talk to me babas

That post about the Black Flying House made me think of Baba Yaga’s hut for some reason… It doesn’t have the chicken legs, but still.

Might be because I have Russian fairy tales on my mind right now; I was talking yesterday to my cousin’s friend (we were all in a group hanging out), and said friend spent most of her early life in Russia before moving to the US. We ended up talking about Baba Yaga and Koschei, and she told me stuff that I wouldn’t have gotten on my own.

It was a short but pretty interesting conversation; I read these stories as someone from the outside, so it’s nice to hear from someone who’s grown up in the place where those stories were born. Like listening to my relatives tell me about the Aswang…

Detective Probs. Only For MC
  • (all bidders talking about a new auction)
  • Baba: Mamo can you help me get this piece back that got stolen?, rare piece for the action, would made good money
  • Mamoru: zzz.ZZZ.zzz
  • Soryu: Hey wake up!
  • Mamoru: what! I'm trying to sleep, not my department (rolls over on the couch)
  • Soryu: Good for nothing detective (Crosses arms)
  • Eisuke: Did you hear that MC got stolen by those guys also?(smirks)
  • Momoru: WHAT!? (shoots off of the couch why the other bidders smirk at him)
  • Ota: Thought that wasn't your department? To find missing things?
  • Mamoru: IT IS TODAY! (storms out the lounge as MC walks down the steps from cleaning into the lounge)
  • MC: Have you guys seen Mamoru?
  • Ota: You just missed him, he actually went to work
  • MC: Really wow! That's amazing!
  • Soryu: Only if you knew..