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I had a hilariously awkward autograph experience with Jensen but I don’t want to post about it in too much detail since it might embarrass someone and I’m not in that kind of business.

Long story short and without specific details except for my part of the interaction, after the person in front of me spoke to him, he didn’t know how to react and just face planted on the table. And stayed there. Didn’t pick his head up. Arms splayed out. And it’s my turn and I’m just staring at this guy waiting for him to pick his head up. He doesn’t.

So I try to comfort him. Not my best work, either.

Me: “It’s okay, it’s okay…you’ve probably heard worse, right? I mean, I hope so. No! Wait. That’s not at all helpful, uh…”

Jensen: *picks his head up and just looks at me like he’s trying to figure me out*

Me: Uh…you’ve got really good beer, man. Truly.

Jensen: *finally cracking a smile* thank you, thank you.

Then he signs my op and that’s how I attempted, with minimal success, to make Jensen feel better during autographs.

Sometimes I’m amazed by my own awkwardness.

Moon in Gemini;

The Moon has arrived in Gemini’s kingdom. Things are very different here from what they’re like at home, in Cancer, aren’t they? Here, the Moon takes Gemini’s crown, borrowing it from Mercury to reign over his realm, symbolizing the challenging union of mental and emotional planes.

Here, watery emotions pass swiftly, like clouds being carried all around in a mental storm; emotions are deeply connected to this individual’s thought processes and can be easily identified by the way they talk or communicate. Gemini’s mutable realm is filled with flexible dualities, and so one’s emotions dress themselves with these versatile and adaptable characteristics. One’s emotions vary greatly, changing rapidly in the course of hours, and tend to govern one’s will. Thus, this is someone who probably has a wide set of interests and is able (and willing) to do many things at a time, going from here to there in the blink of an eye and completing innumerable tasks along their way. This is probably a reflection of what was taught at infancy; as a child, the Gemini Moon probably saw their parents or guardians as witty and dexterous people who were able to be involved in many kinds of projects at once and that stimulated rational thought.

Gemini’s realm is one dedicated to collecting many tiny pieces of knowledge through study and curious talks, so these can be important habits for a Gemini Moon individual. When the Moon is in Gemini, there’s a need for questioning the origin of all things and discovering how everything came to be. There could be also a very strong urge to search for information in history, past events and in conditions of the family. Logical and rational processes are also tied to the Moon, and so the individual may feel that their sense of logic depends on emotional information or that their emotions need to make some kind of sense to be valid.

Here, a talkative Moon loves receiving friends and relatives in her home, a place where she can extract all kinds of information from their acquaintances. Communicating is absolutely essential for one’s emotional well-being through talking, writing, blogging etc. Those with a Gemini Moon can easily interact with all kinds of people and they are also able to easily identify the emotional states of others and, from that, change other people’s perception of themselves.

Witty and intelligent by nature, the Gemini Moon individual is challenged with the quest to find balance between reason and feeling. Like a raging storm, their mind brightens violently with emotional lightning bolts, illuminating the night and revealing hidden secrets of the mental realm.

🌬  Detail: Charles Hermans, “At the masquerade”; 1880.

“Can I be him?” - Part II

At first, you believed it was a good idea to ask Eggsy for the biggest favor he could ever do – pretend to be your boyfriend. However, you are a bundle of nerves at the garden party because suddenly you are scared of what your heart wants. 

Warning: None
Eggsy Unwin x Reader 
Part TWO of the ‘Can I Be Him?’ - Series

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Remember with no Net Neutrality we can’t watch Voltron, read fanfiction, look at or share amazinf art, talk to distant friends/relatives, see funny memes, for some go to school, be updated on important information, seek help, keep going. With Net Neutrality we can continue all these things and so much more.

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Top 9.5 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

Hello my dears,

Hope you’re having a productive weekend (and are prioritising any upcoming exams over blogging… *nervous sweat bead*). And if you’re not being so productive, fear not! I know writer’s block is a pain - wait… I’ve got a better idea - fun anecdote time!

