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Vernon/OFC: For all the marbles, a SVT!kindergarten AU

Genre: Fluff/Friendship/Puppy love

Word Count: 1173

Characters: smol!Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female, various SVT members

Prompt:  Imagine your OTP meeting as kids and Person B (lil Hansol) decides to woo Person A by giving them pretty rocks that they find. And lil Hansol gets schooled by his bros in marbles and the art of puppy love

“You’re stupid!”

“You’re stupid!”

“You look like a squid!” Hoshi laughed, his puffy cheeks spreading like cream puffs as he pointed at her hair. Today it was shaped into four pigtails, two low and two up, secured by thin sky blue ribbons.

She was getting red in the face, and stomped her sandal-clad foot on the ground, lifting a ring of dust around their area. “I do not!”

“Do too.” Hoshi stuck out his tongue, thumbing the straps of his denim overalls. “I’m going to call teacher-nim, because squids aren’t allowed in school!”

“You’re so annoying!” the little girl clenched her fists, her shoulders tensing all the way to her neck. “I’m not playing with you anymore!” and she threw the plush dinosaur at his face, which Hoshi easily caught in his arms. It only made her angrier, and she stomped away to a corner of the playground, fed up.

“Good!” Hoshi called out, surrounded by his band of three friends. “We don’t want to play with a dumb girl!”

Hansol frowned from his safe spot in the sandbox, where his friends were surrounded by their marble ring. They were playing for keepsies today, which meant Hansol was already set up to lose. He already lost all his cateyes to Jeonghan, who was currently arranging all his new marbles by color and size. He didn’t care, it happened all the time, but he cared when a pretty girl in blue ribbons was sitting alone on the swing set. He rather liked her hair, it was unique and stood out from all the other girls who wore matching flower barrettes. It was different, just like him.

“Hoshi can be so mean sometimes.” he mumbled sourly, fisting the sand between his fingers.

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I’ve been talking about my final arts project I’m doing in school and today I decided that I’ll do a Fake AH Crew comic. I’m not sure about how many pages it’ll be but I have the main plan what it will be about. 

The most difficult part was to explain to my arts teacher what Fake AH Crew is because he needed to know what my comic would be about. So I explained it and I think he understood, or at least some of it. Then he asked me their names or actually just to name one of them. And I answered: “Well, Geoff is the boss of the group.” Then he said “Oh. So it’s Geoff and friends.” 

Geoff and friends. …Geoff and friends. My thoughts immediately went to like a kids’ cartoon show and now I hope my arts teacher isn’t waiting for something like this

In need of art muses!!!

Working with kids, I find myself having to talk about bullying everyday with my students. Mostly my 6th and 7th graders. Bullying is not addressed as much as it should be in the schools today. But sadly, bullying is no longer limited to just the schools. Cyber bullying has gotten out of control. Or even bullying in your own homes is possible whether we want to call it that or not. And it’s not just kids being bullied. Adults are being bullied on a daily basis too. I just really want to do something that speaks out about it using what I know best. My art.
I’m looking for about 10 to 15 volunteers who won’t mind being open and sharing with me (in writing) their bully experiences as well as sending me a few images of yourself (front view, side view and angled) that I can use in paintings for my next art show. If interested, please respond via email before SEPTEMBER 28th (

*those of you involved will receive a free print of the painting once they are complete with a special thanks for volunteering*
*Also, upon request, I can email process pictures of the paintings to those involved if that would make you more comfortable*

I know this could be a hard subject for most, especially those who never spoke out about it. And speaking out about it may not change things right away, but it will definitely jump start it. Someone’s life will be touched no matter what.

Thank you all! - unisexgvt