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Three Bears || Part 1

Request from Anonymous: Hello. I love your Tumblr! May I request a mini-series where you and are taking care of your three children (2 girls, 1 son) in Superman Returns (a korean television series). Could you also add a part where Jay wants another boy to make it equal , may be a lil smut. Thank you. 

A/N: Yes, this is will be a mini series and yes, there will be smut (not in this part tho) but only suggestive. I know the Superman Returns series focuses on the father but I wrote this series the opposite way. 

Let me know what you think please!


“Are you sure you’re okay with doing this?” 

“Yeah, I’m definitely sure. It’ll be good for your work, I guess”.

“Hun, this isn’t about my work. Think about what you’re agreeing to do. Are you willing to have cameras set up around the house and being filmed for 48 hours straight?” 

Jay and yourself had just got out of a meeting together and it was to discuss an appearance on Superman Returns for 2 episodes. This was the third meeting and the managers told the both of you what to be expecting and the format of the show. You were genuinely excited but Jay was still a bit hesitant. 

“It’s fine, Jay. Try and be a fun dad and I want to do this. So let’s do it!”

“Remember the last time you told me that,” Jay reminded you with a smirk across his face. 

You knew instantly what he meant by that because the last time you suggested Jay to ‘live in the moment’, you ended up with baby number 3 - your son. 

“This will be great chance to show the world a snippet into our daily life and what are so you worried about? You won’t even be there during filming. They told us the dates and you’ll be with Dok2 anyway”.

Jay slowed down to park the car on the side of the road. He took off his hands of the steering wheel and turned to face you. 

“Think carefully about it, hun. The whole world will be watching and the kids..what about them? How do you think they will react to this? And isn’t it too early for them to be expose to the limelight?” 

You let out a sigh and held his hands. 

“Babe, the kids have been exposed to the limelight every since they were born. Do you not remember when our eldest was born? The paps had cameras on us for the first month and the fans they wouldn’t let us go without snapping a photo. But the situation changed ever since we had our second daughter and our little boy. The media, paps and fans respect over privacy now,” you reassured him.

“What if they do something and the world holds onto it?” Jay asked. 

“Like what?”

“Like-like umm saying something and the media takes it the wrong way? You know how they do that. Take something and putting it in the wrong context”. 

You looked at Jay and knew what he was talking about. He was relaying on some past experiences. 

“We still get a say in what goes into the final production hun, and why are so worry about that? Our kids are so well-behaved. They aren’t gonna say anything that will offend anyone” you said, “Well unless they hang around Duck or Sik-K”.

Jay snorted at your last sentence.

“Okay. If you think it’s alright with the kids then I trust you”. 

“I’ve already mentioned it to them and all of them are very excited. Our daughters have probably thought of their outfits already,” you told Jay. 

“Just like someone, I know,” Jay grinned at you. 

“I hope by someone you mean you. Now can we go and pick up our children. I miss them,” you said, seeing as they were staying at their grandparents house. 

“Sure,” Jay agreed as he started the car, “I hope our son doesn’t try to lure PJ and Oscar into his backpack again”. 

DAY 1 



You faintly hear your second daughter’s soft voice in your ear. 


She lightly tug you on your shoulders and you couldn’t pretend to squeeze in an extra few minutes sleep anymore. You open your eyes and your daughter’s tiny silhouette cover the morning sun rays. 

You rub your eyes and focus your vision on her round face and a smile came across her face when she saw that you were awake. 

“Morning princess,” you greet her with a warm smile. 

You sit up from the bed to give your second daughter a big kiss. Instead of attempting to greet you a good morning, your daughter wraps her tiny arms around you neck. 

“Is your sister and brother awake yet?” 

Your 5 year old daughter manage to break away from you and shrug her shoulders then proceeds to sit down on your lap so that you could cuddle her. As you watch your daughter play with your hands, the bedroom door swings open. Standing in the doorway was your 7 years old daughter. You look at her and smile at the bird nest on her head. 

“Good morning beautiful,” you greet her. 

As your eldest daughter make her way to the bed, you hear tiny footsteps running in the hallway. You eye the doorway to see when your 2 years old son would come into view. Within seconds, your son was in view and he immediately jump into the bed. Your 5 year old squirm and begins to air hit your son but he pushes her tiny hands away with his also tiny hands. Your 5 year old gets up from your lap and went to sit next to her sister. Taking an opportunity to sit in your lap, your son immediately jumps into you. 

You take a closer look at your son and realise his pyjama top’s buttons were done incorrectly. 

“This is your Baba’s doing”.

You unbutton the pajamas top and start to button it up properly this time. 

“Where is Baba?” your eldest daughter questions, as she play with her younger sister’s hair. 

“Baba is at work and he will be back tomorrow night”.

You button the last button on your son’s pyjamas and you feel a rumble in your stomach. 

“Let’s go brush our teeth and I’ll make us some breakfast, okay?”

“Eomma, what are we doing today?”

“Can we please go somewhere?”

Every morning your two girls would ask you these two questions because they cannot stand being at home all day whereas your son is the total opposite. He dislikes wearing anything but his bear onesie or his pyjamas. He may look like a mini Jay but his personality was nothing like Jay’s. He’s more like you. You always prefer to stay indoors and just chill. 

“Why don’t we have breakfast first and see what we can do today. Okay? Go brush your teeth and wait for me at the kitchen”. 

Your two girls jump off the bed and went to their shared bathroom. You pick up your little boy and head to the bathroom. You put him down on the toilet seat while you freshen up and once you were done, you brush his teeth and fix his hair for him.

“I can’t believe I let your Baba talk me into allow you to grow your hair. When he’s back, I’m taking you to the hairdresser and fix this”.

When you walk out of the bedroom with your boy by your side, you see your two little girls sitting at on the kitchen bench chairs quietly. Too quiet. You walk over to see what they are doing and see that the girls are watching a video on Youtube. It is one of those un-boxing toy videos and the one they are watching is an un-boxing of Shopkins. You lift your son up and place him on the chair next to eldest daughter. His eyes instantly glue to the iPad screen. 

You walk over to kitchen and start to prepare breakfast. Today you are going to make some chocolate and plain pancakes. Once you took out the bowls, milk, eggs, flour and cocoa powder, your eldest immediately sprung up from the iPad and hop off the chair.

“Will you be lending me hand today?”

“Yes but can I please have ice-cream with my pancakes?”

“Me too! I want ice-cream too!” you second daughter exclaims. 

“Only if you two promise me that you will not pull each other’s hair when you get change later,” you bribe your daughters seeing as they have the tendency to fight over what clothes or shoes they wear. 


“Eomma! I can’t find my blue jacket,” your eldest says as she walks into your bedroom. 

You look at her chosen outfit and today she’s wearing black jeans with Loco’s yellow official t-shirt for Bleached. 

“Yes I have. I remember putting it in your closest but check your sister’s. I may have put it in there by accident,” you tell her as you attempt to fix your son’s hair again. 

Your comment earns a gentle but still loud enough stomp from your daughter. She now has her crossed across her chest and also shoot a glare at you. Just as you were about to ask her why the sudden change of attitude, your second daughter stands at the doorway. She was wearing a red polka dress and she even put on some white stockings. You smile at how different the way your two daughters dressed.

“Eomma!” your eldest yells at you. 

“What’s wrong, boss?” 

Your eldest daughter points to her sister. 

“She stole my jacket!” 

“No I didn’t! It was in my closest so it’s mine,” you second daughter argues.

“Eomma!” your eldest whines loudly. 

You let out a huff and think back to the bribe this morning. It did not work at all.

"You two are always trying to make me mad on purpose and don’t you remember, both of you promised me that you’ll behave”.

“But Eomma that’s my jacket!” your eldest yells. “Give it back,” she demands, tugging the jacket sleeves.

Your second daughter push her away and the force of it made your eldest’s self hit the doorway. You continue to stay with your son because you know how dramatic you eldest can be. Just like Jay, you thought.

“Eomma..!” you eldest cries out, rubbing her shoulders.

“She started it! This is my jacket and I want to to wear it today,” your second daughter says while stomping her little feet.

“Okay,” you sigh as you got up from the bed. “Firstly, how’s your shoulders? I hope your sister didn’t bruise you,” you ask your eldest.

She wipe her fake tears and give you an okay nod.

“Secondly, you have a better jacket in your closet that will suit with your outfit so I suggest you go pick another one,” you tell your eldest, “Thirdly, and this is for you princess,” you turn your attention to your second daughter, “This is your sister’s jacket so you must ask her if you can borrow it”.

You second daughter shakes her head in disapproval.

“Okay then. We’re not going out today. Go change back into your pyjamas,” you say, as you sit back down of the floor. You son also joins you by carefully sitting down beside you.

“Eomma.. I saw this in my closest so it’s mine now,” you second daughter continues to whine.

“Fine you can have it! I don’t want it anymore,” your eldest says angrily as she push her sister and walks off.


After getting dress yourself, you look over to your son and see that he is playing with Jay’s old toys. Well in this case, it belongs to your son now and it is the Incredible Hulk figure. Your son is still in his pyjamas so you went to the drawers and pick his outfit. You pull out a white t-shirt, navy blue pants, Cha Cha’s official bomber jacket and a pair of socks that Dok2 had given him for his previous birthday. 

As you walk out into the living space you see your two girls sitting in front of the t.v watching some sort of cartoon. You can see the blue jacket that both of them were fighting about earlier on the floor. Looking at your second daughter, you see that she is wearing another jacket. 

“Why is this on the floor?” you ask the girls as you pick the jacket up from the floor. 

“I don’t like it anymore,” she says without taking her eyes off the t.v. 

“So whose closest should I put this back in?” you question your two almost-like zombie girls. 

There was silence from both of them so you hung the jacket onto the nearby chair. If they were to fight between the jacket again Jay can deal with it. 

“Okay, so Baba left us a list of suggested activities that we can do,” you say, sitting down on the opposite sofa. The girls’ eyes were glue to the t.v and they didn’t hear you. However, your little boy came running to you and squeeze himself between your legs. 

“At least you listen to me, right?” you whisper to him, picking him up and letting him sit on your lap. 

“Girls!” you say a little louder.

Frustrated you reach for the remote and put it on mute. 


“Is that the only word you know this morning,” you pout at your eldest, “Okay, now what do you want to do today? Baba wrote on here uhh park, zoo, visit the office, movies, ice-skating, shopping..” your trail off. Reading the list you realise Jay didn’t come up with these ideas himself. It felt like something Gray would say. 

“I want to go to visit Baba at his office,” your second daughter tells you. 

“Can we please go to Baba’s office?” your eldest daughter adds. 

“Baba is not at his office. He’s working with Uncle Dok2 today and tomorrow. Why don’t we go to his office and see who’s there, okay?” you decide for them. 

This suggestion earns an approval nod from the girls while your son was busy playing with the piece of paper. You get up and start to pack all the necessary things into a bag then got the boy’s pram out of the wardrobe. 

Once you were ready to go out the door, you receive a message from Jay:

How’s it going, hun? Miss me? ;) 

You shake your head at his message and begin to type your reply:

You don’t need to worry babe. I’ve got everything under control. We’re about to head to your office. 

You hit send and also snap a photo of your three little bears for Jay to see. 