I once went to an author event, and heard Patrick Ness (author of More Than This, A Monster Calls, etc) say something along the lines of “I wish I earned enough to afford so-called ‘writer’s block’”. If I can find the exact quote, I’ll give it to you. I thought it was a great point at the time. It motivated me for a while, the knowledge that if a writer doesn’t write, a writer doesn’t eat. It worked great… until a few weeks later when I next found my head on my desk as all creativity abandoned me. But writer’s block doesn’t have to stop you in your tracks. Tackle it right, and all will be well, oh fellow author. Here’s my recommendations for how to beat a creativity crash (just thought of that phrase, I’ll admit I’m pretty proud). Anyway!

1. Change your surroundings.
Perhaps the obvious one, but there’s a reason for that! It works! How long have you been staring at that monochrome greyish wall behind your laptop? Is that sofa even slightly comfy? Or likewise, are you too comfy? Do you need a more productive workspace?

2. Take care of yourself.
Again, maybe obvious, but of course you can’t write if you’re dehydrated, or bursting for a pee (you’ve been holding it in for ages as you try to force out another sentence, haven’t you). Eat something, change your clothes, take your meds, get fresh air, have a shower, have a nap! Replenish yourself, you deserve it. This also pairs with the last one, and gives you time away from your writing project. It’s one of those 'it’ll come to you when you’re not thinking about it’ scenarios.

3. Talk about your writing project.
Find a friend, relative, significant other, goldfish, stranger etc. Tell them what’s been going on in your fictitious world. Pitch your book to them. Yes, I know you’re most likely an introvert and hate the thought of this, but your book needs you. And you’ll be amazed how interested people are by the concept of an author. People generally really love to hear this stuff.

4. Read some fiction.
Immerse yourself in somebody else’s world, get to know their characters and writing style, if not for analysis of their techniques then for a bit of fun and escapism.

5. Read some non-fiction.
Specifically on writing techniques. If you know exactly what you’re stuck on, get online, there are hundreds of free eBooks to be downloaded to help you to improve. I hear if you’re stuck on say, prologues, or tense scenes, there’s some great bloggers out there with a wealth of information… ;)

6. Do some marketing.
The other big side of being a modern-day author, especially if you’re self-publishing. You’re never finished. Go and do some networking, design a new advert or look up writing events you might attend. Revise your pre-existing blurb, get the word out about your project. This gives you some reflection time and helps you think about what really matters in your book, and means you’re staying productive.

7. Get the tunes on.
I talked about this in my last post, but it’s still relevant. Play some music, to accompany your writing or simply to listen and absorb some creative vibes.

8. Write something else.
This one’s a bit of a gamble, as it might end up becoming the centre of your attention. Don’t let that happen. Try some flash fiction, or poetry. Write a 2,000 word spin-off scene focusing on one of your side characters, or if story prompts are your thing, go on Tumblr or Pinterest, where there’s a plethora of blogs posting nothing but prompt after prompt. Find one that appeals to you and do what you will with it to get those writing juices flowing (that’s an awful phrase, I’m never using it again).

9. Refer to your outline.
You spent a long time planning this project, detailing plot points from start to finish. Have a read over it and see where you are and where the next big moment is, and assess how you can get there. Or, if your outline is only very basic, or even non-existent -

9.5 Backtrack and make an outline.
Go back a few scenes and bullet point (or making a timeline works for me) all that’s happened recently. All the movements and interactions. Then, skip ahead a little way and write the little things you’re planning for the next bit. Like a fill-in-the-blanks activity. And seriously consider an outline for the rest of your story.

How do you personally beat writer’s block? Any ancient wisdom you could impart? Or has this post helped you reach a solution? Let me know down in the comments!

Take care of yourself,

Hazel. :)

i can almost guarantee that sabo will have a pretty decent role in the final war of one piece and that means he’d have to work together with luffy AND IF I KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ANYTHING I BET U ACE IS GONNA BE SHOWN GIVING THEM MOTIVATION FROM THE AFTERLIFE 

To anyone with long distance loved ones...

As someone who has had several long distance friends and a long distance relationship, there are some things that I think everyone should know.

1.) There is a site ( than enables you to video-chat, watch Netflix, YouTube, etc. and browse other websites in a screen-sharing fashion with other people. It is available to people with laptops, but I believe that they are working on expanding.

2.) Spotify is a great way to share music with each other. As long as you both have the Spotify app and you make your playlists available to the public, you can save each other’s playlists to your own “your music” section and listen to them. If sending a CD of music compiled strictly for them is not an option for you, making them a playlist of songs that remind you of them is sweet way to let a friend, relative, or partner know that you’re thinking about them and care about them.

