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i kinda talked a lil abt how kurt and mercedes have similar ways of dressing up, but i wanted to elaborate more on that LOL

idk like they don’t really match or dress EXACTLY the same, but they manage to have the same tastes when it comes to outfits.  they even kind argue about the similarities here: 

and i guess i find that really cool bc they both really dress how they feel. if they feel like layers they pack on as fuckin many layers as they caN

but when they get older, they both decide to forgo the layers and show more skin ! they also went from ridiculous as heLL fashion to a little carefully coordinated

and this isn’t really something that they share with other characters…and that’s something i find interesting bc these two have been pretty much been going through similar situations, especially in highschool. trying to fit in, trying to accept their differences, and trying to show others their worth. in a way their clothes kinda kept them connected while the plot obliterated their relationsihp pff


honestlY tho hell their interest go as far as putting things around their necks!  they’re like fashion kindred spirits * - *

so what i’m saying is i still love these two and i’m eating up these breadcrumBS

  • SEBASTIAN: What do you need to talk about, Hummel? You can tell me without us actually having to meet. I don't have time in my schedule to waste on something so useless as easing your guilt.
  • SEBASTIAN: If anything I can save you the trouble, I don't care. I'm not upset or angry at either of you. I simply don't care because you're both single people and allowed to do as you please.

For some reason I can’t really sleep tonight, and I can’t really focus on anything either.  I’ve tried reading through my homework a couple pf times, but my mind keeps just drifting.  So instead of trying to even finish I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed the latter half of season two and the beginning of season 3 (I’m on the episode where the guy was impaled by a tree branch).

I see that Blaine has already told everyone that we changed our themes (they match!) I kept the green/New York background, though. I just can’t bring myself to change it.  I always called it a mix between the Emerald City and NYC. If you want to take a look, be my guest.

Speaking of New York, I’m growing increasingly frustrated at the lack of response from NYADA. I hadn’t been looking at the message boards recently (even though Rachel talks about them constantly), but I actually had a peak tonight and seeing everyone talking about receiving their letters really just…It didn’t help my already sour mood. This is what I want for my future and if I don’t get it I don’t know what I’m going to do.

Enough of that.

As always, thank you to my new followers: frankenteenhudson12, haventbeenaballofjoy, and coisasdeumapotteriana. That is unless you’re one of the ones who thinks I don’t have a mind of my own then you can kindly hit the unfollow button.  If you aren’t then I apologize for my outburst and I hope you enjoy the inner workings of my mind.

Please don’t hesitate to ask me questions. I’ll get back to them as soon as possible.

- Kurt

introducing.. youmovemenetwork!

what is this?

it’s a network for klainers! we accept all sorts of klaine blogs (even ones that are already part of a network)

why should i join?

because the show is over and meeting fellow klaine fans is fun!

how do i join?

1. go here and follow the rules listed

2. reblog this post to spread the word

3. there you go! the members will be announced at the beginning of may

what else?

  • post klaine semi-regularly (you can be multifandom)
  • keep your ask box open
  • you can follow the youmovemenetwork blog for updates
  • when accepted, you will be added to our members page

and it’s as simple as that! all sorts of blogs are accepted so feel free to apply! 

have any more questions? go here or here

One last thing before I fall over and pretty much pass out for the night:

This endingness is sort of killing me, and right now Chris Colfer’s face is at the top of my tumblr feed, and y'all, we’re going to be seeing, uh, rather a lot of Darren Criss in the months just after Glee goes off the air, and I knew I was going to miss Colfer’s face because you just know that kid is going to continue his current happy hermit routine as best he can around filming for Noel but now it feels more real.

And I am going to miss his face. I really like his face. Don’t goooooooooooo. *sniffle*

talktokurthummel replied to your post “Do you think Mr Hummel is cute?”

Welcome to tumblr, where you get tons of inappropriate questions about things you never wanted to hear. Seriously, though- glad to see you in the site. I hope the Bar Mitzvah went well.

I can now see what everyone meant by ‘gross, intruding anons.’ The Bar Mitzvah went well and we got a new member out of it. Good luck with him when you get back. 

I know, I know! It's late!

Don’t worry, Blaine did not in fact kidnap me, even though I would have went without hesitation!  We did get to spend some time together today after classes.  I’m really glad that winter break is finally here!  Tomorrow Blaine and I have a Gene Kelly/Clark Gable movie marathon date with Quinn.  It should be completely fun, especially since I may or may not bring On The Town so that we can have a sing off.

After I got home from Blaine’s today I decided to just take some time to myself and wrap all the presents that I’ve bought in one swipe.  So! now that that is finished I’m free to answer all of your questions.

I see that Blaine has 84 followers- I have 81. Yes this is a competition, and yes I’m going to win. I may have to bribe you all, but I am going to win.

Speaking of followers though! I have a few new ones!

I already mentioned patrickvista last night, but I also want to say a hello to  blueandgolddays,  sophie-klaineiscourage , pineapplesleadtosuicide , and lizzylizzyj!  Thank you ALL for the follow!

If anyone has questions I’m now free for the rest of the night to answer them!  Hope to talk to you all soon