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Please draw and talk more about your oc's they seem so interesting and cool (maybe more than I am)) pleaseee

aaahhhh okay thanks a lot!! i will try to talk about them more with some illustrations and maybe it will help you ask questions so i’ll reveal more about them AND WE WILL START ENDLESS OCS CYCLE AHAHAHA

My son made this. He called it “Monstrous Moon” and it was presented to me at a parent teacher’s conference this week.

Teacher: “Can we talk about your son’s art project? He made this moon.”
Me: “Neat.”
T: “He then told the class that it was an evil moon that demanded gifts and songs. People who made it happy could turn into werewolves and those who made it mad would be eaten by said werewolves.”
M: “Ah.”
T: “He then said we was making the monstrous moon happy and howled, which made other kids howl. They then spent recess howling and talking about eating people.”
M: “Oh. That’s a problem.”
T: “I’m glad we’re on the same page here.”
M: “I’ll speak to him about the importance of the separation of Church and State. He shouldn’t bring his religion to school.”
T: “Uh, that’s not what I meant. I have a few therapists that-”

Being ace is good and cool. It does not mean you’re a worse person than others, or that you think of yourself as “pure” and better than those around you. If someone randomly assumes this about you and mocks you for it they’re scum.

Being ace is not something you’re weird for wanting to talk about. It’s your identity, it’s your orientation, it’s absolutely legit and understandable and common to want to speak about it.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to talk about and call attention to shit that’s happened or been said or done to you in relation to being ace. Regardless of whether it happened offline or on here, you’re not just “whining”, you’re not just being oversensitive or dramatic or “trying to manipulate ppl into feeling unsafe” by virtue of wanting to talk about your own bad experiences and actual shit that is happening. That’s bullshit.

There is nothing wrong with being ace. And yes this needs to be said with all that’s gone down here and it needs to be said so many times.

Joker Imagine - You Talk In Your Sleep

Joker’s P.O.V.

After a really long day of business, Y/N fell asleep in our bed. It was Saturday night and we had robbed a bank successfully. It really drained her energy so I was up alone. I was happy because everything worked out just as planned. We even got to meet Batsy.

As I walked into our bedroom to get undressed, I heard her soft voice. I glanced at my girlfriend who was sleeping peacefully, her eyes closed and her H/C hair sprawled around her. She was beautiful. 

‘‘Fuck me..mhh’‘ She moaned loudly which caught my attention again. I smirked now but I was a bit surprised. Was she having a dirty dream? Y/N moved in bed and kicked the blanket off of her. She was only wearing a white tank top and her underwear. ‘‘Oh J..just like that’‘ Y/N purred slowly. I took off my purple jacket and put it away. I tried to get undressed as quickly and quietly as I could because I found this amusing in a hot way.

As I was just in my black boxers, I crawled in bed next to Y/N. Just perfectly she shifted her position so she was almost facing me. ‘’Harder..daddy please’’ She whined and held onto her pillow tightly. I couldn’t help but to smirk again. Luckily she was dreaming of me and no one else. ‘’I’m close’’ She nearly whispered. That’s when I decided to ruin her fun by waking her up.

I put my hand on her hips and leaned in to kiss her nose. ‘’Wake up kitten’’ I told her. Y/N fluttered her eyes open and it took a while until she met my eyes. ‘’What were you dreaming of?’’ I asked her, just to be a tease. Meanwhile, I put my hand under her shirt and traced my fingers across her soft skin.

‘‘Someone special’‘ She smiled tiredly. ‘‘Whom, may I ask?’‘ I asked a bit fancily. Y/N’s cheeks tinted red and she couldn’t help but to look away. ‘‘Were you dreaming about me?’‘ I purred and then gently touched her boob. Her nipples were already hard and I could tell that the dream got her horny.

‘‘What if I was?’‘ She asked me playfully. Y/N rolled on her back and I followed by getting on top of her. ‘‘Well maybe I’ll have to make your dreams come true?’‘ I shrugged and then kissed her neck. I kissed her jaw as well before I kissed her collarbone. ‘‘Please’‘ Y/N moaned softly.

‘‘Please what?’‘ I teased her. ‘‘Please make my dreams come true’‘ She was more specific. A smile spread on my face because I would love to do that. ‘‘With pleasure kitten. Daddy will make you feel so good’‘

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Hi Ridia! Apologies if this scenario has been asked for before. What if Misaki's deadbeat dad suddenly contacts him out of nowhere and asks to meet up. Misaki takes Saruhiko along with him for emotional support!