3.) [US residents only] The USPS has a Flat Rate Board Game Box that is the same price as a Large Flat Rate Box. It is said to fit two average-sized game boards (think Monopoly) and it would most likely be great for sending paintings, drawings, folding clothing items, etc. Being a “Flat Rate Box” means that the weight of the box doesn’t matter. As long as all items fit and meet requirements, you will only be paying $16.85 for domestic priority shipping.

4.) If you and your long distance friend, relative, partner, etc. plan on talking for a long period of time or staying on overnight, certain apps keep a connection longer than others (in my experience). Oovoo (audio) is most effective from what I’ve found. Next is Skype video or audio tied with FaceTime (on Apple devices). Lastly is Oovoo video. 

That’s all I can think of for now, but I hope this will help some people. :)

Honestly I hate anyone who complains about smart phones and technology ruining communication. My immigrant mom has spent over 30 years feeling isolated in the U.S because of her language barrier and now at age 63 she’s learning to use LINE and video chat to talk with her relatives and friends overseas, and the earnest joy and excitement she gets from something as small as a friend sending her animated gif reactions is enough to melt the entire arctic

carrotsnhorses  asked:

Can y'all explain how antifa isn't fascist (inadvertently or otherwise)? I don't mean to be a troll, and I don't think antifa is fascist, but I have some friends that insist it is. I'm just looking for some logical responses to that kind of claim from people who know what their talking about, since I'm relatively new to the antifa movement. Thanks!

Your “friends” are appalling shitstains.  How is it that they think the people fighting against fascism = fascists?  That makes as much sense as this:

We’re going to go ahead and guess some things about these “friends” of yours:

1) Your friends are unable to come up with a definition of fascism that bears any resemblance to actual fascism.  Go ahead and ask them to define what they mean by “fascism” and see how closely it resembles the actual definitions of the term.  

2)  Your friends are free speech absolutists.  They believe that not only should anyone be allowed to say anything anywhere, but that other people/groups are somehow obligated to provide them with platforms to say those things and should never do anything to oppose them, no matter how objectionable those things are.

One of the problems with this position is what Karl Popper called “The Paradox of Tolerance.”

As a RASH skinhead once put it to us: when you’re openly advocating and organizing for mass murder and genocide, you’ve forfeited your right to a polite and civil conversation. 

3) Your friends are guilty of the logical fallacy of false equivalence.  Fascists, bigots, and white supremacists have murdered thirty-two people so far this year.  We bet these friends of yours don’t have shit to say about those murders, but will wail and moan about “anTEEfa” punching a couple of people.   Check out our essay about how this applies to anti-fascism today. 

4)  Your friends have no fucking idea what to do about fascism. If you pointed out to your friends that armed gangs of racist terrorists are literally marching in our streets and killing people (like in Charlottesville or Portland) and asked them what the solution to that problem is, they won’t have any ideas that make any sense or would work in the real world. 

Antifa has been around for over eighty years.  We know what it takes to stop fascist violence dead in its tracks.  What’s the track record of your friends in terms of protecting people from bigoted violence?   

5) By aping the same sorts of bullshit arguments that literal neo-nazis and white nationalists supremacists use to try to turn people against their enemies, your “friends” are literally collaborating with racist terrorists to further their agenda.  That agenda, by the way, is to enslave and murder people.  

Time to get some new friends, tbh.  Here’s some musical inspiration for that!

Reasons why we should have free access to the internet

* it is helpful to education

* it lets people talk to far away relatives or friends

* it connects people

* it lets people have easier lives

* making it free makes it easier for a better economy so that people won’t go broke just to search on something important

pixeled-pip  asked:

So I am a DM and I have a character who is a little ten year old, how do I make her more interesting for the players to interact with? How do I make her important to the team?

She knows things 10 year olds shouldn’t. For instance, she hints at knowing where her head [family member] kept his gold, or that she saw a [highly illegal] book of magic one time and memorized a few pages. 

She wants a mother or father figure, or a sibling and treats the party members like it. 

She helps them however she can. Bandages cuts, makes terrible but love filled dinners, keeps watch first [bed time is strictly 9pm! No late watches for her].

She’s like, REALLY good at bird sounds. Also dog barks.