“You three ready to go?” you ask, putting your phone in your handbag. 

“Yes Eomma,” you eldest reply as she puts on her backpack. 

You look down into the pram and see that your son was playing with his Hulk toy happily. 

“Eomma, I need to get something from my room first,” your second daughter says while rushing off. 

A few minutes she came back with a small book in her hand and she quickly stuffs it into her backpack. You raise an eyebrow at her but she simply smile at you. There is something behind that innocent smile - something mischievous. But you brush it away. 

“Okay, let’s go to Baba’s office to annoy your aunties and uncles”.

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Eisuke and prompt no. 89 — Please Ms. Dori.

The Meeting
Eisuke Ichinomaya x MC
Includes: Mitsunari Baba, Ota Kisaki, Soryu Oh, Mamoru Kishi
Rating: G
Prompt #89: “I’m not leaving you!” - Send me a Pairing and a Number

One day, I arrive early at Tres Spade to serve Eisuke his coffee as usual. I’m not in uniform yet, but everyone knows by now what our relationship has become. I’m always anxious to see him despite how long we’ve been together. As the elevator takes me to the penthouse, I straighten my clothes out. Nothing fancy, but you don’t want to look less than perfect for him.

When I arrive at my destination, I hear a few voices. The other bidders are there and they’re talking with someone I don’t recognize. I decide to make them all coffee then since they’re there.

“Ah, if it isn’t my favorite princess,” Baba says as he come up from behind me. “Come to see us caffeinated?”

“Yes,” I say as I set six cups on a tray along with the finished pot of coffee and all the cream and sugar they could use.

“Ever the considerate hostess.” Baba always sweet talking to me just told off my shoulder as I take the tray to the common area where the bidders are.

I can see they’re talking to a very gorgeous woman that’s shamelessly fawning over them all. But she seems particularly close to Eisuke. I can’t overreact as it could be a business partner.

“Sor, you simply must join me one day for dinner. I’ll make it worth your while.” Okay, she really is hitting on everyone.

“Now, now, princess. Do you really want that frown to turn you upside down?” Baba was doing his best to divert attention from Soryu as the mobster was looking about ready to kill.

“That frown can turn me upside down anytime,” she said with a wink before turning to me. “And who is this little cutie?”

“Just one of our maids,” Eisuke said as he sipped his coffee with a satisfied look.

“Only just,” the woman said with interest and a hint of something more. “She doesn’t seem like it and you know I have an eye for woman.”

What?! I spilled some of the coffee and apologized profusely as I cleaned it up.

“Anyway, it’s an ever grateful pleasure that you’re letting me use your hotel for my show.” She then stood and was much taller than I. Eisuke stood to walk her out. “Let me know if you ever need company. I’ll surely make it a time to remember.” She then caressed his face just before the elevator doors closed.

I cast my gaze down and serve the others. Why wouldn’t Eisuke want to be with her? Tall, beautiful, fashionable, clearly has a way with words… I sigh inwardly and try not to be noticeable when Mamoru spoke up. “Why the sour face, kid?” His lazy face greeted me as I looked up.

“Nothing’s the matter. Just have to get to work soon that’s all…”

“Last I checked, you work for us so, technically, you are at work,” Ota pointed out with a smirk. “If you do a good job, Koro, then maybe I’ll give you a reward.” Usually that would phase me, but all I did was finish cleaning up and carry the tray back to the kitchenette.

Footsteps come up behind me. “You really think I would go for someone like him?”

“Huh?” I turned to him surprised. Him?

“Technically, yes,” Soryu grumbled in on the conversation. “Till his operation anyway.”

I was confused and it was clear on my face. “Soryu, you’re confusing the pup.”

“How can she not notice with those manly hands?” Mamoru smirked with his cigarette half cocked between his lips. “That was Michelle Leboux, only his name is spelled M-i-t-c-h-e-l.”

“You mean the big up and coming fashion designer?” I couldn’t believe I didn’t notice before that that was the first major transgendered designer of the fashion world.

“And he’s one of the newest attendees to the auctions,” Soryu said matter-of-factly.

“I thought we agreed we would refer to her as ‘she’,” Baba frowned as if they were speaking ill of her.. him…

“Well, she isn’t here so she won’t know, now will she?” Ota put great emphasis on the word as if to run it in Baba’s face. A grin played on his face as if he was hiding a giggle.

“Regardless of gender, it was merely business. She always comes here and flirts with everyone. She actually has a soft spot for Soryu and Mamoru.” Now there was a wicked grin on Eisuke’s lips as the mobster and detective groaned in unison.

“Leave me outta this,” Mamoru protested. “Broads are all trouble, whether they are broads or not.”

Soryu remained silent, but he didn’t have anything more to say.

Ota and Baba started snickering and making fun of them.

“Anyway, you already know who you belong to and I already have what I want.” His voice was like a soothing balm (along with the guys messing with each other) to my heart and I relaxed as I turned back to Eisuke. “All you have to remember is to stay by my side and nothing or no one will come between us.” Damn that smirk of his. Always winning me over. He kissed my cheek, a rare tender moment when he’s usually more flashy. Taking my hand, the man I love led me to the stairs and and to his penthouse suite despite my protests I had to go to work. He was the boss, after all, so there was no use trying to fight him over what he wanted me to do.

I read somewhere that the reason why in virtually every culture children call their parents by some kind of “mom” or “dad” instead of just their names because parents interpret baby babbling as communication.

Like a baby is just trying out the vocal chords like “ba.. ba” and a proud parent is just beaming there like “it me??? It talking to me??? It gave me a name!! I am baba 8D”

And that’s how humans work.

Scars - Chapter 13

Reader x Yoongi

Warnings: Swearing

Words: 1,934

Chapters: 12


3rd person P.O.V

“Hey beautiful”, Yoongi said as he moved Kaia’s hair. She made inaudible sounds in response, also grabbing ahold of one of Yoongi’s fingers, putting it straight into her mouth. “Ah, is my baby hungry”, he pouted at her, before picking her up and placing her to rest her head on his shoulder.

Yoongi walked down the stairs to the kitchen and went straight to the fridge, taking out Kaia’s milk bottle. He took out a pan placing it on the stove and used it to warm up her milk. Once done he gave it to her as he sat in the living room. As he fed her he stroked her cheek, “i don’t deserve you or your mother, but am thankful that you are both here with me right now”.

y/n P.O.V

“I am not going with you, so, let go!”, i spat out, trying to remove his hand from my arm, but was failing at it. “y/n, i’m losing my patience…”, he sang out as i continuously pushed him away from me, “i don’t want to hurt my girl”, i internally rolled my eyes and carried on with what i was doing. “Nor our scrap”.

I froze and Jinyoung noticed, not hiding the smirk on his face, “ahh, so that got your attentio-”, “how?”, i demanded, trying to hold back my tears, which he also noticed. “Aww, baby don’t cry”, he cupped my face with one of his hands, “come on, then i’ll explain or our scrap can”.

I made my mind up straight away, no matter how much i hated him, i needed to go. He seemed happy with himself when he saw me taking his hand, waiting for him to lead the way.

3rd person P.O.V

Kaia cried out, she wasn’t hungry, she didn’t need her nappy changing, she wanted to sleep and that was one of the things Yoongi found the most difficult. Kaia continued to cry, ignoring her father’s pleas to stop crying, “Kaia please stop crying…,ughhh where’s your mum”.

y/n P.O.V

We arrived a Jinyoung’s house, it looked the exact same as before, on the outside it looked like a warehouse, but on the inside it was something completely different, it was a very modern looking place, that was on the floors higher up.

“It’s the same as when you were living here, right?”, i ignored him, instead asked him what i wanted to know, “where is-”, “our scrap?”, he interrupted, “don’t call-”, “ah, y/n, something tells me you’re only here for that one reason”. I just let out a bitter laugh, “i’m sure if you blackmailed anyone with something important, they would follow”.

Jinyoung rolled his eyes and lead me through the hallways of the first floor. I remember this floor, i remember hearing screaming and shouting coming from down hear when the two of us were together, also his men storing the drugs he sold in multiple rooms. And as before men were everywhere.

As we began reaching the end of the hallway he stopped in front of one of the many wooden doors, telling the man standing near it that he can leave. Once he left Jinyoung finally opened the door.

“Scrap…”, he sang, “someone’s here to see you”, with that he pushed me into the room and slammed the door close.

The second my eyes met his i began crying, as did he. “M-mommy”, “Xavier”, i cried out, rushing towards him, hugging him tightly. He winced, but held onto me just as tight. I moved back slightly, he kept his small arms wrapped around my waist, “what has he done to you”. Xavier was covered in bruises and little cuts. “I-i missed you”, he whimpered out, “i missed you too baby. Ugh, how did he even take you”.

“Daddy took me when i was going on my school trip, nana and baba don’t know and he lied to my teachers”, Xavier began crying again as he came to the end of his sentence, “it’s gonna be okay baby, i’ll get us out of here”

Xavier began to get sleepy, he was exhausted as he barely slept and the crying didn’t help, so i lay with him on the mattress on the floor, covering him with Yoongi’s jacket, as there was no blanket. I rubbed his back as he cuddled up to me, his head resting on my chest.

Xavier was now six, I remember when i first got pregnant with him, it wasn’t soon after the whole club incident. I was going to run without telling Jinyoung, but one of his men found my pregnancy tests and showed him and he didn’t leave my side once he found out. He also found out that i was planning to run and told me if i ever did, he would find me and Xavier and…and do something sick to Xavier, his own son.

But when Xavier turned one, i was able to get away whilst Jinyoung went away on business, i took the both of us to my parents house, somewhere i knew we would be safe. My parents were both angry and upset when i explained everything to them, they didn’t want me to leave, but i had to for the safety of my son. I got my parents to leave the city for a while with Xavier, whilst i went on and dealt with Jinyoung, no one but my parents were aware of my son, not even my two best friends.

After a few months i was able to finally rid him from my life and well went on to meet Yoongi and started a life with him. I would always contact my parents and talk to Xavier whenever i was alone, at times i was thankful that Yoongi literally trapped me at home as it meant i had plenty of hours to talk with my baby.

I never told Yoongi about Xavier because i knew he would want to bring him home, i’m not saying that it would be a bad thing, but knowing Yoongi did do some drug trades and did get violent, i didn’t want Xavier to grow up with that going on, as one day it would effect him.

I later got pregnant again and i obviously found out lot more about what Yoongi did and was contemplating to do the exact same thing; sending Kaia to live with my parents. Just so she was living a normal life, being like other children like Xavier.

When i went to my parents after the whole Sofia thing, i was excited to finally introduce Xavier to him new baby sister, but that didn’t happen as my parents did say he was on a trip. But in reality my little man was made prisoner by his own father.

I was woken when i left pressure on my body, my head was tilted to the side, so when i fully opened my eyes i saw Xavier lying further away from me, the jacket was still covering his body thankfully as he was only in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

It turned my head to see why i felt so much pressure on my body, only to see Jinyoung basically sitting on me and touching my body, i realised that he had taken off my pants and was now attempting the same with my top. “What are you doing?!?”, i tried not to shout for Xavier’s sake, i tried pushing him off, but he grabbed my hands before i tried anything and pinned them above my head, so he was now face to face with me.