So imagine Yata gets like a phone call from his bio dad wanting to meet up and at first he isn’t sure how to feel, part of him wants to just tell the old man to fuck off for disappearing for years and only now calling him. But on the other hand part of him is just so excited, like he’s never quite felt part of his family but here’s a missing piece – he tries to think of his stepdad as his father but part of Yata’s always whispering that of course his stepdad isn’t his real dad, he’s Minoru and Megumi’s dad and it’s different, Yata’s different. So the idea that his biological dad wants to see him and maybe have a relationship makes Yata feel like finally he’s got this family connection he was always lacking, like he’s wanted in a way he didn’t quite feel before. I’m imagining that all the initial contact was Yata’s dad not really asking for anything, just wanting to connect with his son and then slowly working up to ‘hey we should meet.’ Yata doesn’t tell his mom about all this because even though he knows his parents split on bad terms his dad’s been upfront about that and about how he’s changed and wants a relationship with his son now. Yata feels like he needs some support if he’s going to meet his dad face to face though so he asks Fushimi to come along. I think initially Fushimi would be wary of the whole idea because obviously he is not a big believer in fathers in general, but Yata’s insistent in at least hearing his dad out and he’d feel better if he had Saruhiko along. Fushimi’s chest feels tight every time he hears Yata talking about the possibility of reconnecting with his dad but even so Fushimi agrees to accompany him, figuring that if it goes bad at least Fushimi’s there as backup.

From there we have two scenarios, the happy one and the angst one. Happy scenario, Yata’s dad really has changed, is super thrilled to see his son, they talk, they cry, Yata introduces his dad to his boy best friend and even suspicious Fushimi relaxes a little and tries to not be a total asshole to Yata’s dad. Angst scenario, Yata’s dad immediately tries to ask Yata for money and poor Yata is crushed that his dad never really wanted to connect with him in the first place. Imagine maybe Yata’s dad even works for some rival gang and tried to turn Yata in as the vanguard of Homra, like there’s a bunch of guys waiting for Yata and Fushimi when they arrive and Yata’s dad is all like ‘man I got lucky that my son had such a big bounty on his head.’ Poor Yata is both pissed and devastated and of course Yata’s devastation makes Fushimi that much more pissed, like part of him is thinking that of course it turned out this way because fuck fathers but part of him is also really upset because this lowlife hurt Misaki and Fushimi is not down with that. Yata starts beating up the bad guys and maybe his dad tries to make a run for it, Fushimi stops him and pins him to the wall with knives. Fushimi’s about to take Yata’s dad down when Yata tells him to stop, Yata will handle this. Yata walks over to his dad, glowing red and fists clenched and asks what the fuck his dad thinks he was doing. Yata’s dad panics and tries to say that wait this is all a misunderstanding they forced him and he’s so proud of his boy really but it’s so clearly fake. Yata just gives this angry yell and throws a punch, hitting the wall behind his dad and making a dent. He only burns his dad a bit though, I think he’d decided scum like this isn’t even worth no blood no bone no ash and he strides away with Fushimi after him. Later Yata’s like guess you were right Saruhiko and I’m an idiot, Fushimi sighs and sits next to him, grudgingly admitting that Yata’s not that much of an idiot and anyway this is his dad’s loss, right. Yata’s like that was super unconvincing but thanks for trying Saruhiko (and then later he goes back home to see his mom and just gives her this big hug because this reminded him how much his family really does love him.)

god, all this talk about the SW fandom has me so appreciative of ppl who write for MCU: @permashift @808s-and-d1sco-face @sweet-coffee-jelly @zamnwilson @unclesteeb @softsams @starfudge @nerdbbks @afro-elf @imafuckingreverseracist @amariemelody @everyone else whose a black author that writes about Sam: y'all the real ones

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it’s so nice to date someone and watch them be so absorbed into something new like a video game and not getting mad at them for not talking to you as much as you’d like because you genuinely love them and are happy that they’ve found something that is fun to do and you don’t feel like you need to be a controlling piece of shit in their lives to demand that they share it with you instead because you’re an asshole who wants to make them feel like you are more deserving of their time over something that they enjoy

The Importance of Talking.

You MUST talk to your s/o! Its a very big rule. Leaving your s/o without any information can be rough on the other person. They may feel abandoned or scared that you might leave them. Never leave a little without some insight on what you’re doing. If you’re busy at least send them a “I Love You” or a “I miss you” text every once in a while. They’ll feel a lot better that they know your still there for them. In LDR’s, its EXTREMELY important. All you have is communication. Without it, your entire relationship will fall apart. It may seem hard but take a couple minutes out of your busy schedule just to send them something cute. Or buy them something and have it shipped to them, just to feel loved. Communication is key in a DD/lg relationship. Make sure you always keep eachother happy and loved. I love you all very much and have a wonderful weekend.