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How do you talk to actors at stage door I always just say something awkward like you were great and they're like thanks and I just got so nervous I just kind of stare at them and smile until they're done signing (one time I had a good convo with Luke the lightning thief about broken noses but that was a fluke) what do you generally say to them?

For me, it depends on the show/actor
My standard phrase if I don’t know the actor or their work well is “hi, thank you, I loved the show it was really *insert fitting word here*
If the actor stuck out at a particular moment, you can say, for example, "I loved the song you sang at *x time in the show*”
Or if I know and love them from something else, “I also loved you in x”
Hope this helps!!

“We saw a video, someone was about to commit suicide.” Mikey explained, managing to get his breath back.

“Don’t just stand around talking, we need to open the fucking door.” She scolded them. “If we can’t get in peacefully, we’ll have to get in forcefully.” She decided.

With enough effort, the three of them managed to get the door open.

I didn’t post this earlier but this was the night of Ben’s 100th performance. As someone who had their own suicide attempt during senior year of high school and left the show hysterical but also feeling so good, i knew i had to thank ben ❤

(I know its hard to hear but this is what was said)
Me: “i know you don’t have a lot of time but i wanted to tell you thank you for playing this part. I wish i had this show when i was suicidal”
Ben: “thank you for saying that. I’m happy that i touched you. Thats the only reason we do it, thank you for coming. Thank you, that makes me feel really good. I appreciate it”

I love Sadrien as much as the next person but honestly?

I need more Madrien in my life


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hesitant to let go // ready to open a new chapter

rocknaldo rewrite where ronaldo decides he’s gonna try to be a crystal gem when he finds a corrupt bloodstone.

ep starts with his pamphlets, one get’s stuck between the boardwalk and pulled down, ronaldo finds a gem monster stuck under there. excited about finding a rock person that didn’t look like a person he helps it out and decides to hide it in the lighthouse. debating on what to do next, he and bloodstone bunk there for a while. cute shenanigans ensue with ronaldo trying to teach her about conspiracy theories and bloodstone obviously not getting it and probably making a mess of the place.

eventually bloodstone accidentally gets hurt, cracking her gem and becoming very distressed. scared for his new friend ronaldo goes to the gems. steven is able to heal the crack but the gems chew ronaldo out for trying to handle her himself. he tries to defend himself by saying he was trying to be like them and helping people. steven agrees that it was dangerous and by hiding her he put her and others at risk. however he appreciates his good intentions and empathizes with the situation given his history with centipeetle.

he suggests that bloodstone actually be able to stay with ronaldo under certain conditions since she seems happy and it would be an opportunity for ronaldo to learn more about what the crystal gems, and gems as a species, are actually about without just jumping to conclusions. and for one more corrupt gem to live fairly happily without having to be bubbled.

ofc garnet makes the executive decision yes. conditions i guess would be bloodstone stays in the lighthouse so the gems can still keep an eye on her, ronaldo visits the gems every so often to stay updated and learn about what the crystal gems actually do.

it provides an opportunity for more humans to learn about the gems and their cause, as humans should probably be more involved in protecting the planet?(cue a different venue for ronaldo to make conspiracy theories) and helps ronaldo learn to be more considerate of others. also maybe some foreshadowing to how corrupt gems will be fully healed (jasper could be mentioned but i wasn’t sure how). also foreshadowing for UNBUBBLING BISMUTH ALREADY…