“What do you think i’m doing? Our family is finally together and i just want some pleasure, it’s been a while”. I felt sick, was he really going to do it whilst i was asleep.

“You’re disgusting”, i spat out, “i would never sleep with a pathetic, disgusting excuse of a human. Trying to play happy families as if you didn’t abuse me or your son and now you were also trying to have sex without consent. You’re honestly vil-”, he cut me off by gripping my face tightly with one of his hand, “i suggest you be fucking quiet, or i’ll put on an amazing little show for our son”, he gave a wicked smile, whereas i turned my head in disgust.

I kept my head turned, but i could feel his stare in me, as he was about to speak up, my phone began to ring.

3rd person P.O.V

“Hello y/n?!”, Yoongi exclaimed, relieved that y/n answered and he finally got Kaia to sleep, “y-yeah?”, Yoongi could tell that something was wrong the second she spoke. “y/n where are you?”, no reply, “y/n,, tell me and i’ll come get you”, “n-no don’t, i’m fine”. He tried to believe her until he heard her sniffle, “don’t lie to me wher-”, he was interrupted by y/n, her voice was hasty and panicked, “Yoongi i’m FINE, i’m just staying at a friends, seriously, just believe me for once in your life okay”.

He knew, he sensed something was wrong, but didn’t push, “okay, ring me if anything happens and erm…come back soon”, “o-okay” and with that she hung up.

Yoongi let out a little laugh before kicking the coffee table, “ughh, i am going to fucking.kill.him”.

y/n P.O.V

“Thats a good girl”, Jinyoung cooed, combing down my hair as i silently cried, “see next time just comply straightaway or next time the knife may, accidentally slip and accidentally hurt that scrap”, he kissed my cheek, before standing up and leaving.

I quickly rushed over to Xavier, who was silent, but his face was covered in tears, he began sniffling and soon broke out into a cry. As i hugged him he began to talk, “mommy, is it my fault that dad hates me?”, he sobbed out, “no, don’t be silly”, i pulled him away from me so i could cup his face and wipe his tears.

I eventually calmed him down and that’s when he asked about the phone call. “The person i was talking to was…who mommy is going to marry”, “m-marry?”, Xavier’s eyes began to tear up, “oh, what’s wrong?”, “i’ll be alone, mommy’s getting married and will forget me and have a new family”, “Xavier i will never forget about you, you mean everything to me”.

He rubbed his eyes before talking again, “then why did nana and baba stay with me and not you”, i sighed loudly, he really had in his mind that i didn’t want him or care for him, maybe what i thought was best for him, wasn’t.

“Listen, i love you so, so much and i promise when we get out of here, you are coming to live with me and you will finally be introduced to-”, “Yoongi?”, i nodded my head and smiled, “and also, your baby sister”. His mood finally changed, he began smiling for the first time, “i have a little sister, what’s her name?”, “her names Kaia, she looks just like you, same eyes, same nose, just beautiful”, “mommy, i can’t wait to meet her”.

I’m glad i got his mind elsewhere, although physically and mentally, he may already be scarred, but i hope to get those awful things out of his head.

But right now, the two of us just have to wait and hope that Yoongi is on his way.

Finally chapter 13, I hope you enjoy bubs, feedback is appreciated tank you


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Slavic Mythology Ask: Leshy, Baba Yaga and Topielec

Leshy: you walk through a forest filled with whispers and hungry eyes - do you stray from the path? Oh god yes, because I’ll believe they’ll come and get me and they are probably talking about me, so yes, get the hell away from them!

Baba Yaga: the night is heavy and bitter - what is the worst nightmare you ever had? Losing my parents and the people I love

Topielec: you wade in water on a quiet evening - is it a lake, a river, or maybe sea? The sea, absolutely!

Laughing Gas
MC x Eisuke Ichinomiya, Mitsunari Baba, Ota Kisaki, Soryu Oh, Mamoru Kishi
Rating: G
Inspired by this OTP prompt from @wildotps

It’s late, but because of a big celebrity bash being held tomorrow night, a bunch of staff were asked to stay and set up one of the ballrooms in preparations for that party. Pretty much everyone has gone home for the night, but Eisuke had told me to stay. I’m going over the floor plan since everything was pretty much done when the auction managers come in.

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Bidders Cheating on You - KBTBB Headcanon

Requeted by: @itsmeecupcakelove

“Heyy can you please dooo a story about the kbtbb cheated on MC?and do a good ending? Eisuke and soryu and baba”

I hope you enjoy it sweetheart!! I’ll answer the others requests soon! Let me know what you think, love you all xoxo ~Gabi

You haven’t seen him much lately, but when you do, he treats you as cold as the first time you meet and always have an excuse to avoid you. After your double sift was over, you headed to the penthouse to rest and maybe try to spice your relationship. The penthouse lounge was awkwardly silent, not even Baba was there or Mamoru taking a nap on the sofa. A strange feeling started to overwhelm you. You started to sweat cold, your throat was burning and your stomach was churning. You didn’t know why that feeling suddenly hit you. Reluctantly, you started walking upstairs. You went straight to the room where you and Eisuke shared. When your hand touched the doorknob, you understood your bad feeling. ‘Eisuke, you were wonderful as always!’ 'I know that, hope we can meet again.’ 'Yeah! If you break up with that filthy maid we could do it all the time.’ 'Quit that for now. Now how about put this pretty mouth of your in a good use?’ You lose your ground after hearing that. Your heart ached and you couldn’t believe it. You entered the room and saw him, on the bed you both shared every night, kissing one of his groupies. They hadn’t noticed you yet. You wanted to cry, scream, smash things, curse them and break down, but you couldn’t. You needed to be strong and better than them.

“Working as hard as I’m, Eisuke?” You said with the coldest tone you could do. He quickly broke the kiss and stared at you with widened eyes. “Nothing to say, uh? I expected that. I’ll provide my resignation letter soon, excuse me.” You said taking the ring he gave you off and placing it on the nearest coffee table. You turned and prepared yourself to leave.

“(Y/N)!” You heard him calling. You looked over your shoulder and saw him desperately putting his pants on.

“Bare you from more shame. You have no honor to say my name.” And with that you left the room.

“Leave her, Eisuke. She’s not as worth it as I’m.” You heard the woman’s voice behind you.

“Shut up! Get the fuck out of here! NOW!” He barked. “(Y/N)! Wait!” You tightened your pace and left the penthouse.

A few days later…
You sent your resignation letter to Mr. Kenzaki and started packing. Lately you’ve been trying to avoid any kind of contact with Eisuke. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t shocked, broken and that you could only fall asleep in tears. You tried your best not to show your sadness so no one would ask why you were sad, but no matter how hard you tried there was no use. You were finishing the last box when you heard a knock at your door. It could be Baba or Mamoru trying to cheer you up again, so you didn’t think twice before opening the door. But when you did you felt a cold in your spine. All you could do was stare at Eisuke standing in front of you. Before you could react or understand what was going on, he wrapped his arms around you. God you missed his touch so much, but it felt… Strange. After all that happened.

“(Y/N)… I missed you.” His confident and strong voice faded away. It sounded weak and sad, you couldn’t tell if it was him anymore.

“Mr. Ichinomiya I’m busy. Now please, I need to finish packing.” He tighten his hug and walked inside your apartment. You didn’t stumble or fall because your were in his arms. He closed the door with his feet. “Mr. Ichi-”

“Eisuke… It’s Eisuke.” He whispered in your ear. He let you go his eyes stared deeply into yours. “I know that an apology won’t fix anything, so please, let me show you how much I regret it, please.”

“Mr. Ichi-… I…” You were speechless. Deep inside your heart you missed him, you wanted him, but you still had an open wound in your chest. He stranded in front of you in his most vulnerable state as he held your cheeks.

“What have I done to you…?” It sounded more like a whisper to himself. “You look sad and broken. My only wish and duty was to always keep a bright smile on your face. I was an asshole and I was too blind to see the treasure I had in my hands. (Y/N), reconsider please. I want you to stay beside me. Forever. I can’t find a reason to what I’ve done. I can’t be something without you. I can’t… I… Please.” He let tear after tear drop from his eyes. You were shocked. You’ve never seen or heard about Eisuke crying or begging like that to anyone. You knew it was his heart speaking to you. “(Y/N)…” More tears started tracing his cheeks.

At that moment you knew he was being sincere, that he really regret it. And if you wanted to accept or not, you still had feelings for him. You closed the distance between you and wrapped your small arms around his big figure.

“It’s ok now, I’m here for you… Eisuke.” He hugged you back, promising to never let you go again.

It’s been an hour since you finished your sift and Soryu wasn’t there, waiting for you to come home like he always do. You you thought he had serious business to deal with. But your boyfriend was a mobster, you couldn’t help but worry about him. Within one hour a lot could’ve happened, he could get arrested, shot, betrayed. Or worst, what if he was dead? It was a possibility you couldn’t ignore, you felt nauseous just to think about it. You couldn’t hold back anymore, you put your shoes on and headed straight to his office as fast as you could. The atmosphere was the same as usual, men walking around and welcoming you to the building. You walked to Soryu’s office.

“Princess! What are you doing alone here?” You heard a familiar voice behind you. You turned around to see Inui.

“Inui, Soryu didn’t come home. I was worried and came to check if he’s doing ok.”

“Oh! Princess, he’s fi-” A sharp and cold voice cut Inui.

“No need for that. We are over (Y/N).” You felt nauseous again and a cold ran down through your spine. You turned around again, but you regret it. Soryu was standing in front of you with his arm wrapped around the waist of a foreign women and he looked at you with the same cold gaze he looked at you the night you first met at the auction. The woman looked amused with the tears that were threatening to fall from your eyes. She placed a hand in his chest.

“He’s mine now.” You were confused. Everything was happening so fast! A day before you were both laughing and kissing and then you were being humiliated. You looked at Inui asking for help, but he was as shocked and confused as you. You couldn’t stay there any longer. You ran away with tears tracing down your face. Inui called for you, but Soryu threatened him if he moved to go after you, breaking your heart even more. In a few minutes you were back to your staff dorm apartment, it was the only place you had left to go. You felt broken, alone, ashamed, you threw yourself on the bed hoping to cry until you fall asleep.


You weren’t healed yet. Ota and Baba tried to cheer you up, but unfortunately nothing was enough. You still loved Soryu, how can you take the person you loved the most out of your heart that easily and in such a short period of time? You were preparing yourself to sleep when you heard a knock at your door. 'It might be Baba wanting to talk or check on me again.’ You thought. You opened your door and your heart skipped a beat when you saw Soryu standing there. You were frozen and could only stare at him.

“Can I come in?” You still couldn’t believe your eyes. Only a week ago he had another girl around. You looked up and down at him and a red stain caught your attention.

“Soryu! You’re hurt! Oh my… Come in, I’ll get the kit.” He stepped in.

“It’s nothing. I just came to ex-”

“Of course it’s not nothing! Sit there, I’ll be right back.” He sat on the chair you pointed and you quickly found the supplies to take care of him. He flinched when you cleaned his wound. “What happened to you?”

