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I just reached 2000 2001 followers!!!

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I’ve been keeping an eye on my follower count for a while now because I knew I was almost at 2000 followers, but I blinked and went from 1997 to 2001! I missed it! But that’s ok, 2001 is much cooler anyway :D

I wanted to do something to celebrate, but I’m really busy, I don’t have time right now to create anything, unfortunately

So I just want to thank everyone for following me, I’m really grateful to all of you! I know I haven’t been very active lately, but I’m around, and when I have time I’ll be around more and hopefully create more art :D

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To celebrate I want to talk to you! Come to my inbox and ask me stuff, or tell me something about yourself, or about Swan Queen, or about me, whatever! I would love to talk to some of my followers today!

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Tell us a joke!

i’m not good at regular jokes but i can give you a few puns/website urls lmao enjoy this shit show

want to set your boss on fire?

don’t know how to use a scale?

think you’re better than matt bragg? (note: matt bragg is an amazing human and i love him)

well, here’s what i could think of on the spot. i hope this is what you were hunting for and that i achieved your goal of being kinda funny

alright i’ll leave now

intro 2 me (hello!)

hey so this is all on my about page but I figured since I made this blog like 2 days ago I should give an official intro or something so here goes!

  • i’m coco (she/her) and i’m 17 years old, bi, and an ENFJ
  • i have a main non-theater blog but decided i wanted to have a main theater one too
  • i live in the midwest during the year but between nyc and seattle during the summer (and am moving to nyc next year!)
  • i’m middle eastern and poc representation on broadway is really important to me
  • i’ve been doing musical theater since i was 4. i’m a classical soprano. i play ukulele, guitar, am currently learning piano, and plan on tackling violin next!
  • my ultimate dream is to write and compose my own musical (please please please contact me if you’re interested in collaborating!)
  • favorite shows include dear evan hansen, spring awakening, book of mormon, heathers, come from away, legally blonde, hedwig and the angry inch, and falsettos. like/reblog this if you post any of those and i’ll follow you! (not exclusive to these shows though, i usually love anything that comes my way!)
  • talk to me! most of my irl friends are athletes/non-actors so i don’t typically get to talk about theater that much, and i love getting to geek out with people.

Just a small update for whoever is interested but I am currently writing two mini-series. One will be released on Misha’s birthday (Yes, the whole series) and the other will be released on Misha’s anniversary at being on Supernatural. (Again, the whole series will be released in one day.)

I am also up for any requests if you have any, if you do, please let me know if you would like to be tagged as the requester or not!

Oh, and I am also up to talk with anybody if you feel like it. It doesn’t even have to be spn related, I can adjust to nearly anything.

Holy cannoli!

Hi! It’s been a minute!

Important questions for you, my beautiful followers:
1. Where is good Sonny fic?! I haven’t been on the SVU side of Tumblr for quite a bit, so tag me in your favs that’ve come out recently! (or Barba, or Dodds…)
2. Does anyone have any idea when the newest season comes out on Netflix? I’m SO behind but I’ve heard it’s not the best season of SVU so I’d much rather wait for it to come on Netflix than buy it on iTunes…

Love you all ❤

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Have you listened to bare: a pop opera?! It's 10/10

Darling, please. Of course I have! I actually contributed a lot of posts about it for like… Two weeks straight until I fell into Falsettos. The Timeloop AU and a few Headcanons are my top posts.

I absolutely adore bare: A Pop Opera!! You should ask me more about it! I love talking about it but the fandom is surprisingly small with only a handful of active blogs for it. I love doing analyses and stuff like that!!

But I mean, I’ve watched four different versions of bare: A Pop Opera (available on YouTube) and I love all of them. Also listened to the soundtrack on repeat for two weeks straight I. I’ve also watched bare: The Musical and while I love that too… I’m literally in the process of writing a list of what it did wrong… I’m also doing an animatic of “You and I”.

Oh gods, I got off track. Yeah, I love bare XD

Things I need to know about Sonny Carisi:
  • what cologne he uses
  • what side of the bed he sleeps on
  • the sheets/blankets on his bed
  • how he takes his coffee
  • what his handwriting looks like
  • his favorite book
  • does he journal? pretty sure he does
  • his favorite kind of pen/writing utensil
  • does he snore?
  • favorite movie
  • type of shampoo and hair gel he uses
  • what his apartment looks like inside (complete tour)
  • his before-work breakfast
  • his favorite candle scent
  • what he wears to bed
  • what kind of drunk he is
  • his biggest role model
  • biggest fear
  • favorite weather
  • his ideal night in
  • favorite clothing brand
  • what he smells like dammit
  • what position he sleeps in
  • what type of cake he asks for on his birthday
Sleepover Saturday

Bc you guys are cute little ladybugs, and I want you all to talk to me! 

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Lmao, “real quick”, sure.

Kiyoko always has a lot of energy bouncing around her in the form of eternal fanbros Tanaka and Noya, and pretty much every team Karasuno ever encounters. Iwa is a really nice change for her, I think, because he’s very calm in general (except, y’know, around Oikawa).

I like to think theirs would be a kind of quiet attraction. The “eyes meeting across a crowded room gym” kind. The kind where there’s this invisible thread pulling at them, making them look in each other’s direction. No purposeful flirtation or anything like that, they don’t need to. They just are. And then they’re stuck in each other’s heads until they see each other again, and they both decide to take the opportunity and do something about it. Still no pickup lines, no facade, just two people who are completely on the same wavelength.

They also both have a really strong sense of self-confidence, which is part of the reason why it was so easy for them to just decide to talk to each other. They know what they feel and they’re confident that they’re not just seeing things because they want to. They make very deliberate progress with each other at their own pace. Their coming together and everything after is so easy and natural because they just fit.

(Tanaka and Noya hate Seijou even more now.)

(After they’ve been together for a while, Iwa starts ironically using the pickup lines he didn’t need to get the girl. Kiyoko joins in and the lines get cornier and cornier by the day. Kiyoko laughs a lot.)

(They hold hands a lot.)

(They’re always showing each other off because they’re just so proud of this person existing, please love this person, this person is amazing and kisses my face sometimes, how cool is that!)

(Probably one of the most mature relationships in all of Haikyuu. Also simultaneously a grade-A power couple who could intimidate the socks off you, but they’re just really nice instead.)

I like this, friend, I like it a lot.