She talks about her relatives, or friends a lot. Give her feelings and emotional ties, and make her a real person. 

Maybe she wants to try to train in a certain weapon or specialty, and takes a liking to [party member who uses it].

The Accidental “I Love You”

Sometimes some phrases are reflexive. You say ‘em so often that it becomes a type of muscle memory. So, for instance, you typically only talk on the phone with cherished relatives or close friends. Your sendoff easily becomes: “Bye. Love you.” or something to that effect. That can get a little tricky if you say it to the wrong person. Well, the “““wrong””” person. Freudian slip, anyone?

You’re supposed to meet the guys at Balouve Mines or thereabouts to find… something? The text you got the day before was very vague. Seeking clarification on what all is supposed to be going down and what you should expect on this quest, you call on your favorite guy because not only is he dependable but you really enjoy talking to him. Congrats. That comfort and reassurance you were looking for? It’s gonna cost you. ‘Cause now you’re dead and you’re never gonna call him again.

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Vanished: The most mysterious disappearances of young women in Russia (Part 3)

Subway train: disappearance of Anastasia Sotnikova

Missing  since: 31 January of 2011

22-year-old Anastasia  Sotnikova of Moscow was what you would call  a classical good girl. She didn’t drink, didn’t smoke, didn’t party and was one of the best students of her university. That’s why her family immediately realized that something was wrong when  she didn’t come home from her late night German language courses on 31 January of 2011.  Her father was supposed to meet her near subway exit and was late  for a few minutes. He  waited for Anastasia, but she never showed up. Her phone was silent. 12 hours later Anastasia’s family went to the police where they were told that she is probably partying somewhere and will come back soon. They also were invited to come back in three days and only then police will start to look for Anastasia. 

Soon police will find out that Anastasia’s  family was  right and  Anastasia indeed disappeared without trace very near from her home under terrifying circumstances. Subway security camera showed that Anastasia exited a subway train at 10:20 p.m., a few minutes before her father arrived to the subway station exit. While in the subway she was followed by a young man that was talking on the phone (pictured above). Police tried to identify the man though the phone company, however it turned out that no calls of this length were made in that particular location which means that the man likely pretended to talk on the phone to seem less suspicious. Anastasia’s relatives and friends wasn’t able to identify the person as well.

Meanwhile Anastasia’s family was contacted by an anonymous witness that told them that she saw how Anastasia was pushed into a car  by a man and that she creamed “No” three times. The witness refused to give her name or provide  any additional details. Case was going colder with each month. In October of 2011, Anastasia’s family offered 1 million rubles rewards for any information that can help  to solve her disappearance. No one came forward.

It has been 7 years since Anastasia  Sotnikova’s disappearance. Her family and friends stopped raising awareness about her case years ago. And only a few strangers that follow the case for years are  still ready to spread information and hope that  Anastasia is still alive and can be found.  

Tbh I don’t see the need for individual posts for “how to talk to each deity.” You don’t need a post for how to talk to Aphrodite, then another for Hecate, and another for Iris. It’s just like. Just talk to them like how you would greet a new person. How you talk to different people is, surprise, different depending on circumstance. The gods are the same but you kind of talk to them in a more respectful way, because that’s a fucking god oh boy.

Light a candle and some incense if you need to. Lay out symbols you associate them with if that feels like you get your words across better. You can even just sit down at your work desk and say “‘sup my dude. Guess what shit just happened.” Just TALK to them. It’s intimidating but once you do it enough and find your boundaries, it becomes easierand like you’re talking to a friend/relative.

What works for you won’t always work for others, and vice versa. If you feel like another person’s way of worshipping works for you, that’s 100% fine. Do yo thang. Just promise you won’t go around saying your way is the only way that works.

Perfect | KJ x Reader

Prompt submitted by anon: Perfect by Ed Sheeran inspired imagine. This whole imagine is inspired by all of the lyrics because…why the fuck not.

Y’all…this song is legit so beautiful that my mom and I cry every time it is on the radio. Not the Beyonce version. Not the edited version. Not the Andrea Bocceli verson (even though i love him). The OG song. It is beyond words beautiful and every girl and boy should find someone who treats them like the song speaks of. Seriously.

