talk to thad

Yknow who I don’t see getting talked about enough

This guy, Preston Lindsay:

He’s great he was one of Bart’s first friends in the present and he’s so wonderful like 

Remember when Bart got into a fight with half of the school?:

He knows what’s up.

And this!!

He’s an aspiring filmmaker how cool is that!!

Also this:

He’s talking about when Thad/Inertia was posing as Bart and idk it’s important.

Anyway I feel like Preston is a v underrated character and should be appreciated more.

For trans guys, pussy!boys or mpreg fans.

“Oh, fuck…that’s it…fucking ride my cock,” Thad panted, holding his boyfriend’s waist and helping him bounce on his large tool. He was so turned on, until his boyfriend stopped again and started talking. Asking why Thad always had to wear a condom and why he had to be on the pill. He knew what he was hinting at. He groaned and let his head fall back as his boyfriend kept talking about the benefits of having a baby. “Babe, why tonight of all nights?” he complained, “You know I wanna have a baby with you. But…are you even fucking ready for the drastic changes in your life?” Thad would love to have children with him, but they were still young. It wasn’t time yet.