“(Y/N)…” He grabbed your wrist and you stopped in your track with his touch and looked up. His gaze was calm, warm and loving like it was when you were dating. “I’m sorry. I’ve never cheated on you.” WHAT? He can’t be more confusing! “It was a plan. She was a mob boss of one of our rivals and wanted to take the Ice Dragon’s power. I suggested to link the groups, but I wanted to take her down. And I couldn’t put you in the battlefield. I couldn’t bare to lose you, if that happened I’d have never forgiven myself. As soon as she found out the plan… Well, she did this.” He pointed to his cut. “But it was too late for her. I’m sorry I had to do that, but I love you too much and couldn’t put you in danger.” Before you knew it, tears dropped from your eyes. He placed his large hand in your cheek, ripping the tears off your face. “Please accept me back. I love you, (Y/N).” You nodded and kissed him. God, you were craving for his kisses. You wrapped your arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. “Argh! Careful there.”

“Sorry!” You smiled at him and he chuckled. “I love you too, Soryu.”

'Business might take a little longer, my princess. My partner got injured. I love you my lady. ~MB’

That was the last thing he text you, the last thing you’ve heard of him within weeks. You call and he never pick up, your messages seems to never arrive. Is he dead? Did he got arrested? You couldn’t answer any of the questions that were flowing through your mind. The bed has been empty for so long, so cold to sleep. You tried to sleep, but you couldn’t, you even counted ships to call your dreamland. You had bags under your eyes, you were tired, worried and sad. You were lying on your bed and it was 3am when you received a call from Mamoru.

“Mamoru? Why are you-”

“I can’t take it anymore, I tried. I tried to not get involved, but now it’s too much.” His voice sounded sad, but angry at the same time.

“Mamoru, calm down! What happened?”

“Meet me at the hotel lobby. Now.” He hang up.

Millions of thoughts started to flow in your mind. It could be a problem with the auctions, Baba could be into trouble. You knew Mamoru wasn’t like that, he needed your help. You quickly got up, dressed into casual clothes and went where he asked to meet you. He looked nervous, walking around, puffing his cigar. Once he noticed you, he rushed toward you and you saw him holding a paste.

“I’m sorry, kid. But if I don’t do this, he’ll keep hurtin’ ya.” He handed you the paste that had called your attention. He looked concerned. You were afraid of what was inside that paste, but you reluctantly grabbed it and when you opened it your eyes filled with tears. Photos and more photos of Baba and another women in a beach, restaurant, parks… Always sharing kisses, hugs and touching their bodies. You let it fall from your hands and you broke down. Tears started falling nonstop. This is what he have been doing? You were begging for it to be a prank, but you knew it wasn’t. You loved Baba more than yourself, always tried to be the best girlfriend so why did he do this to you? You felt Mamoru wrapping his arms around you, ruffing your hair. “Sorry I needed to do this kid. I-”

“Since when?” You created courage to ask.

“Three weeks.” You tried recomposed yourself and nodded. “It’s fine, you’ve shown me the truth.” You stayed in his arms a little longer until someone forced you apart.

“Mamoru, you can hug my princess like that.” Mamoru opened his mouth to talk, but you talked first.

“I’m not your princess, you jerk!” Baba turned to you surprised at your reaction. “As I could see your work was worth it, right?” You pointed to the photos and his eyes widened. He looked back to you, his hands tried to reach you but you backed off. “Is there something you want to say? Not even 'oh it’s not how it looks like, (Y/N)!’ I thought you stopped playing the womanizer route?” He stayed there speechless. You turned around and walked away from him.

He didn’t go after you, Mamoru did. He was the one that supported you in that hard time, he tried to keep you away from Baba, but as an expert thief he knew where you were hiding and in the middle of the night he broken into your new apartment. He put his hand in your mouth, your heart stopped and you woke up in a jump. Your eyes met Baba, he put his index finger on his lips and slowly took his hand away from you. You thought you were still dreaming.

“Hey princess…” You said nothing, you still loved him, but no way he came back after you. “I know what you’re thinking. I came here to say that I still love you, I know what I did was unforgivable, but my princess I… Still love you and if you feels the same… Please come with me again. If you don’t I promise that I’ll disappear from your life forever.” He smiled sadly at you. You knew he was a master to hide his feelings, but his sad eyes said everything. He didn’t want to let you go, but didn’t want to hurt you even more either.


“Yes or no, my lady. I’d make you mine forever if you accept me back. I know I don’t deserve it, but you’re the only woman that really loved me and I can’t understand why I brought shame to you. I…” He looked down and finally broke down. Tears started to get your blankets wet. Even after all you’ve been through, seeing him cry gutted you so much, as if someone had craved a knife into your heart. Your tiny hand lifted his chin and you coupled his cheek, ripping off his tears. You smiled at him and hugged him tightly.

“I know the true you, Baba. I know the enormous heart you have. I love you too. We can work this out, like a real couple.” He wrapped his arms around you and cried even harder.

“I won’t let you go anymore. Never. I love you so much, (Y/N).”

Anon Request PT2: Making up with the KBTBB guys

A little bit of foul language


It’s been a week of not seeing you. He couldn’t take it anymore. It was grinding down on his sanity in a unhealthy, irritating, worrisome fashion, and he needed to talk to you. He couldn’t bear the possibility of losing you like this.
And so Soryu bit the bullet and asked Eisuke to keep you after work, crawling his apologetic ass to meet you.
“What is it?” You look away from him, not wanting him to see exactly how much you had missed him, and how you regretted storming out on him. Soryu honestly wouldn’t have noticed anyway. His head bowed slightly, his feet shuffling, his hands fidgeting with the edge of his suit jacket, your boyfriend looked nothing like a mobster. More like a complete dork nervously and guiltily waiting your punishment.
“I… I came to…. to say that um… Come home to me.” He said quickly, as if the words themselves were a sort of embarrassing thing to slide from his tongue.
“Why?” You tip your head. “You told me to leave.”
“I didn’t!” He jolts up worriedly at your tone and you see frantic anxiety in his eyes. You force back your melting heart and tender amusement. “Just… Come home, alright?” He ran a hand through his hair. You remarked that his dark locks weren’t slicked back today. Today, he was just your boyfriend, not the mob boss. You liked that.
“Why?” You ask again, quietly, stuffing your stuff into your purse and picking it up. Soryu assumes you were about to leave, and quickly goes over to you, grabbing your arms and clutching you against his chest.
“No, don’t go.” He muttered against your hair. He frowns at his own words and quickly adds: “I’m not done with you yet.”
“What are you even trying to say?” You look up at him with a pout. “I’m not done being mad at you either.”
“I’m sorry, okay?” He winces at the awkwardness of his words. Whatever it took to keep you with him. “I… I wasn’t being very considerate. I know you’re worried about me. I just… It’s better for you if you still keep your distance. It’s safer.”
“Soryu.” You sigh and pull away from him. You see alarm flash in his gaze as his hands grab yours and tighten, scared you were going to leave. “I’m always going to be worried about you… It’s how I am… I’m sorry if I was being too irrational.”
“You weren’t.” He said quietly. “I need to see things from your point of view, I guess. I’m not too used to having a woman around like this.” He tugged on your hands, almost shyly, and pulled you into his arms again. “I don’t like seeing you so worried. Trust me, I’ll be okay. Minor injuries are just a part of being in this business.”
Your arms wrap around his waist and you feel his muscles relax in relief. Your heart warms.
“I know you just want to protect me. But Soryu, I don’t mind. Let me in on your life. Let me worry about you.” You press your cheek against his broad shoulders. “It’s what a relationship is about, sharing each other’s burdens.”
He stroked your hair, a rhythmic pattern that soothed all the sadness from the past week. Soryu smiled faintly and kissed your temple.
“I’m not very good at expression.” He kissed you again. “I can try, okay? I promise I won’t be so blunt. I’ll do my best.” He held you at arms’ length and gazed down into your eyes. “You know I love you, right?”
Your cheeks blushed a little and you turned your head away. His hand caught your chin and tipped your face back up to him.
“Right.” You said a tiny voice, frozen under the intensity of his affectionate eyes, the same eyes that inspire fear in all other faces. The eyes narrowed into a dear smile and Soryu kisses you, wrapping you into his arms.
“Come on. We’re going home.”

He glared at his canvas. Your eyes smiled back at him sweetly, your face illustrated in soft colours, your hair tumbling in that soft flow down your back. Ugh. He threw his brush down and turned away.
All he could paint in the past two weeks was you. You, you and you again. A few pictures of you crying, you shouting at him, images that haunted his mind since the argument. Most of them, however, were pictures of you gazing at him with that starry love, glowing under some sort of light, dazzling down to the last stroke of his brush. Goddamn he missed you.
His phone rang. Hah. See, Koro came right back.”
Ota scrambled over his bed and snatched it up.
“Koro, I-“
It was Baba.
“You might want to come over. It’s ______________.”
“Who did this? The hell was she thinking?” Ota sat down, with a barrage of questions, on the edge of Baba’s bed, looking down at your unconscious form. His friend shrugged.
“Good thing I happened to be at the bar. She’s been sleeping it off for the past twelve hours. It was a strong one.”
“Thanks.” He said without taking his eyes off you. “Why didn’t you call me earlier?”
“How would I know if you were up at that ungodly hour of night?” Baba shrugged carelessly and sauntered out of the room. “I’m going to take a shower and a nap. If you don’t mind, please control yourself until you get off my bed.” He winked and closed the door behind him.
“I’m not a perverse freak.” Ota muttered as he reached out and touched your face lightly. He sighed. “What the hell were you thinking, Koro, going to places where people are going to touch you and try to-“ His sentence faltered when he saw you start to stir. “________________!”
“Ow…” You whine as you put your hand to your head. “Ugh…” Your world starts coming into focus. “Where…. OTA?!”
“Yeah, that’s the name.” He scowled. “Got a headache? Serves you right.” Despite the harsh words, he took the glass Baba had left at the side of the table and offered you water. You didn’t take it, watching him in shock. “Come on, drink up. Dammit.” Ota nudged the glass against your hand. “God, don’t look at me as if I took advantage of you. Drink the damn water, Koro. It’ll help your headache.”
“What happened?” Your fingers tighten around the glass nervously, tears coming to your eyes.
“Some stupid girl got drugged at a bar cause she was too stupid to stay at home with her boyfriend.”
“I… oh.”
“Hurry up and drink, gosh, do I have to feed you, Koro?” Ota urged. You obeyed silently, trying to blink back the tears. “Why are you crying now?” He moved himself onto the bed, pulling you into his arms. “Don’t cry, you’re safe now. I’m here.”
“I just… I just wanted to show you that I’m not any less appealing than… than those girls…” You whimper against his chest. “I just wanted to make you jealous… I didn’t… I-“
“I know, I can tell.” Ota held you tight against him. It felt wonderful to hold you again, and something in his heart softened. “Silly Koro trying too hard.”
“I’m sorry…” You say softly. “For not trusting you… and for this.”
“You better be.” Ota said, amusement creeping back into his voice. “Alright, alright, enough with the crying.” He wiped away your tears with his hands. “I know you’re appealing to men. Of course I know. At the same time, I know you can’t bear to be away from me.” He strokes your cheek with the back of his fingers. “You’re my Koro, my muse, my girlfriend. Trust me, I can’t bear to be away from you either.”
“Ota…” You heart thudding, you surrender to his arms again, letting the argument melt into the past.
He kissed the top of your head.
“You’re coming home with me, Koro.”

