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Oh the pearl past forms are awesome! Any chance you could post the other gems/ a link to their past reforms? Thanks!!!!

Sure! Do you mean the past reforms they cycle through when regenerating, because the only Gem besides Pearl to do that is Amethyst

  • Kirishima: [talking about Izuku] Dude, just tell him you think he's cute, what's the worst thing that could happen?
  • Katsuki: the shitty nerd could hear me, that's fucking what.

i think i know why kdramas are so much better than any other movie or show out there

they know how to make realistic and trustworthy relationships

lms if u think this is emotionally abusive: my “friend” kept asking me for nudes over and over again and then on facetime he threatened to kill himself if i dont send nudes. then he swallowed a bunch of pills and played with knives to make me think he was actually going to go through with it. when i start to cry, begging him not to do it he says im faking it and im a liar and i would have sent him pics if i actually cared about him. so yah just lms if u think this kind of behavior is emotionally abusive


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sorry anon but cas while brave (and that seems to be the deciding factor here hm) is not a gryffindor material. cas is a slytherin, he's pragmatic, calculating, intelliget, waging the greater outcome against any personal leanings he may have? slytherin doesn't mean bad or unfeeling, slytherin means strategic ans clear-thinking and yeah you maye think rebelling was an act of bravery but really? it was an act of picking a side more likely to win and it's freaking glorious

Bless you.

ok so i’ve seen this happen a few times in the mp100 fandom but you guys need to be aware of racist caricatures because seeing any of the cast depicted with yellow skin once is far too many times. yellow skin is a racist depiction of mostly east asian people and people should start learning the difference between yellow undertones and just flat out yellow. there are many resources online to learn about drawing different ethnicities and of course many models you can learn from yourself if you can’t find any resources.

Alright everyone I made a voltron discord so if you want in message me! First, here are some basic rules,
1. No shaladin
2. Mutuals get priority
3. For now, I’m only gonna let in 15-20 ppl in but that may change in the future!
That’s all for now….

am to the point of needing a break of everything and rly happy me n my sis are going on a road trip with my grandpa so I can think and experience happy things and then I’m moving next week to an apartment and starting a new job (probably pick up a school job for more money/I’m not gonna rly be doing much at home tbh) and just wild imma be doing a lot of things by myself with barely help at all and don’t really have reliable help from anyone except for maybe my cousin and gotta say I care a lot about art and everything but I have very little care for art school now

when you’re just trying to watch a YGO series in peace.

but unfortunately, you follow people who have prominent voices (both for and against) in your corner of the YGO fandom sphere and they’re all saying vicious things about the other side and you are literally at your fucking breaking point with this fandom because yes, it’s typical YGO fandom, but the fact that this behavior has gotten to this point and you’re around to witness it is disgusting and embarrassing.

even more unfortunate, some of these prominent people are your mutuals and you can’t be bothered to unfollow because you’ve followed them for so long and started following them during a time you had severe attention seeking issues.

so you mute them (as in the case of Twitter, which I’m sure I’ll be permabanned from at this rate b/c I’ve been shadowbanned so many times), but it doesn’t really help because hello depression and anxiety.

so you think, despite having brought countless people to the YGO franchise and meeting all these amazing people through YGO, “wouldn’t it be nice if I could just leave the YGO fandom altogether, even tho I was never a huge part of it to begin with?”

it starts as a joke thought, but as time goes on and the back-and-forth gets more vicious, it - the thought of leaving the fandom entirely - becomes more and more of a possibility. 

because it doesn’t matter if you just find a new group within the fandom to hang with. it’s gonna end the same way. it always does. it’s been that way since you were nine years old, when you started really being involved in the fandom. you’re 21 now.

the group acts isolated, and there are good times, but then they start bitching about other groups and there you are, caught in the middle.

it’s tiring. it’s disgusting. and it’s harder to ignore as someone who’s super emotional to begin with, especially now that you’ve realized the fandom has contributed to the deterioration of your not-so-great mental health a great deal.

plus, you’ve already left a fandom before over this very same thing. you can do it again.

so you decide, after twelve or so years and starting with VRAINS, that you will no longer associate with the Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom.

“You’re here forever! You can’t leave the Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom!”

Really? Just watch me.