talk without intention

HWTR when jealous

For the anon who suggested us various ‘how would they react’ ideas. 



He doesn’t often get jealous—he thinks that his partner needs their liberty when interacting with others and he just knows that you love him and only him. You wouldn’t go around flirting with other people seriously. Sure, you sometimes try (in vain) to make him jealous but he just smirks and shrugs, proceeding to talk with another girl casually. Which, in turn, makes YOU jealous. So, in the end, he’ll be the one that comforts you when you get too upset. But that doesn’t mean he’s invulnerable—he has some moments where he can get jealous and insecure. When he’s feeling down and sad, he gets easily irritated if you decided to go out and talk randomly with a friend. Doesn’t matter if you’re just talking without any intention of making him jealous—he’d still feel that. He’d act casual and chill as he comes to your side, wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you possessively next to him. Close enough for the other person to know that you were taken. His cold and indifferent smile would make his ‘opponent’ back away because they know that there was a threat in that gaze. To make sure the other person got the message, when you turn around to walk away, he’d grab your butt cheeks, or simply let his hand rest there. He won’t be a needy ‘Tell me you love me, I need confirmation’ type—he prefers actions over words, so he’d take you home and screw your brains out. This is his way of showing his insecurity and doubts and he wants to make sure that you knew who you belonged to. To make you his entirely. He pretends not to have been jealous when in this state, but you know better—you can read the signs. He never fucks you like this, so desperate and roughly, in normal times. Only when he was feeling jealous. And you were actually glad for moments like these; it made you feel secure of his affection (however rare these moments were). And a Joji boiling slowly and unknowingly in his own jealousy is definitely adorable; and a definite turn-on.

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An INTP On A Date
  • INTP: *begins to speak in foreign languages to fill awkward voids in their scattered speech... prego, prego... so yeah what I´m trying to say is ermmm... Насколько мне известно, c'est trois fois rien I guess, einverstanden?* (Wow slow tf down INTP that doesn´t even make sense)
  • INTP: *only orders a dessert and nothing else*
  • INTP: *uses yet another technical term*
  • INTP: *stares into date´s eyes (trying to figure them out like a formula*
  • INTP: *only talks about themselves without the intention of coming across as egoistic*
  • INTP: *when they realize that they only talk about themselves they then try to ask clumsy questions that are way too intrusive for a first date* "So, how was your last funeral experience like?" *collective jaw drop*
  • INTP: *also chooses topics like philosophy, psychoanalysis, anime, crime, social injustice, war and politics*
  • INTP: *quotes somebody*
  • INTP: *dorky facial action when feeling at ease... which makes them seem even weirder*
  • INTP: *jealous af because they care a little too much deep inside* *dramatic mode on!*
  • INTP: *draws alien on napkin*
  • INTP: *keeps testing their date with trick questions involving the latest psychological theory by institute xyz*
  • INTP: *doesn´t get innuendo*
  • INTP: *pretends not to get innuendo*
  • INTP: *makes up unintentional innuendos all the time*
  • INTP: *too nonchalant when it comes to social norms concerning social scripts* *too stingy for a boat trip, `romantically´ rides bus with date instead* *spills coffee on date bc shaky hands - doesn´t apologize but sighs instead* *spots typos in menu, complains a little too loud* *farts* *baptizes date with a new chemical substance they invented!* *cosplays Bill Nye* *grows Vulcan ears* *prays to an unknown force* *flies off with spaceship* *and explodes!!*
  • Résumé: Dating an INTP is not for the faint-hearted.
Sweet words are easy to say; Sweet things are easy to buy; but sweet people are difficult to find. Life ends when you stop dreaming. Hope ends when you stop believing. Love ends when you stop crying. Friendship ends when you stop sharing. So share this with whoever you consider special. To love without condition. To talk without intention. To give without reason. And to care without expectation.