He retreated to the couch again, turning on the TV with a sigh. Maybe if he waited it out, it would be alright. But even through the sounds of the trashy program he had been staring blankly at, he could hear the sniffling in the bedroom.
He got up and went over, deciding to open the door. He was smacked in the face with a pillow, his hat flying. Baba said nothing and picked up the pillow. You were curled up in the bed away from him, shoulders shaking with small cries.
You felt the bed dip as he sits down beside you, and you try your best to ignore him. His hand comes to rest on your arm.
“My sweet, talk to me.”
Baba was at a rare loss for words.
“I… um…”
You kept sobbing. 
“I think I know what you’re upset about.”
“Do you?” Your voice was a tiny squeak.
“I’m sorry that I pulled a stunt like that.” He stroked your hair away from your face. “I know you’re really worried about me. It’s only natural. Normal people aren’t used to my way of life.”
You sniffed hard.
“I’m really sorry.” He leaned down and put his head on your arm. “I won’t ever do something like that again, okay? I’ll get Ota to do it.”
A tiny giggle hiccuped through your tears. Baba smiled and straightened.
“I’m just… I’m really scared, Baba…” You look up at him. “What if you… I don’t know what I would do…”
“I would never let anything happen to myself.” He takes your hands and pulls you into a sitting position. His thumbs brush aside your tears and he tucks a lock of your hair behind your ear. “Look at this beautiful, sweet woman. Look at how much I have to protect. I couldn’t possibly be so irresponsible and get myself arrested.”
He smiled lovingly and smoothed your hair from its ruffled state.
“Trust me, I’m always careful. Especially now that I have you.”
You nod slowly.
“And can you… next time… just give me a heads up?”
“But wasn’t that part of the fun?” Baba asked, tipping his head. “Your reactions are so adorable, my lady.”
“My heart failure wouldn’t be adorable.” You complain softly, a slight blush overtaking your cheeks.
“Oh dear, well then.” Baba cupped your face with his large, warm hands. “I’ll let you in on my plans every time from now on, how’s that? My beloved’s heart much more settled?”
You blush deeper and nod.
“I plan to kiss you now.” He chuckles and leans in. You close your eyes and allow his lips to capture yours.

“Where are my clean underwear, kid?” He called for you. No response. Right. You were ignoring him. “FUCK!”
The silent war has been going on for almost a week. At first, Mamoru really thought nothing of it. He could order room service or go out to a restaurant for bento. That was no big problem. But ugh, he didn’t know where the hell his underwear was kept or how the laundry machine functioned or where the iron was stored. In your anger, you had refused to clean anything of his. Pulling open the closet, your clothes were organized in their usual orderly fashion, and his was a mountain of a mess.
There were soft footsteps behind him and he turned to see you.
“Finally remembered me?” You huff, your arms crossed.
“Where are they?” Mamoru sighed in defeat.
“Where you left them.”
“That doesn’t help!” He threw his hands in the air. “Come on, help me out here, kid!”
You shrugged.
“You said you could get on with life just fine on your own.”
“Come on, don’t be like this, please.”
“I actually don’t know…” You roll your eyes. “You said to not bother, so I didn’t bother paying attention this past week.”
You shrugged cooly again and tried to leave the bedroom. Mamoru grabbed your arm.
“Ow, what do you want? I said I don’t know!”
“Sorry, kid.” He avoided your eyes, sounding guilty and embarrassed at his own apology. “I didn’t notice… I didn’t realize how nice it was to have everything sorted out for me.”
“Say that again?” You raise an eyebrow. “Look at me and say that again, Mamoru.”
He cleared his throat awkwardly.
“I’d rather not?”
You yank your arm from his grasp and he grabs back on instantly.
“Okay okay okay!” He exclaimed. Ruffling his hair with his other hand, he blushed a little. Mamoru finally brought his eyes to look at you. “I didn’t appreciate your hard work enough. I… I started to realize this past week when my ashtrays were overflowing and my clothes were all misplaced and things were just… I’m sorry. You had a point… My life is a mess, and you make it so much nicer for me when you sort things out.” His head bowed sadly.
“I… I was a little rude about it too.” You admitted quietly.
“No no, you were fine.” Mamoru’s gaze snapped back up. “You’re already so patient with me. I… I don’t like having you work so hard though. Some things you can just leave be. My woman should be taken care of, not to work her ass off.”
“It’s nice doing things for you.” You say after a long pause. He crushes you against his chest and you muffle your face into the smoke tinged jacket. “Mmmf! Smoke, Mamo!”
“Sorry, sweetheart.” He stroked your cheek as you pulled away. “I’m going to quit, don’t worry. Now that this is all sorted out, please stop ignoring me.” He drew your face closer and kissed you. “Ugh, I missed you.”
“Since you sound so sincere in your apology, okay.” You smile up at him.
“And um… sweetheart… can you help me find clean um…”

“_________________!” He shouted as he spotted your figure in the half empty evening streets. “_________________, come back here!”
He raced after you. Hell, this was so embarrassing. Him, Eisuke, running after this little shrimp of a woman who was too dumb to charge her phone? But it was inevitable.
“_________________.” He caught up and grabbed your arm. You struggled and tried to pull away.
“Let go of me, Eisuke!”
“Where are you going?”
“Let go!” You wrench your arm away from him and rub the sore spot where he grabbed you.
“Where do you think you’re going?”
“Away from you… you… you control freak!” You glare up at him angrily, tears flashing in your eyes.
“What are you talking about?!” He said in frustration.
“What, what are you going to do, put me in a collar and leash? Drag me back like a dog? I’m not your little play thing? Let me breathe!” You scream.
“You’re making quite a scene.”
You bite down on your lip in self awareness and a choked sob rises through your throat.
“_________________, don’t be like this.” Eisuke tried to reach for you and you shrink away.
“Don’t touch me…”
“I didn’t mean to be like Ota at a pet shop, okay?” He grumbled. “I’m worried about you, _______________.”
You were stunned for a moment and you look up at him in surprise.
“Do you remember what happened to Soryu’s girlfriend two months back? God forbid that shit happen to my woman.” Eisuke ran a hand through his hair, trying to pull his thoughts back together. “The only thing I can do is keep calling you to tell myself you’re alive and well.”
“Don’t you know I worry about you?”
The dark brown eyes blazed down at you and you stand, transfixed, looking back up at him.
“I’m not trying to be mean to you…” Eisuke said, his voice softening. “I want to always know you’re safe.”
“It’s too much.” You say quietly. “Too much control.”
“You could have said something.”
“I tried! But you’re always so mean!” You almost start back up in tears and Eisuke’s hand wipes away the drop in the corner of your eyes. “Eisuke… you can’t control all of me…”
There was a long silence. Your mind goes wild. Maybe you were taking it too far. He seemed angry. Would he yell at you?
“I’m sorry.”
“________________, I didn’t mean to be so… so controlling, as you put it. I want you to be safe.” He looked away for a moment, and turned back to you. “If you really want, I can… try… to lay off a little.”
“I would appreciate it.” You say softly, your heart lightened at the way he was willing to try and make you more comfortable. “Thank you, Eisuke.”
He looked down at you with a bit more of his usual arrogance.
“I guess when you grab on too tightly, they try to run from you, huh?”
“Why would you grab so tight anyway?”
He scoops you up, cradling you in his arms.
“So you know that I love you.”
You blush furiously.
“What? You better have paid attention, cause I don’t plan on saying it again anytime soon.”
You pout.
His smirk turns serious.
“Fine, since I was being too mean to you.” He pressed his forehead against yours. “_______________, I love you. I’m sorry for being so controlling. I’ll work on it.”

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Why   /part 9/

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6, 7 , 8

“I’m going to kill him”


“Step aside kid.”

“Guys, stop!”

“No way, this time, he’s gonna get it.”

I held out my arms in protest but it was useless. I was so tiny they could literally pick me up and put me somewhere else. I was able to talk Baba and Ota out of it last time, but this time I can’t see that happening. I don’t even know why I’m still trying to protect this man even after all that he’s done for me. Maybe I’m just trying to protect them from him…and Koibito. I planted myself at the entrance of the café and spread my arms and legs out.

“You guys, don’t do anything to him! Just leave it alone!”

“Just leave it alone? Ha, as if.” Ota scoffed. “He really hurt you this time, so we’re really going to hurt him.”

“Yeah! No one breaks the heart of a beautiful woman and gets away with it.” Baba pipped up. Huh…how ironic.

“No but listen! Just let it go. I don’t want to deal with this or him right now!”

“Exactly why we’ll do it for you!” Ota said, flashing me his angelic smile. Mamoru moved up, just centimeters away from me. Crossing his arms, his serious face made me feel uncomfortable.

“Alright kid, move.”



“You heard me!” normally, I wouldn’t speak out against any of them. I’d do as they say and such. But my stubbornness was showing itself, and I glared back at the men, as if to dare them to mess with me.



“Hey Koro, stop-“


“…We’re attracting a crowd.” Luke said, looking around the café.

“Alright, I’ve had enough of this…” Mamoru sighed before grabbing me by the waist and lifting me up.

“H-hey! Kishi! Put me down!” I shouted, trying to push him away. Mamoru was way stronger than I was, and my punches seemed to have no effect on him.

“Mkay, let’s go”

“Mamoru!” He walked out of the café, me in his arms and the others following close behind. I tried kicking and moving as much as I possibly could, but he was completely unfazed. Realizing how ridiculous I must have looked to someone walking by, I gave up and just pouted.

“Bout time ya finally stopped kicking me.”

“Fight me, cop.” Mamoru sighed and squeezed me a little.

“Don’t make a fuss, we’re only trying to help.” He said.

“Help? You think storming up to him and beating him senseless would help?” I asked, being louder than I should.

“Now who said we were going to beat him senseless?” Luke said, raising an eyebrow.

“You’re going to kill him?!” I squeaked and felt all the color drain from my body.

“Nah. Well, actually, maybe. I dunno, we’ll see.” Ota said mischievously.

“Ota…that does NOT make me feel any better…” I said while glaring at him. He then stuck his tongue out at me and I stuck out mine too.

“Alright, cut it out, you kids.” Mamoru said and he flipped me over, back on my own two feet. “We’re here”

“What?!” I shouted, looking up. Sure enough, there was Tres Spades hotel. Damn…these guys walk fast.

“Would you like to wait out here or in the lobby?” Luke asked politely.

“Uh, neither!”

“Oh, so you’d like to have front row seats to what’s about to go down?” Ota said, smiling.

“No! I…ugh.” I grumbled. In a last attempt to change their minds, I looked up at them pleadingly. “Please you guys…don’t hurt him.”

“Give us one reason why.” Mamoru said.

“Because! Uh, because…” I sighed and looked down. I knew the answer. “…because I think I may still be in love with him…”

Another short chapter. I love Mamoru, he’s too fun.
I think I maaaay have to push back the next part since I only work on this story during school and we’re about to be on fall break. Not sure yet…we’ll see what happens.