No warnings, just some really cute shit :)

Originally posted by michelmcfly

As you finished tousling your hair, you looked in the mirror one last time before heading downstairs. The floral maxi dress was summer wedding appropriate, you just hoped you weren’t too under dressed for your cousin’s big day. “Baby, come on, we’re gonna be late!” your boyfriend calls to you from the kitchen downstairs. “Coming!” you call back as you grab your purse and cell phone from you and KJ’s shared bed. You walked down the stairs to see your boyfriend, fixing his cuffs in the kitchen as he laid his eyes on you. “This dress is fine, right?” you ask as he keeps his eyes wide open. “It is more than fine. You look…” he trails off as you smile, kissing his cheek. “You said it yourself, we’re gonna be late for the wedding!” you grab his hand, dragging him outside of your house.

You and KJ recently moved in together after dating for over year. Your relationship was difficult to say the least. He was living in New Zealand, but shooting Riverdale in Vancouver while you were living in Los Angeles as a screenplay writer. That itself took a toll on the relationship, causing you and KJ taking breaks from each other a few times. But each time you realized you both needed each other more than anything, so he made the choice to move to LA with you. It was hard for him; moving from his friends and family in Auckland to live in a different country with you was hard. But he acclimated quickly and he tried to fly to see his family as much as possible when the opportunities let him.

The wedding ceremony of your cousin’s was absolutely gorgeous. It was an old mansion that was now a wedding venue in the grassy fields of California–simply beautiful. During the exchange of vows, you swore you saw KJ crying, and you didn’t judge: you were sobbing. The two of you were having an amazing time as you were dancing and drinking all night with your family and friends. Your dad and KJ were talking up a storm as your relatives gushed at how much of a gentleman he was. They were all right. KJ treated you like any man should: with respect and care. You loved hearing from your family that they loved him just as much as you did.

As the night started to wind down, that’s when the heels came off and the slow songs came on. “Hey, handsome,” you say as KJ sits next to you, kissing you softly. “Having a good time?” He smiles and nods his head. “Absolutely. Abigail and Derek make a beautiful couple,” he gushes, taking a sip of his drink as you smile. You thought to yourself about how lucky you got to have such an amazing boyfriend. He laughs as you rub his leg, “What? What are you thinking about?”

“Just about how lucky I am to have you,” you tell him as he blushes. “You’re so cute, stop.” Your words make him blush more and you squeeze his hand. As you say that, your favorite Ed Sheeran song starts to play. Gasping, you look at him as he laughs, getting up from his seat.

KJ stands, holding his hand out. “May I?” he asks, jokingly as you roll your eyes. You take his hand as he guides you to the dance floor. He sneaks his arms around your waist as you wrap your arms around his neck, the two of you starting to sway to the beat of the guitar. As Perfect plays in the background, you take this moment to look at KJ and really look at him. He was everything you could have wanted and more. His eyes were soft and kind with that dorky smile he wore constantly on his face. He still had that orange hair from just wrapping up Season 3 which people made comments on the entire night. KJ was always so proud of his work and so grateful to the people who loved it as much as he did. Disturbing you from your thoughts, KJ says, “I think about this song a lot.”

You furrow your eyebrows. “How so?” you ask, playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. He looks around at his environment, a little embarrassed for what he’s gonna say. You turn his head back towards you. “It’s just you and me. Who cares who hears,” you tell him as he smiles softly.

He clears his throat. “I think about the lyrics a lot. How Ed talks about this girl he is so in love with and how perfect she is to him. That’s how I feel about you, baby,” he tells you as you can’t help but blush. “No matter how you think about yourself, you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. Whenever I have you in my arms, I just think about how lucky I am and how I don’t deserve you.”

“KJ…” you trail off, little tears welling up in your eyes about how genuine he was being right now. You’ve never seen him this serious.

He shakes his head. “I’m not done. Just like he sings, I hope that one day we can do just like Abigail and Derek did. I want to get married and share a home and raise a child together. Listen, we are so young still. I know, we just started our twenties practically. But I want all of that. With you. No one else. I want to be yours and I want you to be mine. I don’t care if we don’t have much money or whatnot. All I need is you and I will be happy,” he starts to cry as you sniffle.

Your heart is soaring as he says all of that. “I want that future, too. With you, only you,” you tell him, cupping his face and pressing your forehead against his. “I love you so much.”

“I love you more,” he tells you as he pressed his lips against yours.