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What a great episode I watched it nearly nine hours ago and I’m still yelling g o o d

Three Player Game au


  • Rich never takes the squip because child services move him to Jenna’s house in eight grade.
  • Jake only knows him as Jenna’s dorky brother.
  • He always wears flannel and comic t-shirts and he loves anything with aliens or space.
  • Rich notices this one kid staring at him all day in freshman year and it sorta creeps him out. During bus call he walks up to him and nicely asks, “Yo tall ass wtf you looking at” and he kinda fist pumps internally cuz his lisp didn’t come out.
  • The kid points at his galaga shirt and looks him straight in the eyes.
  • “come the arcade with us. right now”
  • Turns out this Michael and Jeremy are pretty rad.
  • *few years later* “CUZ IT’S A THREE PLAYER GAME”
  • Rich still does the boyf riends cuz even he ships it.
  • When Jeremy gets the squip Michael and Rich are kinda left hanging.
  • At the party, Rich finds Michael in the bathroom and after he calms him down he punches Jeremy straight in the face.
  • “Some best friend you are, Jeremy Heere.”
  • Everyone hypes it up cuz ya know drunk children. And everyone has no idea who Rich is but they know he’s winning. Rich and Michael leave to play video games and the fire still happens but the rumor that Rich did it spreads throughout the school until Jenna shuts it down.
  • During the play Rich decks Jeremy as Michael shoves mountain dew down his throat.
  • “Michael makes an entrance! With Rich too I guess” “HEY”

A thought I come back to about the idea of Keith hypothetically “turning purple” is like…

Entirely besides the issue of Keith having self-esteem issues or acceptance issues or such, there’s a whole angle of…

It’s kind of like if you had spent your entire life without any mirrors, with your body covered from the neck down, and one day someone actually hands you a mirror and “Wait am I a redhead? I have freckles? Is my nose really shaped like that?”

Because that’s just it. We know Keith has some amount of galra heritage. We also know the galra are kind of a highly diverse species.

Appearance is, for better and for worse, an element of identity. There’s all manner of well-meaning platitudes of beauty is only skin-deep and inside we’re all the same or some such but honestly- there are things that become meaningful to us because they are traits about the body that we inhabit. It’s a little ridiculous that we wouldn’t in some way be affected by our appearance. We sorta live here.

So entirely outside of Keith dealing with sentiments brought to the surface- his feeling like an outsider, his fear of rejection- Keith being able to actually take a good look at himself for probably the first time in his life and go “…this is me?”

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Petting the tum is a dangerous game.

So we all came up with the Familiar AU today on our discord where Roadhog is a witch and turns thief Junkrat into a cat (Junkcat), and is now responsible for him since he can’t figure out how to undo the spell. Roadhog comes to love having a cat around as a familiar because he’s so cute, and later they learn that Junkrat can indeed turn back to a human at random times! What a troublemaker. Cue instincts being crossed over when he changes form.

Reposter alert

@mostly-ouat is reposting edits, art, screenshots of gifsets, etc. Mostly CS stuff, but general OUAT stuff too. I tried sending a message asking them to please stop, because I know sometimes people just don’t know better. Their response was to block me.

I’ve reported their reposts of my edits to Tumblr and I’d encourage anyone else whose work they steal to do the same.

Reposting isn’t cool. Gif and edit makers deserve credit for their work and reposting only discourages people from creating more cool stuff. Please have a look to see if you recognise anything, report it or alert the original creator, and please help spread the word!


☆ Todoroki vs. Midoriya ☆

At this year’s sports festival, both have shown top class performances! It’s like two great rivals fighting against each other!

two-tailed-fox  asked:

Any langsty fics you recommend?? I'm running low on fuel for my soul

I’ve got Two I’ve been holding back from y'all actually– (no links bc I’m on mobile, sorry ;7;)

“blue, buried deep” by aknightley isn’t necessarily pure langst, but it’s a lance focused fix-it (of sorts) for season 2 that does it peRFECTLY LIKE go,d ,,I’ve read it so many times I love it

The second one I’ve been holding back because’s a series and I jumped straight into the sequel, then only skim read it bc I’ve been short on time lately and it has the highest word count in the fandom BUT
THE PARTS I DID READ, OK,, if you have the time to read this please do because it’s soooooo so so well written and plotted and paced and characterized and the langst actually physically hurt my heart; I haven’t read,, such good langst,, in Never
The series is called “Voltron: Duality”, found on squirenonny’s ao3 and it’s legendary, thanks, 12/10 recommendation, I’m going to go cry in a corner about it now Bye