Detective Probs. Only For MC
  • (all bidders talking about a new auction)
  • Baba: Mamo can you help me get this piece back that got stolen?, rare piece for the action, would made good money
  • Mamoru: zzz.ZZZ.zzz
  • Soryu: Hey wake up!
  • Mamoru: what! I'm trying to sleep, not my department (rolls over on the couch)
  • Soryu: Good for nothing detective (Crosses arms)
  • Eisuke: Did you hear that MC got stolen by those guys also?(smirks)
  • Momoru: WHAT!? (shoots off of the couch why the other bidders smirk at him)
  • Ota: Thought that wasn't your department? To find missing things?
  • Mamoru: IT IS TODAY! (storms out the lounge as MC walks down the steps from cleaning into the lounge)
  • MC: Have you guys seen Mamoru?
  • Ota: You just missed him, he actually went to work
  • MC: Really wow! That's amazing!
  • Soryu: Only if you knew..
Eisuke x MC Jealousy ft Baba (His PoV)

On the balcony at the most recently held auction, Jess sat looking at nothing in particular. I know she’s uncomfortable with the idea but she has to get used to it. I can’t have her leaving my side alone while the auction takes place. Some of the guests that participate are insane. She pouts in boredom and rummages through her clutch bag to fish out her phone.
“Put it away.”
“Oh come on. I’m broke so it’s not like I’ll be placing a bid. Please, just let me. Just this once. There’s something I want to check.”
“Fine.” She smiles slightly in relief and unlocks her phone. I look over because it’s my business to know what she’s up to, and who she converses with. What I see was not what I was expecting. A colourful web-page sprung up with a black box labelled episode 20. Is she watching anime?
“Whacha doing, pretty lady?” Baba leaned over from the seat on her left to stare at her phone and from the type of dress she chose I think he’s staring at much more than the bastard needs to see.
“Oh…I just wanted to check this page. You see, they release a new episode of the series I watch every week. I was just checking if the new episodes been released yet.”
She’s ignoring my auctions for anime?
“Cool! What show?”
“It’s called assassination classroom. This creature threatens to destroy the world so a class of students have the job of killing this creature as he poses as their teacher.”
How ridiculous.
“How cool!” Typical response from Baba. Despite his age, he acts like a five year old.
“So this series of yours, how can I watch it?”
“You really want to watch it? Okay, sure! I can send you the link to the website.”
“You can text it to me. Here’s my phone number.” And now they’re exchanging numbers? What the hell is going on?

A few days later in the lounge, Baba comes over and sits so close to Jess he might as well be sitting on her. Maybe I should consider carrying around a gun like Soryu since everyone reacts to him when he pulls it out. Not a terrible idea.
“I watched it. I’m on episode 20 of season 2.”
“Huh! Really? Did you like it!?”
“It’s so good! Nagisa is so good.”
“Not as good as Karma!”
“You can argue. That fight they had in episode 18.”
“Yeah! I freaked out! I was like ‘MY BABIES! NOO!!’ It was SO intense!” How old do you have to be before you stop fangirling over frictional characters? Whatever it is, it has to be before their age. This is ridiculous!
“Can the two of you stop squealing like a pair of teenage girls?”
“Huh?” Both of them look at me like they were oblivious to their conversation from two seconds earlier. Do they not realise how weird they looked?
“Oh lighten up, Eisuke. If Jess and I want to have a conversation about her interests, who are you to stop her?” Stupid Baba. Don’t make me seem like the bad guy.
“Eisuke, it’s not like you’d want to talk to me about it.” What Baba does next really pisses me off.
“Come on, Jessie. If Eisuke doesn’t like it lets go elsewhere.” Baba wraps an arm around her shoulder and escorts her out of the lounge. That prick.

Where is she? It’s eleven o'clock now. She’s been gone for nine hours. What the hell has she been up to? In that moment, the door opens and Jess walks in with a grin on her face and tons of carrier bags.
“Hi, Eisuke. Why aren’t you in bed?”
“I was waiting for you.”
“Aww… Thank you, sweetie.” She kisses me on the cheek and goes into the bedroom to get changed. I have to ask,
“What did you do today?”
“Baba took me to this cute cafe and just sat and chatted for a while. Then we went shopping and then had afternoon tea before going bowling.”
“Jess, stay away from that thief.”
“… What?”
“Just stay away from him.”
“… This is so unfair.”
“You get to talk to anyone you want and now you’re stopping me from talking to people I want to talk to. Look, Eisuke. You don’t watch the shows I watch. You don’t listen to the music I listen to. You don’t like the clothes I used to wear before we started going out. Now I have someone to talk to about all of that. Please, understand that I’m happy about having someone to talk to.” She pulls a face that’s a mixture of sadness and disappointment. Ah baby please don’t make that face.
“You can talk to me about it.” She looks up at me but the look on her face doesn’t change.
“So I rewatched this episode of assassination classroom the other day. It was the first one where they introduce Asano Gakushu.”
“… When I was out earlier, this song came on from Fall Out Boy.”
“Fall out what?”
“… I saw this dress in the shop window. It was mostly black with a purple plaid neckline and buckles.”
“Sounds hideous.”
“…… It’s late. Let’s just go to bed.” Now is she upset with me? Now I understand what it must be like when she hears me talk about the hotel or business. I get it now. Maybe I’m being unreasonable.
“Jess, I’m sorry. You can talk to him if you want.” She rolls over from her side of the bed so now she’s facing me and her body’s pressed against mine.
“Thank you, Eisuke. And thanks for trying.” This girl. We may not have a lot in common but she’ll still listen to my interests. She really is amazing.

“Hey, Jess! Want to go shopping again today?”
“Okay!” I take back what I said. I want this thief gone. When I said she could still talk to him, I didn’t have these feelings of irritation at the time. Now I want Baba to be wiped off the face of the earth.
“Eisuke, I’m going out with Baba for a little while.”
“No you’re not.”
“Argh… Not again Eisuke. Give me one reason why I can’t.”
“Because I said so.”
“No, this is bullshit! I never complain to you when girls are all ov- Oh!… That’s what it is. You’re jealous.”
“Of Baba? Unlikely.”
“Oh Eisuke. You worry over nothing. Baba’s like a best friend of mine. Like a sister.”
“Pfft!” I couldn’t contain my laughter. Baba just got friend-zoned and from the look on his face, he’s really disappointed.
“Can I go out now?”
“Oh you can go alright… Heh.” Jess goes upstairs to retrieve her handbag and Baba trots over dejected.
“How does it feel to be called a sister, Baba?” God, this is too amusing to me.
“Just you remember, Eisuke. Sisters are comfortable seeing each other naked when they get changed.”
“Baba, you ready to go? I want to see if I can try on that dress I saw yesterday.”
“On second thought, Jess, you’re not going out with Baba ever again.”

anonymous asked:

Oooh, Ota was fantastic in that kbtbb cheating headcannon. In both his and Soryu's. May I request a continuation where she's happy without them and they spend their days trying to drown their sorrows and failing?

A/N- The first of many kbtbb cheating continuations ^_^  I hope you guys will like it.  Sorry for the long delay!  I hope this fits with the request…

I focused mostly on the guys suffering than MC’s happiness.  There will be other continuations where the guys will be suffering and MC will be happy (that sounds bad lol).



Eisuke-  “Come on,” Ota whined from the couch he laid on, “we have to go to the auction.  It will be starting soon.  Hurry up Eisuke.”  Eisuke ignored the artist as he sat by the window with a crystal glass filled with a dark amber liquid.

Ota groaned as Baba said, “is this still about MC?  You were the one that cheated on her; she has gotten over you, why can’t you do the same?”

“Shut up already,” Eisuke said as he took a sip of the mysterious liquid, “I am not going to the auction today.  I am not feeling well.  Go now.”

Ota groaned, “you have missed the last five auctions.  You can’t just sit there and drink all your problems away.”  Eisuke turned toward Ota and gave him a death glare as he finished his drink in one sip.  Before he could pour another cup, Baba rushed over and snatched the bottle from his hand.

“This is sad,” Baba said before turning toward Ota, “get Soryu to help us.”

“I don’t need any damn help,” Eisuke exclaimed as he reached for the bottle but ended up falling on his face, “shit.”

Ota smiled mischievously, “to be honest, this would make a great picture.  The fallen king.”

Baba-  “Are you okay in there?” a voice called toward the thief followed by loud baginging on the door.  Baba buried his face under a pillow as the pain increased in his head with ever knock.  “Baba!  We haven’t seen you all week,” Ota yelled through the door.  Baba moaned in annoyance as Ota continued to prod the sleeping bear, “you can’t hide in there forever.”

Baba threw the pillow off his head and yelled, “go away Ota.”

With a soft sigh, Ota took a step away from the door, “fine.  I will tell MC you don’t want to see her.”  Baba threw himself off the bed and ran over to the door.  The door was thrown open revealing Baba’s messy appearance.

Ota almost burst out laughing at the sight as Baba asked, “where is she?”



“Oh yeah,” Ota sighed, “she is not here.  I lied.”  Baba went to close the door but Ota put his hand out to stop him.  “But there is a chance she can come back, you just need to stop moping around.”

Baba hesitated before turning around and walking back toward the bed, “I don’t deserve her.”

“You only made one mis–” Ota began but Baba turned around with a crestfallen expression, “Baba, snap out of it.”

“I screwed up,” Baba said as he fell onto the bed, “please leave me to my misery.”  Ota groaned as he shut the door.  He had to go tell the other guys he failed at his mission.

Ota-  Ota sat on the floor of the studio staring at the destroyed canvas.  Running his messy hands through his hair, he let out a low groan.  He was surrounded by all of his recent beautiful artwork, but all of them were destroyed.  Destroyed by his own hand.  A paint stained knife laid on the floor a few feet away from Ota.

Ota stood up and took his phone out of his pocket.  She was still his background picture.  Biting his lip he looked through his recent calls and saw many missed calls from the guys– mostly Baba.  He missed two auctions since the breakup.  None of the guys knew he was the reason for the breakup, all they knew was that MC broke up with him then quit her job.  They were not happy about it.

Putting his phone away he walked over toward a picture he drew of her and kicked it across the room before falling back to the ground.  Ota was stuck.  He had no passion to paint any more images, and became nauseated when looking at any of his recent works.  All of his infatuation for art abandoned his soul when she left his life.  Ota knew he could not blame her for this desperate time of his life, it was all his fault at the end of the day.

His phone rang and Ota’s eyes widened as he rushed to take it out.  His heart instantly dropped when he saw the name.

“Why did I have to get my hopes up?” Ota muttered to himself as he ignored the call and looked around the room once again.  The only reason why I even came here is because some people say that times like this is when people become the most creative and deliver their best works, Ota thought to himself as he  walked over to pick up one of his paint brushes off the table, why can’t I be one of those people?  Ota snapped the paintbrush with his hands and watched as the two pieces fell to the floor.

Mamoru-  “You’re even worse than usual,” Eisuke stated as Mamoru took a puff of his cigarette and a sip of whiskey.  Mamoru stared out the window ignoring the conversation that the other guys were having, that was now on the subject of himself.

“How many bottles has he gone through so far?” Ota asked peering at the growing pile on the table.

“Five,” Baba replied.

Soryu groaned, “just ignore him.  He is acting like a teenage girl whose boyfriend just broke up with them.”

Ota continued, “his poor liver.”  Soryu groaned and walked out of the room with his phone in his hand.  He had no interest in the subject of MC and Mamoru’s love life.

