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I probably sound cheesy as heck but I seriously want to thank people for creating content and also spreading content by reblogging or liking things and showing your appreciation.
It’s all valuable!


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D(ANGER): PART I [Next:Coming Soon!]

i like to think that in front of everyone jimin loves to rile jjk up and push him to his limits (partially on purpose too) cos he knows jjk cant do anything (ok except that one time he manhandled jim and slapped the booty irl lmaos) but behind closed doors jjk’s got him caged between his arms “hyung i think you’ve been a really bad boy” and jimin’s whining for forgiveness but really he loves it (it being punished ofc)


I was reminded of this song that is the literal personification (songification?) of sexual tension by @love-in-mind-palace’s post. 

Had to do this, swear I wanted to use more than asip and tgg but those had so many moments already. These two will be the death of me.

One of the best parts about the Captain Underpants movie coming out is seeing all the fans of the series getting excited about it, and realizing that it’s way more popular than you ever knew

i drew this cuz i had to get a x-ray for my lungs today. i noticed day by day it was getting harder and harder for me to breathe. I kept coughing up green and red so yeah.

Things ain’t lookin too good for my lungs dude.

i’ll finish off the last commissions and other art i owe tomorrow. Just make a master post and send some individually cuz i think that’s the last day i got left to do stuff for quite a while.

then i think that’ll be it.

I’ll be ok. can’t stop me ya know. but it’ll be ok.

that might be the last for this month and for quite while.

kinda funny cuz the nurse was telling me that i needed to take my clothes off for the x-ray. So i just started taking my clothes off right where i was standing and he was like NO NOT HEREEEEEEE!! THE DRESSING ROOM!!!

then im like oh yeah that does make sense.

i feel i’ll be fine. but like after tomorrow and the day after that i’ll be needing to step down for a long while for my lungs to get treated from whatever is happening. i don’t get results till next week. 

i’ll still answer messages if ya need something. other than that we good.

peace out baby

It’s amazing how well any characters work with Shiro and Keith together, like you could just add anyone to them and it’d work wonders:

Sheith + Allura = two aliens and their human

Sheith + Pidge = conspiracy duo protects Shiro

Sheith + Coran = space uncle is overprotective af

Sheith + Lance = shklance

Sheith + Hunk = CUDDLE PILES

As a random side note, I am still poking at Lowlander, but…I might be posting some of the other things I’ve been working on over the last few months since I’ve been writing a lot lately. They’ll be mostly over//watch and final fantasy stuff, shippy things and other things, but they’ll all be tagged appropriately if you don’t want to see them. I just…miss sharing my writing with people, even if it’s not why most of you are here orz

Small reminder!!
Your muse isn’t yours. Other people can enjoy the same character and roleplay as them and the good side of this whole roleplaying business is that everyone plays a character differently & makes it unique!!

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You know, generally I hate when tv shows/books/whatever have a relationship where a "bad boy" gets changed by some purely good partner bc it's so tired, but something about bonenzo really just tugs at my heartstrings. We literally watched Enzo thaw and become this compassionate loving person that he hadhiding under a century of grief and pain. They were so precious 😭

you know, anon, same. i HATE the whole “woman makes a man a good person” trope coughdecough with every fiber of my being. but the reason why BE (and SE and SC) is so different is bc Enzo was never really bad - he made bad decisions based on some warped perspectives (and not so good motivations: revenge and loneliness). but probably the most important thing, for me, is he a) paid for those bad decisions - he died in s5, he was left all alone in s6, picking Lily over Caroline led to him being kidnapped by the armory/the gang completely abandoning him, threatening Damon/Tyler/Bonnie led to him being knocked out/hand cut off/Damon didn’t trust him a single bit anymore - b) he LEARNED FROM HIS MISTAKES and didn’t redo them all over again (8x14 is honestly such an important Enzo moment and while i hate 7x14, it lead to Enzo realize he fucked up and reminding himself to make better decisions) and c) he never ever pretended he was something he wasn’t (i’m pretty sure he calls himself a monster multiple times in s5 and s6, and definitely in 8x14 he points out his mistakes)

and really, it comes down to this - if someone is your INSPIRATION to be a better person, not your motivation or your sole purpose, then it’s healthy and wonderful and beautiful - because they are inspiring you to make YOURSELF better. the responsibility is still on them to make good decisions, fix their mistakes, and move forward. it’s not on the girl (in this case) to be their moral compass - they just “remind him that he’s already good.”

I’m not going to say much about the new episode because most people have already commented about it. But, I thought that Carisi was super out of line and more importantly out of character when he yelled at Barba and later said he didn’t care about him. I don’t care if you don’t ship Barisi - but you can’t deny the fact that they at least have a friendly working relationship and idk, it just seemed out of character. Also, I’m really disappointed that there wasn’t a scene between  Barba and Benson talking about their fathers. I think that would have been really nice to see but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. 

general disclaimer cuz i know a lot of my followers are writers (yes aspiring writers and fic writers included): i am a month away from having a BA in writing after spending the last 4 years studying writing in multiple genres, so if anyone ever wants writing advice or wants to know anything at all about writing (and hell, i’ll include grammar in there because god knows ive been forced through too many workshops and linguistics courses), hit me up! 

i may not have all the answers (FAR from it) but i do know as much as anyone can know after 4 years of formal instruction and i’d love to put that knowledge (and my v expensive and useless degree) to good use! so please don’t hesitate to ask! it would make me very happy!! i’m also always happy to beta read in case ur looking for someone!