trying to draw with a pencil that was at least twice his size. The little human had asked to stay the night after revealing that his parents had been fighting. Virgil agreed, even though he wasn’t sure why Roman would choose him to stay with.

 Roman was one of Virgil’s best friends, despite the way they had started out. But maybe it was because of that that Virgil thought that Roman deserved much better than him.

 Or maybe it was because of his own self-deprecation. Who really knew at this point.

 “And done!” Virgil blinked out of his thoughts and looked up to see Roman grinning at him. The human stepped off the paper and Virgil picked it up, looking it over. His eyes widened in surprise when he saw himself with Roman on his shoulder. He looked at Roman with the same surprise, who shrugged.

 “I’m trying out more realism stuff.” He explained. Virgil looked back down at the drawing before smiling, though it was a bit forced.

 “Well, it’s really good.” The actual style was really nice, very well done, but Virgil was having a hard time wrapping his head around the fact Roman spent time and energy drawing him.

 “Thanks!” Roman grinned. “You can keep that one if you want and if you do I expect you to frame it.” Roman laughed.

 Virgil’s hands tightened around the paper, crinkling the edges. His hands shook. “Heh, yeah.” He stared at the drawing for a little longer before finally he couldn’t keep it in anymore.

 “Why are you friends with me?” He blurted out. Roman blinked, taking a step back at the outburst.

 “Why am I-What?” He asked, confused. Virgil groaned.

 “After our mess of a first meeting and with so many better options. Like Patton or Logan or any other human. Why did you stick around? Why did you choose me to come to tonight. You…” Virgil choked down a sob. “You deserve so much better than someone like me.”

 Roman was silent for a long time, but Virgil didn’t have the heart to look at him. Not until he started speaking again. “You mean someone who is kind? Caring? Someone who doesn’t back down from an argument and probably matches me in stubbornness?” Virgil looked up at Roman, who was now right in front of him, with wide eyes swirling with confusion. “Someone who is still emo in 2018 but manages to pull it off? Someone who, despite how I acted towards them, not only forgave me but let me become their friend? That kind of someone?”

 Virgil was about to speak, but Roman beat him too it. “Because Virgil, I’m pretty sure that someone is right here. How could I deserve better when the best is already right in front of me?”

 Virgil blinked, a few tears falling down his cheeks. “Ro-Roman…I-”

 “No, don’t you dare. As Patton would say, I will physically fight you if you talk bad about yourself.” Roman interrupted. Virgil couldn’t help but laugh at that as he rubbed his eyes. Roman smiled up at him softly before opening his arms wide.

 Virgil didn’t need words to understand what Roman meant by the gesture and reached out with both his hands to scoop the human up. He settled him against his chest and Roman sighed into the warmth of Virgil’s hoodie.

 “Thanks Princey.” Roman hummed.

 “Anytime, emo nightmare.”

 And yeah, the thoughts would come back. They always did, but Roman would be there to chase them away.

 Every time.

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Sometimes you just gotta laugh at yourself

People will judge you regardless of what you do. Don’t look to them for validation, simply accept all that you are.