“He has smoked a whole pack since I got here,” Baba stated.

“It’s only been an hour,” Ota exclaimed.

“Mamoru, you also missed the auction last night,” Eisuke added.  

“Can you guysh quit it already” Mamoru yelled at the men.  The guys laughed as Mamoru stood up and began to walk toward his room.  He quickly tripped and fell face first on the ground.  The guys busted out laughing.  “I am okay,” Mamoru muttered.  The door opened as Soryu walked back into the room hanging up his phone.

Ota quickly said, “MC you’re back!”  Mamoru quickly tried to get off the bed but fell again.

“Are you sure you are okay?” Baba asked.  Mamoru muttered something no one else could hear before falling asleep on the floor.

Soryu-  “Stop talking about me,” an exhausted looking Soryu exclaimed as he slammed the papers he was holding onto the desk.

“What crawled up your arse?” Mamoru asked as he took a puff of a cigarette “no one was talking about you.”

“Guilty conscious?” Ota asked.

Soryu glared daggers at Baba and Ota who were sitting in the corner of the room talking, “then what are you two girls whispering about?”

“Lunch,” the duo said in union.  Soryu took out his gun and pointed it at the duo who went pale.  Neither guy would have been surprised if Soryu accidentally shot either one of them.  It did not help that they had a hand in the breakup that caused Soryu’s recent horrible mood.  Soryu has been acting off ever since the breakup; he has become dangerously emotionally unstable.

Soryu raised his eyebrow, “lunch?  Do you really expect me to believe that?”

“We were talking about MC, she was in the hotel today picking up some stuff,” Ota said with his hands in the air.  Soryu’s eyes widened as he lowered the gun.

“Soryu, are you okay?” Baba asked as the mobster turned around.

Soryu growled, “don’t talk to me.”  Soryu walked out of the room as Baba and Ota let out a sigh of relief.

Mamoru groaned, “he’s acting like an immature little kid.”

“He is more on edge than usual,” Baba sighed.

“Ryosuke says he hasn’t been sleeping, and has been spending a lot more time on mob stuff,” Baba pointed out.

Ota added, “he has been looking sick lately.”

“STOP TALKING ABOUT ME!” Soryu yelled from the next room.

Mamoru yelled, “GO TO SLEEP!”

moderndaypandora  asked:

Teen Damian getting the sex talk. Does somebody try to go for humiliation gold and bust out the handpuppets or is it no nonsense and comprehensive? (OR BOTH?!) dad jay au ftw!

This is, obviously, in the future of the AU. Somewhere.

Other things for Nevolition’s Dad!Jason AU


Dick couldn’t hold back his giggle. Jason sighed dramatically. “We gotta talk, son.”

“You only call me son when you want something, Baba.” Damian taunted boredly, not looking up from the stray dog that Dick had inexplicably convinced Jason to let him keep. Jason grunted as he sat on the sofa, slamming the parenting book that Babs had sent them (as a joke…hopefully) down on the coffee table between them. Damian glanced up then, eyes narrowing as he read its title then rose further to meet Jason’s. “No.”

From the doorway, Dick just laughed harder.

anonymous asked:

YAY I AM ALLOWED TO REQUEST SOMETHING FROM YOU *does a happy dance* May I request how the SCM boys would react to the MC weeping uncontrollably from something another God/Goddess said about/to her. If you're unable to do SCM, then KBTBB will do. :)

Aww :) It makes me so happy that you were actually excited about requesting something from me!!! <3 I’ll do the KBTBB boys for this one because I haven’t played any of the SCM boys yet haha (yes I know I’ve been slacking lol) 


The only thing he saw was you sitting on the floor, your face in your hands with the sounds of you sobbing echoing around the room, and Ota standing in front of you. He looked rather worried, but Eisuke’s vision narrowed and he took several long strides towards Ota, grabbing him up by the collar and pulling him into the air. 

“What the hell did you do?” He said, his voice low but with an air of rage in it. 

“B-Boss…” Ota gulped, “I just told her that her favorite band had announced they were  breaking up and she just started wailing….” 

Eisuke averted his eyes to you on the floor as you started trying to calm your tears. “It’s true Eisuke, he didn’t do anything. Sorry I got so carried away, I just really loved that band.” 

Eisuke dropped Ota with a sigh, then stooped over and pulled you into his arms. “Idiot, don’t worry me like that.” 


Hearing your voice, he came around the corner and saw you standing in front of Soryu. He hadn’t heard what the exchange had been, but when he saw you start crying, he came forward and shoved you behind him. Glaring up at the guilty-looking mobster, Ota jabbed a finger in his face. 

“What the hell did you do?”

“All I said was that she cries too easily and then she just burst into tears!” He stuttered, looking utterly perplexed at the whole situation. 

“I-I-I do NOT!!” You sobbed, feeling embarrassed at losing your composure. 

“No one is allowed to make my Koro cry,” He said to Soryu then whispering to you, “Only I can do that, in bed.” 


Coming home after a successful raid, he came into the penthouse in high spirits. But when he stepped inside, he saw some of the other bidders gathered around you, while you were weeping uncontrollably on your knees on the floor. Eisuke stood close by, his hand hovering over your shoulder as if he weren’t sure as to what he should do. 

“Eisuke! What in the world did you do to my princess?!” He exclaimed, coming forward. You instantly looked up at him hearing his words and opened your eyes wide. 

Eisuke looked at Baba, “I saw on the news that someone matching your description had been killed during a police investigation… She heard me talking about it to Soryu and collapsed.” Baba gathered you up quickly in his arms, feeling you wrap your arms tightly around his neck. 

“I wouldn’t do a silly thing like dying and leaving my princess to you wolves!” He said, carrying you up to his room to cuddle you. 


He’d been out smoking a cigarette when he came back in to see you sitting on the couch crying, Baba standing next to you. He took a few long strides into the room and grabbed Baba, pinning him up against the wall by his neck. 

“Explain. Now.” He growled, pressing Baba firmly up against the wall. 

“Easy Mamo! I had just asked her what was wrong when she suddenly burst into tears!” 

Your voice shyly came from behind him. “He really didn’t do anything Mamoru. I had just felt like crying today so when he asked me what was wrong, it just sorta came out.” 

Mamoru’s eyes softened slightly, slowly lowering Baba to his feet and waiting until Baba scampered away before turning to you. He let out a low sigh, sounding relieved as he sat down next to you and pulled you into his side.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

You lowered your gaze. “I didn’t want you to think I was just being a kid…”  

You felt him kiss the top of your head. “I wouldn’t call you that if you were this sad. If you want to cry, go ahead and cry. I’m here.” He said gently. 


Mamoru was sitting on the couch next to you, looking rather uncomfortable. Your back was facing him when he came into the penthouse, so he wasn’t sure why the detective looked so uncomfortable. Until he heard the distinct sounds of you crying, your shoulders shaking as you did so. He rushed into the room, his hand quickly grabbing at the pistol on his hip, and aiming it at Mamoru. 

“What the hell did you do to __?”

"Jesus do you really have to pull that thing out for everything?” 

“Answer by the count of three or it’ll be the last time you have to see me pulling this thing out.” 

Your voice rang up then. “Soryu wait! He didn’t do anything.” 

“Then why are you crying?” 

Mamoru answered for you since you still weren’t able to talk for very long. “Her dad called here and I answered. Their family dog died earlier today and when I told her she started wailing.” 

Soryu slowly lowered his gun to his side, then nodded his head in the other direction. Mamoru took the hint and sauntered away, leaving the two of you. Soryu squatted in front of you, taking your face in his hands. Flicking away a few of your tears, he whispered how he was sorry about your family dog, kissing the tip of your nose gently. 

anonymous asked:

Can you do KBTBB when mc is pregnant but her baby dies and mc doesn't talk for a long time because she's sad/depress and the guys tries to talk to her but she ignores them completely but then she gets happy in the end cause the guys manage to make her feel better?(:

Such a good request anon ugh~ I was so ready to write this one and I hope you liked it, enjoy!



He tried everything after you lost your child.

From expensive trips overseas to buying everything you looked at as you passed shops, but you never cheered up. You confined yourself to your small room in the staff dormitory for weeks, refusing to leave. Eisuke came and brought you to the penthouse but that only resulted to you locking yourself in the bedroom until he pried the door open.

Whatever he did seemed to make you feel worse and worse. She couldn’t stand to look at him and the way he tried to hide the pain. You eventually began to work again, slowly moving about the penthouse and the confide Eisuke set for you. You didn’t complain, you didn’t have the heart to complain.

“Khim.” Eisuke said one night as you both were in bed. Those nights have been distance as she refused your embrace every time, “Don’t you think this has gone on long enough?” 

Although his words were towards their sleeping, she took it as towards their child. Bolting up from the bed you smacked him hard across the face, holding yourself across the chest. “How dare you? That was our child! You…you…sick person!” You yelled, running out of the room and flying down the penthouse stairs in tears. How could one person just say that?

After a couple of months of no conversation that was what he said to you? He was horrible, just horrible.

“Khim wait!” Eisuke called behind you but you kept running, trying to reach the solace of the elevator when he caught you and turned you around, seeing your tear streaked face and looking away. He always hated your tears, “I wasn’t talking about our child. I was talking about sleeping…you never let me hold you anymore.”

Your face went from utter shock to complete sadness as you fell against his chest and sobbed into his shirt. He gently stroked your hair before picking you up in his arms and carrying you to the bed, placing you down and getting in next to you, opening his arms waiting for you to come to him, like you always did.

You rolled over and tangled yourself in him, letting your sobs slowly die out. You forgot you had him to lean on during this ordeal, and you needed his comfort and warmth more than anything. Eisuke noticed after some silence that you feel asleep with a smile on your face, a look he hasn’t seen in a while.


It was simply hard, the only way you could put it.

Khim began to stop eating, stop going to work, stop caring.

She would only take care of herself is cared by Soryu, as he rushed around the kitchen trying to cook for her. The scene that would once bring a smile to her face left it unmoved. 

Although as time went on, Khim seemed to be getting better. The initial shock left her as she began to eat more, go to work and to converse with everyone.

But Soryu knew she was lying, not only to everyone but to herself.

She never smiled. The once cheerful and bubbly girl was now as cold as the mobster once was. She never let her true feelings out, and seemed to forget about a thing called happiness. 

One day, when everyone was sitting in the penthouse lounge, laughing at a stunt Baba pulled, Khim was unmoved as she merely looked on. “Khim, why aren’t you laughing?” Baba asked honestly.

She gave him a dead look, pulling herself up and walking out, “Because what’s the point? A brief moment of fleeting happiness for what? It to disappear, like everything does?”

Soryu knew she had a problem.

But it wasn’t her fault, nor his. A touchy topic, he carefully tried to talk to her about it, to try and help her, but it proved to be useless as she kept on living in the depression she formed.

Soryu lost his cool. He spent four months trying to open her up, and every time she brushed him off. 

Khim lazily came walking into the penthouse as Soryu swiftly went to her side, throwing her over his shoulder and walking to his room, he was about to end it, now.

He threw Khim onto the bed, causing her to send him a look as he climbed on top of her, blocking all escapes, “Talk to me Khim I’m threw waiting.”

