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will you ever join the discord chat ? people mentioned you a few times before i think it would be cool if you were here too since so many people already are

i don’t know what that is and if it’s like some group chat thing then nah i’m good cause that sounds mixy to me.

contrary to popular belief i don’t like people and would rather not make anymore new friends here (too many disappointments) especially if it’s OOC.

So in light of me recently getting a gym membership, get ready for me to be a Bro and occasionally post progress pictures of myself.

While I don’t have a bad body by any means (I’m very lucky to have a fast metabolism), it’s not where I’d like it to be, so here we go.

I also think it’s important for people to see (especially on here) that the majority of folks aren’t chiseled and/or incredibly skinny.

god i wish it was 2000 again when my mum made me kiss one boy after another and i didnt have to worry about being discriminated against

Honestly though interacting with people and receiving so much love and support recently has been so nice and like pretty much all of what’s been making things easier for to get better this time around and I just wanna say thanks cause yinz don’t have to d that but you do because you’re kind and ily


times have changed

reblog people's art you cowards

to follow this up

1. a lot of people who make/reblog posts like “reblogs>>>likes you guys!!11” are the same people who dont reblog art and like it, and a lot of them aren’t even artists and are just fishing for notes by sympathizing.

2. i dont?? understand the cons in reblogging over liking. if you just like it, you’re just telling an artist that you saw it but didn’t want to show it off + it gets lost and cluttered with everything else, but if you reblog it, you can tag it and find it later, give the artist recognition and support, as well as giving a nice little compliment in the tags if you’re up for it. there’s no con.

tl;dr: just support artists. PLEASE. it doesn’t kill you to just give them the boost and support they need. and before you say, “oh notes shouldn’t have to matter!! it’s your own worth :)))” please. shut up. reblogs give artists the recognition they need, and a lot of artists depend on the attention their art gets for money to survive on. please support your artists.