She contemplated her response in her head as her heart gave away her emotions, tears falling from her eyes. She just wanted comfort, but didn’t know how to get it. Soryu reached out and pulled her in, landing on top of her as she sobbed until she feel asleep. Soryu watched her chest rise and fall as they slept in the same bed, something they haven’t done in a long time. 

Soryu woke up the next morning to Khim making breakfast, something she also hasn’t done in ages. Getting up to go to the kitchen, he was greeted by her smile. Something that felt so refreshing and soft melted his heart as he pulled her in for a passionate kiss. He knew he gotten thought to her.


Just like Baba, Khim masked her sadness just as well.

The other bidders questioned their happy go lucky attitude as the conversed so normally the day after the miscarriage. Although when Eisuke was about to mention the miscarriage the room got quiet as they both shot him a look, telling him with their eyes that he was a dead man if he uttered a word.Everyone got the hint, and played along with the fantasy, knowing to well reality was slowly creeping up behind them. As days pasted, they both continued to play fantasy as they ignored reality.

Although the simplest of things triggered Khim.

A broken glass, a lost phone, misplacing her keys. Anything to give her an excuse to lash out and get rid of some pent up anger she took and Baba took the blow.

He thought he was helping her masking on a smile, making it easier for her to recover after mourning. But she never really mourned, seeing your cheerful expression. He tried to comfort you, to break down the wall you had to built, but it was hard.

“Common hunny,” (does Baba say this I have no clue, never played him hehe XD) Baba coaxed, “Talk to me.”

She only shook her head and secluded herself in her room, away from everyone, everything. 

He felt he was to blame, making you spiral into this somewhat depression, but he had no clue on a way to fix it. The guys suggested talking to you, buying you things, taking you places, but they all proved to be useless as you grew more distant. 

Baba walked into the penthouse, surprised to see you alone. Eyeing you and slowly walking over, you got up to try to run into the bathroom. You didn’t want another conversation with him. He grabbed your wrist and turned you around, “Khim, listen to me.” He said, with worry lacing his voice.

You gaze wavered as you leaned against his chest, tired of the cat and mouse game you both were playing. You were utterly done. You wanted comfort, you wanted to heal, to recover, you wanted to be in his warm embrace.

Baba carefully stroked your back as you let out a sob. Then another. The flood gates were ripped open as your wall tumbled to the ground, clinging onto him as if he was your life support. He finally got through to you.


She acted cheerful all the time, almost as if the miscarriage didn’t effect her at all.

But Ota heard her muffled sobs in the middle of the night, he saw her nightmares, he saw it all. Although when he asked her about it, she gave a small smile and said now wasn’t the time.

But when was the time?

She had been handling this all on her one for weeks now, and refuse to let anyone in. At first Ota was angry, thinking she was the only one that was hurt, not even considering his feelings, but after some time he realized how much more affected she was than him.

She slowly stopped eating, which irritated Ota when she drastically lost ten pounds. It came to the point where he forced food down her throat in fear she would wither away to nothing. 

After a visit to the doctors, Khim was diagnosed with depression.

As if that wasn’t enough to send Khim over the edge. 

Ota was losing his patience. Every time he tried to talk to her she shut him out. She refused to acknowledge his existence as she went about her normal life, trying to mute the unpleasant things. Ota was simple fed up.

“Face reality Khim! With me…I’m here for you. Look at me dammit!” He screamed at her, but she simply polished a glass and set it down, humming to herself. It was like any negative just didn’t happen.

It was a Monday night when he heard it. 

Ota woke with a start, something not sitting right in his stomach as he saw Khim was nowhere to be found. Walking t the bathroom he heard her muffled scream, not sobs, screams. Throwing the door open he saw Khim, who just hit her lowest point.

“Ota.” She cried, like a child as she reached out for him. He lovingly excepted her into his arms, kissing the top of her head. She finally accepted reality. 

“Shh, its ok Khim I got you. I’m here for you.” Ota soothed as he rocked Khim back and forth. 

“I’m so so..rry.” Khim hiccuped as she looked into Ota’s eyes with her watery ones. He simply brushed back her hair and kissed her lips.

“It’s ok, I’m here for you. I always was.”


He took it hard.

Getting the results back from the doctor, he felt the wind get knocked out of him as he wondered about how you were doing. Running to your room he was shocked to see you. No tears, no pain on your face. Just a smile as you quietly walked out of the room, grabbing his hand and leading the way.

He was lost. He was sure you would be in tears over this. Crying your eyes out as he consoled you, that’s the way it should be. But this reaction was just….wrong.

Making it back to his apartment, you started to clean as his eyes followed you everywhere. He knew something was up, just not what.

As you finished you offered him a bear and plopped down on the bed, chugging its contents. The cool liquid traveling down your throat left you feeling numb to the pain you felt inside. It made you feel good.

You refused to show your tears when you got the news. After wiping your face and splashing some water in your face, the doctor left to tell Mamoru the news. You planned out you next steps when his expression almost tore you in two, but you kept your cool and acted mature about it.

Reaching for another can, you quickly drank it as fast as the last, falling back onto the bed and closing your eyes. The way the room tilted felt nice as the colors blurred into one. You knew you were a light weight, so two beers wasn’t so bad as you feel asleep.

Although Mamoru was panicked. He knew what was happening before his eyes. You were turning to beer instead of him for comfort an support. Was beer really better at helping you thought this than him? He pushed your bangs back and studied your face, looking for some emotion but saw none.

After you woke up the next morning he asked you about his thoughts. he simple question escalated into an argument as your stormed out and fled to a bar, where it would become your go to place every spare moment you had. 

Mamoru sighed again as he went to pick you up. It’s been a few months now, the routine the same. You would drink till you passed out and he carried you home. He loved you to much not to let you drink, you were a grown woman as well, who was he to judge, yet he kicked himself for letting you do it.

Walking into the bar, he was surprised to see you crying at your seat. Running up to you, he cautiously asked how you were doing. The same question that lead to all our fights. Khim looked up with watery eyes as she flung her arms around Mamoru, crying into his shoulder. He picked her up and carried her home, like always, except he planned on talking to her this time.

Placing her down on the couch, he crouched down to her eye level as she sat there hiccuping. Mamoru wiped away your tears as they continued to fall. “Mamoru I…” Khim trailed off, trying to find the right words.

“Are you gonna let me comfort you now?” Mamoru asked with a sad smile. 

Khim nodded and fell against his chest, savoring his warmth. God, how did she miss his embrace. 

Mamoru stroked her back as she continued to cry in her drunken state, “Thank you.” She said, wrapping her arms around his back.

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can you do kbtbb one why they break up with the mc or how ❤️❤️❤️❤️ your headcanon

Coming right up!

Eisuke: Smoothing out your skirt, you got into the penthouse elevator after getting a message from Eisuke. You walked into the lounge where the guys were looking a bit down. 
“What’s wrong?” you asked everybody. 
The guys looked up at you with a pained expression and you knew something was going on. You followed their gaze to Eisuke’s room and your heart started to pound. You took a deep breath and walked up the stairs. 
“Eisuke?” you called out, knocking on his door. 
“Come in.” he said from the other side. 
You opened the door to see another girl with him. 
“I just called you here to say that you’re no longer with me.” he said, coldly as he put his arms over the other girl. 
You laughed bitterly and glared at the both of them. You took your ring off of your finger and dropped it onto the ground. 
“Hope she’s worth it.” you said coldly, making your way back to the lounge. 

Soryu: The always upbeat Inui was avoiding your gaze today, and something seemed off. You grabbed his shoulders and looked into his eyes. 
“Ryosuke. What’s going on?” you asked, worried.
Inui looked into his eyes and started to tear up. He hugged you tightly. 
“I’m sorry.” he whispered as he left the office. 
You didn’t know what was going on, but you knew that this was bad. Soryu came into the office soon after and looked disturbed. 
“Thanks for coming here today.” he muttered. 
You nodded as he took a seat on the lounge chair next to you. 
“Soryu, what’s going on?” you asked, nervously. 
”_____. We can’t be together anymore. I’m going back to Hong Kong for sure. I have a fiancee living there. She’s waiting for me.” he said, looking down. 
You couldn’t believe your ears. After everything, he was going to throw it all away? You glared silently at him and shook your head. 
“You promised that we would be happy. I guess everything was a lie, huh? I hope you find your true happiness with her.” you said, slamming the door shut behind you. 

Baba: You were walking to the rooftop that Baba regularly took you to after he called you. He normally never called you to go up there, so you knew something was up. 
“Baba? You up here yet?” you called out, opening the door to the roof.
You saw Baba sitting as he stared out to the sparkling night sky. You made your way towards him as Baba just waited for you to sit down next to him. 
“Did you need to talk to me about something?” you asked, facing him. Baba turned to face you with a sad smile and caressed your face. 
“I’m so sorry, _____.” he said, making your heart pound in worry. 
“Why?” you whispered, understanding what he was going to say. 
“You deserve someone better. Better than me. That’s why you shouldn’t be with me.” he said. 
You started to question why as tears started to fall down your cheek. Baba shook his head as he kissed you one last time and apologized again. 
“I’m sorry.” he said, leaving you watching the stars as your heart ached.

Ota: It was supposed to be a normal day. A regular day. Ota was organizing things for his gallery and he wanted to see you for something. You made your way to the gallery and met up with him. Ota was ordering people around to either move or put up his paintings. When he saw you, his normally warm eyes were gone. 
“Ota. What did you need?” you asked, growing nervous.
“Come with me.” he said, grabbing your wrist and dragging you to the back room. 
“Listen. I don’t have much time.” Ota said, avoiding your eyes.
“Ota, what’s going on..?” you asked. 
“I’m getting more and more popular. And sometimes my job requires to work with models and actresses. Someone like you just doesn’t fit with someone like me. We’re not meant to be.” he said, quickly.
Your eyes widened and narrowed in anger and disgust.
“Well, Mr. Kisaki, you’re right. Someone like me doesn’t belong to a person like you. I deserve someone better. I think you should close your mouth and get back to work.” you said, walking out of the gallery with a rush of emotions.

Mamoru: “_____. I have to talk to you.” Mamoru said, sitting down on the couch next to you.
“You never call me by my name. This must be important.” you said, facing him. 
Mamoru scratched the back of his head and sighed. 
“I don’t know how to say this, but I don’t think we should see each other anymore. You’re just a kid.” he said, looking down. 
Your eyes widened in shock at what he was saying. 
“I’m too old for you, kid. You need someone your own age.” he said quietly. 
“I’m not a goddamn kid. I’m a fully capable adult, but you just see me as one.” you retorted. 
Mamoru shook his head and sighed. 
“I’m sorry, but we can’t be together anymore.” he said, finally making eye contact with you. 
You got up from your seat and glared down at him. 
“Have a nice life.” you said, a now single woman.

Enjoy! :D

Kissed By The Baddest Bidder- Soryu "Happy Birthday"

Hi guys! This is a random birthday one-shot for Soryu.
Thank you for reading!

“Then I’ll see you the day after tomorrow!” I smile as I press the cellphone against my ear.
“You sound happy.” Soryu says and I can totally picture his soft smilein my head. He’s been busy with work lately, so we haven’t been able to spend any alone time together for a while. So it makes me happy to hear that we’ll see each other soon.

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